The Legend of Futian
1669 Concubine?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1669 Concubine?

On the Divine Altar Peak, several spectators witnessed the battle. Many Divine Spirits also came from far away to steal a peek at the battle between Ye Futian and Luo Zhao.

It was a battle, but the two of them did not move.

A terrifying divine light erupted from within Ye Futian's body. Ye Futian's eyes communicated with the will of the heavens and caused multiple Great Paths to descend. The Great Paths transformed into countless Space prisons and directly assaulted Luo Zhao.

With his eyes as the Divine Wheel, he had cast an Eye Sorcery of the Great Path.

With Ye Futian's body in the middle, an infinite amount of Earthly Will swarmed toward him from all around the Divine Altar Peak. The Earthly Will formed a tempest. It was like a Worldly Jail formed to imprison just Luo Zhao.

Luo Zhao also stood in his original position. The power of his Divine Wheel also erupted from his body, but it felt as though he had succumbed to the Eye Sorcery. Both his body in the outside world and the mental state were being attacked at the same time. His counter-attacks felt futile. There was no way that he could dispel the Worldly Jail.

What was more terrifying was that the Worldly Jail transformed into a sealed Great Path space. There was only Ye Futian's path within the space. Luo Zhao seemed to have lost the ability to use his path. It was as though his connection with the world had been severed.

A powerful fighter at the Renhuang Plane was as glorious as the sun and moon. He was connected to the world. His Divine Spirit was fusing with the world. His Divine Spirit of the Great Path was one with the world.

What did losing the means of communicating with the world mean?

It meant that he was rendered half useless and could only depend solely on the powers of the Divine Wheel.

"Senior Luo." The expression of the person at the Saint Plane, who was injured by Yaya, changed. Even he could tell that something was off. Luo Zhao seemed to have been imprisoned by Ye Futian's path.

Furthermore, within the unending layers of Space Prisons, there seemed to be an infinite amount of Great Path Divine Light piercing directly into Luo Zhao's body. It caused Luo Zhao's expression to contort and change constantly. It seemed that he was in immense pain. He seemed to want to say something, but the outside world could not hear him no matter what he said.

At this moment, he could not imagine the pain Luo Zhao was experiencing. Within the Almighty Eye, the power of the unending massacre was boundless. Luo Zhao soon found that he could no longer sustain himself. His Divine Wheel was being suppressed. His spiritual will was being pressed on relentlessly. The unending Sword Will was piercing his soul. At this moment, no one could imagine the pain Luo Zhao was going through.

"Enough, I admit defeat." Luo Zhao's voice entered Ye Futian's brain.

"You are extraordinarily strong and have abilities stronger than the average person. Why must you be so humble? I am sincere in seeking out pointers. Please treat me seriously," Ye Futian replied. His voice directly entered Luo Zhao's brain.

Creak creak… His soul seemed to be about to be split apart. Luo Zhao let out a pained roar. He seemed to see a gargantuan figure deep within his eyes. The figure looked like a deity. It was scrutinizing him. Its gaze was filled with disdain and directly imprinted itself within his soul.

His body was trembling in pain, but he could not free himself no matter how he retaliated.

Furthermore, Ye Futian was unwilling to stop the attack. He only realized now what Ye Futian's words meant.

If he won, he could bring Yaya away and win the ritual implements.

If he lost, he naively believed that Ye Futian would let him go.

From the start, Ye Futian had not intended to let him off. The words he said just now were to make him take action.

This was not a spar between equals. This was a one-sided massacre.

Ye Futian was humiliating him in front of everyone present.

The current Ye Futian had no intention of being compassionate. He was expressionless. He would not let a person who lusted over Yaya's divine item and dealt with Yaya with such an excuse off, even if he was a Renhuang of Tianshen Academy. He would leave Luo Zhao with a deep impression. He would make him remember this moment forever.

"Enough." Two Renhuangs from the Red Forge Peak walked forward from behind Luo Zhao. One of them was as strong as Luo Zhao, while the other had a second-tier Divine Wheel. However, how could they not see that Luo Zhao was undergoing an absolute suppression at this point? He had succumbed entirely to Ye Futian's Eye Sorcery.

Luo Zhao's expression seemed to be extremely pained.

The Divine Wheels in their bodies burst forth. The divine light of the Great Path swarmed toward Ye Futian as they attempted to force him to stop.

However, they saw two figures step forward at the same time. One was a teen in a white robe who was incredibly charismatic. He released his aura. The surroundings seemed to contain a heavenly Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Light radiated in all directions. A terrifying phenomenon appeared behind Gu Dongliu.

Countless ferocious, ancient beasts seemed to have appeared. They reared their heads and howled before they charged directly toward one of the Renhuang.

On the other side, the Swordmaster of Lihen had stepped forward. He lifted his divine sword in the air and sent out 10,000 swords. Even though it was not as extravagant as Gu Dongliu's attack, it was also extremely exquisite. The light it released was as radiant as that released by a perfect Divine Wheel of the Great Path.



The roars of the giant beasts shook the surroundings. A powerful fighter with a third-tier Divine Wheel was directly pressured into retreating. The powers of the Divine Wheel in his body were extremely suppressed. He was rendered unable to approach Ye Futian.

The other Renhuang with the second-tier Divine Wheel was also forced back by the Sword Will. Faced with the Sword Will, he only stopped when his body had retreated far away.

The rest of the powerful fighters around them looked at Ye Futian, Gu Dongliu, and the Swordmaster of Lihen in shock.

Even though most of the people in Shentian Academy had heard about them, personally witnessing the attacks of the three great Renhuangs and the splendor of their Divine Wheels still had an extreme impact.

These were three perfect Divine Wheels.

In their generation, only Jian Qingzhu had managed to forge a perfect Divine Wheel.

From far away, many figures approached the scene. They were the people who had been training in the area and had stolen a peek at the battle with their Divine Spirits. They naturally could not contain themselves after witnessing this exciting scene. They personally descended onto the area and looked on at the exaggerated scene.

The levels of the three Renhuangs from Tianshen Academy were higher than their three opponents. However, they were all being suppressed.

Ye Futian did not stop. He did not mind blowing up the matter a little more. Luo Zhao had selfishly taken action against Yaya and blew the matter up. Tianshen Academy still wanted to preserve their reputation. They would not do anything to him.

Currently, many people from premium factions of all the realms were training at Shentian Academy. Many of them had come to watch.

Luo Zhao's body was no longer just trembling; it could be described as convulsing. He looked extremely pathetic.

The powerful fighters had a look of sympathy when they looked toward Luo Zhao. Luo Zhao was a Renhuang, but he was experiencing such a merciless massacre. It must have a large impact on his psyche.

It was clear that Ye Futian planned for this.

"Princess Luoshen," a voice rang out. Nan Luoshen had also come. She had just entered Tianshen Academy not long ago. She had entered just after she obtained the ritual implement from Ye Futian. She had just visited an elder from Shentian Academy when she noticed the movements in the area. She then rushed over when she saw that Ye Futian was taking action.

The person who greeted her was Shen Hao from the Shen clan.

Many of the people training within Tianshen Academy did not know what to feel.

"That person sure is merciless," Xiao Muyu said after she swept her beautiful eyes past Ye Futian. She also glanced toward Nan Luoshen and Chang Xi. She thought that she was extraordinarily beautiful, but she could not compare to the two of them.

Nan Luoshen and Chang Yi were people who would shock anyone who glanced at them.

However, she had already been exposed to Ye Futian's modus operandi when she was in the God's Relic. He had snatched over their Divine Lotus with a smile on his face. There was a blade hidden within his smile.

However, Xiao Muyu felt a complicated mix of emotions when she saw the three powerful fighters with their perfect Divine Wheels.

She had not managed to seize the opportunity back in the God's Relic. It would be difficult for her now. Even though she had great potential, she was not the most powerful fighter within her family. She would be able to change her fate if she managed to forge a perfect Divine Wheel. However, if she doesn't, the best resources would never be invested in her. She had submitted her application for the ritual implements back then, but none of the items made it into her hands.


A sound was heard at this moment. The spectators saw that Ye Futian had stopped. Luo Zhao's body was pushed directly onto the ground. A person at his level should not be so haggard, but he was already at the edge of breaking down. He was no longer very conscious.

Even though Ye Futian had stopped, Luo Zhao still felt as though he was trapped within the terrifying Eye Sorcery.

"Senior." The person behind him stepped forward. He saw that Luo Zhao had become soberer and was standing up. Luo Zhao did not have any obvious injuries but was incredibly weak.

He knew what he had just experienced.

"Thank you for holding back," Ye Futian said. Luo Zhao's expression was so sullen that it was terrifying.

Luo Zhao looked at the figures around him, then turned around and said, "Let's go back."

He immediately walked away after he said that. He knew that he was too ashamed to stay in this place.

The people from the Red Forge Peak left one after the other. Ye Futian and his group restrained their auras. Everything seemed to have returned to normal. However, Luo Zhao's mental state had been impacted greatly.

Ye Futian looked at his surroundings. Many figures were standing in the air around the Heavenly Altar Peak. He had seen many of them in the God's Relic.

"Ye Futian."

A voice rang out at this moment. Ye Futian looked up at the person who spoke. It was Shen Hao.

He looked toward Shen Hao with curiosity.

"You have some animosity with the Shen clan. Your teacher, the Sky River Great Elder, was once a member of the Shen clan, though something unfortunate happened later on. However, you have now forged a perfect Divine Wheel. The Shen clan can disregard the unhappy incidents that happened in the past. Are you willing to join the Shen clan and train with us?"

Many people were shocked. Shen Hao was inviting Ye Futian to train with the Shen clan.

It was worth it to pull a person with a perfect Divine Wheel toward their side. Furthermore, Ye Futian and his group had three Renhuangs who had perfect Divine Wheels. They also each possessed a piece of treasure.

Ye Futian glanced at Shen Hao in shock. He had noticed that Shen Hao paid no heed to him back in the God's Relic. The people from the Shen clan all had the same attitude toward the disciples of the Sky River Great Elder.

However, he did have his value now that he had forged the perfect Divine Wheel. The conflict between the Shen clan and him was different than that with his teacher.

If Shen Hao knew that his teacher was Qi Xuangang and that his teacher had been brought away by the Shen clan, Ye Futian guessed that Shen Hao would not say those words.

"You can head to the Tianhe Realm and ask my teacher. I do not have any objections if he agrees," Ye Futian said with a smile. Did Shen Hao want him to join the good guys or betray his teacher?

It was not strange for Ye Futian to reject Shen Hao. All Shen Hao wanted to know was if Ye Futian would be tempted, even for a moment.

"Emperor Ye, what do you think about the Xiao clan?" Xiao Muyu smiled and said when she saw Shen Hao initiate the conversation. In the past, her clan had instructed her to establish a closer relationship with Ye Futian.

Her clan would be elated if she managed to pull the three powerful fighters with perfect Divine Wheels into the Xiao clan. Of course, she knew that she had no hopes of doing that.

"Being the son-in-law of the Xiao clan?" Ye Futian smiled and said as he looked toward Xiao Muyu. Of course, only Xiao Muyu understood what he said.

"If you are willing, I can consider it." Xiao Muyu smiled gently. She seemed a little flirtatious.

"But I already have a wife. Since that is the case, I might have to let you suffer a little," Ye Futian said, a little conflicted.


Xiao Muyu froze. Her expression then changed when she understood what Ye Futian meant. She then glared fiercely at Ye Futian.

That b*stard wanted me to become his concubine?


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    《The Legend of Futian》