The Legend of Futian
1654 Emperor Xia Turns Hostile
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1654 Emperor Xia Turns Hostile

The divine swords pierced through the sky. Gai Jiutian once again shot out a palm print to block them.

"A perfect Wheel of the Great Path!" Gai Jiutian's heart trembled. Would this be enough to ignore the difference in their levels?

This was a flawless Divine Wheel, whereas his was at the Celestial Level. Why was there still such a huge gap?

Ye Futian was a bit surprised as well. In fact, he had just ascended to the Renhuang plane. Although he had forged at perfect Divine Wheel, he did not know how big the gap between the two of them was or how powerful his combat ability was. After all, this was his first battle since becoming a Renhuang.

It seemed he was even more powerful than he would have imagined.

Gai Jiutian was no ordinary person. He was one of the eminent talents of the Golden Divine Nation with a Divine Wheel at the Celestial Level. But in this conflict, Ye Futian did not feel any pressure from his Divine Wheel.

Thinking of this, he pulled his spear back. It seemed like he was thinking too much. He did not need to fight Gai Jiutian.

His body was bathed in brilliant divine light, and the power of the Great Path was falling upon him. As he was bathed in the dazzling light of the Great Path, the white-haired Renhuang in the air looked like a god. Everyone was in a daze as they watched. Had he really just ascended to the Renhuang plane?

Many mid-level Renhuangs were not that glorious.

Even some of the core members of great powers did not understand why he was like this. There was clearly a huge gap between the two of them. Had the elder not said that the distance between levels on the Renhuang plane was like the distance between heaven and earth, that there was a huge disparity in terms of strength?

So what was happening right before their eyes?

Ye Futian seemed to be subverting their views on cultivation.

The sound of shrieking swords swept out, merging with the music. He was using the Great Path as his strings, and each string seemed to be made of swords. The music that was playing seemed to be the Song of the Lost Divine. And the sword will was the sword will of the Fleeting Divine Sword.

Ye Futian stretched out a finger and seemed to pluck the strings of the Great Path. For a time, the Great Path flowed backward. Endless sword light pierced through the air, destroying everything in its path. Countless swords shrieked out, cutting their way through the sky.

Boom! Gai Jiutian felt that he was surrounded by the countless strings of the Great Path. As the endless sword will shot towards him, he formed a seal with both hands. The divine music wrapped around him; it was the sound of the Sigh of the Divine God. His body shone with golden light as if he had transformed into a golden god. His divine majesty pressed all around him, suffocating everyone. As the swords reached him, they were blocked by the golden statues all around him.

At the same time, he lifted his hand and slammed it out towards Ye Futian. At that moment, countless golden gods shot out towards him, and the image of a massive golden god appeared in the sky. This strike seemed to contain the fury of a god and the fury of Gai Jiutian. It swept through the air.

Under the music, the countless strings of the Great Path resonated with the endless sword will. The power of Ye Futian's Divine Wheel burst out. At that moment, he shone with the radiance of heaven and earth as he used the Worldly Great Path to its fullest extent.

Thousands of beams of light fell like waterfalls. At this time, Ye Futian seemed like an immortal, like a god of the nine heavens. His silver hair danced in the wind. His features had always been handsome, but now they were incomparably heroic. Now that he had become a Renhuang, he had a Renhuang level aura. The light that was bursting from him now made a few of the women, who had not cultivated to a high-level, stare at him in a daze.

Xia Qingyuan stared mutely at the figure in the air. It seemed that he was the only person that existed in her eyes.

Beside her, Emperor Xia trembled on the inside. He looked at his daughter and sighed. His own precious daughter had fallen for Ye Futian. The poison already ran deep.

But the young man was quite good looking. Even if he was only 70 or 80 percent as handsome...

Divine light bloomed in the sky. Ye Futian pointed up. At that moment, it seemed like a divine sword had been drawn and was cutting through the heavens.

The light from that single sword stretched out for three thousand miles.

Many people seemed like they couldn't tell that it was a sword. They only saw a beam of light, and endless sword will shot through the heavens.

The beam of light crashed into the descending golden god, causing many more beams of light to burst out. The golden god was pierced through, and a hole appeared in it, after which it cracked and shattered. At the same time, the divine sword light descended in front of Gai Jiutian.

Gai Jiutian thrust out his hands with a cry. When the sword reached him, there was a loud rumbling sound as cracks appeared in his Divine Wheel, making his will rapidly weaken.

"Go and find Gai Shi Shi." Ye Futian waved his hands over the strings of the Great Path. The image of the sword swallowed up the sky. The sword transformed into a sword-shaped storm. Gai Jiutian's body broke apart piece by piece until it became nothing.

In an instant, his body completely disappeared. Only sword will was left where he had been.

A second Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation had been lost.

He had been killed by Ye Futian.

He had not shown any mercy. This time he had killed the man himself. Gai Jiutian had wanted to kill him, and now he was dead. It was kill or be killed.

Killing one or killing two, there was no difference between them.

Given the power of the Golden Divine Nation, they could absolutely not forgive him. They had wanted to kill him. Under this situation, he naturally had to weaken them.

The Golden Divine Nation had hidden reserves of power and countless cultivators. But they could not all come to the City of the Ruins. Only a few Renhuangs had come.

"He killed him!" Everyone's hearts trembled. Ye Futian, who had just reached the Renhuang plane, had slain Gai Jiutian with his third-tier Divine Wheel. There had been a competition. When he had unleashed his Divine Wheel, his opponent had been doomed.

How great had the gap between them been?

Many of the great figures from top powers sighed inwardly. Not even ten people had forged perfect Divine Wheels on this trip to the God's Relic.

These ten people included Jian Qingzhu of Tianshen Academy, Shen Hao of the Shen clan, and Nan Luoshen, the daughter of Emperor Nan.

But now, they all remembered only one of them. Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's first battle at the Renhuang plane had been enough to make his name resonate throughout the Nine Realms.

"I'm getting old," whispered Emperor Xia, but he smiled brightly. As the ruler of Emperor Xia's Realm, he suddenly felt old and feeble. He had watched Ye Futian grow from a weak young man into who he was now.

In this battle, he had cut down Gai Jiutian, which implied that even he, Emperor Xia, was no match for him.

How could he not sigh at this?

"No need to sigh. There are few people like him in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path," said the Demon Peacock Emperor. Emperor Xia nodded. He naturally understood this, but when he thought of the family background that Ye Futian had hidden, he felt a bit relieved.

He was so used to Ye Futian causing trouble in Emperor Xia's Realm that he seemed to have forgotten his possible origin.

"Qingyuan, how has your relationship with him developed?" Emperor Xia asked.

Xia Qingyuan looked at her father. "What?"

How had it developed?

"Don't blame me for asking. Time waits for no man." Emperor Xia felt gloomy. He knew that this young man would become a great force in Emperor Xia's Realm. If he didn't get a handle on things now, well, it was not like he could fight him...

"It's not like you think," said Xia Qingyuan, blushing.

"No? Then where did you get your opportunity to ascend from?" Emperor Xia asked. "Don't think I don't see what's going on."

He did not believe that Xia Qingyuan could have seized the chance on her own.

Without a doubt, Ye Futian had helped her.

This kid was still very empathetic. He knew how to hurt people.

"You are thinking too much, father." Xia Qingyuan looked at her father frankly, then lowered her head.

"Oh, daughter, you are too cold. Sometimes you have to take the initiative," urged Emperor Xia. It was no wonder that he was so urgent. At that moment, Ye Futian had Lord Taixuan and the Sky River Great Elder behind him. There were many beautiful women in the Nine Supreme Realms. There was the woman from Brahma's Pure Sky not far away, and many beautiful goddesses. They were all threats.

In addition, there were Nan Luoshen of the Nantian Divine Kingdom and Chang Xi of Youyue Divine Palace, who were like goddesses themselves. They were both glorious and fair, making them threats as well."

"Kong Xuan, come here. Your father has a few things to tell you," said the Demon Peacock Emperor to his daughter.

Emperor Xia was stunned. He looked at the Demon Peacock Emperor, and his face darkened.

"You had better not be getting any ideas, Peacock," he warned.

"It's a fair competition," said the Demon Peacock Emperor disdainfully.

"....." Emperor Xia scolded him, "Old Peacock, people, and demons have different paths. You should not be so shameless."

"What do you know? This way, there will be more feelings between them."

"I might turn hostile..."

"Should I be afraid of you?"

Before this, the two of them had shared drinks and entertainment. Now they were speaking of turning hostile towards each other.

Beside them, Xia Qingyuan and Kong Xuan were shocked into silence. They looked at each other then looked away. There was a bit of killing intent in their eyes...

It was not only Emperor Xia and the Demon Peacock Emperor. All the Demon Emperors of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had this same idea.

He had a perfect Divine Wheel and was the foremost person in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. At this moment, Ye Futian could sweep away anyone of his generation, no matter if they were human or demon.

Suddenly, the great figures all thought of the prophecy that the Heavenly Mandate Realm would change. At first, they had thought it would be because of Gu Tianxing and Gu Dongliu, but it seemed that they had guessed wrong.


A prophecy.

A prophecy about Ye Futian.

"Did the prophet ever see Ye Futian before he died?" a great figure from the Demon Realm asked his elder.

"I believe so, or at least heard his voice," someone answered.

"He did see him. Ye Futian was the last person he saw before he passed away," said a Demon Emperor. But at that time, no one had paid attention to this. It had just been a coincidence.

But now it seemed like...perhaps it was not a coincidence?

He was the foremost member of the younger generation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. He had forged a perfect Divine Wheel and was incredibly heroic. He was perhaps one of the top figures in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. If the prophet had seen him, he would certainly have been able to tell how extraordinary he was.

If the prophet had seen it back then, then...

They all realized a possibility, and their eyes involuntarily narrowed.

Had the prophet died because of Ye Futian?

However, even though Ye Futian was incredibly talented, why would the prophet have chosen to pass away?

There must be a secret hidden in all of this.

"Some secret is being kept. We should not let it out nor bring it up again," ordered the Demon Emperor.

It seemed that they had been pulled into some sort of secret.

Had the prophet chosen to die in order to keep this secret?

Thinking of this, they looked at YeFutian differently. If they had guessed correctly, Ye Futian would be the one to change the Heavenly Mandate Realm in the future. In fact, he might even rule it in the future.

Many of the forces of the Demon Realm had good relations with him. They might benefit from the changes he would bring!

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    《The Legend of Futian》