The Legend of Futian
1643 The Perfect Level
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1643 The Perfect Level

Ye Futian stepped forward, holding his spear out towards the people from the Divine Golden Nation.

Since Gai Shi Shi had come to him asking for trouble, he would help him find it.

The enmity between them had come to its inevitable conclusion. His opponent had a strong desire to kill him, and the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation had tried to do so to him and Yu Sheng. In that case, he had no choice. It was kill or be killed.

Boom! At that moment, a powerful surge of the energy of the Great Path shot out towards him. A golden cauldron fell towards him, seeming like it had fallen from the heavens.

The Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation had acted. Although he was fighting Yu Sheng, he was still a Renhuang after all. Using his Divine Wheel, he could cover the entire area, including where Ye Futian was.

Seeing the power that Ye Futian had just unleashed, he could not just let him attack Gai Shi Shi. It was too dangerous.

Bang! There was a loud noise as Yu Sheng's power struck him as he was dealing with Ye Futian. The wild power sent him flying. A Renhuang had been knocked back, his Divine Wheel trembling.

Ye Futian struck out with his spear at the same time, smashing it firmly into the falling cauldron and shattering it.

"Careful, there is someone behind you trying to take your place!" someone told him telepathically. It was Dou Zhao. Ye Futian looked behind him and saw a cultivator rushing towards the statues. He wanted to take the inheritance.

Moreover, he was a Renhuang and had many other cultivators around him.

A dark look came over Ye Futian's face. There were too many cultivators here, making the situation very complicated. It was hard to deal with everything at once.

"I will watch them for you." A seal of a god of war appeared upon Dou Zhao's brow. He moved forward towards where Gai Shi Shi and the others were. The cultivators of the Dou tribe surrounded the cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation. A wild burst of pressure swept out.

Gai Shi Shi stared at Dou Zhao, saying, "Why are you interfering with the affairs of the Golden Divine Nation?"

The Dou Tribe of the Ziwei Realm was an ancient family with incredible combat prowess. He had no desire to provoke them.

"Don't you feel that it is rather shameless to sit there and attack people when they are distracted?" asked Dou Zhao. "Moreover, do you really think you are worthy of fighting him?"

He was confident that there were few among the Nine Supreme Realms of his generation who could defeat him. He was not familiar with Gai Shi Shi, but he showed scorn for him anyway. Even if he had reached the Renhuang plane earlier, he would not have worried.

An ugly look came over Gai Shi Shi's face. Dou Zhao's words seemed to have hit a sore spot. After all, Ye Futian had beaten him quite severely.

"Then, I wish to see just how powerful the will of the Dou tribe really is." Gai Shi Shi released his aura, and an image of a celestial god formed in the air above him.

Dou Zhao looked at him with disdain. More and more seals appeared on his brow. Beams of divine light shot through his body as his will became even more powerful. His aura continued to rise, and the image of a fighting god appeared behind him.

Bang! He stepped forward, staring at Gai Shi Shi. He raised his fist and lashed out.

The sound of a god sighing rang out. Gai Shi Shi gripped his spear and thrust it out.

Golden lightning clashed in the air as a wild pressure swept out. Gai Shi Shi was sent flying backward. And it was not only him. The other cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation around him were all knocked back by the storm.

"Truly weak." Dou Zhao's eyes were full of disdain. This made a dark look come over Gai Shi Shi's face.

On the other side, Ye Futian was naturally watching the others trying to inherit the will from the statue that he had left for Yu Sheng. But at that moment, a strong force moved over there, pushing through the crowd. A Renhuang level figure was among them as they moved towards the statue.

It seemed that they wanted the inheritance as well.

They were very strong and seemed rather unyielding. Previously, other cultivators had been fighting them, but they had been swept aside.

They were from Celestial Worthy Temple in the Central Imperial Realm, one of the top powers of that ream. Previously they had only been observing. Although they had not directly competed for the statues' will, there were nine places, and one of them should naturally be there.

The Central Imperial Realm was at the center of the Nine Realms and had the most forces within it, but they had only won three places. This was not nearly enough. Although the people from Celestial Worthy Temple were not the most powerful members of their generation, they still deserved a place.

When Ye Futian turned around, the Renhuang from Celestial Worthy Temple looked at him and said, "You may have unlocked the statues, but there is no place for you here. Go and find something else to do."

No matter how talented Ye Futian was, it meant nothing. Talent was talent, and background was background, but you also needed to consider one's background.

No matter how powerful or talented you were, it was not enough for the people of the Central Imperial Realm. Even if you were at the peak of your abilities, what did it matter?

Ye Futian gripped his spear tightly, and Renhuang level fighting will surged out of him. But this was not a place where he could unleash his will of the emperor. The Renhuang before him seemed stronger than Wu Meng of the Martial Gods Clan. If he couldn't unleash the will of the emperor, it would be tough to deal with him.

Seeing that Ye Futian was still standing there, the Renhuang from Celestial Worthy Temple raised an eyebrow and asked, "You are not willing to fight?"

If he didn't want to fight, then what was he doing?

Powerful fighting will wrapped around Ye Futian, growing stronger and stronger like a terrible storm.

Feeling the aura coming off him, the Rehuang did not continue on to the statue. Instead, he raised his arm and waved his fingers through the air.

In a flash, a suffocating power covered the sky. Ye Futian felt the world change, like a supreme being was pressing its fingers down upon him. Each finger was like a golden mountain, thick enough to crush the sky, yet sharp enough to cut through the very air.

He was crushed within them, and he felt like he could not breathe.

Impossibly brilliant fighting will wrapped around him. He stepped forward, and the sound of an elephant trumpeting shook the sky. There was another sound of a god sighing, and he pushed his spear forward towards the five golden fingers.


There was a loud noise as the two incomparably strong forces collided. The five-finger mountains shattered with a booming sound and pieced rained down. But Ye Futian was knocked down to a lower part of the sky as well until his feet landed on the ground with a slam. The arm that was holding the spear trembled.

This man was clearly much stronger than Wu Meng.

"You won't be able to handle the inheritance," Ye Futian said to the cultivators of the Celestial Worthy Temple.

"You may speak to me only once you have reached the next level," said the Renhuang. His aura was overpowering. He knew that Ye Futian was about to break through to the next level, and had conquered realms before, but he did not care. Even if he broke through to the next level, what would it matter? The Renhuang would already have the inheritance.

At that moment, powerful sword will shot over from a distance, and the Renhuang felt an aura of the same level as his own. A Renhuang's thoughts were sweeping towards him.

He looked up into the air, and his expression changed. Brilliant golden divine light appeared in the sky. He could sense even more powerful sword will.

He raised his hand and shot a palm print across the distance. The five-fingered palm print shot up into the air, where it split the sky. A brilliant divine sword was falling from the heavens, leaving a line in the air as it fell.


A powerful aura descended along with the sword as it cut through the palm print, turning it into nothingness. The sword had lost some momentum though, and it shrieked as it stopped in the air, then flew back up.

In the distance, a figure stepped forward through the air. The sword entered his body. It was clearly his sword.

"Who are you?" The Renhuang from the Celestial Worthy Temple could feel a powerfully threatening aura. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the figure in the distance.

Ye Futian looked at the descending figure as well, then a smile appeared on his face.

"So he's broken through to the next level," he thought to himself. The person before his eyes was the Swordmaster of Lihen. He had now become a Renhuang.

He had only rushed here after cultivating for a long time. He had finally reached the legendary realm that he had always wanted to reach. This was definitely something worth getting excited about for the Swordmaster of Lihen.

Now, the Swordmaster of Lihen's aura had changed. The Great Path was one with his form. He stood there straight as a sword reaching up to the heavens.

"Congratulations, Swordmaster," said Ye Futian with a smile.

The Swordmaster of Lihen looked at Ye Futian and inclined his head with a smile. This was something he had dreamed about for a long time, and he had finally achieved it. Not only had he reached the Renhuang plane, but his entire self was also transformed. The endless sword will of Sword City had baptized him.

Ye Futian had given him this chance. This went far beyond just a gift.

He even dared to wonder if he was more powerful than His Majesty Emperor Xia now.

He swept his gaze over the Renhuang from the Celestial Worthy Temple, then towards Yu Sheng's battle. Yu Sheng was facing a Renhuang as well.

"How can we deal with this?" he asked.

"Attack!" answered Ye Futian. It was as simple as a single word.

The Swordmaster of Lihen said nothing else. Incomparably brilliant divine light shone in the air, lighting up the sky. Below him, Yu Sheng and the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation felt a threat to their very lives. They both looked shocked.

They suddenly looked up and saw incomparably dazzling divine swords falling from the sky.

The Renhuang's Wheel of the Great Path surged with power, making more cauldrons descend from above.


The sword light pierced through the sky, descending towards the earth.

In the next instant, the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation froze in place.

"Impossible!" he yelled. Just as he said this, his body split in two.

"No!" The cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation watched this in shock. They all began to feel afraid.

Their Renhuang had been killed. Moreover, he had been killed by a single sword.

"Are you at the perfect level?" Ye Futian asked the Swordmaster of Lihen, joy in his eyes.

It seemed like the Swordmaster had gambled correctly. He had destroyed his own path and reforged his sword, putting the sword will from Sword City into it and baptizing his body and soul in it, thus forging a Wheel of the Great Path.

He had had a perfect opportunity to forge a perfect, unblemished Wheel of the Great Path. This was something that would have been impossible before!


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    《The Legend of Futian》