The Legend of Futian
1670 This Shameless B*stard
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1670 This Shameless B*stard

Xiao Muyu ignored Ye Futian. He was the most shameless Renhuang she had ever seen.

He did not have the magnanimity of a Renhuang at all. Aside from his face being handsome...

"Aside from Sword Will, did you obtain other divine items in God's relic?" A voice asked. Instantly, the gazes of the crowd turned in the direction of the voice.

A silhouette that was bathed in sunlight stood in mid-air, as brilliant and dazzling as a Sun God.

It was Di Wu, the God of Solar Divine Palace from the Solar Realm.

His gaze, which contained the divine light of the sun, landed on Ye Futian.

In the battle just now, Ye Futian's Divine Wheel of the Great Path was unique. As the battle progressed, it immediately sealed off the space. It was as though his Way was the only Way in the space. It completely suppressed Luo Zhao's Way.

Di Wu was one of the ten people who obtained divine items. He had also begun to use the divine item to cultivate. Hence, he clearly understood more than anyone what Ye Futian's battle signified.

It was not just him. In reality, other people also wanted to ask Ye Futian about it, especially those who had obtained divine items in the God's relic.

Their guesses were similar to that of Di Wu.

They clearly knew that even if they managed to forge a flawless Divine Wheel, in battle, the Divine Wheel would only make them slightly more powerful by attracting the power of the Great Path from their surroundings with the power of the Great Path it contained. In terms of the "essence" of their Way, there was no difference; they were still the same.

However, when they utilized the divine items, some changes would occur. They could forge an enclosed domain of the Great Path. Their Way would become even more powerful.

Just now, when Ye Futian was fighting against Luo Zhao, he gave off this feeling.

Ye Futian's gaze turned towards Di Wu. Di Wu was observant. This Pupil Divine Wheel was forged from the spiritual storm Life Spirit. The Life Spirit was not Ye Futian's own item, but something given to him by Donghuang the Great. The Great Path it contained was naturally not the same as Ye Futian's own.

This was before Ye Futian released his fourth Divine Wheel. If he released his fourth Divine Wheel, he wondered how Di Wu would think. His fourth Divine Wheel was a complete Great Path domain. It was an enclosed space and an absolute Great Path domain.

"In the God's relic, I was bathed in the divine light of Donghuang the Great and relied on it to prove my Way and forge a Divine Wheel of the Great Path, so the results will naturally be different," Ye Futian said. "Unfortunately, all of you broke through the next Plane too soon. Fortunately, I suppressed my Plane. Hence, when the Heavenly Palace in the God's relic opened, I managed to prove my Way and forge a Divine Wheel."

Ye Futian's tone was very casual. He was telling the crowd that the reason he was different from the rest of them was that his Divine Wheel of the Great Path was forged when he was bathed in the divine light of Donghuang the Great in the Heavenly Palace. Of course, he would be different from the rest of them.

What Ye Futian said was also a possibility. After all, he had indeed suppressed his Plane and had proven his Great Path under the Emperor's might of the Heavenly Palace.

If that was so, did they really miss out on a fateful encounter like Ye Futian had said?

"Does that mean that it is the same for your Guqin Divine Wheel?" Di Wu's gaze remained the same. However, he was somewhat suspicious. The battle between Ye Futian and Gai Jiutian after they emerged from the God's relic gave off a different feeling from what they had just witnessed.

Ye Futian looked at Di Wu and revealed a nonchalant smile. He did not respond.

Whether or not it was the same, did Ye Futian need to tell Di Wu?

"Unleash your Guqin Divine Wheel and let us see," Di Wu ordered as he looked at Ye Futian. If it were different, it would prove that it was possible that Ye Futian had received other benefits in the Heavenly Palace of the God's relic that the rest of them did not know of.

"Unleash my Guqin Divine Wheel for all of you to see?"

Ye Futian swept a glance at Di Wu. The God of Solar Divine Palace was truly rude and arrogant.

If Di Wu had used the words "please" or "could you kindly," Ye Futian might have considered doing so.

Di Wu seemed to have forgotten that the person standing across from him was also a top monstrous figure who forged a flawless Divine Wheel like him.

Ye Futian smiled. He turned and walked up to beside Yaya.

After eating the fruit of the Way, Yaya had already recovered. Her aura was stable, and Sword Will revolved around her. She actually showed signs of having become stronger. The aura in her body seemed to have reached a critical point.

This caused Ye Futian to reveal a strange look. It might be that being suppressed by Renhuangs was a blessing in disguise for her.

After receiving the teachings of Donghuang the Great, Yaya's cultivation had already improved by leaps and bounds. Having cultivation knowledge of two lives, she made up for the things that she was previously lacking in. Hence, her improvement was very rapid.

When she was still Sword Saint of the Void, she had already reached the Holiness of Nirvana. That was why Ye Futian did not feel her rapid improvement was strange.

Seemingly sensing something, Yaya opened her eyes, and the Sword Will around her dissipated.

"Let us head back first," Ye Futian said.

"Hmm." Yaya nodded. Between Ye Futian and her, there was no need for thanks. They had faced life-and-death situations together. Ye Futian had always treated her as a sister. However, her feelings for Ye Futian were somewhat complicated.

This feeling was difficult to describe.

Gu Dongliu and the Swordmaster of Lihen also walked up to them. Their group immediately walked away from this place, ignoring the surrounding crowd.

Ye Futian was not interested in being surrounded and observed by a crowd.

When Di Wu saw this scene, he frowned. The gaze he gave Ye Futian was somewhat cold. However, this was Tianshen Academy and not his own territory. In the end, he did not stop Ye Futian and his group. Of course, he could not stop them from leaving. The two people behind Ye Futian had very strong abilities.

Chang Xi glanced at Di Wu. The Solar Realm and the Shadow Realm were diametrically opposed. Di Wu's standing in the Solar Realm was similar to her position in the Shadow Realm.

Di Wu's identity and status naturally did not need to be mentioned. As the God of Solar Divine Palace, he was considered without equal. Now that he had forged a flawless Divine Wheel, it was highly possible that he would inherit Solar Divine Palace in the future.

However, he was underestimating Ye Futian. This disciple of Sky River Great Elder dared to kill Gai Shi Shi and Gai Jiutian. One could tell what sort of person Ye Futian was.

Also, from Ye Futian's current performance, he did not seem to be weaker than they were. In terms of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path that they forged, he was already way ahead of them.

Currently, Ye Futian already displayed two flawless Divine Wheels.

Chang Xi stepped out and left this place immediately. The other cultivators also dispersed. Prior to this, Nan Luoshen had asked Ye Futian how many flawless Divine Wheels he had forged. Ye Futian merely answered that she would know sooner or later. If so, did that mean that he only had two?

She had a faint feeling that it was possible that he had more than two.

Nan Luoshen also left the place. When Shen Hao saw Nan Luoshen leaving, he also followed behind her. He cried out to her, "Princess Luoshen, after having proven my Way and becoming a Renhuang, I am still unsure of a few matters. May I ask you for advice?"

Nan Luoshen turned around and glanced at Shen Hao. She replied, "I myself am unsure of many things."

Although she had been brought up under the pampering of Emperor Nan and Empress Luo, she was already a Renhuang. How could she not understand Shen Hao's intention of approaching her?

"If so, wouldn't it be more interesting if we figure out what we are unsure of together?" Shen Hao suggested with a smile. His tone was gentle and bore an air of elegance.

"There are many seniors in Tianshen Academy. Since we have come to Tianshen Academy, I am certain that the seniors of Tianshen Academy will naturally be willing to offer some pointers to us. Farewell," Nan Luoshen still replied calmly. Then, she immediately stepped into the air and disappeared from her spot.

Shen Hao smiled as he watched Nan Luoshen's disappearing silhouette. It was as expected of the princess of Nantian Divine Kingdom and the only daughter of Emperor Nan. In the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there were few maidens that could catch his eye. This was the first time he had been rejected when asking a girl of his generation to have a discussion about their Ways.

However, he did not get worked up over it. This response was fitting of Nan Luoshen's status.

In the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, who, aside from Nan Luoshen, could become Shen Hao's Spiritual Partner?

Shen Hao turned around and walked off in a different direction. Although he was interested in Nan Luoshen, in his heart, his cultivation would always come first. A Spiritual Partner was just an embellishment on one's cultivation journey. After training alone for so many years, it was hard to come across a woman that could catch his eye. He naturally did not want to let her slip by him.


After Ye Futian returned to his palace, he noticed that someone was actually following behind him. Surprisingly, it was Xiao Muyu from the Xiao Clan.

In the courtyard, Ye Futian looked somewhat suspiciously at Xiao Muyu. He asked, "Goddess Xiao, could it be that you are actually interested in me?"

Before this, Ye Futian was merely joking. Could it be that Xiao Muyu truly wanted to be his concubine?

Was this the power of his charm?

Xiao Muyu's gaze turned cold. She realized that even though this fellow had exceptional talent and had proven his Way to become a Renhuang, he was really shameless.

"Before this, Renhuang Ye claimed that there were not many ritual implements left. I am here because I am curious. I want to see which ritual implements Nan Luoshen has chosen," Xiao Muyu said. Right now, she did not believe a single word that Ye Futian had uttered the other day.

"Since Goddess Xiao has made your pick, there is no reason for you to take another look at the pile," Ye Futian rejected her request decisively. His eyelids twitched.

This young mistress from Xiao Clan actually did not believe him?

"Is Renhuang Ye guilty of something?" Xiao Muyu asked.

"Since Goddess Xiao has no trust in me, naturally, I have nothing to say to you," Ye Futian responded indifferently.

"Humph," Xiao Muyu coldly snorted. "Renhuang Ye is aware of what you have done. I will not bring it up again. However, I am here today not on behalf of my clan. We met in the God's relic, and the treasure I targeted was snatched by Renhuang Ye; despite that, I still helped Renhuang Ye to resolve your crisis. We can be considered as acquaintances, right?"

Ye Futian smiled. Her help was exchanged for with ritual implements. He did not feel indebted to her.

This Xiao Muyu was somewhat odd.

"Naturally." Ye Futian nodded with a smile.

"If that's the case, may I ask Renhuang Ye for some help?" Xiao Muyu's gaze was somewhat dodgy. It was as though she was struggling to ask for something. She was also a very proud and image-conscious person. She had struggled with herself before coming forward to seek help from him.

Ye Futian was stunned. Did this mean that she had intentionally mentioned ritual implements before to make him feel guilty?

"Goddess Xiao, please tell me what you need of me. If it is within my power, I will naturally do my best to help you," Ye Futian said.

"All cultivators know the difficulty of forging a flawless Divine Wheel. However, in this generation, three Renhuangs around Renhuang Ye have forged flawless Divine Wheels. You must certainly have some experience in forging flawless Divine Wheels..." Xiao Muyu said.

Three powerful cultivators had all forged flawless Divine Wheels. Even though they themselves were talented, they should have had some prior experience to guide them.

There were certainly similarities between the three cultivators.

"For the three of them to forge flawless Divine Wheels, it was also fate. Goddess Xiao should know the difficulty in forging flawless Divine Wheels," Ye Futian said.

When Xiao Muyu heard Ye Futian's words, she was slightly disappointed. She did not know whether or not his words were true. However, even if Ye Futian knew of any method, he would most likely not teach it to her.

"Is there really no technique that I can learn?" Xiao Muyu inquired.

"It is too difficult," Ye Futian said.

Xiao Muyu did not press the matter further. She said, "Farewell."

Then, she turned around and prepared to leave.

"However, there is still hope," Ye Futian added on. This caused Xiao Muyu to pause in her tracks.

She turned around and stared at Ye Futian. Did he really know of a method?

"You know of a method?" Xiao Muyu asked.

"This depends on what price Goddess Xiao is willing to pay," Ye Futian probed with a smile.

When Xiao Muyu saw Ye Futian's equivocal gaze, she felt a chill down her spine. This shameless b*stard actually...


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    《The Legend of Futian》