The Legend of Futian
1660 Terrifying Visions
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1660 Terrifying Visions

After half a month, the cultivators from the various Realms slowly grew accustomed to Tianshen Academy. Aside from training by themselves, they would occasionally head over to Tianshen Academy to have discussions about their Way with other Renhuangs.

Ye Futian was very leisurely. Every day, aside from training, most of his time was spent going in and out of Tianshen Academy.

On Daozang Peak in Tianshen Academy, clouds and mist lingered. There were waterfalls plummeting down from the high peaks, like the Milky Way against the backdrop of the heavens.

Above the waterfalls, there was a 33-floor pavilion. Occasionally, there would be people walking about outside of the pavilion, coming in and out of the place. Sometimes, they could even see people coming from different directions through the sky and landing outside of the pavilion. It was as though this was truly the land of fairies.

Daozang Peak was the archive of Tianshen Academy. There were countless cultivation manuscripts here, from the simplest to the most advanced, from the lowest Plane to the highest Plane.

Tianshen Academy's Daozang Peak was considered a holy archive of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. It contained the most manuscripts in the world.

Of the 33 floors, the manuscripts in the bottom 22 were allowed to be brought out to the outside world for training. They could even be circulated outside. That meant to say that after the disciples of Tianshen Academy finished cultivating them, they could teach these manuscripts to the outside world. Hence, the law powers that many people in Dongsheng State cultivated originated from Daozang Peak. One could imagine how significant the existence of Daozang Peak was.

Some of the top figures of Tianshen Academy also created new law powers that would be stored within Daozang Peak.

"I have heard that Elder Brother Jian placed the manuscripts that he obtained from the God's relic in Daozang Pavilion. Those manuscripts were part of Donghuang the Great's personal collection," someone said. At this moment, a group of youths outside the pavilion was walking into the building. The temperament of this group of people was extraordinary. They were all disciples of Tianshen Academy.

"Hmm, the manuscripts were from all sorts of genres and were stored on different levels. Some manuscripts were even stored on the 33rd floor," another person said as he smiled. "No wonder Elder Brother Jian managed to forge a flawless Divine Wheel and prove his Way. Even his generosity is awe-inspiring." The group was calm and cool as they talked about Jian Qingzhu.

"This time, when the God's relic opened, I heard there were many Proud Sons of Heaven who entered it. Now, the Proud Sons of Heaven from various Realms are also training in Tianshen Academy. However, in my opinion, even if they train here, Elder Brother Jian is a legendary figure among our generation. The only ones who might be able to contend with Elder Brother Jian are Shen Hao from Shen Clan as well as that princess from the Nantian Divine Kingdom."

These three were the members of the top forces of the Central Emperor Realm.

"The members from the various Realms also cannot be underestimated. Rumor has it that ten of them forged flawless Divine Wheels. After emerging from God's relic, the disciple of Sky River Great Elder, Ye Futian, also displayed extremely powerful ability," another person to the side said.

"We are not underestimating them. Those who managed to forge flawless Divine Wheels were originally legendary figures among a generation. We have yet to even prove our Ways. How are we qualified to look down on them? We are merely having a discussion and are comparing them to Elder Brother Jian. I still believe that Elder Brother Jian is the best in the world," yet another person said with a smile.

They nodded their heads and walked into Daozang Pavilion.

The 30th floor of Daozang Pavilion was a place that only disciples of Tianshen Academy could step foot on. However, right now, Ye Futian was also in this place.

Ye Futian had spent ten ritual implements to enter Tianshen Academy to train. He had negotiated so that he and his friends could study the manuscripts in Tianshen Academy like ordinary disciples of Tianshen Academy. Hence, it was not just him; the Swordmaster of Lihen, Yaya, and the others were also in Daozang Pavilion.

Even though the Swordmaster of Lihen had forged a flawless Divine Wheel, he still lacked law powers to match it. This place was very suitable for the Swordmaster of Lihen to find some.

After entering, Ye Futian also discovered that Daozang Pavilion had rich resources for training. The price of ten ritual implements was truly not considered a loss. After all, it depended on what one needed. For Ye Futian, he had too many ritual implements. Using them to exchange for useful things was naturally not considered a loss.

Right now, Ye Futian opened a black manuscript in his hands. On it, the characters "Eye of the Reaper" were carved.

Eye of the Reaper. Ye Futian felt his heart tremble. It was such an overbearing name. He opened the manuscript. The black book seemed to form a connection with him as though an eye was staring back at him. Ye Futian's Divine Spirit entered into the book. The next moment, he felt the entire world change, and he was thrust into endless darkness. A terrifying will of death enveloped his own will and invaded his mind. Inadvertently, an aura of death appeared on his body.

It was as though he was seeing the silhouette of the Reaper.

After a short while, Ye Futian's Divine Spirit emerged from the manuscript. The black book in his hands was still normal and did not appear to be anything special. However, there was new information within his mind. The most advanced cultivation methods required the practitioner to engrave the method with their own Divine Spirit in order to pass it on. These law powers could not be inherited through writing.

It was very overbearing. Ye Futian thought to himself. He naturally could cultivate this Eye of the Reaper. However, it was not outstanding enough.

In reality, with his current cultivation method, even those very powerful law powers were of little importance to him.

He sought law powers, but not with the intention of only mastering the attacks.

Infinite Excision. Ye Futian continued to flip through the manuscripts beside him and tried to comprehend the content. If anyone paid attention to him, they would notice that Ye Futian was focusing on manuscripts related to Spirit Elemental and Eye Sorcery.

Ye Futian glanced through many other manuscripts before he left the place.

After he left Tianshen Academy, he returned to a palace outside of the Academy. He arrived at a training hall.

Ye Futian sat cross-legged in the training hall. In his Life Palace, an alarming storm was raging. There was a pair of eyes in the storm.

It was a Life Spirit. The Eyes of the Storm. This was originally not a Life Spirit that Ye Futian owned; it was given to him by Emperor Ye Qing.

At the moment, the Eyes of the Storm were extremely terrifying. The storm that it initiated engulfed the will in its surroundings frenziedly, as though it was a black hole. Every strand of it contained the domineering will of the Great Path. Moreover, it grew larger and larger, seemingly wanting to swallow the entire space.

This kind of situation had never occurred before. Apart from using this Life Spirit to tame beasts, Ye Futian seldom used it. It could strengthen his will power too. However, it was not a method that he trained in, after all. Since it had been given to him directly, it did not match perfectly with him.

Another thing that was undergoing transformation was Ye Futian's Natal Spirit, The World Tree.

The World Tree had not been calm recently. Terrifying will seeped out of it continuously.

Ye Futian was unsure of whether this abnormality was induced by the teachings that he had inherited from the Heavenly Palace, or by his breakthrough to the Renhuang Plane. Perhaps both reasons played a role in causing the abnormality.

Rumble. The Life Spirit of Eyes of the Storm blossomed. Suddenly, two beams of unparalleled, intense, divine light shot out from his pupils. The light contained very domineering will power, and their gravity was as strong as that of a black hole.

In an instant, will from all around billowed and gushed towards Ye Futian's body. It formed a terrifying storm of the Great Path with Ye Futian at the center of the storm.

His eyes were seemingly everywhere. Even though he was sitting here, he could see everything in the world clearly. He saw countless people cultivating outside of Tianshen Academy.

In his body, there was another powerful will rushing towards his pupils.

Intense rumbling sounds could be heard. Ye Futian's eyes were undergoing the baptism of the Great Path. Before he became a Renhuang, he had practiced the body of the Great Path before. Now, he was using the will to refine his pair of eyes.

He was refining his pupils.

For the past few days, he had been searching for related manuscripts at Daozang Peak. Some of the manuscripts were training diaries written by cultivators, while some were techniques for meditation. All his preparation was for this moment.

The area outside of Ye Futian's palace was a training ground for outer-sect disciples of Tianshen Academy. People from other Realms were cultivating here too.

Right now, many people looked in the direction of the palace. A terrifying tornado hung down from the sky. It was a storm of the Great Path.

This storm of the Great Path covered almost the entire sky above the palace. It spun downwards furiously. Horrifying rumbles could be heard too. It was impossible for others to not notice these terrifying visions.

Someone seemed to be breaking through to the next Plane. Many cultivators flew up to the sky and looked in the direction where the visions occurred.

"I heard that the party of Ye Futian, the disciple of Sky River Great Elder, is training over there. Is one of his friends advancing to the next Plane?"

"It is causing quite a commotion," someone muttered.

Many cultivators here had witnessed others becoming Renhuangs before. Divine visions would take place while the Great Path surged into the body of the cultivator, forging the Divine Wheel of the Great Path. After one succeeded in becoming a Renhuang, they would shine as bright as the moon and the stars; they would enjoy longevity with the heavens and earth.

"It seems like Ye Futian himself is causing these visions," someone commented.

"Ye Futian? Hasn't he already broken through to the Renhuang Plane and proven his Way?" another person asked quizzically.

"Perhaps he is forging a second Divine Wheel," the person who commented just now spoke again. A lot of people narrowed their eyes when they heard this. Rumor has it that the Divine Wheel that Ye Futian had forged was a perfect one. How would his second Divine Wheel be?

Previously, he had advanced to the next Plane in God's relic and forged a perfect Divine Wheel with the help of a fateful encounter. If he was forging a second Divine Wheel now, would it still be a perfect one?

The onlookers knew that many monstrous figures would not be satisfied with forging just a single Divine Wheel. However, it was definitely rare to encounter one with two perfect Divine Wheels. They had never heard of any success stories before.

The visions lasted for a long time, and it was still ongoing. This caused the crowd to reveal strange expressions.

The terrifying visions in the sky intensified. How long was it going to take for Ye Futian to forge a Divine Wheel?

Could it be that he was really forging a second perfect Divine Wheel of the Great Path?

More and more cultivators gathered around this place. Even those who were far away rushed over. They could see these abnormal visions from miles away.

"How long has it been?" someone asked.

"It has been two hours. The visions show no signs of disappearing."

What the crowd did not know was that Ye Futian was not only forging a Divine Wheel, he was also attempting to merge his law power into his Divine Wheel. This was the Life Spirit given to him by Emperor Ye Qing, but now he intended to refine it into his Divine Wheel.

Since he was going to do so, then he should refine it into a unique ability of his own from now on.

Many images flashed past in Ye Futian's mind. The law powers he saw at Daozang Peak of Tianshen Academy, the techniques he used when he was training in the past, the scene at the God's relic where he refined the Spatial Divine Orb; one by one, these images played out in his mind.

His body entered into a marvelous state. He had forgotten himself. He had no intention of hiding the terrifying visions that he caused. This was also the reason why he chose not to train inside of Tianshen Academy. He was worried that he would stir up a commotion, and the top figures in Tianshen Academy would detect what he was up to.

Even though Ye Futian training outside might still attract the attention of some people from Tianshen Academy, it was relatively safer.

His training lasted for a whole day. More and more cultivators of Tianshen Academy walked out from the gate and stood at the sky stairwell. All of them stared at the direction where Ye Futian was training.

Those who were in Tianshen Academy stared towards where Ye Futian was as well. Slowly, they got a little numb from waiting.

What kind of Divine Wheel of the Great Path was Ye Futian forging?


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    《The Legend of Futian》