The Legend of Futian
1653 Divine Intervention
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1653 Divine Intervention

Besides Ye Futian, the Renhuangs of Dou Tribe and Taixuan Mountain also flew up into the sky.

A gaze locked on Ye Futian. Someone asked, "Are you capable of handling this?"

Ye Futian turned and saw a beautiful face. It was none other than Taixuan House Master, Empress Yan, who recommended him to Taixuan Mountain in the past.

"House Master, you underestimate me," Ye Futian replied wryly.

His body shot up into the sky in a straight line.

Empress Yan blinked. Both she and the String Emperor followed behind Ye Futian and flew up into the sky. They were worried that he might be harmed.

After all, this fellow had just broken through to the Renhuang Plane not long ago. His Plane was still not stable. In a battle between the Renhuangs of the top forces, a moment of carelessness would result in death. The two Dynastic Overlords of Golden Divine Nation, as well as the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, had personally come here. This battle was not just a simple spar. The other party would really try to kill Ye Futian.

"Be careful." The String Emperor swept a glance at the sky above. He saw a powerful Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation heading over towards Ye Futian. The String Emperor extended his five long and slender fingers. He grabbed at the air, and countless strings of the Great Path seemed to appear in the heavens above and blocked the attack from the other party.

He plucked the strings of the Great Path with his hand, and Sword Will swept out. String Emperor's body immediately leapt over Ye Futian's figure and shot up into the air as he forced the other party back.

"Many thanks, senior," Ye Futian said. His gaze swept towards the other direction. Then, with a flash of his silhouette, he headed in that direction.

Over there, there was a cultivator of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty at the Renhuang Plane. His Plane was that of a lower-level Renhuang, and his Divine Wheel was only at the second tier.

The Renhuang saw Ye Futian heading towards him. A cold look flashed past in the eyes of the Renhuang. The Divine Wheel in his body burst forth, and his will swept out. Even though Ye Futian's talent was extraordinary, he had just broken through to the Renhuang Plane. Was Ye Futian planning on using him to try out his powers?

Buzz. Ye Futian swept a glance at his opponent and directly traversed the space. After reaching the Renhuang Plane, his speed was even quicker. In an instant, he immediately landed in front of his opponent and engaged in close-quarter combat.

The expression of the Renhuang changed slightly. Ye Futian was acting so presumptuous.

Ye Futian had just proven his Way, and he dared to engage in close-quarter combat?

Ye Futian's figure became Way, and his Divine Wheel of the Great Path emanated a gleaming divine light. A terrifying storm of massacre brewed with him at the center. A spear appeared in his hand as well. He attacked violently without hesitation.

Bang. The spears collided. The onlookers were blinded by a dazzling light. The next moment, the Renhuang disappeared.

The will of the Renhuang still lingered in the space, yet his figure was nowhere to be found. He had been penetrated by the spear and turned into dust.

Instant kill!

Everyone widened their eyes when they saw what happened. It was as though the person that Ye Futian had killed was not a Renhuang. The Renhuang did not even manage to defend himself and was killed instantly by a strike from Ye Futian's spear. He most likely did not even know how he was killed.

The Divine Wheel of the Great Path was forged when a cultivator broke through to the Renhuang Plane. There was a stark difference between every tier of the Divine Wheel. The might of the will, unleashed by a second-tier Divine Wheel that resonated with the Great Path, could surely suppress the will unleashed by a first-tier Divine Wheel.

However, even so, the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was instantly killed with a spear strike. He did not even have the opportunity to use his power.

The difference in Divine Wheels.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone conjectured that the Renhuang of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty most likely had little experience in fighting against other Renhuangs. Some top forces from the Central Emperor Realm had the best understanding of how much a difference it would make for cultivators with different tiers of Divine Wheels to engage in a battle.

Ye Futian instantly killed his opponent with a spear strike. It proved that the difference between their two Divine Wheels was huge and could not be overcome at all. Even though the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was on a higher level, he was still killed in one shot.

Moreover, Ye Futian had not even shown his Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

Even for top forces, a cultivator at the Renhuang Plane was considered the mainstay of a force. It was hard to cultivate a Renhuang. However, when battles arose, a Renhuang was killed so easily. It only took a strike from the spear.

In the sky below, Emperor Xia raised his head. His face twitched when he saw the spear that Ye Futian wielded. He looked at the Demon Peacock Emperor beside him.

The Demon Peacock Emperor also looked at him. There were looks of astonishment in both of their eyes. Ye Futian was a Renhuang just like them.

How powerful was his ability now?

Rumble. Suddenly, an enormous power of the Great Path spurted towards Ye Futian.

Swiftly, Ye Futian turned around and thrust his spear forward. Like a meteorite, his spear shattered the incoming spear.

However, an alarming pressure surrounded his body all of a sudden.

A body forged of gold appeared above Ye Futian. The figure was brilliant; his Divine Wheel of the Great Path shone. He was a golden ancient god.

Ye Futian had seen this person before. Back then, this person had even attacked Ye Futian. It was none other than the prince of Golden Divine Nation and the elder brother of Gai Shi Shi, Gai Jiutian.

Last time, outside of Divine Palace, Gai Shi Shi had lost to Ye Futian. This Gai Jiutian was overbearing.

Right now, Gai Jiutian one again came charging towards him. The pair of golden eyes contained fierce murderous intent.

Ye Futian killed his younger brother.

He did not say anything, merely standing proudly in the sky. All around him, figures of golden ancient gods descended from the sky. They suppressed this side of the sky. Gai Jiutian was like a deity that shone with the sun and the moon.

The light of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path swept out; the golden ancient gods pounced downwards. The Divine Sound could be faintly heard; it was the Sigh of the Divine God.

Gai Jiutian was a lower-level Renhuang at the third tier of the Divine Wheel. Ye Futian exclaimed internally when he sensed his opponent's aura. His opponent was at the same level as Empress Yan. Back when they were outside of the Divine Palace, Ye Futian had fought against Empress Yan.

Gai Jiutian's Divine Wheel was at the Celestial Level.

As the Crowned Prince of Golden Divine Nation, the Divine Wheel that he had forged was naturally not ordinary. It was a Celestial Level, third-tier Divine Wheel. One could imagine the domineering might of his Divine Wheel.

"Let's go," Emperor Xia said. He and the Demon Peacock Emperor were ready to lend a hand. Their Divine Wheels were only at the third tier; moreover, theirs were Gold Level Divine Wheels. In other words, Gai Jiutian, the Crowned Prince of the Golden Divine Nation, was stronger than both of them.

Although Ye Futian had exceptional talent, he had just broken through to the Renhuang Plane. With Ye Futian's first-tier Divine Wheel, the difference between his ability and his opponent's was too great. How could he possibly win in this battle?

Right now, battles were happening at every corner of the sky. There were few people left; Emperor Xia and Demon Peacock Emperor could no longer sit out of this.

"Your Highness, please wait," a voice rang. Emperor Xia turned around and saw the Swordmaster of Lihen; the former put on a perplexed look.

"Your Highness, let's watch for a while more," the Swordmaster of Lihen suggested.

"Swordmaster of Lihen, the difference in tiers between Ye Futian and his opponent is huge," Emperor Xia raised his concern.

"The level of Divine Wheels can make up for the difference in tiers," the Swordmaster of Lihen said, "If Ye Futian really can't handle him, only then will we join the battle."

Even if Ye Futian could not defeat his opponent, he would not be crushed in a short amount of time. He definitely had the power to put up a fight.

"The level of Divine Wheel?" Emperor Xia revealed a shock expression. The level of Gai Jiutian's Divine Wheel was already very high. It dazzled with a blinding divine light. Could it be that the level of Ye Futian's Divine Wheel was even higher?

Despite having doubts, Emperor Xia accepted the suggestion of the Swordmaster of Lihen. He didn't join the battle; he looked at the battle in the sky and was ready to lend a hand when necessary.

In the sky, Ye Futian stood undeterred as he was flooded by the golden statues.

From inside his body, brilliant light suddenly burst forth. This light covered the sky and pierced the endless space. It was as though there was divine light of the Great Path circling his figure. The Worldly Great Path resonated with his. He truly achieved the state of becoming one with the world.

In the sky above Ye Futian, a dazzling strange phenomenon appeared. Endless will of the Great Path appeared like waterfalls that churned towards Ye Futian's body. Dazzling divine light radiated outwards, covering thousands of miles.

It could truly be called the Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Its divine light covered the sky.

"His Divine Wheel is flawless. It is at the Divine Level."

The major figures of the Nine Realms lowered their heads and looked over in Ye Futian's direction. In their eyes, there were only flawless or flawed Divine Wheels.

Only a flawless Divine Wheel was a complete Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Only then could it be considered divine.

Divine light covered the sky, radiating three thousand miles. When Emperor Xia saw this Divine Wheel, his heart trembled inside him. At this moment, he felt that his own Divine Wheel was a joke. Could the Divine Wheel that he forged when he reached the Renhuang Plane truly be considered a Divine Wheel of the Great Path?

If he were to compare his Divine Wheel with that of Ye Futian, his own would probably pale into insignificance.

Flawless. This was a truly flawless Divine Wheel. The heavens revealed strange phenomena, and divine light covered the sky.

Many people were mesmerized by this gorgeous scene. Although many cultivators that had forged flawless Divine Wheels had appeared in God's relic, in reality, those were all the flawless Divine Wheels that normal cultivators would encounter. Once outside of God's relic, among the innumerable cultivators of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, how many had flawless Divine Wheels?

In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, before Ye Futian, there were none who had flawless Divine Wheels.

Even the top figures of the Realm did not have flawless Divine Wheels.

This also meant that the difficulty of forging a flawless Divine Wheel was far greater than the difficulty of becoming a top force. Once one completed this step, it was possible for them to stand at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Even Emperor Nan and the cultivators of the Shen Clan were paying close attention to Ye Futian. Strange looks flashed past in their gazes.

Not only did Ye Futian have a flawless Divine Wheel, but divine phenomena had also appeared.

"Did this person have a huge fateful encounter in God's relic?" Emperor Nan asked Nan Luoshen, who was beside him.

"He should have from the looks of it." A strange look flashed past Nan Luoshen's beautiful gaze. This person's Divine Wheel was actually even more dazzling than her own.

Endless strings of the Great Path seemed to appear around them. The sound of qin could be heard playing on its own. With the Great Path as its strings, it actually suppressed the Sigh of the Divine God.

Beams of radiant divine light shot out like flawlessly sharp swords. They pierced towards the statues of the golden ancient gods. An intense rumbling sound thundered.

No one knew how much will the Divine Wheel of the Great Path that Ye Futian forged had consumed. Ye Futian had consumed so many fruits of the Way. With the support of the World Tree, the foundation of his Great Path was extremely solid.

"A first-tier Divine Wheel is going against a third-tier Divine Wheel."

The crowd revealed bizarre expressions. The aura on Ye Futian's body was actually not at a disadvantage at the slightest. His power of the Great Path also showed no signs of being suppressed.

Gai Jiutian's facial expression changed slightly. A flawless Divine Wheel. This was the goal of all the disciples of Golden Divine Nation all this while, but Gai Jiutian had failed to forge one. Initially, Gai Shi Shi had a chance to forge a flawless Divine Wheel upon entering God's relic this time. However, he had been killed by Ye Futian and had perished.

Even though Ye Futian had a flawless Divine Wheel, what of it? There was still a difference between their two Planes. He did not believe that the tier of Ye Futian's Divine Wheel could overcome it.

Gai Jiutian's Divine Wheel was also at the Celestial Level.

Gai Jiutian raised his hand. The heavens and earth resonated, and the Great Path roared. A palm print directly struck out from his palm. In an instant, a gigantic golden palm print appeared in the sky above Ye Futian's head. Patterns of the Great Path seemed to be carved on the palm print. It appeared like the face of a deity. It was as though a deity had descended from the heavens and wanted to destroy all of existence.

Aside from a flawless Divine Wheel, the other Divine Wheels were all Common Level.

Ye Futian extended his left hand. He pointed a finger at the heavens, and countless divine swords resonated. A storm of Sword Qi swept out and formed a sky shattering sword. It immediately shattered the gigantic palm print!

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    《The Legend of Futian》