The Legend of Futian
1675 Distance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1675 Distance

Ye Futian stepped forward. The gazes of everyone present instantly fell onto him.

Xiao Muyu was a little shocked. Even though Ye Futian was her teacher, his cultivation level was the same as hers. It had not been long since he proved his path. He could have rejected the offer directly.

For some reason, Xiao Muyu sensed enormous confidence radiating from Ye Futian when she saw his back.

Xiao Qianshan sat at the front. He was also shocked by Ye Futian's actions. However, he did not stop him.

Ye Futian was a powerful figure whose reputation had shaken the nine realms. He was the only person in the most prominent group within the God's Relic that had not been nurtured as a successor by a premium faction. He was a powerful figure who had helped his granddaughter forge her perfect Divine Wheel and accepted Xiao Muyu as his disciple.

Xiao Qianshan himself wanted to see how powerful Ye Futian was.

Ye Futian walked forward one step at a time. The elders, who were standing by the side of the stairway, made way when they saw him walking toward them. "This way, Emperor Ye."

The elders then retreated to the side and gave the stage to Ye Futian and Xiao Lan, who was still standing on the steps.

Xiao Lan was a mid-level Renhuang with a fourth-tier Divine Wheel. He was the person who was worthy of fighting for the spot of a successor before Xiao Muyu forged her perfect Divine Wheel.

Ye Futian stopped. His gaze landed on the figure in front of him.

As a Renhuang with a fourth-tier Divine Wheel, Xiao Lan radiated an immense authority of a Renhuang. He was looking calmly at the figure in front of him with his hands behind his back. He announced, "Xiao clan, Xiao Lan."

"Xiao Muyu's teacher, Ye Futian," Ye Futian stopped in his tracks and replied.

"How do you wish to spar, Emperor Ye?" Xiao Lan asked.

Ye Futian did not speak. He had a faint smile and was calm and casual. There seemed to be a breeze blowing past the stairway, which caused Ye Futian's white hair to dance slightly. His white robes also swayed with the wind.

Ye Futian raised his leg and took a step forward.


This footstep seemed to have produced a dull thud. It caused the Goddess Pavilion to tremble slightly. A buzz rang out from the ground. The ground seemed to be shaking. It was as if the area was about to collapse. A sacred and authoritative aura spilled out. A boundless golden ray of light descended from the sky.

Ye Futian, who was standing under the ray of light, bathed in the golden glory. He looked like a deity.

This footstep landed directly on Xiao Lan's body. It might even have landed on his soul. It harbored unparalleled pressure.

It was clear that this was the most direct mode of competition. There was nothing simpler than this.


Xiao Lan also raised his foot and took a step forward as he walked up the steps. In that instant, the color of the horizon seemed to change. The sky above the Goddess Pavilion was originally clear and sunny. However, it instantly turned white and black. An overbearing aura of both life and death was created. The current of life and death circled Xiao Lan's body and transformed into images. It seemed to have transformed into the aura of yin and yang.

Life and death.

Ye Futian sensed Xiao Lan's will. The disciples of the Xiao clan should have cultivated both of these wills. This was also the reason that Xiao Muyu fought for the lotus back then.

Xiao Lan's eyes changed. His pupils turned into black and white. They became bottomless. Images of life and death appeared as his pupils spun. Those eyes seemed to be about to devour Ye Futian when Ye Futian looked toward him.

This gaze caused the immense Will of Life and Death in the surroundings to envelop Ye Futian. It was as though a true Yinyang Formation of Life and Death had descended and had directly charged into Ye Futian's brain.

"Eye Sorcery."

Ye Futian was expressionless. His eyes had also changed. It was deep and boundless like an endless abyss. In that instant, the terrifying black hole devoured everything. Images of space directly suppressed and enveloped the images of life and death.

"A perfect Divine Wheel." Xiao Lan still had his hands behind his back. Even though he had lost to Xiao Muyu in the competition, that had not been a direct battle. At this moment, he was facing off against a perfect Divine Wheel in every sense of the word. He had an even clearer sense of the perfect Divine Wheel.

"Even though you have a perfect Divine Wheel, how are you going to bridge the gap between our cultivation level?" Xiao Muyu murmured to himself. A terrifying Yinyang Image of Life and Death appeared on the horizon. It created a horrifying Death Ray, which cleaved toward Ye Futian's body. At the same time, a similar scene appeared in his eyes. The scene in his eyes attacked Ye Futian's soul.

Creak creak… The Sword Will crashed against the Death Ray. The place of the banquet was not far away. However, the battlefield of the two fighters had been enveloped by a destructive tempest. The tempest did not affect the banquet in the slightest. The two areas were clearly separated. It was a miraculous scene.


Ye Futian once again took another step forward. Countless rays of golden splendor appeared around him. The rays of light circled the area like individual divine sculptures. It suppressed the descending Death Ray. Even though many of the divine sculptures were shattered and destroyed in the process, Ye Futian still stood there with a calm expression. His expression did not change, even though the surroundings were crumbling around him.

"Even though your will is much stronger, your cultivation level is too low. However, this battle is not fair to you," Xiao Lan said. He did not become sarcastic because he had a slight upper hand. He knew clearly that a battle between people with such a difference in cultivation level was extremely unfair to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian smiled when he heard Xiao Lan. He took another step forward and said while being bathed in radiant divine light, "My Great Path is perfect. Who in the 3000 Realms of the Great Path dares to speak to me about fairness in terms of the path?"

He had just said this when an unparalleled radiance shot out from his body. He took a step forward and transformed into a true ray of light. He pierced through the air and arrived directly in front of Xiao Lan. He shot out a single punch.

The violent authority that had gathered in front of Xiao Lan shattered. The current of the Great Path was torn apart by the will of the punch. Xiao Lan raised his hand and pushed it forward. He shot out a palm with a dull grunt. It looked like the palm print of death.


A dull noise rang out. The fist and palm collided and created a harrowing tempest. Xiao Qianshan personally stood in front of the banquet. His will swarmed out and blocked off the violent tempest from the area of the banquet.

Xiao Lan's body was pushed back repeatedly, his footsteps rubbing against the ground. He only stopped when he reached the side of the steps. He even had to stomp down with one leg and directly shatter the steps to stop himself.

Xiao Lan looked up at Ye Futian. Ye Futian was surrounded in gold light. That magnificent radiance looked flawless.

Who in the 3000 Realms of the Great Path dared to talk to him about fairness in terms of the path?

Xiao Lan suddenly let out a smile. He glanced toward Ye Futian, then turned to look at Xiao Muyu, who was at the banquet area. He said, "Mu Yu, I am looking forward to your splendor during the conference ceremony."

He turned around after he spoke and walked down the steps. He left one step at a time.

"Who dares to call themself unparalleled in the 3000 Realms of the Great Path?" Xiao Lan looked up at the horizon. He knew that he was not that person.

Could someone be able to do that?

"Thank you for your pointer, Emperor Ye." An elder by the side looked toward Ye Futian. He then looked in the direction of the banquet and said, "Qianshan, congratulations to you and Muyu."

He then smiled and left.

The rest of the people left after that. It was like nothing even happened.

Ye Futian was still standing on the stairway and looking at the leaving figures. He had a faint smile. They were ultimately people from the same clan and had all trained to the level of Renhuang. They could afford to take the loss.

Even though they were indignant, they must have found closure during this journey. Judging from the words they said before they left, they must have honestly accepted the result.

When Ye Futian turned around, he saw that everyone from the banquet was looking at him.

"What's the matter?" Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Who in the 3000 Realms of the Great Path dares to speak to me about fairness in terms of the path?" Xiao Qianshan mumbled softly to himself. There were many powerful figures in the 3000 Realms of the Great Path, yet Ye Futian had arrogantly said that no one could defeat him in a fair fight. That required an immense amount of spirit.

"You're the first person I've seen who has defeated a fourth-tier Divine Wheel with a first-tier Divine Wheel," Xiao Qianshan said emotionally, "This battle has made my indignant brothers speechless."

"You praise me too much, elder. The perfect Divine Wheel does come with a natural advantage." Ye Futian smiled as he returned to the banquet. Xiao Muyu's gaze was locked onto Ye Futian. Her young teacher was more exceptional than she imagined. Even though he was not very proper, the moment just now was incredibly charismatic.

She also had a perfect Divine Wheel. However, there was no way that she could win against Xiao Lan.

"Don't idolize me. Train well in the future." Ye Futian smiled and said when he saw Xiao Muyu staring at him.

Xiao Muyu smiled, then raised her cup at Ye Futian and said, "I pay my respects to you, teacher. Thank you for teaching me."

Ye Futian smiled and raised his cup. The two of them gulped down the contents of their cup.

The people returned to where they came from after the banquet. Ye Futian sat silently in the yard of the Goddess Pavilion.

Xia Qingyuan came and sat by Ye Futian's side.

"Did you intentionally reveal your abilities because you want to borrow the strength of the Xiao clan in the future?" Xia Qingyuan asked softly.

Ye Futian glanced at Xia Qingyuan and nodded with a smile.

"The arrangement in the Heavenly Mandate Realm should be enough to deal with the situation in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Do you have something you are worried about?" Xia Qingyuan asked as she looked at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the horizon as he heard Xia Jingyuan speak. He remembered the charismatic advisor of Dali.

His teacher was still in the Shen clan.

Dou Zhao, Xiao Muyu, as well as the people in the Heavenly Mandate realm had cultivated the Deed of Thorough Comprehension.

Without speaking, Ye Futian extended his left hand and patted on Xia Qingyuan's shoulder. He said softly, "Qingyuan, prove your path and become a Renhuang as soon as possible."

He stood up and turned to leave as he said that.

Xia Qingyuan turned her head and looked at his figure. She could sense his unparalleled charisma, as well as his loneliness.

Xia Qingyuan looked down slightly. There was a slight hint of dejection in her eyes. All these years, she believed that he liked her. However, there was always a faint distant feeling that she could not explain.


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    《The Legend of Futian》