The Legend of Futian
1668 Almighty Eye
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1668 Almighty Eye

On the Divine Altar Peak of Shentian Academy, circling between the various peaks, there were giant sword-like ancient mountains that pointed toward the sky, about to pierce through the clouds.

Celestial fog circled the area. There were intense ripples of energy coming from Sealing Matrices. It was as if the entire area harbored a Path Matrix.

At this moment, there was a group of people facing off on the Divine Altar Peak.

Yaya was sitting cross-legged. Energy was pulsing from her body as her Sword Will circled her. There seemed to be traces of blood on her clothes. It was clear that she had been injured.

In front of her, the Swordmaster of Lihen stood with his sword in hand. He was blocking her off.

However, on the other side of the Swordmaster of Lihen was also a Renhuang. He was a Renhuang with a third-tier Divine Wheel. He looked like a middle-aged man, almost at the age of 40. He had a cold expression. His will exerted pressure on the Swordmaster of Lihen and also enveloped Yaya.

There was also an injured person behind the middle-aged man. He was a teenage figure who had reached the Saint Plane. His aura pulsed around him. Blood dyed his robes red.

The rest of the people present were witnessing the event by the side.

The Renhuang on the other side of the Swordmaster of Lihen was a person who had been training at the Red Forge Peak of Shentian Academy. The person who had been injured by Yaya had also been training there. He was a junior of that Renhuang.

"Seeing that you are visitors of Shentian Academy, the Red Forge Peak would not put you through too much trouble. Get her to follow me. The Red Forge Peak would give her a lighter punishment." The name of the Renhuang was Luo Zhao. He was not an influential figure in Shentian Academy, but since he was a powerful fighter in the Renhuang Plane, coupled with the fact that he might become a mid-level Renhuang at any time, he did have a certain level of status in the Red Forge Peak.

He might even have the chance to step into the level of an upper-level Renhuang if he trained for several hundred years more.

Not everyone had the right to become a top-notch figure. That applied even in Shentian Academy. In the 3000 Realms of the Great Path, people who had the potential to train themselves to the level of an upper-level Renhuang would definitely become someone influential factions would focus on nurturing. The factions would invest a lot of resources on them.

People like Jian Qingzhu were incredibly rare. Even Shentian Academy only had one person like that in this generation.

"I don't think she did anything wrong," the Swordmaster of Lihen said. He had his sword in hand. He would not compromise.

The other party had been the one who wanted to spar. Furthermore, his attacks had been merciless. Even though Void's abilities were decent, she was ultimately not a match for a talented individual from the Shentian Academy. After all, they had both come from Emperor Xia's Realm. They would not have reached such a level if they had not followed Ye Futian.

He would definitely have been defeated if this was his past self. It was just like when he fought against the people from the Heavenly Sword Hall.

Thus, under the situation where the other party was being overbearing, Void made use of a Sword Will and severely injured the other party. The other party did not hold back in that situation. Void would not have been able to control the outcome of that attack.

After he had been injured, the Renhuang directly interfered and injured Void. Now the Renhuang wanted to bring her away? What was the meaning of that?

However, the Renhuang also knew who this territory belonged to.

At this moment, a cluster of auras descended from far away. The Renhuang saw a group of people walking on thin air. They directly leaped through space and arrived at the scene. The white-robed teen leading the group immediately walked to Yaya's side.

Yaya raised her head slightly and looked at Ye Futian, who had just arrived. She heard Ye Futian ask, "Are you alright?"

"I'm not too seriously injured." Yaya shook her head.

Ye Futian took out a Fruit of the Way and fed it toward Yaya's mouth. Yaya moved her head back, but Ye Futian still managed to stuff the fruit into her mouth. All she could do was look at Ye Futian in frustration and swallow the Fruit of the Way.

What was even more overbearing was that Ye Futian rubbed her on her head.

Yaya felt that she had lost all face, but she could not bring herself to be angry.

After all, she had already reached the peak of the Saint Plane.

"Hurry and cultivate to charge past this plane," Ye Futian whispered. Even though Yaya had obtained the Great Emperor Sword Will, but she had not reached the zenith of the Saint Plane.

The people on the Heavenly Altar Peak observed Ye Futian. Did this person just disregard everyone present?

Recently, there had been many rumors regarding Ye Futian circulating within Shentian Academy. Under normal circumstances, he would be compared to the likes of Jian Qingzhu. Even though most of the people thought that there was no way Ye Futian could be as powerful as Jian Qingzhu, merely comparing him with Jian Qingzhu represented just how powerful Ye Futian was. He was already considered one of the best of the best.

Luo Zhao's gaze landed on Ye Futian. It was rumored that he had executed the prince of the Golden Divine Nation, Gai Jiutian, who was a lower-level Renhuang with a third-tier Divine Wheel when he came out of the God's Relic.

He was a little curious. Was the battle capabilities of a perfect Divine Wheel that powerful?

Ye Futian did not ask, but the Swordmaster of Lihen informed Ye Futian about what happened through telepathy.

It seemed like the motive of the other party was to get Yaya to attack.

Even though he did not know who the other party was and what kind of status they held in Shentian Academy, injuring Yaya with an attack of a fighter from a Renhuang Plane was not to be tolerated, no matter what their motive was.

Ye Futian looked up at the Renhuang on the other side. He brought his hands together and announced, "Ye Futian."

"I've frequently heard about your name recently, Emperor Ye, but have never managed to see you in person. Now that I've seen you, I must say that you have extraordinary flair," Luo Zhao said to Ye Futian. He did not introduce himself.

"However, even though you are a guest, your subordinate had severely injured a disciple of the Red Forge Peak. She had been too merciless with her attack. She has to come with me to the Red Forge Peak," Luo Zhao continued.

"She's not my subordinate. She's my younger sister," Ye Futian said. A strange look flashed past Luo Zhao's eyes. It was no wonder that he was willing to give this girl an item of the Great Emperor. It seemed like there were strong feelings between the pair of siblings.

"My younger sister is young and ignorant. She doesn't know how to regulate the power of her attacks. Please understand," Ye Futian brought his hands together and said, "However, as her elder, I cannot bear to see her get punished. Since this incident had been caused by a spar, let's end it with a spar. I've always wanted to learn from an elder of Shentian Academy. Since I've had the chance to encounter you today, please give me some pointers. If I lose, I'll get my younger sister to follow you and give you two ritual implements that I found in the God's Relic. What do you think about that?"

Luo Zhao had a strange expression when he heard Ye Futian's words. This expression was already showing respect to Ye Futian. Otherwise, how could he tolerate Ye Futian's overwhelming confidence in his abilities?

"And if you win, Emperor Ye?" Luo Zhao asked.

It was clear that he was a little tempted. It was improper for him to take Yaya away. However, things were different if Ye Futian said it that way. He could directly take Yaya away and even obtain two premium ritual implements. How could he resist that?

The rest of the people present also noticed that even though Ye Futian's words and tone were polite, it did stem from his overbearing confidence. He did not think that he would be defeated.

"If I win, then please give me some face and let the matter be resolved like that. Furthermore, I'll try my best to restrain myself. I'll not act as my younger sister did," Ye Futian replied. He did not require anything if he won. All he needed was for this matter to have never happened.

There were no problems with this method. However, the second half of the sentence that promised to restrain himself came with a little provocation. It was clearly meant to agitate Luo Zhao.

"You sure are confident about your abilities, Emperor Ye." Luo Zhao would not be provoked just by one sentence. However, since Ye Futian had voluntarily given him an opportunity to legitimize his claims, he would naturally not miss the opportunity.

Of course, since Ye Futian was powerful enough to slay Gai Jiutian, it was clear that he was strong. He should not be too careless.

"I heard that you have obtained many top-notch ritual implements from the God's Relic," Luo Zhao said.

"I won't lend you the ritual implements," Ye Futian replied.

"Since that is the case, show me your flawless Divine Wheel," Luo Zhao said. As he finished his sentence, he released a formless pressure. He displayed all his might as a Renhuang as he stood on the air. In that instant, the entire area of the Divine Altar Peak was enveloped by his pressure.

Many Divine Spirits were approaching them from far away to observe the battle.

"Please give me some pointers." Ye Futian took a slight bow. He had just finished his sentence when he leaped into the air. He landed on thin air and looked down directly on Luo Zhao, who was standing below him.

Luo Zhao shot a glance at Ye Futian and released the aura of his Divine Wheel of the Great Path. A ray of golden light illuminated the surroundings. It seemed as though there was a radiant golden thunderbolt attacking toward Ye Futian.

He looked at Ye Futian's eyes. A battle was not won by comparing who stood at a higher spot.

However, when he looked into Ye Futian's eyes, he saw that Ye Futian's pupils had changed. They had turned into the abyss.

"Eye Sorcery." Luo Zhao wanted to avert his gaze. However, in that instant, he saw that the pair of eyes had devoured the entire world. Everything in his surroundings had ceased to exist. It was as though this was an independent area.

A golden Space Prison seemed to be falling down directly at him, about to imprison him within. Luo Zhao let out a cold grunt and activated his will. The Divine Wheel in his body released an immensely radiant ray of golden light. Countless bolts of golden lightning lashed out around him and destroyed everything it came across. It tore the Space Prison apart.

Boom… The gold cell seemed to have exploded and was completely destroyed. However, at the next moment, Luo Zhao saw a second, identical jail cell.

Luo Zhao raised his hands and blasted forward. His punch penetrated the boundless void and smashed all of the Space Prisons into pieces. However, at the next moment, Luo Zhao was shocked to realize that the thing trapping him was an endless layer of Space Prisons. It was never-ending…

The next moment, the Space Prisons suddenly contorted and formed a golden black hole-like tempest. It seemed to transform into an infinite array of golden divine swords that could cut through the void. The swords swallowed him.

An immensely strong spiritual storm suppressed everything. It pushed Luo Zhao downward. He knew that this was an empty existence, but it felt incredibly realistic.

Rumble… A violent aura erupted. Luo Zhao's body seemed to have been clad with golden armor. He looked like a War God.

The golden divine swords unleashed an unending barrage of attacks and blasted themselves on Luo Zhao's golden armor. Terrifying sounds of impact rang out. Luo Zhao was submerged in the frenzied assault. Both his body and his soul were buried by the violent power.

"The almighty eye, an unending massacre." A voice rang out in Luo Zhao's head. His spirit seemed to have taken the brunt of an unending massacre. The terrifying storm infiltrated his body. Luo Zhao felt a wave of pain that came from deep within his bones.

"Stop!" He let out a scream, but no one heard his voice. At this moment, he was trapped in the territory of Ye Futian's Eye Sorcery. His voice had been sealed off by the Space Prison.

"Your abilities are rather extraordinary. Have a good feel of this." Ye Futian's voice appeared once again in Luo Zhao's brain. Luo Zhao's appearance gradually started to contort. The unending Sword Will pierced through his body and seemed to reap his soul!


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    《The Legend of Futian》