The Legend of Futian
1661 Presumptuous Thoughts
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1661 Presumptuous Thoughts

Three days later, the divine visions subsided. The palace regained its silence.

The sky stretched for miles without any clouds. The sky was clear, as though nothing had happened before.

However, the areas around the palace were packed with people. Many cultivators stood at the top of buildings as they stared wide-eyed in the direction where Ye Futian's palace was.

It was as though the palace was being surrounded. Many cultivators were observing it.

In the distance, a group of cultivators of Tianshen Academy was standing at the sky stairwell. All of them looked in the direction of the palace. There were even Renhuangs among them.

"If someone is proving their Way and advancing to the Renhuang Plane, three days is considered a short amount of time. However, this is my first time encountering someone who caused divine visions for three days just to forge a Divine Wheel," someone mumbled. Even though there were not many cultivators at the Renhuang Plane in all the Realms, Tianshen Academy was no ordinary place. The cultivators here witnessed quite a few breakthroughs every year.

Most of the disciples around looked at an elder of Tianshen Academy. The elder pondered for a while, then he said, "I received news that when Ye Futian was at Daozang Peak, he read a lot of manuscripts about methods. It seems like he is applying what he has learned in forging the Divine Wheel of the Great Path. I guess he does not want to forge a simple Divine Wheel; instead, he is merging some cultivation methods into it. It will cause his Divine Wheel itself to contain very formidable destructive power. This process of merging has lasted for three days.

"He has combined the entire merging process with the forging of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Therefore, it has caused continual divine visions to occur," the elder explained.

Everyone around nodded in realization. This explanation was logical, but it was still rare for this situation to occur. This fellow indeed had a bizarre training method. He was actually comprehending the Way while forging the Divine Wheel, inducing continual divine visions.

"I wonder what level of Divine Wheel has been forged this time," someone said in a low voice. "Is it a flawless Divine Wheel?"

"Regardless of what level of Divine Wheel it is, the opening of God's relic this time has also reminded everyone that many legendary figures will be born from this generation. You all need to train even harder," an elder concluded. Then, he turned and walked towards Tianshen Academy.

"Understood." The disciples bowed their heads slightly. They felt pressured, but at the same time, motivated.

In the palace, Ye Futian stopped training. Right now, he was surrounded by an extremely powerful will. His eyes seemed to turn golden in color and contained divine light. The pair of golden eyes even seemed to have swirls in them that kept spiraling inward like golden black holes.

The golden eyes slowly closed. When Ye Futian once again opened his eyes, his deep, jet black eyes returned to normal, as though nothing had occurred.

I succeeded, Ye Futian exclaimed internally.

"Ye Futian," a voice called out.

Ye Futian walked out, and he saw a group of people traversing in the sky. They landed at his palace. The leader of the group was none other than the daughter of the leader of Xiao Clan, Xiao Muyu.

"Goddess Xiao," Ye Futian called out to her with a smile.

"Where are the ritual implements that you promised to give me?" Xiao Muyu asked without any hesitation. She came over to Tianshen Academy after returning to Xiao Clan. She never imagined that she would encounter this fellow cause divine visions.

"What kind of ritual implements does Goddess Xiao need?" Ye Futian inquired.

"Show me what you have, and I will pick myself." Cautious, Xiao Muyu stared at Ye Futian. This fellow was so cunning. If she let him select the ritual implements for her, wouldn't he just randomly pick a few to deceive her?

"Goddess Xiao, do you not trust me?" Ye Futian asked.

"I do not," Xiao Muyu replied decisively. She would not be tricked by this pretty face.

"Alright," Ye Futian said as he smiled bitterly. "Goddess Xiao, please follow me."

As he said this, he led the way. Xiao Muyu followed him alone. The two of them reached a training ground inside the palace. Ye Futian's will shifted, and a golden Spatial Sacred Hall immediately flickered into existence, enveloping the two of them inside of it.

"Goddess, please pick," Ye Futian invited.

"Are these all the ritual implements that you have?" Xiao Muyu was somewhat doubtful. Didn't he get a whole palace full of ritual implements? There were only about 20 items left here.

"Goddess Xiao, these ritual implements are not just for you. Prior to this, I have already given out many. I am still a Renhuang, and my character is upright. Would I deceive you?" Ye Futian said magnanimously.

A righteous person like Ye Futian had only hidden a hundred ritual implements from her.

Xiao Muyu regretted it. She should have picked her items earlier. Ye Futian had asked for the help of many forces, especially Tianshen Academy. He most likely had distributed a large portion of his ritual implements to Tianshen Academy. Clearly, other forces had seized many items too.

As for how many ritual implements Ye Futian had given out, it was impossible for anyone to cross-check. He would just keep her guessing.

"Princess Nan Luoshen also needs to select her ritual implement after she arrives. By choosing before her, Goddess Xiao still has some options. If you chose after Nan Luoshen made her pick, you probably wouldn't have much of a choice," Ye Futian said consolingly as he tried to make Xiao Muyu feel better about it. When he put it that way, she seemed to be at a greater advantage compared to Nan Luoshen.

Xiao Muyu's gaze sized up Ye Futian. Why was it that this face seemed to be so deceptive?

Ye Futian stared at Xiao Muyu with an innocent gaze.

"I trust that Young Master Ye will not be so shameless as to deceive a weak maiden. If you are deceiving me, wouldn't it make you worse than an animal?" Xiao Muyu said.

Ye Futian's heart twitched. Such a mean woman… He actually had no words that he could use to retort.

"You are right," Ye Futian agreed with a smile.

"Then, I will pick mine," Xiao Muyu said nothing more. Even though she was still doubtful, she couldn't possibly force Ye Futian to cough up what he was hiding. She looked at the ritual implements with a serious expression.

Now was the crucial period for her to prove her Way. Many people had forged perfect Divine Wheels when they were in God's relic. This had affected her greatly. Naturally, she hoped that she could forge a powerful Divine Wheel when she was proving her Way.

"I will take these three." Xiao Muyu pointed at three ritual implements.

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded and handed the three ritual implements over to Xiao Muyu.

"Many thanks to Young Master Ye." After Xiao Muyu got her ritual implements, she bid him farewell, saying, "I will take my leave now."

"Goddess Xiao, may you have a safe trip." Ye Futian did not keep her around.

Xiao Muyu took a few steps forward. Then, she turned around and asked Ye Futian, "Speaking of which, what level is the Divine Wheel that Young Master Ye has just forged?"

"It is just an ordinary Divine Wheel, unworthy to be mentioned," Ye Futian answered humbly.

"It is not a flawless one?" Xiao Muyu put on a puzzled look. She inquired in detail, "How ordinary is it?"

"It is only slightly stronger than my previous Divine Wheel. There is only a slight difference in the strength of the two Divine Wheels, so there is nothing special about it," Ye Futian replied with a smile.

Xiao Muyu's face twitched.

"Goodbye." Xiao Muyu turned around and left. As expected, his Divine Wheel was very "ordinary."

Xiao Muyu was even more certain that this b*stard was hiding many ritual implements from her.

Ye Futian was a shameless lowlife.

"Finally, I can relax," Ye Futian mumbled in relief as he watched Xiao Muyu leave. She actually mumbled that he was a lowlife?

After Xiao Muyu left, Ye Futian immediately sat within the Spatial Sacred Hall. The Spatial Sacred Hall kept expanding. Countless spatial lines crisscrossed each other. They formed Doors of Space that immediately sealed off this space. Not only did they block off other people's field of vision, but their divine spirits also could not invade this space. The space was completely segregated from the outside world.

Ye Futian waved his hand, and all the ritual implements instantly moved to one side. A huge empty space appeared in the center of the Sacred Hall. Ye Futian sat down cross-legged.

With a flash of his will, a divine tree suddenly appeared in the middle of the Spatial Sacred Hall. Its radiation enveloped the entire space, blinding everything around.

Terrifying will seeped out from The World Tree. The will was so powerful; Ye Futian sensed that there was something unique about the will. It seemed to be different from all the other will in the heavens and earth.

When he was proving his Way, he consumed the great worldly path in order to forge the Divine Wheel of the Great Path. After he had proven his Way, The World Tree went through some changes as well. It gave Ye Futian a feeling that he actually did not need to forge a Divine Wheel. This tree itself was more powerful than the Divine Wheel that he forged.

A rustling could be heard. The World Tree was transforming. It instantly became an ancient fiery-red tree. Each leaf on it was scorching hot, as though they were on fire.

However, the next instant, they became cold as ice, and each leaf was covered with frightening frost.

After that, each leaf became extremely sharp, as though they contained invincible sharp swords. Ye Futian extended his hand, and a leaf landed in his palm. His hand swiped past, and the leaves were slashed apart. A beam of brilliant sword flash immediately lit up.

The World Tree could refine the Ways of the world and incorporate them into its own Way.

Before this, when Ye Futian was in the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace, he was already confident that his Way was flawless.

Right now, that confidence was even stronger.

When he thought about it now, why was it that his Way was flawless?

What was the difference between different Ways?

What differed between a flawless Divine Wheel and an ordinary Divine Wheel?

Why was it that in some extraordinary secret zones like the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace and God's relic, there was the chance of forging a flawless Divine Wheel?

After pondering on these questions for a while, Ye Futian got up, and a door opened in the Spatial Sacred Hall. He immediately walked out. Not long after, Ye Futian and the Swordmaster of Lihen entered into the Spatial Sacred Hall together. The Door of Space closed once again.

"Swordmaster of Lihen, what are your thoughts on the issues I told you about before?" Ye Futian asked.

"You mean regarding the fact that the Heavenly Path is flawed and whether or not it is impossible for current day cultivators in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path to forge flawless Ways?" The Swordmaster of Lihen guessed. "It seems possible in some secret zones."

"I was also thinking the same thing. Swordmaster of Lihen, can you test the difference of our Ways with me?" Ye Futian asked.

"Sure." The Swordmaster of Lihen nodded.

Rumble. A powerful aura radiated, and countless guqin strings seemed to appear around them. Ye Futian's Divine Wheel burst forth, and guqin strings were everywhere. Sword Will burst forth from the body of the Swordmaster of Lihen at the same time and resisted this power.

"What do you notice?" Ye Futian asked.

"Our Ways are similar," the Swordmaster of Lihen answered. Both of them had perfect Divine Wheels.

As soon as he finished speaking, a more dazzling divine light shone. Visions appeared in the space. Twilight enveloped this endless space. The might of Ye Futian's Divine Wheel grew stronger.

The Swordmaster of Lihen could sense that he was being slightly suppressed.

"How about now?" Ye Futian asked again.

"Your Way has a unique style. I feel slightly suppressed." The Swordmaster of Lihen was shocked. The level of Ye Futian's Divine Wheel was higher than the perfect level?

Ye Futian said nothing. Suddenly, countless vines appeared in the Spatial Sacred Hall. The vines spread and filled the entire space, enveloping the Swordmaster of Lihen in them. The leaves rustled as though they were sharp swords.

The Swordmaster of Lihen felt his heart tremble. He could sense a flowing Sword Will that completely suppressed his own Sword Will.

"Your Way is unique," the Swordmaster of Lihen said.

Ye Futian narrowed his eyes, saying, "Swordmaster of Lihen, try absorbing the will."

"Okay." The Swordmaster of Lihen nodded. Then, he absorbed the will emanated by the leaves and merged it into his body.

"Yours is also Sword Will like mine. But for some reason, it is different. It seems to be purer. I don't know how to explain this," the Swordmaster of Lihen said while his heart trembled in shock. "This feeling is somewhat similar to what I felt when I received the swordsmanship in Sword City, but it is different in some aspects."


Ye Futian nodded his head. With just a thought, everything disappeared without a trace.

However, he felt extremely uneasy inside.

The Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace had a stone tablet. The God's relic itself was an extraordinary space.

At that moment, he suddenly had a very presumptuous thought!


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    《The Legend of Futian》