The Legend of Futian
1640 Giving Up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1640 Giving Up

Who could crack the will of a statue first? the crowd exclaimed internally.

The nine representatives all did not disappoint. They all displayed extremely powerful abilities as they battled the wills of the statues within the frightening illusion.

After all, they were exceptional figures chosen by the cultivators of the Nine Realms. They were personages at the peak of the Nine Realms.

People were most attracted to the trio from the Central Emperor Realm—Jian Qingzhu, Shen Hao, and Nan Luoshen. With their origins and their talents, they were destined to receive more attention than the others.

Of course, the other representatives were not weak too.

Right now, Master Gui Zang from Tianxian Temple at Buddha Mountain of the Mountain Realm transformed into a golden Buddha. He released beams of golden light. He was a true Buddha. Anyone who became a Renhuang would be crowned as a Buddha at the Mountain Realm. The golden Buddha put his palms together, and his demeanor was solemn; the halo of Buddha shone for miles. He remained steadfast when he was attacked by the powerful will.

Di Wu of Solar Divine Palace transformed into God of Sun, shining down light on the world. A Golden Raven, the divine bird of the sun, circled over his head. It was enchanting.

On the contrary, a cold moon appeared behind Chang Xi of Youyue Divine Palace. The space around her turned into night. Both Chang Xi and Di Wu could alter nature.

Even Qin Lin, who was the most overlooked, stepped onto the Divine Slaughtering Matrix and was slaughtering all in sight. It seemed that no human nor will could shake his Slaughtering Divine Heart.

Compared to these cultivators, Ye Futian's area was the calmest. Although there was also light shining from his body, it was not as dazzling and eye-catching as that of the others.

Right now, on this frightening battlefield, countless armored soldiers were swarming towards him. The sound of war drums thundered, attempting to shatter his spiritual soul. He looked forward while guarding his mind. The statue seemed to have completely come alive. It was like a divine general on a battlefield. When it glanced at him, countless war drums thundered at the same time. The innumerable armored soldiers roared like a tide, swallowing everything in the path.

In this illusion, Ye Futian felt that he was miniscule. His spiritual soul was constantly trembling. His will was shaking, and even his body quivered slightly. It was as though he was about to collapse from the attack of the will.

When the Spiritual Will and Way of cultivators at the Renhuang Plane combined, they could forge a domain of the Great Path with just a single thought. The master of this statue must have been a peak existence of the Renhuang Plane when he was still alive. After he died, even his remnant will became a Domain of Way. Ye Futian thought to himself. He released the might of his Deed of Thorough Comprehension. A Celestial Soul appeared behind him, and he could detect all within this space.

Within Ye Futian's body, the branches of the World Tree extended to every part of his body. It was as though his body had become a divine tree that was rooted firmly in the ground. An unparalleled, majestic Way of Life enveloped his figure, causing his aura to grow even more powerful. His powerful life force swelled to its extreme. His Spiritual Will also became stronger and sturdier, seemingly becoming indestructible.

Ye Futian sat cross-legged. He actually sat down in the middle of the Ancient Road. His eyes were closed. He allowed the sound of war drums to attack his spiritual soul and let the monstrous will sweep over his figure. Even though his body trembled and his spiritual soul shook, he still remained firmly rooted to his spot. Will enveloped every inch of his body.

"What is he doing?" Some people revealed bizarre looks when they saw what Ye Futian was doing. He actually sat down.

It was as though he was meditating and cultivating in the midst of that frightening will.

Due to the fact that Ye Futian was acting differently from the other eight representatives, many people were looking at him. Shen Yuan's gaze was also fixed on Ye Futian. Was he having difficulty standing against the will of the statue?

"The will of the statue will not disappear on its own. How long can he withstand the will by doing this?" someone asked.

Wasn't doing so the same as waiting to die? How could he crack the will of the statue in this manner?

The other eight representatives were all withstanding the will of the statue. They were not just withstanding it, but they were also seeking the method of cracking the statues. They were searching for ways to defeat the will of the statue and crack the statue. Only by doing this could they make it past this Ancient Road and head to the sky stairwell that led up to the Heavenly Palace.

At this moment, from inside the body of Ye Futian, who was sitting cross-legged, a formless will swept out. There was actually a faint sound of a guqin playing. This caused many people to reveal strange expressions.

"This is Flesh Becoming Way. His Way is that of Rhythmic Sorcery?" someone questioned. Before this, when Ye Futian and Shen Yuan were battling each other, Ye Futian had not displayed such an ability. Flesh Becoming Way preserved the Way in the body of the cultivator, allowing the cultivator to resonate with the world. Since the sound of guqin could be heard, it meant that Ye Futian had merged Rhythmic Sorcery into his body of the Great Path.

Rhythmic Sorcery started playing amidst the howling illusion. A terrifying Sword Will accompanied the music. Sword Will and the music merged harmoniously.

When the music of Rhythmic Sorcery collided with the beating of the war drums, it formed a complex symphony. On the battlefield, the sounds of guqin and war drums competed with each other, revealing murderous intent. The brilliance of the Great Path gradually lit up around Ye Futian, subtly resonating with the heavens and earth.

"Is he cultivating?"

Xiao Muyu had been paying attention to Ye Futian all this while. This fellow left a very deep impression on her. He had snatched her divine lotus and given it to another girl. Moreover, he shamelessly declared that he wanted to be the son-in-law of the Xiao Clan. Hence, among all representatives, she was most curious about Ye Futian and was very attentive towards him.

Right now, when she saw how Ye Futian handled the illusion, she had a feeling that Ye Futian was utilizing the illusion to comprehend the Great Path. He was meditating.

Out of the nine selected representatives, almost all of them were Renhuangs; only Ye Futian and Qin Lin were at the peak of the Saint Plane. The rest had found their own fateful encounters of the Great Path in this God's relic and had broken through to the Renhuang Plane.

Originally, Xiao Muyu could have such an opportunity too. If she had gotten the lotus, she would have had a high chance of breaking through to the Renhuang Plane. In the end, what happened had indeed proven that the lotus was even more extraordinary than what she had imagined it to be.

However, there was no use in asking what if. The lotus had been snatched by Ye Futian, and the girl beside him had used the lotus to advance to the next Plane. Unfortunately, she did not use it to become a Renhuang; she was practically wasting a rare item.

So now, was Ye Futian meditating amidst this illusion in order to comprehend the will and break the shackles between Planes?

"Perhaps he is using his own Way to defend against the invading will," a cultivator of Xiao Clan who stood beside Xiao Muyu said.

Meditating under such circumstances was indeed too daring. Was Ye Futian not worried about his body of the Great Path shattering and his spiritual soul being severely injured if he made a slight mistake?

He was under the domineering might of the Great Path.

The Rhythmic Sorcery of the Great Path surged out, attempting to control the battlefield. A guqin appeared in front of Ye Futian. His eyes were still closed, but his fingers were placed on the strings. He played without looking.

The sound of guqin echoed in the battlefield, resonating with the Great Path and his body of the Great Path.

"What song is this?" As soon as the crowd heard the song, someone sensed that this song was remarkable and asked about it.

"It is the Song of the Lost Divine from Taixuan Mountain," a cultivator of the Higher Heavens Realm answered.

Lord Taixuan. Some people revealed looks of surprise. Lord Taixuan from Taixuan Mountain of the Higher Heavens Realm was proficient in Rhythmic Sorcery. He had acquired the Song of the Lost Divine during a fateful encounter.

Rumor has it that Lord Taixuan did not have exceptional talent. Initially, it would have been hard for him to achieve his current Plane, especially in terms of breaking the shackles between Planes. All his current achievements were, however, due to the Song of the Lost Divine.

"Is Ye Futian a cultivator of the Tianhe Realm or a cultivator of the Heavenly Mandate Realm? Why is he suddenly related to Lord Taixuan?" someone asked quizzically. Ye Futian had introduced himself as a disciple of Sky River Great Elder, yet he represented the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Now, he showed off the Song of the Lost Divine that he had learned from Lord Taixuan.

"This man is from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. He used to cultivate in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. After that, he escaped to the Higher Heavens Realm and studied in Taixuan Mountain," Gai Shi Shi of Golden Divine Nation explained. Clearly, he knew more about Ye Futian.

"Lord Taixuan and Sky River Great Elder are good friends," a cultivator of Shen Clan added. "It seems like Lord Taixuan sent him to the Tianhe Realm so that he could study under Sky River Great Elder."

Ye Futian was still so young, yet he had trained in so many places.

In the Nine Realms, unless the cultivators had reached the Renhuang Plane, otherwise they seldom crossed the Realms to cultivate. Only those at the Saint Plane and above were qualified to cross the Realms, but it was still very risky.

The sound of Rhythmic Sorcery grew stronger, transforming into a terrifying storm and eradicating all things in its path. When the sound of the war drums closed in on Ye Futian again, the sound of the qin could actually penetrate it. Slowly, the Song of the Lost Divine affected the whole illusion.

"He has actually mastered playing the Song of the Lost Divine." Princess Luoyue of Taixuan Mountain, who had followed Ye Futian here, got emotional when she heard the Song of the Lost Divine. Grandmaster had an inheritor now. However, she was puzzled as to the reason why Grandmaster refused to accept Ye Futian as his disciple.

Although Grandmaster had sworn to never take a disciple again due to the death of youngest Uncle-Master, when Grandmaster came across such a person, why didn't he make an exception?

It would have been wonderful if Ye Futian could have cultivated in Taixuan Mountain.

"He is seizing the initiative."

Right now, the crowd felt that the pressure of the will of the statue that Ye Futian was experiencing seemed to have weakened. Or it should be said that it seemed to have been weakened by the Song of the Lost Divine.

The sound of the qin could already gradually suppress the will of the statue.

An alarming storm swept out, as though the Great Path was flowing back out.

The storm that was frightening beyond comparison started spinning outwards in the other direction and headed towards the statue.


There was a huge shocking sound. The statue trembled violently. After that, the crowd saw the statue being knocked back until it was below the sky stairwell.

From the heavenly palace in the sky above, a beam of divine light shone down upon the statue. The illusions around Ye Futian disappeared without a trace.

He cracked it. When the crowd saw this scene, their hearts trembled inside.

Ye Futian was actually the first person to crack the will of the statue.

Ye Futian was still performing. The robes on his body danced about, fluttering in the wind. The light of the Great Path descended upon him, surging into his body. The crowd saw a beam of brilliant divine light burst out from inside him. The current of the Great Path of the heavens and earth frenziedly gushed into his being.

"This is..." Many people had astonished expressions.

Excited looks flashed past in Xia Qingyuan and Yaya's beautiful eyes. Even Yu Sheng was clenching his fists in anticipation.

These were the signs that Ye Futian was about to break through to the next Plane.

Ye Futian's body seemed to have become a bottomless pit. It frenziedly devoured the will of the Great Path in his surroundings. The sound of the qin gradually came to a stop. Ye Futian retrieved a fruit of the Way and immediately threw it into his mouth. A crisp chewing sound could be heard.

Very quickly, he had consumed a fruit of the Way. He took out a second, and then a third...

Xia Qingyuan stared wide-eyed at the scene. Other people were also equally speechless.

Had anyone broken through to the next Plane in such a manner?

How many fruits of the Way did he need to replenish his Way?

A frightening roar of the Great Path came from inside Ye Futian's body. However, just as the crowd believed that he was about to forge his Divine Wheel, Ye Futian suddenly opened his eyes and stood up.

What was he doing? Many people looked at Ye Futian. Why didn't he directly break through to the next Plane in one go?

Ye Futian turned his gaze towards the Heavenly Palace. He had a look of anticipation in his eyes. Right now, it was not yet the time to break through to the next Plane. He was still waiting for an even greater opportunity!


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    《The Legend of Futian》