The Legend of Futian
1674 Clan Banque
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1674 Clan Banque

On the second day, there was a banquet at the Goddess Palace to welcome Ye Futian.

There were countless cultivators there. The person sitting in the place honor was not Xiao Muyu, who was about to be named a Goddess, but was instead her grandfather Xiao Qianshan.

Below him on the left sat Ye Futian, Xia Qingyuan, and Jiang Chengzi. On the right were Xiao Muyu's father Xiao Hanjiang. Xiao Muyu sat behind him.

Of the cultivators there, Jiang Chengzi was naturally the strongest, but he had still come here following Ye Futian.

Xiao Qianshan and Xiao Hanjiang were both Xiao Muyu's elders, so they were sitting in places of honor.

The day before had been Ye Futian and Xiao Muyu's private meeting, while today was the welcome banquet for Ye Futian from Xiao Muyu's family.

"The land remains the same, but each generation is stronger than the one before. You are so young, Emperor Ye, but your name makes the Nine Realms tremble. Muyu is so grateful to you that she cannot even express it. I raise my cup to you and Elder Jiang." Xiao Qianshan raised his cup towards them as he spoke.

He was the highest-ranked member of the Xiao clan but was not as powerful as Jiang Chengzi. Thus, there was no question that he should call him "elder."

Although the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was currently far less powerful than the Xiao clan of the Central Imperial Realm, Jiang Chengzi was still the clan lord, the strongest member of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

"Thank you, elder," said Ye Futian, raising his cup. Jiang Chengzi did so as well, and the three of them drained their drinks.

"Your guidance was instrumental in Muyu being able to prove herself worthy of being a Renhuang. Now she is being made a Goddess. Thus, we raise another cup to you," said Xiao Qianshan, raising another cup and draining it.

"My father is correct. Muyu has not told us in detail what happened, but since you are her master, she must have succeeded due to your guidance. As Muyu's father, I will drink a cup in your honor as well," said Xiao Hanjiang. He looked to be about forty and had cultivated to the rank of a mid-level Renhuang.

He naturally knew his daughter very well. He was quite talented and had a strong mind for cultivation. He was an above-average member of his clan. But in the Central Emperor Realm, he was not considered to be at the top level.

Xiao Hanjiang thought that Xiao Muyu had missed her chance in the God's Relic, and would not be able to forge a perfect Divine Wheel. She would have had very little chance of becoming a Goddess then.

But he had never thought that after returning from Tianshen Academy, she would forge her perfect Divine Wheel and become perfect. In her assessment, she gave a stunning performance that proved her worthy of becoming a Goddess and becoming the future head of the clan.

This was all very strange. Later, he heard that Xiao Muyu had studied under Ye Futian and had proved herself with his help.

Ye Futian had a perfect Divine Wheel himself, as did several of the people around him. He naturally understood Divine Wheels. So although he was shocked, he could accept it. But he didn't know just how much Ye Futian had contributed.

Xiao Muyu had not told him in detail. She had just said that Ye Futian had expended some energy to set up a life energy matrix that had helped her forge her perfect Divine Wheel.

Xiao Hanjiang felt that his daughter was hiding something, but he was not concerned about what it was. He approved both of Ye Futian's talent and the help he had given to his daughter. This was a man with a lot of potential.

"You are too kind, Elder Xiao. I just helped her a little bit. Muyu herself is very talented, and she achieved her perfect Divine Wheel on her own. After all, everything in cultivation is based on one's self," said Ye Futian modestly. Of course, he would not say that it was all due to him.

He had asked Xiao Muyu not to reveal too much, but rather to just say that he had helped her out by using his own experience. After all, he was her master, so she would not be able to hide his help completely.

Xiao Muyu looked at him deeply. When had her master ever been so modest?

"You helped me advance to the next level. How is that just a little bit of help? I will always respect you for that, and I will always..."

"Ahem!" Ye Futian coughed, cutting off Xiao Muyu's words. He saw that she was smiling at him and said, "I only did what anyone else would have done. Keep cultivating well, Muyu. This will be the best way to thank me."

Was this girl trying to expose the whole truth?

How improper.

"I understand," said Xiao Muyu with a smile. Xiao Hanjiang did not understand their conversation, but he said, "Emperor Ye, I am Muyu's father, you are her master. Although there is a great gap in our ages, we are both equally her elders. There is no need for you to call me elder and be so modest. You can call me Brother Xiao, alright?"

"If you say so, I will, of course, do so, Brother Xiao," said Ye Futian, clinking his cup with Xiao Han Jiang's. Xiao Hanjiang was trying to pull him closer. He had already accepted Xiao Muyu as a disciple, and now Han Jiang was trying to improve their relationship even closer. Of course, Ye Futian would not refuse.

"Please drink as much as you'd like, Brother Ye," said Xiao Hanjiang, drinking another cup. Xiao Qianshan smiled as well.

"Now you are calling Hanjiang brother," he said, "and you are Muyu's master. From now on, you are family. If there is anything you need, just say it, and I will do anything in my power to help you."

He had a perfect Divine Wheel and infinite potential. Moreover, he was very close to Xiao Muyu.

"I hope that you will not become annoyed when I take you up on your often," said Ye Futian jokingly.

The banquet had a very harmonious atmosphere. There was not one thing that seemed discordant. After all, Xiao Muyu had a completely different status now than before. Everyone in her family, from oldest to youngest, would do anything in their power to help their future goddess.


At that moment, there were footsteps in the distance; they sounded very heavy.

Everyone looked off into the distance and saw a group of people coming, seemingly very slow. But they reached the stairway up to the banquet very quickly. They began walking up the stairs.

Everyone stopped feasting. Xiao Qianshan frowned, seeming a bit unhappy.

Things were already settled. What were they doing here?

Boom! The footsteps were not actually that loud, but they rang out in everyone's minds. The man at their head was an elder, someone who was very powerful. He was an upper-level Renhuang who was considered to be a great figure.

"People from the other bloodline within the clan. Previously, one of their juniors hoped to be the future heir. It is that youth there named Xiao Lan. He is a mid-level Renhuang, with a fourth tier Divine Wheel," Xiao Muyu said to Ye Futian telepathically.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over them, stopping for a moment on the young man in the second row.

"If someone in the clan does not have a perfect Divine Wheel, they won't name them a God or a Goddess unless they can surpass the clan leader," answered Ye Futian. Since the position had previously been empty, if Xiao Muyu had not forged a perfect Divine Wheel and displayed her immense talent, then the position would have been empty forever. This would have let all the disciples of the Xiao clan grow up, hoping they could claim it.

This would last until the strongest one of them emerged.

But Xiao Muyu had shown such strength that the clan had decided that she was the only one who was worthy. Fighting among themselves would only consume their power, and thus they had held this ceremony. All of the clan's power would be bestowed on this one person.

"The clan has already chosen you as Goddess, why are they here? What do they hope to accomplish?" Ye Futian could naturally see that they had not come for a good purpose.

"Probably because they are upset. Once the ceremony is over, they won't be able to do anything about it. At that point, I will be the highest-ranked person in the clan besides the clan leader, and they won't have any more opportunities," answered Xiao Muyu.

This is their last gasp, Ye Futian thought to himself. A goddess was similar to a Prince in terms of position. They were the highest-ranked people besides Dynastic Overlords.

"Why have you come, elder brother?" Xiao Qianshan asked the man who led them. The elder was a little older than Xiao Qianshan, which was why he called him elder brother.

"I heard that Muyu's master is here, so I came to greet him and see how majestic he must be to have trained a Goddess of our clan," said the elder. He was naturally speaking of their future goddess, as before the ceremony, she did not have this status yet.

If she had already received this title, there would not have been a point in him coming.

Ye Futian noticed that the man's first utterance had been about him. It seemed that by becoming Xiao Muyu's master, he had suddenly become a member of the Xiao clan and had created an heir. This would affect a lot of people.

"This is Master Ye, one of the people who forged a perfect Wheel of the Divine Path in the God's Relic. He is Muyu's master," said Xiao Qianshan, introducing him. "This is my elder brother."

"Greetings, elder," said Ye Futian politely to the man.

The elder nodded to him, showing not the least bit of disrespect.

"You helped Muyu advance, creating a Goddess for our clan. I owe you my infinite thanks." The elder's tone was completely proper, and not rude in the least. "My junior, Xiao Lan, is also rather talented. He is a mid-level Renhuang with a fourth tier Divine Wheel. Might I ask you to teach him a thing or two? Perhaps you could aid him in his cultivation."

A look of surprise came over everyone's faces. Ye Futian had just entered the Renhuang plane. Although he was very talented, how could he teach a mid-level Renhuang anything?

However, the elder had not said what Ye Futian should teach him. So it would not necessarily come to a fight between them. Thus, this was actually a test for Ye Futian, one that might cause him a lot of trouble.

After all, Ye Futian was the Goddess's master. Asking him to teach Xiao Lan was, at least on the surface, not the least bit improper.

"You can refuse, brother Ye," Xiao Hanjiang said to him telepathically. The elder was clearly unhappy and had deliberately sought out Ye Futian. But everything was already arranged. If Ye Futian refused, there would be no problem.

After all, he was a member of the family. The elder couldn't really do anything to him.

"Master, ignore him," said Xiao Muyu telepathically.

Ye Futian was silent for a moment. Then he put down his cup and looked at Xiao Muyu. "You are about to become a Goddess. If I don't do anything, won't that make you lose face?"

On saying this, he smiled, stood up, and said, "I accept!"


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    《The Legend of Futian》