The Legend of Futian
1664 Seeking a Teacher, Declined
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1664 Seeking a Teacher, Declined

Ye Futian's team could be said to be extremely strong with the addition of Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan.

The two of them were at the upper levels of the Renhuang Plane. Jiang Chengzi had a ninth-tier Divine Wheel, while Hua Jiangshan's Divine Wheel was at the peak of the eighth tier. They, along with Gu Tianxing and the 12 Deities of the Celestial Gate, made the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven able to compete with the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty at its peak.

They encountered a great tribulation later on, which caused the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven to keep a low profile and not be as attention-grabbing in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The strength of several other factions was enough to put pressure on them.

However, the two of them were still top-notch figures. Now that Ye Futian had gifted them with ritual implements, their battle capabilities were undoubtedly extremely powerful. As long as they did not encounter the best of the best fighters, there should not be any problems on Ye Futian's side. They might even be able to retaliate against the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty if he came.

Ye Futian immersed himself in his cultivation for the next few days. The matrix in the pavilion was always activated. It was a Path Matrix that was used to attract the will of the Great Path. It caused the pavilion to be perpetually enveloped by an aura of the Great Path.

Slowly, the people outside the Tianshen Academy got used to the phenomenon. They were no longer surprised by whatever Ye Futian did.

This day, in an area outside the Tianshen Academy, a youth was walking on the road. This youth was carrying a sword on his back. He had an exceptional demeanor and gave off the impression that he was incredibly sharp. His cultivation was also impressive at Nirvana Saint Plane, though it did not seem as exceptional in this area.

There was a Renhuang fighter in the group of pedestrians who were walking not far away from the youth.

This group of people was an influential family in one of the cities outside the Tianshen Academy with powerful members. Even though they were not as strong as the factions that stood at the top, they did have members in their family who were at the upper-level Renhuang Plane. They had considerable strength.

There were several great clans like theirs in the Dongsheng State. However, only a few areas in the Central Emperor Realm could tolerate factions at this level.

"Yunxi, you have to be sincere when you greet your teacher this time," an elder told the girl by his side. This girl was wearing a long green skirt. She looked simple yet well-trained. She had a slender figure and was extraordinarily beautiful. Her demeanor was like that of ice.

The Lin clan of the Dongsheng State was an influential faction notorious within the Dongsheng State. Lin Yunxi was the daughter of the Gongsun family. She had exceptional potential when it came to cultivation, as well as extraordinary beauty. She entered the outer sect of the Tianshen Academy and trained there last year. Today, she had already reached the first level of the Saint Plane.

Lin Yunxi's gaze landed on the Sky Stairwell in the distance. She had a determined gaze.

"That is my dream," Lin Yunxi said.

"The strongest person of this generation of the Shentian Academy, Jian Qingzhu, had already reached the level of Renhuang. He might become the manager of Tianshen Academy in the future. You learning under his wing is naturally the best choice. However, with Jian Qingzhu's status in Tianshen Academy, he would not accept disciples easily. He would more often be meditating and cultivating. After all, he is still young. There's no need for him to waste his time on these matters," the elder said.

Lin Yunxi naturally knew about Jian Qingzhu. In reality, Jian Qingzhu was regarded as a legendary figure amongst the people of her generation. Now that he had reached the level of Renhuang, he was destined to be an exceptional figure.

"Even if I do not get him as my master, I will be able to step on that Sky Stairwell and enter the Tianshen Academy by training on my own," Lin Yunxi said. She had a determined gaze, as well as a faint arrogance.

"I naturally believe that. The family believes in you too," the elder said, "During the trip to the God's Relic this time, Jian Qingzhu was the only one in the Tianshen Academy who managed to prove his path and forge a perfect Divine Wheel. It would be difficult for anyone else. However, there are quite a number of people cultivating in the Tianshen Academy this time. Ye Futian is one of them. This person displayed extraordinary potential when he came out of the God's Relic. He slew the prince of the Golden Divine Nation, Gai Jiutian, who had a flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path. If he continued cultivating like this, he would definitely become a top-notch figure in the future. If you study under his wing, you would be able to learn more about the God's Relic or even the way to forge a perfect Divine Wheel. It would only be beneficial for you."

"Why did you choose him?" Lin Yunxi asked.

"You can look at the rest of the people who had forged a perfect Divine Wheel. Shen Hao from the Shen clan and the princess of the Nantian Divine Kingdom, Nan Luoshen. Even the people from the other realms were successors to the Solar Divine Palace and the Youyue Divine Palace, as well as people whose status was equal to theirs. The probability of them accepting disciples are extremely low. Ye Futian had encountered the attacks of several factions when he just came out of the God's Relic. That was because his background was not powerful enough and that he did not have a strong enough influence. It is rumored that he had taken the Sky River Great Elder as his teacher and came to the Tianshen Academy for his safety. If we actively display our goodwill, Ye Futian is the most likely person to take you as a disciple."

The elder whispered. After all, Ye Futian needed "friends."

Even though they were not as strong as the top-notch factions, they were still rather influential within the Dongsheng State. Thus, in his opinion, it was very likely that Ye Futian would accept disciples.

If Lin Yunxi could become the disciple of Ye Futian and cultivate under him, not only could she understand the God's Relic and the perfect Divine Wheel, but there was also a chance that she could obtain a premium ritual implement in the future. To the Lin clan, that would be of extreme assistance.

"Alright, let's not talk about that anymore. See whether you can train along with Jian Qingzhu if you manage to enter Tianshen Academy and cultivate there in the future," the elder told Lin Yunxi. Lin Yunxi nodded. They did not talk about anything else. After all, they were soon arriving at their destination.

Not far away, the youth was walking in the same direction as the group. He could faintly hear their voices, but he did not dare infiltrate them with his Divine Spirit as there was a Renhuang fighter present. He only listened in on their conversation as best as his ears could.

Of course, this was not a remarkable matter. For that reason, the other party did not restrain themselves when they were talking.

Soon, the group arrived outside the pavilion. The first thing they saw was a black condor. It raised its head high and looked at the group, then asked, "Why have you come here?"

The condor now had considerable status. It did not pay much regard to an ordinary Renhuang.

"Lin clan of the Dongsheng State. We are here to pay our respects to Emperor Ye." The elder at the front of the group brought his hands together and displayed the appropriate manners.

"I'll ask him for you." The black condor sent a message to Ye Futian, then said, "Go in."

The group from the Lin family smiled as they entered the pavilion. The elder had his usual expression, while Lin Yunxi swept her gaze toward the black condor. This black condor was extremely arrogant. Even though it was only a Demon Saint, its gaze was more arrogant than a Demon Emperor. It did not show respect to even a Renhuang.

In the pavilion, Ye Futian received the group in the yard. Even though he did not know what kind of faction the Lin clan of the Dongsheng State was, he should give the appropriate formalities when he had visitors.

"Lin Mu of the Lin clan from Dongsheng State. I pay my respects to Emperor Ye." The elder cupped his hands together as he spoke. He swept his gaze past the two people behind Ye Futian and was rather shocked. He could not determine the levels of those two people.

"You are too formal, elder," Ye Futian replied. "You're visiting because…"

"I heard that you had been exceptional in the God's Relic, having forged a flawless Great Path and a perfect Divine Wheel with peerless elegance. Many people within the Lin clan admired you. Yunxi is a junior from our clan and is now training in the outer sect of Tianshen Academy. She had frequently heard people talk about you in recent times and was coincidentally training in the area. Thus, she wants to train under you."

"Seeking a master?" Ye Futian was rather surprised. He did not expect a person from a family to seek him out as a master.

However, he also knew that after he proved his path, he was now different from who he was before.

A Renhuang fighter was powerful enough to establish his sect.

That was the reason a Renhuang fighter was holding up an entire realm in the Central Emperor Realm, Emperor Xia's Realm, and Emperor Li's Realm.

Thus, seeking them out as a teacher was an ordinary occurrence.

"I am Lin Yunxi. I pay my respects to you, Emperor Ye." Lin Yunxi took a step forward and gave Ye Futian a slight bow of respect.

Ye Futian glanced at Lin Yunxi. She was extremely beautiful and had reached the Saint Plane at a young age. Her talent and mental state were exceptional. However, he did not have any intention of accepting a disciple.

"Elder, I came to Tianshen Academy as I wanted to concentrate on my cultivation for some time. I do not have any intention of accepting a disciple," Ye Futian told Lin Mu.

"I understand. Emperor Ye, you had just proven your Great Path and would naturally want to focus on your cultivation. You only need to give Yunxi a few pointers during your free time if she trains after you. She would not hold up the time you need for cultivation. Furthermore, the Lin clan is rather influential in the Dongsheng State. The Lin clan can lend you a helping hand if you have any other miscellaneous matters outside of cultivation," Lin Mu continued.

Ye Futian knew in his heart that Lin Yunxi had come to seek him out as a mentor today because the Lin clan had favored his potential or his experiences within the God's Relic. Another reason was the ritual implements he had obtained.

"Please do not blame me, Elder. I am already busy enough and have no intention of accepting a disciple," Ye Futian continued to smile as he said. With Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan by his side, he already had enough manpower to deal with the ordinary affairs. There was no need for him to tap on the strength of the other party.

Furthermore, he would inevitably have to repay any favors he owed in the future.

At this moment, a youth had already come here behind the members of the Lin clan. He stood there silently and did not disturb the conversation.

However, Ye Futian, Jiang Chengzi, and the rest of the group noticed him. They had a look of joy in their eyes.

"Please, wait a moment. A friend of mine has arrived," Ye Futian said apologetically. He then looked toward the youth and said with a smile, "It's been a long time."

"It's been a long time." The youth nodded, then took a step forward. He bowed toward Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan. "I, Wang Yanbing, pay my respects to you two clan leaders."

This youth was Wang Yanbing of the Wang clan. He was the one who wanted to reenter the Celestial Gate by challenging Gu Dongliu.

He fought with all his might but ultimately lost. However, in that battle, he displayed an extraordinary spirit.

"Spare the formalities," Jiang Chengzi stepped forward and said. "My worries have eased now that I see you."

The clan leader of the Wang clan had died in battle. Wang Yanbing was the future successor of the Wang clan. Jiang Chengzi naturally did not want Wang Yanbing to get into any trouble.

"I was coincidentally in the Central Emperor Realm. I came when I heard about the events in the God's Relic," Wang Yanbing said.

"Mhmm." Jiang Chengzi smiled and nodded.

"We'll not disturb you anymore, Emperor Ye. We'll take our leave." Lin Mu could only know his place and announce his departure when he saw that he was being ignored. Ye Futian turned around to look at Lin Mu and the rest of the group. He said, a little apologetically, "I'm sorry, Elder."

The members of the Lin clan turned to leave. They walked out of the pavilion, each one of them speechless.

"That Ye Futian is a little too arrogant." A powerful fighter from the Lin clan was rather unhappy. Ye Futian had not given them any face. He had disregarded them even though they were a premium family faction in the Dongsheng State.

Lin Yunxi also felt a little uncomfortable. It was the first time she was seeking out a teacher, yet she was rejected. In fact, Ye Futian had not looked at her seriously.

"He had forged a flawless Divine Wheel and had clear talent. He is a frontrunner in the nine realms. It is normal for a person like this to be arrogant," Lin Mu said. He was a little disappointed. Even though Ye Futian had been polite, he could feel the arrogance radiating from Ye Futian's body. Ye Futian had not paid any heed to them.

"He is a person seeking the protection of Shentian Academy and might be killed by his enemies at any time if he goes out. What right does he have to be arrogant?" a junior of the Lin clan said sarcastically. He seemed indignant.

He had just finished his sentence when he saw a teen dressed in white robes walking toward them on the opposite side.

The teen then stopped in his tracks in front of them.

Lin Yunxi looked at the white-robed teen and thought to herself about how suave he was and how exceptional his demeanor was.

"You're blocking the way," the junior who spoke just now knitted his brows and said with a cold tone. He was feeling unhappy but understood where he was. He suppressed his unhappiness and only had a relatively icier tone.

However, the white-robed teen continued standing in front of them. He looked at the junior with a cold gaze.

The members of the Lin clan knitted their brows. Lin Mu said, "You!"

The actions of the white-robed teen were extremely disrespectful. However, they did not dare to act recklessly, given that they were outside Shentian Academy.

The white-robed teen scanned past the youth. His eyes were extremely strange. It only took a glance for the youth to let out a pathetic cry. He covered his eyes with both hands as if he had suffered from a serious attack!


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    《The Legend of Futian》