The Legend of Futian
1629 Tianshen Academy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1629 Tianshen Academy

The divine golden gate opened. Ye Futian and the others looked inside. Was this the true end of this ruin?

Ye Futian stepped right through the doorway, and the other cultivators followed behind.

"Destroyed palaces and ruins." Ye Futian swept his gaze around. They seemed to be in the wreckage of several palaces. People had obviously once been here. Could some high-level battles have broken out?

The broken palaces all seemed to have been built out of some supernatural material. This was like a divine treasure house. It was impossible to imagine just how magnificent this place must have once been. The whole area was filled with magnificent will.

"Look over there." Some of the people were looking up into the distance. As the destroyed palaces continued, they could faintly see an incomparably glorious celestial palace floating in the air up ahead. It looked like a divine ruin: a ruin left behind by a god.

Was this the true meaning of the God's Relic?


A sound rang out, making all the cultivators look towards it. Their formation was suddenly broken and thrown into confusion. Before they had come here, they had all been working together, but if this was truly the God's Relic, would they really let each other have it?

Probably none of them would. They would all fight for it.

Ye Futian took a step forward, but he was not too concerned. He knew that this place was truly the core. The main places in each of the four directions seemed to be a treasure trove, a library, a garden, and now this in front of them.

This must have been a place where an incredibly powerful figure had lived. This whole God's Relic that people were fighting over was nothing more than his treasure trove.

If there were something in here, it would probably be extremely difficult to steal.

They flew through the air towards the ruins that were floating high above, passing through destroyed palaces and ruins. They finally reached the floating palace and looked up at it.

An incredible pressure covered the cultivators, giving them a feeling of awe. It seemed that even after so many years, the palace still contained supreme majesty.

A thread of invisible force appeared in front of them, blocking their path. There was an incredibly spacious road of the Great Path ahead of them that went all the way to the palace. They could see some statues standing guard in the distance that looked like real people, though they could tell there was no life within them. But they still stood guard below the palace.

They were guarding a set of stairs that went up to the palace. It seemed that going up those stairs was the only way to get there.

"Imperial majesty!" Ye Futian's heart was trembling fiercely. There were hints of imperial majesty left behind at this palace. He himself had some of the will of the emperor, and so he was naturally familiar with how it felt.

In that case, the master of this palace must have been someone at the same level as the Great Emperor. This must have been the place where he had cultivated.

If that was so, did that mean when the people of the world spoke of the gods, they were really talking about Great Emperors?

They were as strong as gods.


Everyone was still trembling on the inside, but they suddenly sensed that many powerful auras were coming towards them. They suddenly turned and saw a group of figures coming through the air from behind them. It was a group of cultivators who just so happened to have come to the same place as them.

"What is going on?" Looks of surprise came over all their faces. Those others had not been here before, how had they gotten here?

Ye Futian had not told anyone about the ruins, so they did not know about them yet.

Those cultivators who had just arrived looked at Ye Futian's group in shock as well. One of them even said, "How did you get here?"

"I'd like to ask you the same question! Where did you come from?" someone replied. No one knew what was going on.

"It seems that our elder guessed right. Traveling in each of the four directions here at the God's Relic will lead you to the same place in the end," came a voice from the crowd. Everyone looked surprised at this.

Each of the four directions led to the same place?

A figure stepped out from the group who had just arrived, handsome and imposing. In the instant that he appeared, everyone's gaze fell upon him.

"So, he has come." Surprise flashed in Yuan Hong of the Yuanyang clan's eyes. This man was famous throughout the Central Imperial Realm. He was the standout figure of his generation. And now, he was here.

"He's at the Renhuang level!" Yuan Hong trembled when he sensed the young man's aura, remembering that he had not been at that level yet when he had first entered the God's Relic. Moreover, given his talent, he would not have been willing to hastily enter the Renhuang plane. So, he must have had an incredible opportunity to do so.

He was so talented; what kind of Wheel of the Great Path had he forged? Could it be a perfect, unblemished one?

Yuan Hong looked back at Ye Futian beside him. Although he came from the Yuanyang clan of the Central Imperial Realm, Ye Futian's talent still shocked him. He had made history all by his own strength and had brought them all to this unknown place. If the God's Relic was really here, Ye Futian actually had a chance of competing for it.

But now, looking at this man who had reached the Renhuang level, Yuan Hong could feel Ye Futian's hopes evaporating.

It could even be said that he had no hope at all.

It was no wonder that they had come here. It was because that man was with them, and he had reached the Renhuang level.

Ye Futian looked at the young man as well. So someone had guessed correctly. Moreover, the man who was speaking gave him the feeling that he was incredibly powerful.

"Do you know him?" Ye Futian asked Yuan Hong. He could feel that Yuan Hong was comparing him to that man.

"Have you heard of the most prestigious academy in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path?" asked Yuan Hong.

Ye Futian shook his head. "No."

Yuan Hong looked at him. This guy really didn't care about anything.

"Tianshen Academy in the Central Emperor Realm is known as the foremost place in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path for seeking the Path. It contains countless ancient texts, and countless people go there to study. However, even though they are all great talents, none of them are able to enter the core of Tianshen Academy. But this man is considered the greatest member of the younger generation there. Before him, all the heroes of the Central Imperial Realm pale in comparison," Yuan Hong whispered to Ye Futian. "Even including me."

Ye Futian was surprised. Yuan Hong, who had been born into the Yuanyang clan, was a very proud and confident man. But he had said that he was no match for this man. This showed just how talented he was. He was truly an overwhelming figure.

He was the foremost young man at Tianshen Academy. He was someone who could crush all foes.

Moreover, he was from the Central Emperor Realm.

No wonder he had felt that he was special as soon as he had seen him.

"Is he Jian Qingzhu of Tianshen Academy?" asked Dou Zhao from beside them.

"Yes, that is the greatest talent of Tianshen Academy, Jian Qingzhu," said Yuan Hong with a nod.

A look of surprise came over his face. He turned to Dou Zhao and asked, "You know of him too?"

Dou Zhao was from the Ziwei Realm. If it was some great figure, it would be natural for Dou Zhao to know him. But Jian Qingzhu was of the same generation as Dou Zhao, but even given the vast distance between their realms, he still knew of him. This was very out of the ordinary.

"My elder said that once I inherit the leadership of the Dou tribe, I will stand among the greatest figures of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Jian Qingzhu will be another one of them," said Dou Zhao. "This man was born into the Jian clan, the founders of Tianshen Academy. When he was young, he read through all the books there and learned all the different methods therein. There is nothing he cannot do."

"So powerful," said Ye Futian. He was a man whose name shook the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path and made the other proud sons of heaven of the same generation as him say they were not as good as him. This was a man whose talent could shock the world.

Previously, he had met Huang Zhong at the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace, whom no one could compare to. Now here was Jian Qingzhu, who played a similar role in Tianshen Academy.

Moreover, the fact that he had made it here meant that he had uncovered the secrets of the God's Relic.

The people who had gone in the other two directions had not made it here yet, and they would not necessarily ever do so.

At that moment, Jian Qingzhu's gaze fell upon Ye Futian. "Did you come from the east?" he asked.

"Yes," said someone with a nod. "Did you come from the north?"

Jian Qingzhu nodded as well, saying, "If my elder guessed right, the east must have had the skeletons of many demonic beasts and a divine hall full of ritual implements?"

Jian Qingzhu was of high birth. He was from the Jian clan, which had founded Tianshen Academy and had sent expeditions to the God's Relic before. Thus, he knew a little bit more about this place than others. They had never shared this information with the outside world.

He had decided to go to the trove of a book, as that was the area he was most skilled in. Events had proven that he had made the right choice, and he had gotten a lot of the things that he had wanted. After all, he had broken through to the next level there, and then come here.

"Who was it who opened the gate between the divine hall and here?" he asked. Since he had come here, he knew just how hard it was to do so. He had thought he would be the first, but someone had gotten here first.

Everyone's gaze fell upon Ye Futian, including Jian Qingzhu's.

"I am Jian Qingzhu of Tianshen Academy," he said to Ye Futian with a nod.

"I am Ye Futian, the heir of Sky River Temple in the Tianhe Realm," answered Ye Futian. A look of surprise came over Jian Qingzhu's face at his introduction. The Tianhe Realm?

Could it be that he didn't come from any of the Nine Supreme Realms?

The Sky River Temple must be the place where the Sky River Great Elder cultivated. A conflict had occurred there between him and the Shen clan.

"What was in the north?" asked Ye Futian curiously.

"A trove of books with many ancient texts," answered Jian Qingzhu as if he did not care at all.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. It was just like he had sensed from the Purple Gold Rats.

"What you said before must be right. No matter which direction you go in, you will always end up here in the end," he said.

Everyone's gaze fell upon the white-haired youth. Could Ye Futian of the Tianhe Realm do the same things as Jian Qingzhu, even open one of the gates?

If what Jian Qingzhu had said was correct, that the east held a trove of ritual implements, had Ye Futian and his people taken them all?


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    《The Legend of Futian》