The Legend of Futian
1658 Secre
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1658 Secre

The crisis here had been resolved. However, the battlefield was still chaotic. The various Renhuangs were scattered across different battles. The entire City of the Ruins was enveloped in a terrifying storm.

The crowd standing over here could clearly sense the intensity of the storm.

At this moment, the cultivators of the various forces had different expressions. All of them were having different thoughts.

The cultivators of Shen Clan had been watching from the side all this while. They had not expected that Ye Futian actually took advantage of the situation and resolved this crisis. They initially believed that even they could seize a few ritual implements from Ye Futian. However, from the looks of it now, it would be impossible.

Ye Futian had clearly sought help from Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan. Their Shen Clan couldn't step out and object at this moment. The overall situation was set; there was no need for them to offend Tianshen Academy and Emperor Nan. If their Shen Clan truly wanted to deal with Ye Futian, there was no place in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path that Ye Futian could run to that they could not also reach. It was just that they did not plan to do so.

Right at that moment, beams of spatial divine light shone down from the sky. Endless golden light rained down from above. The next moment, figures descended from the heavens above and stood high up in the sky.

Among this group of people, every single one of them was an existence at the Renhuang Plane. Their auras were frightening. The aura of their leader was even more unfathomable.

"Greetings, Envoys of the Emperor," many people said as they saluted with their fists. The group that had arrived were members of the Central Emperor Realm's Empty Imperial Palace.

The Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace lifted his head and looked around in the sky. His eyes seemed to penetrate the endless space. He saw the battle between Lord Taixuan and the Dynastic Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation. The Palace Lord merely said, "Gai Cang, that's enough."

The Palace Lord's voice immediately pierced the heavens. The Dynastic Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation, who was battling fiercely with Lord Taixuan in the sky, cast a glance down below.

Gai Cang was the name of the Dynastic Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation.

The Dynastic Overlord glanced at Lord Taixuan. He never imagined that Lord Taixuan's mastery of the Song of the Lost Divine was so powerful. In this battle, Lord Taixuan had completely withstood against his attacks.

Buzz. Golden divine light flew down below. Gai Cang did not continue fighting. Very quickly, he appeared in the City of the Ruins below. His gaze turned towards the Envoys of Empty Imperial Palace.

Empty Imperial Palace was under the direct command of Donghuang the Great. They were known as the Envoys of the Emperor. They were the overseers of the world. They rarely intervened in the affairs of the outside world and only appeared during special occasions.

No one dared to humiliate Empty Imperial Palace.

Even the forces that stood at the peak of the Central Emperor Realm did not dare to offend Empty Imperial Palace.

A senior of Gai Cang served directly under Donghuang the Great. He was an existence at the level of a divine general. His senior knew the Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace. Hence, Gai Cang also knew the Palace Lord, and both sides had dealings before.

"Donghuang the Great established a law for God's relic to open once every fifty years," the Palace Lord said. "It is an opportunity for the various forces of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path to seek fateful encounters. It is a chance for the true Proud Sons of Heaven to advance even further. It is not for you all to pillage and massacre each other. This time, Gai Cang, you have overstepped your boundaries."

The Palace Lord's words caused Gai Cang's expression to change slightly.

Based on what Gai Cang knew, every time the trip to God's relic ended, conflict would surely erupt. There had never been a time where things ended peacefully. All these years, the Empty Imperial Palace had not even participated before, let alone the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace personally coming over.

Why now?

"This time, it is the first time since the opening of God's relic that the Emperor's relic has been cracked," the Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace continued. "Since they have had such a fateful encounter, in the future, they will all have the chances to be figures at the peak of their Realms. Gai Cang, heed my advice and give up on your agenda."

He wanted the Golden Divine Nation's Dynastic Overlord to stop here.

The cultivators around the area all revealed strange expressions. As expected, it was because the secret of the God's relic had been cracked. Ye Futian was one of the ten people who had received the teachings of Donghuang the Great.

After Donghuang the Great dominated the world, he had always hoped that all forces would prosper. Based on the information that they had heard, the rise of Tianshen Academy, which became the greatest academy in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, was the doing of Donghuang the Great. He had been controlling things from behind the scenes.

Ye Futian had a great fateful encounter in God's relic and had also forged a flawless Divine Wheel. Hence, even the cultivators of Empty Imperial Palace had appeared to protect him and to force the Golden Divine Nation to cease their actions.

Even Ye Futian himself had not imagined that the Empty Imperial Palace would appear. After all, he knew nothing about the Empty Imperial Palace.

"Then, has my son died in vain?" Gai Cang questioned as he looked at the Palace Lord. The golden divine light on his body shone. His own ability was extraordinary. His brother was a divine general under Donghuang the Great. Standing against the Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace, he still did not lose the majesty of the Dynastic Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation.

"Gai Cang," the Palace Lord frowned as he said. "If you want to act, you can. This is not my responsibility. However, I will be reporting what transpired. When the time comes, if Donghuang the Great questions this incident, you will bear the consequences yourself."

Gai Cang's pupils shot out cold golden light that had a sharp aura. He swept a glance over at Ye Futian, his murderous intent ablaze.

A junior figure had killed two of his heirs. They were his two most important heirs.

However, the Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace actually came to protect Ye Futian. This made the Dynastic Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation realize that those who obtained divine items in God's relic would draw the attention of even Donghuang the Great's underlings.

If the Dynastic Overlord killed Ye Futian and Donghuang the Great questioned him, it would most likely be difficult for him to answer as the sovereign of the Golden Divine Nation.

This would most likely also get his brother involved as well.

When he thought about this, Gai Cang swept a cold stare over at Ye Futian. He then turned around and left.

A beam of blinding golden divine light pierced the space. Ye Futian had to close his eyes as it was extremely blinding.

When he opened his eyes, Gai Cang's silhouette had already disappeared. He had left angrily.

Although he had left, Gai Cang's murderous intent towards Ye Futian was still extremely strong. This matter would most likely not be easily resolved.

"Many thanks, senior," Ye Futian said as he bowed slightly at the Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace.

"Hmm." The Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace glanced at Ye Futian and nodded his head slightly. He then turned his gaze towards the crowd and said, "You can all disperse now. 50 years later, the God's relic will open once again."

God's relic would open again? Many people revealed strange expressions when they heard his words, their minds running wild. Based on what those who had come out from God's relic had said, the relic of Donghuang the Great had already been cracked. What was this about it opening again?

What exactly was God's relic?

"Let's go."

Right now, at the other end of the battlefield, the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty also issued an order to retreat. With Lord Taixuan being present and the Dynastic Overlord of Golden Divine Nation giving up on the battle, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did not stand a chance to win.

They could only leave.

Sky River Great Elder and the cultivators of Dou Tribe did not pursue after the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, allowing them to leave.

With Ye Futian's current influence in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, it would most likely be very difficult for the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to want to harm Ye Futian in the future.

The Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty realized this problem as well. Ye Futian first came into prominence when they were fighting against each other at the Violet Heavenly Palace. At that time, nobody had predicted that he would grow up so fast. Ye Futian asserted his influence among his peers and had now become the leader of the younger generations of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. He had built connections with various forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Dynastic Overlord carefully observed everything that happened today. Now, Ye Futian had a strong influence over the Demon Realm of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. With the aid of ritual implements owned by Ye Futian, he could lead the Demon Realm forces to achieve new heights.

Of course, the Dynastic Overlord despised the betrayal of the Purple Gold Rat Clan the most. He would surely get even with this group of vermin after they left this place.

This incident had come to an end. Ye Futian secretly breathed a sigh of relief as well. Nobody knew that he had received the teachings of the Emperor. Before this, he claimed that Donghuang the Great awakened, and various deities bore witness to it, but his words were merely a feint to confuse everyone. Ye Futian had guessed that a fight would ensue due to the palace full of treasures and the identity of people he had offended in the God's relic.

However, the incident seemed to be over for now.

"Many thanks to all the seniors for your assistance. If I have the chance, I will certainly pay you all a visit to show my gratitude," Ye Futian said as he saluted the cultivators of the various forces with his fists.

This time around, aside from the various forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Divine Palace, Dou Tribe, Yuanyang Clan, Clan of the Seven Slayers as well as some other forces had also stood beside him. He would remember this debt of gratitude.

"What do you plan to do next?" Lord Taixuan asked.

"I will first head over to Tianshen Academy to train for a while. Once my Plane is stable, I will return to the Heavenly Mandate Realm," Ye Futian replied.

After that, he had a few matters that he still needed to attend to.

The first was to train and let this turmoil gradually subside and fade into oblivion.

The second was to wait. He had to wait for the members of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven to appear and regroup to reestablish the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Of course, after these two matters, he still had a few more that he truly wanted to attend to.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Jieyu, and Master.

"Xiang Mang, since you are in the Central Emperor Realm now, you should stay and follow Ye Futian to Tianshen Academy. You can broaden your horizons," a senior of Divine Elephants said to Xiang Mang. The senior intended to leave his junior with Ye Futian.

"Alright." Xiang Mang nodded in agreement.

"Oh, I need to apologize for something," Ye Futian spoke up, "I have accidentally merged 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor into my Divine Wheel. However, I will compensate your force with another ritual implement."

"It's fine." The cultivators of Divine Elephants were not too concerned about it. Right now, the importance of 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor had diminished.

"Long Chen, you should also go train in Tianshen Academy for a while. Try to prove your Way as soon as possible," a cultivator of the Dragon Gods ordered.


"Gao Huang..."

One by one, cultivators called out the names of their juniors, planning to leave them behind to train in the Central Emperor Realm.

Ye Futian had also thought of this situation before. Hence, he had told the cultivators of Tianshen Academy that he would bring along a few friends to train in Tianshen Academy. It was a rare opportunity.

First, he could train to improve his ability. Secondly, he could reinforce his influence in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He could even gain control over the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm.

If a cultivator did not have a force of his own, he would be at the mercy of others everywhere he went.

"Kong Xuan, you should catch up on your cultivation as well. From now on, you will follow Futian for training," Demon Peacock Emperor said. "Ye Futian, I will leave Kong Xuan to you. Please take care of her."

"Erm…" A glint of embarrassment flashed past Ye Futian's eyes. Demon Peacock Emperor's words sounded a little like...

However, he was indebted to the Demon Peacock Emperor because of the previous battle at Dali Dynasty and the incident regarding Little Condor. Therefore, Ye Futian naturally could not reject his request.

At the same time, Emperor Xia, who was standing beside Demon Peacock Emperor, glanced at the latter. "???"

Was Demon Peacock Emperor snatching his line?

"Qingyuan, you should pay more attention to your matter with Futian. From now on, when I am not by your side, Futian will take good care of you," Emperor Xia announced after glaring at Demon Peacock Emperor.

Speechless, Xia Qingyuan stared at her father. What kind of matter did she have with Ye Futian?

Ye Futian, who was standing at a side, kept quiet and stayed out of this conversation.

"Your Highness, I also want to pay a visit to Tianshen Academy," Qin He said to Brahma's Pure Sky Empress in another area.

The Empress looked at her and then glanced towards Ye Futian. Right at that moment, Ye Futian was also similarly looking at her.

Brahma's Pure Sky Empress was still an unparalleled beauty. She was like a goddess.

"You will not," she rejected.

Qin He's expression froze. She did not understand why.

"Empress, since Goddess Qin wants to go, why stop her?" Ye Futian asked. Could it be that this Empress had a vendetta against him?

He had a growing suspicion that this Empress was hiding something regarding Jieyu from him.

Qin He looked towards the Empress.

"Let's return now," the Empress ordered with a harsh tone. She had no intention of letting Qin He stay.

"When we were in God's relic, I joined forces with Goddess Qin, so I still owe her two ritual implements. When I return to the Heavenly Mandate Realm, I will go personally to visit Brahma's Pure Sky," Ye Futian said. The Empress left without responding to him.

Ye Futian watched the silhouette leave. He was even more certain about some things!


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    《The Legend of Futian》