The Legend of Futian
1662 Verification
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1662 Verification

Ye Futian's eyes revealed a look of contemplation.

He thought of something related to the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace and God's relic. He recalled the conversation he had with the mysterious cultivator of Divine Palace when he was in the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace. Since Divine Palace had the Ancestral Lands, a place where it was possible to forge flawless Divine Wheels, then it meant that other top forces might also have places or divine items which served a similar function like the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace.

At the very least, it was highly possible for the few top forces of the Central Emperor Realm to have such places or items.

However, the existence of such places or items would most likely be top secret, guarded by the various forces.

Ye Futian recalled another incident too. Back when Shen Clan was hunting Master for that divine item, Ye Futian saw the divine item in Feixue's body. He had always thought that his Life Spirit, The World Tree, suppressed the divine item and healed Feixue. Besides that, he sensed a similar aura at that time.

Now that he thought about it, could it mean that…

Feixue had inherited that divine item, so it was highly possible that she could naturally forge a flawless Divine Wheel. According to Grandmaster, the divine item had always been inherited by the successors appointed by Shen Clan. The successor prior to Feixue was Masteress.

Grandmaster's wife was very likely also an owner of a flawless Divine Wheel.

When Ye Futian thought of this, his heart quivered. His inference verified something. The World Tree was an ultra-powerful Life Spirit similar to divine items.

In that case, would The World Tree have a similar function as that of the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace and God's relic?

"My Way is unique," Ye Futian mumbled to himself. He could also sense that his Life Spirit, The World Tree, was unique. The divine items which contained the will of Donghuang the Great seemed to have such effect as well. He could transform his Life Spirit into an independent space and let other cultivators refine his will within his Life Spirit.

If the other cultivators refined Ye Futian's will in his Life Spirit, would they have a similar experience as that of training in God's relic? Would they have a chance to forge a flawless Divine Wheel too?

Even in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, owners of flawless Divine Wheels were rare. Only the selected top forces had control over the resources of the relics. Apart from that, other people could only seek their chances in God's relic.

Cultivators who wielded flawless Divine Wheels would surely become the core members of any top force. They had absolute suppression over those cultivators who had flawed Divine Wheels. This was their natural advantage. Moreover, these flawless Divine Wheel owners stood a high chance of being at the peak of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path in the future.

Under such circumstances, if Ye Futian could build a group of cultivators with flawless Divine Wheels, what did this mean for the future?

It meant that tens of years from now, he could construct the strongest army in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

Something was off. Ye Futian suddenly thought of something else, and he frowned slightly. Back then, only Huang Zhong entered the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace. He lived up to everyone's expectation and forged a flawless Divine Wheel. The Divine Palace had every intention of cultivating more geniuses like Huang Zhong, but even with the help of the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace, the chance of cultivators forging a flawless Divine Wheel was slim. Hence, the cultivators needed to at least be qualified to enter the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace before they could think about forging a flawless Divine Wheel.

It was the same situation when they were in God's relic. Only a few had succeeded. Even monstrous figures like the Seventh Slayer of Clan of the Seven Slayers failed. Lian Jiuyou from the Clan of the God of Ghost failed too. Both of them forged Celestial Level Divine Wheels instead of flawless Divine Wheels.

Top forces like Shen Clan and Tianshen Academy would have this kind of secret zone divine items too. However, Ye Futian had not heard of these forces having many cultivators with flawless Divine Wheels.

This meant that even with the help of the secret realm of the relic, one would need to consider their talents when they wanted to break through the threshold and forge a flawless Divine Wheel. It was not an easy feat.

Ye Futian speculated that in terms of the Way, the relic in the Ancestral Lands of Divine Palace was most likely less complete than God's relic. God's relic might be the highest-ranked secret zone; one would have the highest chance of forging a flawless Divine Wheel when they were there. Hence, the opening of God's relic caused all the top figures in the Nine Realms to gather. All the monstrous figures wanted to get into God's relic.

Then, if he utilized The World Tree as a divine item, what result would it produce?

Ye Futian's gaze turned towards the Swordmaster of Lihen.

"Swordmaster of Lihen, you managed to forge a flawless Divine Wheel because you destroyed and reconstructed your original one and reforged your swordsmanship?" Ye Futian asked.

"Hmm." The Swordmaster of Lihen nodded his head and said, "If I didn't do it that way, I should not have been able to forge a flawless Divine Wheel."

This was crucial. Ye Futian thought to himself. When cultivators trained, they already comprehended the will of the Great Path when they reached the peak of the Saint Plane. They proved their Way and became Renhuang in order to reach the core of the Way. They would become their Way with just a thought and would forge a body of the Way and soul of the Way. They would shine as bright as the moon and the stars; they would enjoy longevity with the heavens and earth.

That meant that in order to forge a flawless Divine Wheel, the cultivators would need to refine their Great Path again.

"What are you thinking about?" The Swordmaster of Lihen asked Ye Futian. Ye Futian seemed to be pondering on something.

"I am thinking about some things. However, I still need to verify them," Ye Futian replied. He retracted his aura. The Spatial Sacred Hall then disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

"I will make a trip to Daozang Peak," Ye Futian said.

"Be on your way." The Swordmaster of Lihen nodded.

Ye Futian got up and left the palace, heading once again to Daozang Peak. Many people in Tianshen Academy heard about the divine visions that occurred when he was forging his Divine Wheel. They were even more interested in Ye Futian.

This Ye Futian actually came once more to Daozang Peak. Regardless of how talented he was in his cultivation journey, he was, at the very least, extremely hardworking.

Ye Futian spent a few days studying on Daozang Peak. However, this time was different from the previous one. He kept searching for manuscripts that were related to space, be they cultivation methods or matrix methods.

Based on what the members of Tianshen Academy said, they had seen Ye Futian in a daze many times over the last few days. He sat alone in a corner with his eyes closed and deep in thought, as though he had fallen asleep. However, it was obviously impossible that he had actually fallen asleep. They knew that Ye Futian must have had some epiphany and was cultivating.

After another few days, Ye Futian left Daozang Peak. Some people were curious as to what exactly he was doing.

After some time, some people claimed that a grand matrix had appeared in Ye Futian's palace. This grand matrix was a matrix that could refine the Great Path of All Things. This type of matrix was not uncommon in Tianshen Academy. Many people would use this type of method to comprehend the power of the Great Path.

Hence, there was nothing strange about it.

For a period of time after this, Ye Futian remained cultivating in his palace all the while. He was acting rather mysteriously, but no one disturbed his cultivation. This was also the reason why Ye Futian had come to train in Tianshen Academy: he could truly seclude himself and train for a period of time here.

Dou Zhao returned to the palace one day and met Ye Futian.

"What's up?" Ye Futian asked when he saw Dou Zhao.

"I feel like I am close to experiencing a breakthrough. These past few days, I have been exchanging blows with people at Tianshen Academy. However, very few of them are a match for me. I am a bit disappointed," Dou Zhao ranted.


Confused, Ye Futian stared at him.

"So, do you want to try fighting against me?" Ye Futian asked as he looked at Dou Zhao.

"Get out of here." Dou Zhao's facial expression turned sullen. This fellow was already a Renhuang. Fighting against Ye Futian?

Would that be similar to inviting someone to punch him?

"I mean, I am close to breaking through to the Renhuang Plane. Do you have any divine items from God's relic that I can borrow? I will use it and see whether I can prove my Way and forge a flawless Divine Wheel," Dou Zhao explained to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian finally understood Dou Zhao's intention.

"As a dignified descendant of Fighting God, do you need the assistance of divine items to forge a flawless Divine Wheel?" Ye Futian asked.

"I..." Dou Zhao glared at Ye Futian. He actually had no words to refute Ye Futian.

What happened to them being sworn brothers?

"I will teach you a cultivation method. After you have made some progress with it, you can find me again," Ye Futian said.

"Did you get it from God's relic?" Dou Zhao's eyes sparkled.

"No. It is a cultivation method of the Tianhe Realm. It can aid you to prove your Way. After you have mastered it, you can be considered half a disciple of Sky River Temple," Ye Futian explained.

"What advantages does it have?" Dou Zhao inquired. A cultivation method of the Tianhe Realm? Was it better than the cultivation method of his Dou Tribe?

"Do you want to learn it or not?" Ye Futian threw a question back at him.

Dou Zhao stared at Ye Futian suspiciously. "Do I get a reward from you if I mastered it?"

Ye Futian closed his eyes and ignored Dou Zhao.

"I will cultivate it," Dou Zhao said. "From now on, I will be a disciple of Sky River Temple. Your teacher is my teacher. We are sworn brothers."

"Sit properly," Ye Futian ordered. Then, he taught Dou Zhao the Deed of Thorough Comprehension.

"Go and practice it on your own," Ye Futian said after he finished teaching. Dou Zhao glanced at him, dumbfounded. He left afterward.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and continued meditating. The World Tree rustled in his body. Terrifying visions occurred in his surroundings. The heavens and the earth shifted and transformed into a space of the Great Path. The sun and the moon shone at the same time while the stars surrounded the space.

Hopefully, Dou Zhao will succeed. Ye Futian prayed.

After a few days, Dou Zhao came to look for Ye Futian again.

"Did you succeed?" Ye Futian asked.

"Hmm. I have made some progress with it." Dou Zhao nodded.

"Great." Ye Futian nodded in approval. With a shift of his will, a dazzling light of matrix shone, and the divine light enveloped the entire space, forming a domineering grand matrix. The will of the Great Path poured down and gushed into the grand matrix.

"What are we doing?" Dou Zhao raised his head and took a look at the powerful fluctuation of the will.

"For this coming training, you need to activate Deed of Thorough Comprehension and forge a furnace of the Great Path," Ye Futian explained. "You need to refine the Great Path of All Things so that you can use it for your own. You might even need to destroy the Way you have cultivated before and reconstruct another body of the Great Path. I will help you throughout the process."

Dou Zhao was extremely doubtful. He stared at Ye Futian and saw the seriousness in the latter's eyes. Dou Zhao knew that Ye Futian was not joking with him.

Did Ye Futian actually obtain something in God's relic?

"Alright, I will follow what you say." Dou Zhao nodded his head seriously and was exceptionally focused.

"Let us begin." Ye Futian had barely uttered these words when endless will circulated around them. Very soon, Dou Zhao sensed the space that he was in changing. The sun and the moon both appeared in the sky, and the stars revolved around them. It was as though Dou Zhao was being enveloped by an independent space. The runes of the characters Qian, Kun, Li, and Kan orbited the sky. He could faintly hear the rustling of leaves, but he could not see any trees.

It was as though this place was another dimension.

Dou Zhao closed his eyes and activated his cultivation method. He released his Deed of Thorough Comprehension and refined the Way in this space.

At the same time, in the world outside of this space, endless will surged into the space from all around, becoming the will of the space.

"What is Ye Futian doing now?"

The people around the palace could not help but reveal strange expressions when they sensed the intense will descending from the heavens above. Was Ye Futian causing another large commotion?

"It seems to be a grand matrix that is refining the Great Path of All Things. He is activating the completed matrix."

"What is inside of that space?" Someone noticed that the will of the Great Path was surging into a sealed-off space. An extremely powerful aura of the Great Path was flowing into it.


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    《The Legend of Futian》