The Legend of Futian
1665 Assemble
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1665 Assemble

The expression of the Lin clan's powerful fighters changed. They released bolts of pressure and enveloped them around the white-robed teen.

Lin Mu stared at the other party. All he saw was that the eyes of the white-robed teen were exceptionally devilish. Even his appearance was enchantingly handsome.

They were just outside Shentian Academy. In fact, this place could be regarded as a training ground for the outer-sect disciples of Shentian Academy. Many disciples from influential families trained here. They could even encounter juniors from Shentian Academy. Thus, they addressed the person that blocked their way with respect and asked him to move aside.

However, they did not expect the other party to attack them directly.

No matter how influential he was, an action like this was rather insolent. After all, the Lin clan of the Dongsheng State was rather influential.

Boom. Lin Mu took a step forward and pressed the pressure of his Divine Wheel forward. His aura of a Renhuang enveloped the white-robed teen. Even though he might be a junior from an influential faction, Lin Mu had to teach him a lesson for his insolence.

The strength of a third-tier Divine Wheel erupted instantly. Even though he had deliberately suppressed his aura, he could no longer cover up his will. It instantly attracted crowds from the area around them. Who would create conflict here?

The white-robed teen glanced at the other party. He continued to step forward. He had no intention of retreating.


An immensely violent aura pulsed forward. The devilish eyes locked onto Lin Mu's gaze. In that instant, Lin Mu's eyes seemed to be absorbed into those devilish eyes. Within the pair of devilish eyes, he felt as though he saw a terrifying image. There were tens of thousands of demons, such as Golden-winged Giant Pengs, Phoenixes, Divine Apes, Pure-blooded Dragons, Kunpengs… The terrifying gigantic beasts seemed to press toward him following his will. They charged directly into his brain through his eyes.

Deep within the pair of devilish eyes seemed to be the figure of an almighty Demon God.

Rumble! Violent booms erupted. A harrowing Great Path tempest burst out around them. Not only did his will get attacked, but Lin Mu also felt his body and Divine Wheel get assaulted by an unparalleled, barbaric force.

He felt as though he saw a Divine Matrix behind the white-robed teen. Within the Divine Matrix were tens of thousands of demons and a swarm of heaven-slaying Divine Beasts.

His Divine Wheel suffered the impact of a Great Path attack. He felt as though he was going to be split apart with every rumble. An unending glory of the Demon God fell upon him as it manically assaulted his body.

The powerful fighters from the Lin clan around Lin Mu felt their legs shiver. They felt as though they were about to grovel on the ground. Even though there were two Renhuang-level figures here, this pressure almost made them suffocate.

It was as though they were suffering from absolute suppression.

A dull grunt was heard, followed by a loud noise. Lin Mu continuously staggered backward. The expression on his face was extremely exaggerated as he stared at the white-robed figure on the other side.

Divine Wheel Suppression.

Perfect level.

Rumble… A devilish Great Path tempest swept past them. Lin Mu retreated continuously. The people who were approaching them from afar were shaken into retreat. Only then did the white-robed teen restrain his aura. He stood there silently, but his eyes were still coldly locked onto the other party.

Lin Mu stood there, dazed. His body was trembling slightly. He had been shaken by the aura of a Renhuang with a first-tier Divine Wheel. His body had been shaken into retreat.

It was only now that he realized how exceptional the white-robed teen in front of him was.

But, he screamed in his heart, "How are there so many perfect Divine Wheels?"

Why would a person with a perfect Divine Wheel, which was rare even in the Central Emperor Realm, suddenly appear here? Furthermore, his demeanor was clearly different from the people who had come out from the God's Relic. The names of the people who had forged a perfect Divine Wheel had already spread throughout the Central Emperor Realm. Lin Mu would naturally know about who they were, where they were from, and where they were training at.

However, the white-robed teen who had appeared before his eyes did not fit the description of anyone he knew.

Many figures flickered around them as they appeared. Their eyes were trained on the white-robed teen, equally dazed. They clearly had the same thoughts as Lin Mu.

When did the perfect Divine Wheel become so common?

A powerful fighter at the first level of the Renhuang Plane had suddenly appeared. He had forged a perfect Divine Wheel and directly suppressed a Renhuang with a third-tier Divine Wheel.

"Who are you?" Lin Mu's voice was rather deep. He looked at the white-robed teen as he asked.

The white-robed teen did not look at them. Instead, he raised his head and looked toward a group of figures who were walking toward him from behind the members of the Lin clan. His gaze landed on a suave young man who was also wearing a white robe.

Lin Mu also seemed to have noticed something and turned around. He saw that Ye Futian and his group had arrived.

He saw the immensely radiant smile in Ye Futian's clear eyes. His eyes were locked on the figure in front of him. It was clear that they knew each other.

Lin Mu understood why the other party would block their way and attack them directly. It was because they had talked bad about Ye Futian just now.

By Ye Futian, Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan also had a relieved smile when they saw the figure that appeared.

The plan they had for many years might have failed, but it had never once been extinguished. Passing on the Demon Realm's Law of Origin to one person ultimately created an immensely powerful figure.

The person who came was Gu Dongliu, the person who had obtained the legacy of the Demon Monarch of the Origin Mountains.

"Third Senior," Ye Futian smiled as he shouted. It had been a long time since they met. His Third Senior had also proven his path and reached the Renhuang Plane. Furthermore, he also obtained the perfect Divine Wheel.

However, that was normal. His Third Senior had obtained the legacies of Gu Tianxing and the Law of Origin. In fact, he even had the will of the Demon Monarch. That could be considered to be a legacy at the level of a Great Emperor. He had been internalizing all of these legacies when he was at the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven back then. Now, he should be able to more perfectly combine the abilities of the legacies.

The powerful fighters of the Lin clan felt their hearts get twisted.

Third Senior?

Both the senior and the junior had forged perfect Divine Wheels.

Furthermore, this person had not proved his path and forged his Perfect Divine Wheel in the God's Relic.

Gu Dongliu walked forward. He walked directly past the powerful fighters of the Lin clan and completely disregarded their existence.

"I heard about the news of you in the God's Relic and rushed over." Gu Dongliu said, "Clan leaders, you've also arrived."

"Mm." Jiang Chengzi smiled and nodded, "Your grandfather would feel relieved if he could see the current you."

The plan Gu Tianxing had put into place back then had all been for Gu Dongliu.

Now, Gu Dongliu had forced the perfect Divine Wheel. That, coupled with all of the legacies he obtained, might allow him to truly surpass Gu Tianxing in the future.

"The glory of the Celestial Gate would be realized again in the hands of your generation," Hua Jiangshan said emotionally. Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu both had perfect Divine Wheels. Furthermore, they were both top-notch geniuses. Ye Futian also had Yu Sheng by his side.

They were rather looking forward to the future.

"The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven." Lin Mu only realized now that the two elders by Ye Futian's side were the two clan leaders of the top-notch faction in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

This devilish teen was the junior who had caused quite the commotion in the Heavenly Mandate Realm back then. He was the person who had inherited the Law of Origin, the grandson of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven's Gu Tianxing, Gu Dongliu.

"Third Senior, let's first go to the pavilion." Ye Futian was elated. His Third Senior had finally met up with them. His First Senior and the rest should arrive sooner or later when they hear the news.

The group turned to leave. They did not care about the members of the Lin clan. The Lin clan looked extremely haggard. Lin Mu was overcome with emotion as he said, "Let's go."

Lin Yunxi had complicated emotions. She had come to seek a teacher, but her family had instead been taught a lesson. Furthermore, she had witnessed the splendor of a perfect Divine Wheel directly suppressing her elder.

Ye Futian and the rest of his group returned to the pavilion. Gu Dongliu did not talk about the incident with the Lin clan, nor did Ye Futian ask him about it. His Third Senior would have a reason for his actions. He did not have to ask about it.

Beside them, Wang Yanbing's heart was also filled with emotion. However, he would not compare himself with Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian. All he did was remind himself to put in more effort in his cultivation.

"I heard the conversation among the Lin clan when I was traveling here. Both the Lin clan and that girl wanted to learn under Jian Qingzhu of the Tianshen Academy. They must have an ulterior motive for seeking out a teacher here." It was Wang Yanbing who spoke about the incident.

"En." Ye Futian did not pay too much heed. It was normal for people to want to learn under Jian Qingzhu. This was Tianshen Academy. Jian Qingzhu had considerable status within Tianshen Academy.

As for them heading here to seek out a teacher, they definitely had an ulterior motive for that.

Ye Futian wanted to have a good talk with his Third Senior. They had not met in a long time and naturally had much to talk about. He did not know how his Second Senior was doing. He could not help but think about her, who would also protect him just like his Third Senior did, when he saw his Third Senior.

However, bolts of energy were coming toward them. Several powerful fighters were approaching them one after the other.

"Please come in, elders," Ye Futian shouted. He saw multiple figures walking toward them. They were powerful fighters from the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the Demon Realm. There were powerful fighters from the Dragon Gods, Sky Demon Court, and Divine Elephants.

The major factions were always accompanied by powerful Demon Monarchs when top-notch figures like Long Chen and Xiang Mang came to train. They would silently remain in the area.

Gu Dongliu's appearance had caused them to come forward.

Back then, Gu Dongliu had schemed for the legacy as he wanted to create a new king in the Demon Realm. He wished that Gu Dongliu, who had inherited the Law of Origin, would be enough to become the new leader of the Demon Realm.

Now, with his reappearance, Gu Dongliu had become a Renhuang and had forged a perfect Divine Wheel.

"To think that Gu Tianxing actually succeeded," a Demon Monarch said. Even though he knew that Gu Dongliu would become exceptional when he inherited the Law of Origin, he realized that Gu Tianxing had half-succeeded in whatever he had set out to do back then when he saw Gu Dongliu today.

He then looked at Ye Futian. The Heavenly Mandate Realm would become the territory of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven in the future.

However, they were fortunate that they were on good terms with Ye Futian, nor did they offend Gu Dongliu in any way.

The Demon Realm would remain the Demon Realm.

"It's good that you guys have come. Help me find Long Chen, Xiang Mang, Jun, and the rest. I have something to talk to you guys about," Ye Futian said.

He was on good terms with the factions from the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the demon clans. He had already thoroughly impressed the disciples from the demon clan while he was in the God's Relic and they all faintly regarded him as their leader. Now that they had come out of the God's Relic, the factions of the demon clan would stand behind him.

However, he seemed to be lacking something.

If he just took just another step, he would be able to obtain the loyalty of the factions from the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the Demon Realm.

However, if he could not clearly see what that step was, then he would have nothing much to say for himself. All he could do was support the factions that were willing to enter the battlefield with him.

He had to obtain the loyalty of the factions from the Heavenly Mandate Realm and the demon clans for the things he wanted to accomplish!

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    《The Legend of Futian》