The Legend of Futian
1631 Lotus in the Lake
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1631 Lotus in the Lake

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian, only to see him with a smile on his face that seemed to be full of confidence. It was as if he already knew where to look for opportunities.

She knew that Ye Futian could control the demons, and he must have dispatched the Purple Gold Rats to all sides. It was possible that Ye Futian might already know of the movements here and was just taking her on a trip.

The two figures flickered straight to their destination.

They passed many divine trees and enchanted plants, but Ye Futian just glanced at them without interest. After a while, they came upon a lake.

The lake was large, with pavilions next to it that looked like places to rest.

In the middle of the lake, there were lotus flowers blooming like a sea of ​​flowers.

"The breath of life is strong," Xia Qingyuan mumbled to herself. She looked toward the center of the lake. In the middle of the sea of lotuses, there was one that was blooming in six colors, swaying in the lake with each petal a different color.

This one lotus was huge. It was as if it was the chief of all the lotus flower with its six petals.

There were many people standing in the middle of the lake, and they were all floating on the surface of the water as if they were weightless. All of them were stationed in different positions, and it seemed that they were all fighting for that single lotus. Clearly, they all realized that this lotus was extraordinary and was born of the Way.

Seeing Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan coming their way, many glanced at them, but they looked calm and unconcerned. Obviously, the two did not cause too much concern. These two cultivators were only of Saint Plane, and the cultivation of the woman was not even worth much consideration at all.

The white-haired youth possessed unusual temperament, but they didn't know him. They had not seen him in this area before. Perhaps he was someone who had arrived later than the others.

"God's relic has already appeared. Don't you want to go see?" Ye Futian said. Many of the figures floating on the lake turned to look at Ye Futian, and one of them said, "God's relic has appeared?"

"Yeah." Ye Futian nodded and said, "Jian Qingzhu from Tianshen Academy traveled from the north, passed over the land of the book collection, and entered the true location of God's relic. The gates leading toward other major directions were ordered to open, which confirmed the fact that all four directions eventually led to the same destination: The Heavenly Palace in God's relic. Now everyone is rushing to get there, but it seems you didn't know that yet."

"Are you serious?" A lady with extraordinary temperament asked as the faces of those in the group altered slightly. Her eyes were sharp, and she looked intently at Ye Futian.

Had the real God's relic had been opened?

"How could this be fake? Go see for yourselves, and you'll know," Ye Futian said.

"Why don't you go?" The woman looked at Ye Futian cautiously.

"Jian Qingzhu and many other genius talents were there. I am avoiding the spotlight for a while." Ye Futian said with a smile. Everyone looked at him as if they understood something. This man must have known that there was no hope for him to compete, so he came here.

The purpose of informing them of God's relic was probably to lure them away so he could take the lotus flower himself.

This lotus flower was extremely unusual. They felt its existence before they even arrived here, so they came to fight for it with one another. None of them were able to take it away yet.

"See you guys later," someone said as he went into the distance, clearly believing Ye Futian. He didn't appear to be lying. They, too, had felt some movements but had no idea what was happening.

"You are not going?" Ye Futian asked. "That's the inheritance of the gods."

The woman who spoke before glanced at Ye Futian. It was not as simple as making them leave.

Even if God's relic had really appeared, it would certainly be another bloody storm of battles, and it would take some time for the dust to settle. In light of that, this lotus became the priority.

"You all have been fighting for it for a long time without result, and you can't take this lotus flower with you anyway. Why waste time here? You are better off trying your luck at the Heavenly Palace, where you might receive the inheritance of God," Ye Futian continued to incite.

When everyone heard what Ye Futian said, they looked baffled. The woman asked, "You claim to come from there, so how do you know that we have been fighting for this for a long time?"

It was as if he had seen all that had happened here.

"I also know that you are the daughter belonging to the Xiao family of the Central Emperor Realm," Ye Futian said with a smile.

In this area, the daughter from the Xiao family in the Central Emperor Realm was very eye-catching and was quite an attention-getter. Her name was Xiao Muyu, and her strength was powerful and aggressive.

There was some confusion in Xiao Muyu's eyes, and then those eyes that were watching Ye Futian grew cold.

Just exactly where was Ye Futian coming from?

How did he know of her?

"This lotus is useful to me. You all have already fought each other for it before. Fighting aside, it is difficult for you to take the flower easily, so why not let me give it a try?" Ye Futian continued.

No one paid any attention to Ye Futian, totally ignoring him.

"Xiao Muyu, he's right. It makes no sense for us to continue like this. Why not enter the Lotus World together, and whoever can take it may have it?" a young man in black across from Xiao Muyu said.

"I agree." In another direction, someone else also spoke up, agreeing with the other.

Now, except for Ye Futian, there were only three other parties left.

Aside from Xiao Muyu from the Central Emperor Realm, there was also the Fate World from the Hidden Land realm. This was the force behind the young man in black who just spoke. The other force that spoke after him was Illusion Island from Myriad Realm.

All of them were the most powerful principalities in the Nine Realms. Just now, a major force had left them. Otherwise, it would be the four major powers competing for this one lotus. It could be deduced that this lotus was extraordinary.

"Agreed. Count me in." While Ye Futian sailed toward them, he was transmitting his voice to Xia Qingyuan at the same time, "Wait for me outside."

Xia Qingyuan stood in the lake and waited quietly.

Whatever Ye Futian wanted, he could surely get his hands on. She felt a warmth in her heart. Would this be the first time Ye Futian gave her a gift?

"There is nothing for you."

The eyes of the man in black from the Fate World swept toward Ye Futian. Those eyes seemed to contain a will of fate that could swallow up the will of men. Ye Futian's eyes directed toward the man and instantly felt torrents of wills of the Way invading him.

With a vibrant will of life enveloping his body, Ye Futian was still moving forward. Laughing, he said, "Since it's a fair competition, you should count me in."

A lotus bloomed underneath the feet of the cultivator in black with each step he took, but it was a dark lotus. The lotus was black like ink, emitting a gloomy feeling.

The black lotus flew toward Ye Futian and enlarged, turning into a giant black lotus that wanted to devour Ye Futian.

The black petals extended out to cover the sky and the sun, seemingly intent on swallowing Ye Futian whole. A terrible air of death puffed out from it and meandered toward Ye Futian.


Ye Futian was submerged in a sea of black lotuses. As Ye Futian raised his finger to point, a horrific sword will fell on the petals.

With a loud boom, the black lotus collapsed and shattered. The air of death screamed in the sky, turning the surrounding space pitch black.

"The items in God's relic are free to all to take. I arrived late, but I only asked for the opportunity to compete. If you still want to continue, you will have to speak with your strength from now on," Ye Futian said with nonchalance. No matter what happened, he would get what he came for.

Since he had promised it to Xia Qingyuan, he had to get the lotus.

He didn't want to resort to outright robbery because he didn't want to appear to ruthless.

Otherwise, there would be no competition from the others.

The man in black frowned. Was he being threatened?

Although that sword was incredibly powerful, how dare he act so haughty?

He took several steps upon the lake, and then the man in black from the Fate World stepped into the air above the lake. With a turning of his mind, countless dark lotuses instantly appeared on the lake as the air of death filled the space.

Ye Futian looked up at the sky that was filled with black lotuses, a spear appearing in his hand with intentions of war shooting out from it. He asked, "Why are you like this?"

As he took a step, his body traversed the void and aimed towards the young man.


The man in black made a cold snorting sound, and his dark eyes looked into Ye Futian's eyes. At this moment, countless black lotuses transformed into their own world that buried Ye Futian within. Countless black lotuses opened and closed around him, blocking off the void.

The death currents flowed madly toward Ye Futian. The petals of the black lotus flew out, turning into the light of darkness and slashing at Ye Futian.

Space locking?

Ye Futian kept moving, letting the death currents flow over his body. The spear in his hand lanced at the sea of black lotuses that was drowning him.

In an instant, the void seemed to have collapsed, accompanied by a loud bang. The black lotuses in front were shattered as his body turned into a stream of light, continuing to move forward.

When he saw this, the man in black frowned. Countless dark lotus flowers hovered around him, opening at the same time and turning into a black hole that engulfed Ye Futian as he came attacking.

The dark air of death that filled the sky cut through the void at the limit of its speed, just like a death storm that intended to obliterate Ye Futian here and now.


There was another loud noise, and without any delay, the white-haired youth rushed out of the collapsed black lotus, carrying with him the spear that exuded horrific intentions of war.

A giant black lotus protected the man in black so that the spear blasted on the lotus instead. With a loud noise, the body of the man in black was knocked out with the divine implement.

Boom. Menacing breaths came out as the will of death overwhelmed the sky. Many cultivators from the Fate took a step forward at the same time. Instantly, the sky turned to twilight, as if becoming a world of death.

Ye Futian took one look at the cultivators from the Fate Realm, stepping into the air.

"Get out of here!"

As the voice came down, there was a tremendous amount of martial will in him. At the moment when the spear was released, countless shadows also appeared at the same time. A mighty will enveloped the entire lake as if the god of war himself had descended.


An extremely violent explosion was heard. Many men flew backward, and even some cultivators from Fate World were penetrated by the shadow of the spear.

"There's nothing more for you guys to do here. Anyone who doesn't accept that will die," Ye Futian said coldly, denying the Fate World further participation.

He had promised Xia Qingyuan the opportunity, and he would deliver it to her. He could not allow anyone to interfere!


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    《The Legend of Futian》