The Legend of Futian
1677 Conferring a Goddess
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1677 Conferring a Goddess

The people who were standing in front were elders of the Xiao clan. Thus, Ye Futian looked even more eye-catching from his position. He would steal someone's attention the moment they glanced at him.

He was so young, yet he had such a high status?

Other than the helmsman of the Xiao clan who had not appeared, that position only paled in comparison to the Supreme Elder of the Xiao clan.

How could anyone not be alarmed?

More importantly, Ye Futian should not be a member of the Xiao clan. Even though Xiao Muyu was about to be conferred as Goddess, no one in this generation should be able to rival the status of the Goddess Xiao Muyu. What did an outsider appearing at that position mean?

Most of the factions in the Northern Plain State did not know that Xiao Muyu had sought out a mentor. At this moment, they felt that they could not understand anything. They could not guess the other party's identity no matter how hard they tried.

Their gazes landed on the people from the top-notch factions who were standing on higher ground. They saw that those people had strange expressions but were not overly alarmed. It was clear that they knew who the youth was.

Could he be a premium figure from another faction, the future spouse for the Goddess? some people thought in their hearts. However, they quickly tossed this idea to the side. Even if that was the case, the person should not be standing in front of Xiao Muyu's elders. Even Xiao Muyu's grandfather, Xiao Qianshan, was standing behind him.

In actuality, even Ye Futian was shocked. He had already felt that the situation was rather grand when Xiao Muyu brought people along to help him change. He knew that he would stand in a rather important position, but he did not expect to be where he was now.

It would be alright if his cultivation level were powerful enough. It would be understandable if he stood in front of Xiao Qianshan if that was the case. That was because even though Xiao Qianshan and Xiao Hanjiang were Xiao Muyu's elders, they were both members of the Xiao clan. In terms of their relationship, everyone present could be said to be Xiao Muyu's elder. However, the clan was an organization. Once Xiao Muyu was conferred as the Goddess, her status in the family would, in some sense, surpass that of her grandfather and father.

However, he, as a teacher, was different. He was not from the Xiao clan. Thus, no matter how exceptional his disciple became, they had to be respectful toward him.

However, his being here despite his cultivation level was rather unsuitable. This could only show that the Xiao clan was being extremely respectful toward him.

However, if that was the case, the people of the influential factions might suspect that he had a big role to play in Xiao Muyu's process of proving her path, given that the Xiao clan was treating him with such respect.

The people of the top-notch factions were indeed thinking about that problem. For example, Wu Zhan, a fighter training in the Martial God Clan, was thinking that the guesses of several people in the God's Relic were right. Perhaps Ye Futian might have obtained a benefit other than the divine items.

Otherwise, how could they explain how he helped Xiao Muyu forge her perfect Divine Wheel?

Even so, they would not think that it was all because of Ye Futian. Xiao Muyu must have been talented enough to begin with. However, they suspected that they might not have noticed when Ye Futian obtained some kind of benefit in the God's Relic.

This was also what the other factions were thinking. They did not think that Ye Futian could create Renhuangs that wielded perfect Divine Wheels. Even all of the factions in the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms could not create wielders of perfect Divine Wheels, much less Ye Futian.

Who would suspect that Ye Futian was able to accomplish something that even the most powerful factions in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path were unable to achieve?

Out of all the factions present, the most unhappy was the Shen clan. It was for no other reason than the fact that the Shen clan had animosity with Ye Futian's teacher.

The Sky River Great Elder was Ye Futian's teacher. Now that the Goddess of the Xiao clan had become Ye Futian's disciple, didn't that mean that Xiao Muyu also hailed from the Sky River Temple and had to call the Sky River Great Elder her grandmaster?

They would have been happy if this had happened several years ago. The Goddess of the Xiao clan would have become the junior of the Shen clan's son-in-law. But now…

If the people from the Shen clan knew that Ye Futian's teacher was Qi Xuangang and that he was currently in the Shen clan, who knew what they would think? They might think that whatever Ye Futian did today was for the ultimate goal of attacking the Shen clan.

"Friend Ye."

At this moment, the Supreme Elder of the Xiao clan, who stood on the other side of Ye Futian, Xiao Tan, nodded toward Ye Futian with a smile. As the Supreme Elder, Xiao Tan managed everything within the Xiao clan. He was the most knowledgeable about several things, and he naturally knew about whatever happened in the Goddess Pavilion yesterday.

The Xiao clan did not know just how much Ye Futian contributed in allowing Xiao Muyu to break through to the next level, but they did not need to know. The Xiao clan did not even hope that Ye Futian would help them nurture more wielders of the perfect Divine Wheel. That was impractical.

They thought highly of Ye Futian because of his potential and future. Ye Futian, Gu Dongliu, and the other swordsman. All three of them had perfect Divine Wheels. What kind of force would they become in the future?

Also, according to their knowledge, Ye Futian's buddy also obtained a divine item in the God's Relic back then. He had exceptional talent and was stronger than Xiao Muyu. He could do anything Xiao Muyu could do, especially with the help of Ye Futian.

Furthermore, the two ladies by Ye Futian's side also obtained the inheritance of the Great Emperor. They were given to them by Ye Futian.

This force might not be eye-catching, but it was worth looking forward to.

Furthermore, even if they did not consider those factions, Ye Futian himself also had extreme potential.

Since that was the case, coupled with the fact that he was Xiao Muyu's teacher and that he was on good terms with the Xiao clan, why would they not extend the appropriate amount of respect?

This form of respect was a simple thing for them. They did not have to spend anything. Why would they not do it?

"Elder." Ye Futian nodded in reply.

"I didn't go visit you even though you've been here for several days. Have you gotten used to your stay in the Xiao clan?" Xiao Tan asked with a smile. He was making small talk.

"You're too polite, elder. How could I not be used to the place with Muyu taking care of me?" Ye Futian said. Xiao Muyu had treated him extremely well. It was for that reason that Ye Futian considered if he should take in more female disciples so that he could relax and live a good life when he grew old.

"That's good. Since you're already here, feel free to stay for a few more days. Get Muyu to serve you well. She's a little busier these few days and must not have taken good care of you," Xiao Tan said.

"If how she treated me was not 'good care,' then I might not bear to leave in the future," Ye Futian smiled in reply. It was no wonder that he would want to take in a few more disciples. He would have a good life even if he remained in the Xiao clan.

Of course, it was impossible for him to stay for long. He still had many things to do. He came this time to interact with the Xiao clan.

Many of the elders by his side laughed. Someone said, "You can stay here indefinitely if you cannot bear to leave. You can give the unpromising juniors a little pointer if you do."

"That's right. Those juniors are extremely arrogant. They'll know that there's always someone stronger than them if you can help us teach them a lesson."

These were jokes, of course. However, he could see the attitudes of the Xiao clan from those words. Everyone in the chain of command was giving him the appropriate amount of respect. This must be the intention of the person at the very top.

It was at this moment when everyone's gaze shifted toward the same direction. They saw a figure step out from within an ancient sacred hall above the stairway.

Ye Futian also looked in that direction. At this moment, Xiao Muy was bathed in sacred splendor. Her long gown radiated magnificent rays of light. In that instant, the gazes of everyone present was locked in on her.

"Is that Xiao Muyu?"

Many people who had seen Xiao Muyu in the past had a shock in their hearts. The transformation in her demeanor was too great. Even the pupils of the people from the top-notch factions who had seen her in the God's Relic dilated. The elegance of Xiao Muyu before their eyes did not pale in comparison to Chang Xi.

Xiao Muyu walked down the stairs one step at a time as she propped up her black gown. She smiled and glanced toward Ye Futian when she passed him by, then continued walking downward till she reached the center.

She was proper, sacred, beautiful, elegant. She was a queen-like existence. She would become the future Goddess of the Xiao clan, the next successor.

At this moment, another figure appeared at the ancient sacred hall that pierced into the clouds. Countless gazes shot in that direction. Ye Futian also looked over.

It was the helmsman of the Xiao clan, the clan leader of the Xiao clan, Xiao Dingtian.

A terrifying existence that was unmatched in the nine realms.

He stood there like a deity. Countless people looked up to him.

At this moment, everyone from the Xiao clan bowed.

Then, the powerful fighters who had come from all around the region to observe the ceremony followed suit and bowed. No matter what motive they had for coming here, no matter what kind of emotion they had, they had respect for one of the strongest figures of this era. All of their eyes, at this moment, were filled with sincere respect.

"From this day on, Xiao Muyu will become the Goddess of the Xiao clan. The Xiao clan will nurture and prop her up." A fleeting sound spread from the ancient hall. Everyone in the vast Xiao manor heard the voice.

"Yes, clan leader." The powerful fighters of the Xiao clan bowed. Xiao Dingtian scanned through the crowd, then said, "The Supreme Elder will host the grand ceremony."

He then turned around and went back into the divine hall after he finished his sentence. Everyone felt that it was natural. He was Xiao Dingtian.

The fighters from the Northern Plain State that came to witness the ceremony felt incredibly excited. Xiao Dingtian was a legendary figure who defined the era.

The rest of the major factions were better off. However, to the Northern Plain State, Xiao Dingtian was a living legend. He was a totem of this era.

Following that was the conference ceremony. It was a bunch of formalities, but everyone present played along. No one from the influential factions caused any trouble. They had come to witness the ceremony.

After all of the procedures were over, everyone, other than the Supreme Elder of the Xiao clan, bowed and greeted Xiao Muyu, "Greetings, Goddess."

Ye Futian silently observed as the events unfolded. In the past, he had thought that there was no need for the conference ceremony. However, it seemed that it was very necessary.

Such a stern, serious ceremony would leave an imprint in the hearts of everybody present. They would make people truly feel the status of the Goddess. This way, Xiao Muyu's status as the Goddess would truly be displayed within the family, which would boost her authority in the future.

It was only with this ceremony that they could accomplish the goal of getting the entire family to support Xiao Muyu.

Xiao Muyu raised her hand. Ye Futian smiled when he witnessed the scene. After the ceremony, Xiao Muyu would also become more confident and act more and more like a queen.

His first disciple was becoming a queen.

After the formalities, it was time for the Xiao clan to give the Goddess presents. They were all items related to cultivation.

Several great factions from the Northern Plain State also presented their gifts. However, they all handed their gifts to the members of the Xiao clan for safekeeping. The influential factions also presented their gifts as a symbolic gesture.

Ye Futian walked toward Xiao Muyu. Many people had a strange expression when he saw his movement. They did not know Ye Futian's identity until now.

They should be able to see that there was something off between them now that Ye Futian was walking toward Xiao Muyu alone.

"Muyu." Ye Futian came to Xiao Muyu's side. He observed the Goddess disciple before him.

"Teacher," Xiao Muyu shouted. The hearts of the people from the factions of the Northern Plain State shook. Teacher?

They would not have expected Ye Futian to be her teacher. Ye Futian was too young.

However, only the status of a teacher was able to explain what happened just now.

"I didn't prepare anything. Let these two ritual implements be your present for today." Ye Futian took out two ritual implements that were suitable for Xiao Muyu and handed them to her.

The members of the Xiao clan were moved when they saw this scene. They knew exactly what Ye Futian meant when he said, "ritual implements." They must have come from the God's Relic.

Xiao Muyu looked at the handsome youth in front of her and let out a sweet smile. She fetched over the ritual implements and said, "Thank you,


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    《The Legend of Futian》