The Legend of Futian
1638 Can You Withstand a Strike from My Sword
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1638 Can You Withstand a Strike from My Sword

The corner of Shen Yuan's mouth twitched to reveal a mocking smile. Was he the disciple of Sky River Great Elder?

In the past, Sky River Great Elder betrayed the Shen Clan, and all three thousand of his disciples were eradicated. Now that Sky River Great Elder was in his twilight years, he had taken in another inheritor. Was he plotting on making a difference?

Shen Yuan strode towards the Ancient Road of the Great Path. Clearly, he intended to fight Ye Futian under the authority of the emperor. Under the pressure of a huge might, their battle would be a clear cut fight. It would be difficult for them to even dodge each other's attack; they could only battle head-on.

Shen Yuan had absolute confidence. He would crush Ye Futian with the most decisive method.

Similarly, Ye Futian walked forward and entered the Ancient Road. The might emanated by the Heavenly Palace enveloped both of them. However, both of them appeared unconcerned and continued to advance.

In the past, in order to find Feixue, the Shen Clan launched a destructive war. They went to the extent of obliterating the Tianhe Realm, resulting in the death of countless people. The three thousand disciples of Sky River Great Elder were almost wiped out. If their master had stayed in the Tianhe Realm to cultivate quietly, all of them would have had a bright future. However, everything had changed due to that war.

Based on this instance, one could discern how overbearing the Shen Clan was. Anyone who disobeyed the Shen Clan would be killed.

Shen Hao turned his gaze towards Shen Yuan. Among the Shen Clan, although Shen Yuan's talent was not on par with his, he was also an extremely extraordinary figure among the juniors. Shen Yuan had trained and developed together with Shen Hao. His ability was very powerful. Now that Shen Hao had reached the Renhuang Plane, if he could bring Shen Yuan along to pass these statues, there might be a chance for a fateful encounter for Shen Yuan.

As for Ye Futian, Shen Hao did not care much about him. What Shen Yuan wanted to do to Ye Futian was of no consequence.

Among the Ancient Path, two silhouettes came to a stop. Under the pressure of the might of the Great Path, powerful might of the Way burst forth from their figures. They were extremely frightening.

The cultivators of various forces turned their gaze toward the two silhouettes. Some people sympathized with Ye Futian. After all, from their point of view, Ye Futian was a pushover that was destined to be taken down. Even if Shen Yuan had not made his move, others would have done so.

However, there were some people who did not see it as such.

Yuan Hong from the Yuanyang Clan was also from the Central Emperor Realm. Prior to this, he had known that there was certainly a grudge between Ye Futian and Shen Clan. However, he had not imagined that the disciples of Shen Clan would directly come looking for Ye Futian.

Although Shen Yuan was not as famous as Shen Hao, he was also a monstrous figure of Shen Clan. His ability was extremely powerful.

However, Yuan Hong still thought that Ye Futian had the upper hand in this battle.

After all, the Renhuang of Martial God Clan Wu Meng had not returned alive after leaving with Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. In the battles that followed, no one could withstand a strike from Ye Futian's spear.

Such combat ability was already at the true limits of the Saint Path.

Yuan Hong suddenly revealed a bizarre expression. He still believed that Ye Futian would win this battle. However, if Ye Futian defeated Shen Yuan, how would the members of Shen Clan take it?

Xiao Muyu from Xiao Clan stared at the battlefield. Up to this day, she was still brooding over the fact that Ye Futian had plundered the lotus and gifted it to Xia Qingyuan. Now that Shen Yuan had made his move, it would be best if Shen Yuan could crush this fellow and help her vent her frustration.

The crowd all had their own thoughts. They did not know whether Ye Futian from the Heavenly Mandate Realm could hold on to his spot. If he could not, it was possible that the Central Emperor Realm would dominate with four spots.

"Will this be a battle with ritual implements or a battle with only our own ability?" Ye Futian asked as he stood across from Shen Yuan. Since the very beginning, his gaze had been very calm. His voice was also indifferent, his mind as steady as still water.

"Up to you," Shen Yuan replied as he looked at Ye Futian. Regardless of which type of battle it was, the end result would still be the same.

"Alright," Ye Futian did not pretend to be polite. He nodded and said, "Then, let's not rely on external powers and battle it out with our own abilities."

Shen Yuan laughed sinisterly. It seemed that Ye Futian also knew that Shen Yuan was from the Shen Clan and that the Shen Clan's ritual implements would certainly be more powerful, and thus had deliberately said so.

If Shen Yuan had known that Ye Futian had managed to seize a treasure trove not long ago, would he still have believed that he had an advantage in terms of ritual implements?

Let alone the mountain of treasures, even the spear that Ye Futian was using was already an extraordinary divine weapon.

Rumble. A dazzling golden aura burst forth from Shen Yuan's body. Even under the authority of the Great Path, he still stood firmly, and his body was bathed in the brilliant light. A terrifying might of the Great Path volleyed and thundered.

A beam of divine light lit up on his glabella, as though it was a pair of Divine Eyes. It shot directly on Ye Futian. For a moment, Ye Futian felt that his spiritual soul was under the control of the gaze of his opponent. He saw illusions in his eyes. It was as though he was not facing Shen Yuan, but a deity.

Ye Futian had experienced this kind of power before. It was an innate talent possessed by Shen Clan. In the past, when Shen Yao led the members of Shen Clan to intrude the Tianhe Realm, Shen Yao had attempted this method on Ye Futian. He intended to pry into Ye Futian's memories for any secrets inside.

Now, this skill was once again used by Shen Yuan.

Divine Eyes of Shen Clan. The cultivators of the Central Emperor Realm were well-aware of the tyranny of Shen Clan. The pair of Divine Eyes was enough to drive anyone into endless despair.


Shen Yuan took a step forward, and his Great Path fulminated. Endless golden lights surrounded his body. His cold voice sounded, "Can you withstand a stare from my Eyes?"

His stare pressured the spiritual soul of Ye Futian. Ye Futian felt as though a deity was walking towards him; the deity was undefeatable.

Ye Futian's eyes also changed. His pitch-black eyes seemed to transform into deep, endless darkness. Faintly, a frightening spiritual storm seemed to be contained within them. The light within the storm seemed to be able to see through nothingness. They directly pierced through the power of the Divine Eyes and looked towards Shen Yuan.

"What's so special about your Eyes?" Ye Futian calmly said as he also took a step forward.

This caused Shen Yuan to frown slightly.

Ye Futian had actually ignored the effect of his Eyes?

The light from his glabella became even more dazzling. It kept surging into Ye Futian's mind, attempting to trap Ye Futian within his Divine Eyes. However, Shen Yuan only saw an endless storm.

He could not locate Ye Futian's spiritual soul.

"What are you looking for?" A silhouette emerged from the deep and endless storm abyss. It was the silhouette of Ye Futian. He directly transmitted a thought into Shen Yuan's mind.

The two of them were conversing with their wills.

Shen Yuan's will, which had transformed into a deity-like illusory figure, approached Ye Futian, intending to reveal Ye Futian's spiritual soul. However, the storm retaliated. It transformed into countless swords made of will, and they swept out towards Shen Yuan.

The storm flooded everything, including the deity-like illusory figure. An alarming Sword Will shot out from Ye Futian's eyes. It penetrated the Divine Eyes of Shen Yuan.

A terrifying imprint appeared on Shen Yuan's glabella. His head shook, and the light in between his brows dissipated; his Divine Eyes had been sealed.

"That's all you got?" Ye Futian said as he looked at Shen Yuan.

The facial expression of Shen Yuan changed slightly. The few words seemed to be mocking him.

That's all he got?

From behind Shen Yuan, a horrifying pair of golden Divine Eyes appeared. Shen Yuan's pupils turned exceptionally radiant as well. Under the gaze of his pupils, all the will in the heavens and earth seemed to have materialized.

What was even more frightening was the golden light that burned brightly on Shen Yuan's body. Similar to the flame of God, it hurt the eyes of those who looked at it; it even injured their spiritual souls.

Suddenly, myriads of golden lights beamed from his body, shooting straight towards Ye Futian. These divine lights actually caused people to feel a strong sense of danger. It was as though a deity was emanating its halo. The lights could pierce through one's body; they could even threaten one's spiritual soul.

Celestial light shone from Ye Futian's figure. A faint Celestial Soul seemed to appear behind him. His opponent could constantly attack the spiritual soul of a person. However, Ye Futian was also proficient in a similar ability. It was a mystical way of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, Celestial Soul Attraction.

Innumerable Sword Will suddenly appeared all around his body. Celestial Soul Attraction merged into the Sword Will while it collided with the divine lights.

Endless brilliant divine lights plummeted. They suppressed Ye Futian's Sword Will and intruded his body continuously.

Shen Yuan was staring at Ye Futian. His gaze was extremely frightening. His body emanated a divine halo that could counter all law powers.

So domineering. Many spectators of the battle exclaimed internally. These divine lights seemed to be able to suppress the Way of others.

The divine lights invaded Ye Futian's body unceasingly. Ye Futian glanced at his opponent. As expected of Shen Clan, the top force that stood at the peak of the Central Emperor Realm. They naturally had extraordinary talents and had received remarkable teachings.

It was just that this battle had a special meaning for Ye Futian.

Hence, no matter how powerful Shen Yuan was, the end result was the same.

Brilliant divine light radiated. Ancient characters floated around Ye Futian's body. It was the Deed of Thorough Comprehension. At this moment, his body had become a Divine Furnace of the Great Path.

The ancient characters of Qian, Kun, Li, and Kan floated in mid-air, forming Halos of Great Path that blocked the golden divine halo from invading his body. As for inside his body, the Spirit of the World Tree swayed. It merged with every part of his body. At this moment, majestic will within his body was frenziedly being released. In his blood vessels, skeleton, organs, and limbs, will furiously circulated. As he howled, he entered the Divine Furnace of the Great Path.

The power of the Great Path in this place also trembled. It seemingly also surged into Ye Futian's body, becoming a part of the Divine Furnace of the Great Path.

The ancient characters that circled the heavens and the earth suddenly transformed into swords. They emanated astonishing Sword Will. Countless Sword Qi was created in the surroundings, rivaling the divine halo that shot out from Shen Yuan's body.

Rumble. The Divine Furnace, transformed by the body of Ye Futian, roared and churned. Under the light shroud of the ancient characters, the Divine Furnace extracted the Great Path of All Things. Countless divine swords buzzed, stirring up a destructive storm in the space. The divine swords tore the space apart. The facial expression of Shen Yuan changed slightly. The halo around his body shone even more brilliantly, transforming into layer upon layer of golden divine walls. The divine walls would block all attacks.

A sword appeared gradually from Ye Futian's body. It was a sword forged using the Way by the Divine Furnace of the Great Path. Countless divine swords hummed as though musical tones were being played in the space.

"Can you withstand a strike from my sword?"

Ye Futian's gaze swept towards Shen Yuan. Once he said this, his sword struck out.

The Divine Sound of Great Path lingered and followed the sword. Around it, countless divine swords merged into one. In the instant before the swords slashed forward, they merged into the divine sword. Right now, there was only one sword on the battlefield.

Shen Yuan's expression drastically changed. Innumerable divine walls flickering with golden runes appeared in front of him. When the sword closed in on him, one by one, the golden divine walls were blasted into pieces.


There was a huge rumble. Shen Yuan sacrificed a ritual implement to block the attack. However, his body was still sent flying outwards. At the same time, the pressure of the Great Path in this space came pressing down on him. He let out a low grunt. His body slumped down, half kneeling on the ground. His expression was pale!


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    《The Legend of Futian》