The Legend of Futian
1676 Treatmen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1676 Treatmen

During the first day of the 10,036-year history of the Divine Prefecture, the northern regions of the Central Emperor Realm had been extremely lively. This was especially so for the Northern Plain State where the Xiao family was at. Many of the influential families from the main cities in this area gathered in the core city of the Northern Plain State, the Northern Plain City occupied by the Xiao family.

In fact, many of the influential factions from all around the Central Emperor Realm sent forth powerful fighters to congratulate them.

The Xiao clan was about to officially confer someone as a Goddess. The influential family that lorded over the Northern Plain State was about to welcome a successor.

It was imaginable how large a commotion that created. All of the powerful families from the Northern Plain State had to be present. After all, the Xiao clan was the absolute overlord of the region.

At this moment, many powerful fighters from all over the land were arriving outside the manor of the Xiao clan one after the other.

There were also several people engaged in discussion outside the manor.

"Rumor has it that Xiao Muyu will be the one who will be conferred as a Goddess."

"I've met her once in the past. However, even though Xiao Muyu has exceptional talent within the Xiao clan, she did not display an overwhelming advantage. There were still people who could suppress her, and she did not prove her way in the God's Relic. How could it be that she forged a perfect Divine Wheel after that?" some quizzed.

"Perhaps she obtained an opportunity in the God's Relic and achieved a complete understanding," some guessed. Not many people knew that Xiao Muyu had sought out a mentor.

At this moment, outside the Xiao manor, a group of people descended from the sky. They arrived at the scene from beyond the horizon.

"The Celestial Worthy Temple pays its visit," a voice announced. This group of people stepped forward and caused countless people below them to raise their heads and look at the sky.

The Celestial Worthy Temple, one of the most influential factions in the Central Emperor Realm, had arrived.

After that, influential figures from factions like the Shen clan, Sky Reaching School, and the Nantian Divine Kingdom arrived one after the other. As top-notch factions of the Central Emperor Realm, they had to show their respect to the invitation of the Xiao clan. All of these factions sent over their men.

The influential Xiao clan had gathered many of the powerful fighters from all over the Central Emperor Realm on this day. The event happening within the manor was grand.

However, this grand celebration had not reached Ye Futian, who was within the Goddess Pavilion, yet. The Xiao manor was too large. It was like a castle. Within the Goddess Pavilion, Ye Futian could only faintly hear movement. It was the powerful fighters of the Xiao clan bustling around.

"Teacher." At this moment, Xiao Muyu arrived at his side.

Xiao Muyu was even more radiant and beautiful today. Not only was she dressed in a magnificent black long gown, but she was also even wearing a Goddess Crown on her head. She was stunning. Her aura as a queen had become more intense.

"What are you looking at, Teacher?" Xiao Muyu could not help but ask softly when she saw Ye Futian observing her.

"Why does it feel like I am marrying my daughter off?" Ye Futian said with a smile.

Xiao Muyu was a little speechless.

"What kind of feeling is that?" Xiao Muyu smiled as she asked.

"I'd naturally feel a little longing if I were to marry such a beautiful disciple off. Who's going to serve me if you get married?" Ye Futian joked, "But, my disciple is about to be conferred as a Goddess. I'm happy."

Xiao Muyu was used to Ye Futian's flippant attitude. She said, "Teacher, I have to go prepare. They have come to help you change your clothes."

"Change?" Ye Futian blinked as he looked toward the maids behind Xiao Muyu.

"Yes, you're the teacher of the Goddess in today's grand celebration. You will be sitting somewhere prominent, so you can't be too casual," Xiao Muyu said with a smile.

Ye Futian felt a little weird. The powerful Xiao clan and many influential figures from all around the area were here, yet he, a person with a first-tier Divine Wheel, was going to be seated at a prominent spot. It did not feel suitable.

However, if he were to look at it from the perspective of the teacher of the Goddess, the arrangement felt completely natural.

In the world of cultivation, the status of a teacher was equivalent to that of a parent. A teacher would be treated as a parent.

"I can't even keep a low profile even if I wanted to." Ye Futian sighed.

Xiao Muyu looked at him, speechless, "Then you have to act even more properly."

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded. He did not reject the offer. He said, "Though, all of the maidens from all around the land would only look at me if I were to sit there."

"Madam, are you not going to care about him?" Xiao Muyu was completely at a loss for words. She glanced toward Xia Qingyuan at the side.

Xia Qingyuan froze. She looked at Ye Futian, only for Ye Futian to shout at Xiao Muyu, "Stop talking nonsense, go quickly."

"Mm." Xiao Muyu nodded, then turned to leave.

Ye Futian looked at Xiao Muyu's departing figure and whispered, "In the past, I thought that accepting a disciple would be extremely cumbersome. If I knew that it would make me feel so good, I would have accepted hundreds of disciples."

"Female disciples, you mean," Xia Qingyuan said casually. She seemed to fully understand Ye Futian.

"Of course. Look at how filial female disciples are," Ye Futian smiled as he said. All of the maids who had come with Xiao Muyu had weird expressions. They felt that the teacher of the Goddess was a little improper.

Even though Ye Futian looked young, they guessed that he was actually several hundred years old.

How else could he have become the teacher of the Goddess?

Ye Futian might have blasted them away if he knew what they thought…

The main hall of the Xiao manor reached up to the skies. It was like a Heavenly Palace, stern and sacred. Its glory radiated for miles.

Outside the main hall was a giant empty field.

At this moment, many powerful fighters gathered under the stairs. They were split into separate camps, each hailing from their respective factions. It was bustling.

Many powerful fighters from the Xiao clan were welcoming them. The factions from the Northern Plain State were welcomed by the juniors, while the elders of the Xiao clan attended to the visitors from the influential factions. It was properly organized.

Ye Futian followed a faraway flight of stairs up. At this moment, he was dressed in a majestic white long robe. The people from the Xiao clan had put in the effort. They did not change his style but made him look more exquisite and generous with the cutting of the robe. The material of the robe was also special. It sparkled under the sunlight and was simple, yet elegant. In comparison, the clothes Ye Futian wore previously were much more casual.

His long hair had been managed and draped gently behind him. The thin wisp that was his mustache was curled downward, giving him an extra hint of charisma.

He attracted the attention of several people while he was walking. They could tell that he was an extraordinary figure just from his demeanor. The girls would especially steal a few more glances at him, unable to contain themselves.

"Ye Futian." A person was mumbling to himself when he noticed Ye Futian. He then walked toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian noticed that the other party had stopped before he smiled and said, "How have you been?"

The person who approached him was Yuan Hong from the Yuanyang clan. He had already become a Renhuang. They had also interacted in the God's Relic and joined forces in battle. Yuan Hong locked himself up and trained after he returned and proved his path to become a Renhuang.

"I heard that you are Xiao Muyu's teacher? Is that true or false?" Yuan Hong asked. His family had told him the news. That was why he asked Ye Futian when he saw him.

"Mm." Ye Futian nodded slightly.

Yuan Hong let out a strange expression. Did that mean that Ye Futian might have had a hand in helping Xiao Muyu forge her perfect Divine Wheel?

He had not been able to see through Ye Futian when he was in the God's Relic. He did not know how many secrets Ye Futian hid.

"Tell me the truth, did you land a hand when Xiao Muyu was proving her path?" Yuan Hong asked softly.

"I helped a little," Ye Futian smiled as he said.

Yuan Hong looked at him suspiciously. Why did he not believe him?

"Why didn't you tell me about such a piece of great news?" Yuan Hong was a little depressed. He had not managed to forge a perfect Divine Wheel.

"You didn't ask," Ye Futian replied. Ye Futian could not have run to the Yuanyang clan and said that he was going to take Yuan Hong in as a disciple. He would be chased out.

If not for Xiao Muyu personally visiting him and asking for his help, he would not have thought to accept her as a disciple.

That could be fate.

Yuan Hong smiled bitterly. Did that mean that I missed out on the opportunity?

"It's alright. Do you have a lady in your clan that's about the same age as you? I can accept her as a disciple," Ye Futian said.

"Why must it be a lady?" Yuan Hong asked.

"Cough…" Ye Futian glanced at him, a little speechless. Did he have to ask that?

"Female disciples are more obedient and easy to nurture."

Yuan Hong's expression darkened. Ye Futian was shameless.

He only accepted female disciples?

"Are you sure that you can forge perfect Divine Wheels?" Even though he could sense Ye Futian's shamelessness, he had to accept it if Ye Futian could truly forge perfect Divine Wheels.

"Of course I'm not sure," Ye Futian said.

"Which means to say that you are only responsible for accepting the disciples and not the results?" Yuan Hong said.

"Your thoughts are improper. Come speak to me after you change them." Ye Futian patted on Yuan Hong's shoulder, then continued to walk forward.

Yuan Hong looked at Ye Futian's back, speechless. He only accepts female disciples, yet he said that my thoughts were improper? Yuan Hong thought.

"Yuan Hong, what's your relationship with Ye Futian?" an elder by the side asked.

"I worked with him in the God's Relic. I also stood on his side when we came out. We are quite close with each other," Yuan Hong said.

"Invite him to the Yuanyang clan if he is free. It's good to establish a friendly relationship with that person," the elder said. Xiao Muyu's perfect Divine Wheel was still a mystery. They could only guess that Ye Futian had contributed a great deal to her perfect Divine Wheel. Even if it was only a minor contribution, it was better for them to be his friend than offend him.

"Understood." Yuan Hong nodded. This youth who had displayed his prowess in the God's Relic must have attracted the attention of many premium factions today.

Many factions like the Celestial Worthy Temple, Sky Reaching School, and the Shen clan had noticed Ye Futian. There were many people here who were within the God's Relic back then. They all knew Ye Futian.

At this moment, several people raised their heads and looked toward the main hall of the Heavenly Palace. They saw multiple figures step out from within the Heavenly Palace at the top of the stairway. In that instant, the vast space gradually became silent. Countless gazes shot in that direction.

The elders of the Xiao clan appeared there one after the other. That group of people helmed the Xiao clan. Xiao Qianshan was also there. A group of people stood beside him on either side.

Someone guided Ye Futian up the steps. Xiao Qianshan spoke when he saw Ye Futian, "This way, Friend Ye."

Ye Futian walked toward him. Under the witness of countless people, Xiao Qianshan guided Ye Futian to the highest position on the right. The rest of the people from the Xiao clan seemed to have accepted such an arrangement. It was clear that this action had been discussed before this day.

On the other side of Ye Futian, at the highest position on the left side, was the Supreme Elder of the Xiao clan.


Everyone present, including Yuan Hong, was shocked.

What kind of treatment was this?

The pupils of the powerful fighters from various influential factions dilated. Ye Futian was the teacher of the Goddess. Such an arrangement would be appropriate if Ye Futian were an upper-level Renhuang.

However, he was still a beginner in the Renhuang Plane. The attitude of the Xiao clan was clear as day when they arranged for him to take that position.

"Who's that youth?" Many of the powerful fighters from the factions of the Northern Plain State felt their hearts shake. They asked around for Ye Futian's identity and secretly thought of him as a charismatic man!

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    《The Legend of Futian》