The Legend of Futian
1656 Ye Futian the Conman?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1656 Ye Futian the Conman?

Ye Futian looked at all the forces coming towards him. All of them bore him some sort of grudge, making them very unhappy with him.

They would not let this chance get away from them.

"You are all being unreasonable," came a voice. Ye Futian turned and saw a cultivator step out. He looked at the crowd and said, "Common people can only cultivate to seek the way, while we of the top forces had the chance to compete fairly at the God's Relic. Many of you had grand adventures there. You are all leaders of top forces. Don't you think it is shameful to bully someone who has just reached the Renhuang level like this?"

Ye Futian looked at the man who was speaking. He was from Shangxiao Divine Palace.

Ye Futian had once entered the ancestral land of the Divine Palace, making it so that he had a natural affinity with them. However, he was still moved by someone from the Divine Palace speaking on his behalf.

"The predatory nature of the world of cultivation has never changed," said one of the top cultivators of the Sky Demon Court. Both the worlds of demons and humans. It was just that the Demon World was more direct about it, and humans were a bit more polite.

For example, the Vice Headmaster of the Sky Reaching School had called him nephew, saying that he would trade for the treasures. In reality, he was just trying to seize things for himself.

"You all are indeed bullying him," said a cultivator from the Dragon Gods. Some cultivators from the Divine Elephants strode forward as well. Suddenly, there were quite a few people standing behind Ye Futian. They had not cooperated with the Golden Divine Realm previously. The enmity between Ye Futian and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had originally been put aside, but these people were now taking advantage of the situation. They could not stand for it.

Many of the forces of the Heavenly Mandate realm had obtained treasures and had direct connections to Ye Futian. They could not just sit by and watch this happen to him.

However, the other forces just swept cold gazes over the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Although there were many of them, there were not enough. At that moment, the number of forces who wanted divine arms for themselves was extremely great.

And there were many powers there from the most powerful realm, like the Central Imperial Realm. The Shen clan had been there all along, watching everything like a tiger watching its prey. They naturally did not have any good feelings towards Ye Futian. After all, he was the disciple of the Sky River Great Elder.

In addition to this, the Martial Gods clan, the Celestial Worthy Temple, and the Sky Reaching School each had very powerful formations.

Ye Futian knew that if he wanted to get out of here in one piece, he would need several powerful forces to speak up for him.

"Elder," Ye Futian called towards a man in the distance. There were many heroic figures around him, such as Jian Qingzhu.

They came from Tianshen Academy.

"Hmm?" The cultivator from Tianshen Academy furrowed his brow, a look of surprise coming over his face. He answered telepathically, "Do you have something to say to me?"

"I have heard that Tianshen Academy is the premier holy land for cultivation in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Once this is all over, several friends and I would like to go there to seek the Way for a time. Would that be possible?" asked Ye Futian.

Tianshen Academy was indeed the foremost holy land for cultivation. There must have been many cultivators there with powerful spells. When he had time, he would bring Yu Sheng, Xia Qingyuan, Yaya, and some others there to spend some time shut away in cultivation.

The elder from Tianshen Academy looked surprised at this. When all this was over?

The question now was whether or not Ye Futian would be able to escape in one piece. Was he asking them for help?

Given Ye Futian's talent that had allowed him to forge a perfect Divine Wheel, there was no question that he would be able to get into Tianshen Academy. And his friends would probably be powerful as well.

"I was immersed in celestial radiance along with Jian Qingzhu and the others from Tianshen Academy, all of us gaining an opportunity from heaven. Thus, I want to spend some time devoted to cultivation. I also gained some ritual implements in the God's Relic. If you permit my friends and me to come to Tianshen Academy and cultivate, I will not be stingy with them. I am willing to give out ten of them as a reward, letting you choose which types you want, we can allow this. And my friends and I will pass the test of the classics just like our own disciples."

The ten ritual implements could be said to be an initial investment, but it was conditional. The first condition was that they needed to extricate themselves from the present situation, and the second was that Ye Futian would be able to bring some other with him to Tianshen Academy.

The other thing was, how long would he cultivate at Tianshen Academy? For that whole time, the danger he was in would face the whole academy. Thus, they needed this initial investment.

Right now, the only thing he had in abundance was ritual implements. He did not want to give any of them to those forces who wanted to forcibly take them from him. But it was either give them up or lose his life. Why not share some of them out to save himself?

"Ten?" A look of surprise came over the elder from Tianshen Academy's face. He understood that Ye Futian was sacrificing a lot to escape.

"You can choose the first one on the way," said Ye Futian.

"Very well," answered the elder. "However, there are many forces who want your ritual implements. Even though I have agreed, the others will not necessarily allow us to leave."

"I understand. Your promise is enough, elder," answered Ye Futian. Their thoughts were exchanged extremely quickly, so this all happened very quickly.

But even so, many people looked shocked when they saw Ye Futian standing there in a daze. He seemed to be struggling and hesitant.

"I have often heard your name spoken," said Ye Futian to Emperor Nan telepathically. He guessed that Emperor Nan was the strongest of the people gathered here today.

This powerful figure from the Nantian Divine Kingdom had come personally in order to pick up Nan Luoshen. The other top forces of the Central Imperial Realm had not come in such power.

Thus, as far as Ye Futian was concerned, Emperor Nan was the most important person here in the God's Relic right now.

Moreover, he had not been trying to steal his treasures. He had just been watching from the side.

Emperor Nan looked at him when he heard his telepathic message.

"If you have something to say, just say it." He knew that this man wanted him to help him.

"Okay," said Ye Futian telepathically. "Previously, I consulted with the elder of Tianshen Academy. After this affair is over, I will go and study there for a time. I will have a great appreciation for the people of the Central Imperial Realm. Princess Luoshen performed admirably in the God's Relic. If I had a chance, I would like to give her some advice. I obtained some ritual implements in the God's Relic, of which I would be willing to give five to her."

Emperor Nan was a powerful figure, so he didn't necessarily need any ritual implements. But Nan Luoshen was relatively weak, and so ritual implements would be incredibly precious for her.

Moreover, Emperor Nan doted upon his daughter. In addition, since Tianshen Academy had already made their decision, Emperor Nan now had this chance to make his answer as well.

Emperor Nan looked deeply at Ye Futian. This man could not bear to part with his treasures, but he knew that he had to make sacrifices in a situation like this. Thus, he had promised treasures to Tianshen Academy and the Nantian Divine Kingdom, in order to ask for their help.

"Fine, if Tianshen Academy is also willing, I will help you break free of this situation," answered Emperor Nan. Since he was after Tianshen Academy, he had a chance to see if Ye Futian was tricking them.

If he wasn't being honest, then he wouldn't have to help him.

"Thank you, Your Highness," said Ye Futian with a nod. Now that two great forces had agreed to help him, things were looking better.

"Nephew Ye, why don't you give us your answer?" said the vice headmaster of the Sky Reaching School. Given the current situation, there was no point in delaying anymore.

Ye Futian looked at the vice headmaster of the Sky Reaching School. Three of the great powers of the Central Emperor Realm had already been pulled into this: the Yuanyang clan, Tianshen Academy, and the Nantian Divine Kingdom. Their current formation was very strong.

"Goddess Xiao," he said telepathically. This time, his target was Xiao Muyu of the Xiao clan.

A look of surprise came over her face when she heard this. She cast a cold glance at Ye Futian and asked telepathically, "What are you doing?"

This man had not been the least bit polite before. He had given her Divine Lotus Spear to Xia Qingyuan. Now he spoke to her so sweetly. Was he going to promise to become her son-in-law?

"I have offended you greatly. In order to make up for it, I will give you three ritual implements," answered Ye Futian. Xiao Muyu's gaze hardened.

Did he think that was enough?

Was he trying to get them to help him?

"I'm afraid we will not be able to help you in this situation,' said Xiao Muyu.

"Don't worry goddess. I have already convinced Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan to help me. As long as you stand behind them, it will be enough. I will repay you for that with three ritual implements," said Ye Futian.

Xiao Muyu looked at Ye Futian. He had actually convinced Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan?

If he had the Xiao clan behind him as well, he could really get out of this.

But why had he chosen her?

It had been simple for Ye Futian to choose her. Although there was bad blood between them and Xiao Muyu did not like him, the Xiao clan had still not directly gotten involved. Under that situation, he was willing to give her three ritual implements, which would make them a bit more powerful. After all, the Xiao clan, the Martial Gods clan, the Sky Reaching School, the Celestial Worthy Temple, and the Shen clan all came from the Central Imperial Realm.

Xiao Muyu thought for a moment, then answered telepathically, "I will try."

Obviously, she did not have the right to decide. She had to ask her elder.

"Good, thank you, goddess," said Ye Futian. Xiao Muyu looked at him. Right now, he was speaking very kindly.

Obviously, he wasn't trying to seduce her or anything, right?

After Ye Futian and Xiao Muyu spoke, he turned to Gui Zang of the Mountain Realm and said telepathically, "Master, the two of us have a connection. I have many ritual implements, and I am willing to give two of them to you."

"What?" Gui Zang was dumbfounded by this. He looked at Ye Futian with his golden eyes.

"Do you need Tianxian Temple to save you?" he asked.

"If you wish. I saw you under the Divine Tree back then, and could feel that it was fated. It is good that I have many ritual implements. If I get out of here, I will let you choose two of them, with no exceptions," said Ye Futian. He was living like a conman.

Tianxian Temple was the greatest temple in the Mountain Realm, and would be able to crush the Shenxing clan later.

"Excellent." Gui Zang put his hands together and bowed to Ye Futian.

"Goddess Chang Xi, you shocked everyone in the God's Relic with your magnificence, and all the women in the world envy you. After today, I will be willing to give you two ritual implements," Ye Futian said telepathically to Chang Xi of Youyue Divine Palace.

Youyue Divine Palace was the most powerful force in the Shadow Realm along with Ye Man's Snow Divine Kingdom.

Chang Xi looked at Ye Futian. She had shocked everyone, and everyone envied her?

"You do not need to think too much. I don't need an answer yet, as long as I leave here alive, I will fulfill my promise," continued Ye Futian.

Brilliant light shone from Chang Xi. She stood there like a goddess of nine heavens. A look of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Did this man have some intentions towards her?


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    《The Legend of Futian》