The Legend of Futian
1657 Solved by Taking Advantage of the Situation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1657 Solved by Taking Advantage of the Situation

It was no wonder that Chang Xi would be thinking this. If Ye Futian had asked her to help him, she would be able to understand that.

However, Ye Futian had just spoken several sentences full of admiration for her and had said that he would give her several ritual implements for free. This made her speechless.

"In that case, thank you, Lord Ye," she answered. The white-haired young man before her was a powerful figure, but who knew if he would be able to extricate himself from his current situation?

"Nephew Ye, so many people are waiting for you. Why don't you talk to us?" said the vice headmaster of the Sky Reaching School with a little bit of coldness in his voice. Was he delaying?

Why was he being silent?

The great battle in the air had been inconclusive for a while, and even now that Ye Futian had won, he had found himself in this present situation.

It was not good that he was facing so many top forces.

"Alright," said Ye Futian with a nod. "Since you mentioned it, I will naturally not refuse you. In that case, why don't we trade right now? Tell me which ritual implements you want. However, the divine arms are precious, and the items you trade them for must be the treasures of your clan. What is the strongest cultivation technique of the Sky Reaching School?"

The vice headmaster's eyes narrowed slightly when he heard this. A cold light shot out of them.

He wanted the strongest cultivation method of the Sky Reaching School in trade?

Was he dreaming?

The other top forces all seem unconcerned. This man was a genius who had forged a perfect Divine Wheel. He certainly was well aware of the situation he was facing.

"I am your master's old friend, and thus I call you 'nephew.' I wish to help you escape, but if you are going to be like this, I'm afraid I won't be able to," said the vice headmaster of the Sky Reaching School calmly, as if he really had Ye Futian's best interests in mind.

"Old friends?" Ye Futian could feel the sarcasm rising within him. When one was in dire straits, it was much easier to see people's true faces. When his master had married a daughter of the Shen clan, they had probably been good friends then.

Now that he had stabbed his friend in the back twice, he was not being even the least bit polite.

"In that case, what do you wish to trade?" asked Ye Futian.

"You have just entered the Renhuang plane, I will trade things that will be useful to your cultivation," said the vice headmaster of the Sky Reaching School. This was highway robbery.

"Is that so?" said Ye Futian with a smile. "Do you really think I need techniques of that level? Why don't you have your disciples try me? If any of your lower level Renhuangs can beat me, I will accept this."

The cultivators of the Sky Reaching School were gradually losing patience. Was he playing dumb?

"In that case, you're on your own," said the vice headmaster.

"Thank you, Master. If this is the way it is, then I won't trade," said Ye Futian. He looked at the others and said. "I will remember all of your goodwill."

A look of surprise came over everyone's face.

Did Ye Futian think this was finished?

"Enough, why do you feel the need to bully a junior like this?" At that moment, a group of figures approached them. They were the cultivators from Tianshen Academy. The one at their head looked at Ye Futian and the others and said, "According to Jian Qingzhu, many people forged perfect Divine Wheels on this trip to the God's Relic. This is a gift from the Great Emperor. We are a place of cultivation for all the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path. It is good that all of you are here now, as we are pleased to extend an invitation to all of the proud sons of heaven here to come to Tianshen Academy for a sparring session."

"If we get a chance, we will definitely come," said many of the people from top forces, nodding. Many of them wanted to go and see Tianshen Academy.

"Excellent," said the elder of Tianshen Academy with a nod. "Ye Futian, you have forged a perfect Divine Wheel. You may come to Tianshen Academy whenever you want and test out our disciples."

"I will certainly do so," said Ye Futian with a bow.

"Great," said the elder with a nod. This scene stunned many of the people from top forces.

What did this mean?

Things were not finished here, and yet Tianshen Academy was inviting Ye Futian to go there and cultivate?

"Luoshen has also always wanted to go to Tianshen Academy. Since you are giving out invitations, can she go as well?" asked Emperor Nan.

"Nan Luoshen is incredibly talented. If she is willing to join us, she is certainly welcome. I'm sure our disciples would be happy to have her," said the elder with a smile. Nan Luoshen was thought to be one of the most outstanding women in the Central Emperor Realm. Whether it was due to her talent or due to her looks, she would be welcome in Tianshen Academy.

"Excellent," said Emperor Nan with a slight nod. "There have been many conflicts during this trip to the God's Relic, but those are all in the past, and we don't need to pursue them any farther. Now that Tianshen Academy has made this invitation, we can all send our disciples there. The future of the world of cultivators will eventually be placed in their generation's hands."

The elder from Tianshen Academy continued speaking with Emperor Nan, making the battlefield all around them fall silent.

Was Emperor Nan speaking on Ye Futian's behalf as well?

The words of Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan carried a lot of weight here.

Especially Emperor Nan, who was the strongest person here.

Moreover, the top forces of the Central Emperor Realm would not lightly offend Emperor Nan. After all, without some major conflict, who would dare offend someone who stood at the peak of the realm?

But Ye Futian did not know either Emperor Nan or the elder of Tianshen Academy. So why would they speak on his behalf?

Could it be?

When they thought of this, their faces turned uncomfortable. Had Ye Futian been asking for help during his silence?

If that was the case, had they just played the role of matchmaker between Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan?

Not only were Emperor Nan and Tianshen Academy doing a good thing, but they might also get some ritual implements out it.

"After this trip is over, I will not stop you from going wherever you wish to go, Nephew Ye," said the vice headmaster of the Sky Reaching School.

Were Tianshen Academy and the Nantian Divine Kingdom going to take all the spoils for themselves?

"You are the Sky River Great Elder's friend, so why would you try to seize his disciple anyway? You are not acting as an elder should. You have lost some prestige today." At that moment, another voice rang out. Everyone turned to see who it was. It was a cultivator of the Xiao clan.

"There were many opportunities within the God's Relic, but if Ye Futian does not want to trade them, then he doesn't have to. It is shameful for you all to try and force him like this," continued the cultivator of the Xiao clan. Now that Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan had gotten involved, he naturally did not mind joining in.

Of course, if Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan had not spoken before him, he would not have dared to offend the other great powers.

"The techniques of the Sky Reaching School truly do not let people see through you," said a cultivator from the Yuanyang clan. The four top powers of the Central Emperor Realm had all shown their attitudes.

A surprised look came over Yuan Hong's face. He had not thought that Ye Futian would use this trick.

The people who wanted to seize his ritual implements would not get them. Ye Futian was preparing to give them to those who had not tried to steal them. This was very similar to the alliance that had taken place in the God's Relic.

Many people's expressions changed. The situation seemed to be changing.

"Excellent!" At that moment, a divine voice seemed to flow around them like the sound of a great bell. A monk of Tianxian Temple in the Mountain Realm clasped his hands together and said, "In our realm, those of the Shenxing clan are traitors against holiness who falsely use the name of Buddha. But they always do despicable things. Now, they want to stir up trouble here. Do not believe them. Lord Ye has forged a perfect Divine Wheel. He is someone with an important fate. Do not do him any harm."

Had Ye Futian purchased Tianxian Temple's loyalty as well?

"I have often heard the name of Tianshen Academy, the foremost place for cultivation in the Three Thousand Realms of the Divine Path," said Chang Xi of the Youyue clan. "I am willing to go there for a period of time. Now that Emperor Ye has broken through to the Renhuang plane and forged a perfect Divine Wheel, I would like the chance to test his capabilities.

"How can I not accept your invitation?" said Ye Futian with a smile and a nod.

Everything was going as he had planned.

Everything in the world was based on momentum. Previously, he was beset on all sides, and everyone wanted to be his enemy. This was one kind of momentum. Under this situation, no one would speak for him.

But now Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan had gotten involved, along with the Xiao clan, and the power behind him had become a kind of momentum as well.

He had just said he would give ritual implements to Tianxian Temple and Youyue Divine Palace, so they were giving a little bit of their strength in return. This accelerated the situation.

In reality, although Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan had said they would support him, that didn't mean they would succeed. But they went into it with an attitude of wanting to try. What happened next made both the cultivator of Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan look at Ye Futian.

This momentum trick was quite good.

In this way, the Nantian Divine Kingdom, the Xiao clan, the Yuanyang clan, and more would have their power increased by the ritual implements that Ye Futian would give them. In contrast, those that had wanted to seize them would not get any. Having the other realms on the same level as them get stronger would be equivalent to them getting weaker. When others advanced, those who did not advance took a step backward.

This many many of the people from the Sky Reaching School look upset. Had they been the catalyst that brought their enemies together?

Now, Ye Futian's side consisted of Tianshen Academy, Emperor Nan, the Yuanyang Realm, the Xiao clan, Tianxian Temple, the Dou tribe, Taixuan Mountain, and some of the forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Divine Palace and the Clan of the Seven Slayers would stand with him as well.

With this powerful formation, it would be extremely difficult to seize anything from Ye Futian.

For a time, no one spoke.

Ye Futian saw that everyone was silent, then clasped his hands together and said, "Thank you all for showing consideration for me. However, as long as you are all still willing to trade equivalent items, I will have no objections. Of course, I do not have too many ritual implements myself. After all, I need to give many of them to my friends and elders, after which I'm afraid there won't be many left. Those who wish to trade with me had better do it soon."


Everyone stared at Ye Futian. Had he done this on purpose?

He was going to share them?

The people of the powerful forces felt their hearts twitch. Who was he going to share them with? It went without saying.

They would not get any.

"If none of you have anything else to say, I will be done here. If you wish to find me, you may go to Tianshen Academy, where I will be cultivating for a while," continued Ye Futian. He was not lying.

He was not prepared to go anywhere else. He was ready to spend some time cultivating.

Both his cultivation and the aftermath of what had happened here today would need time.

What had happened here today would cause a lot of problems when it spread throughout the realms. At some point, the people who had been sent to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would probably seek him out when they got word.

He did not know where Ye Wuchen and the others were cultivating, and the cultivators of the Celestial Gate were scattered throughout the realms. Once his cultivation was stabilized, and the chaos had subsided, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven could be reorganized, and they could return to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

But before that, he had to deal with the Golden Divine Nation!


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    《The Legend of Futian》