The Legend of Futian
1678 Partnering Up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1678 Partnering Up

After the conference ceremony, the Xiao clan hosted the people from the other factions in a banquet.

Many heroes had gathered here for the conference of the Goddess. Aside from those factions in the Northern Plain State, influential factions from all over the regions had arrived. The Xiao clan, who was hosting the event, had to tend to them. They could not just chase the people off after they observed the ceremony.

The banquet was split into two separate areas. The influential factions of the Central Emperor Realm occupied an area, while the powerful fighters from the factions of the Northern Plain State occupied the area behind them.

The Xiao clan had made the appropriate arrangements. Everyone got to freely enjoy the wine and delicacies.

Ye Futian was also in the area of the banquet where the major factions of the Central Emperor Realm were. Just like his previous position, he was sitting in an esteemed position.

As the clan leader of the Xiao clan, Xiao Dingtian, was not going to attend the banquet, the Supreme Elder held the highest position and sat at the main position. The two seats to his left and right were occupied by Ye Futian and Xiao Muyu, who had just been conferred the title of Goddess.

The rest of the people were influential figures within the Xiao clan.

Every influential faction from the Central Emperor Realm occupied an area in the banquet. They were not arranged to occupy the same area. The area where the Xiao clan was hosting the banquet was enormous. Thus, there was no need for them to mix the various factions together. Instead, they made the appropriate arrangement and demarcated an area for every faction.

"Today is the Goddess Conference Ceremony of the Xiao clan. Thank you for showing us the respect and coming over to observe the ceremony. I propose a toast to all of you." The Supreme Elder of the Xiao clan raised his cup and gulped down its content. In that instant, everyone from the other factions followed along and raised their cups. After all, Xiao Tan was a man of high status.

Xiao Dingtian of the Xiao clan did not probe too much about the matters of the family. In actuality, Xiao Tan was the direct manager of the Xiao clan. He had high seniority and was immensely powerful. Everyone who had come today could call him their senior.

The consequent banquet was bustling. The conversations were also relatively more relaxed.

"Elder Xiao, the Shen clan is rather curious about several things and hope that you can enlighten us." At this moment, a person from the direction of the Shen clan spoke out. Xiao Tan looked over. The person who spoke was one of the leading figures in the Shen clan. He had a high status within the Shen clan.

"Please speak." Xiao Tan nodded.

"According to what I know, the Goddess had broken through while she was training in Tianshen Academy. The Goddess must have sought Ye Futian out as her teacher back then, am I right?" The powerful fighter from the Shen clan asked. In that instant, several people became excited about the conversation. They were also rather curious.

"That's right." Xiao Tan nodded.

"I don't have to describe the difficulty of forging a perfect Divine Wheel. We would not be confused if the Goddess Xiao Muyu had proven her path at the Xiao clan. However, she had proved her path with the help of Ye Futian. I wish to ask, what kind of divine item did he use?" the powerful fighter of the Shen clan asked. He glanced toward Ye Futian as he spoke. In actuality, he was directing the question toward Ye Futian.

This was not just the doubt of the Shen clan. The rest of the factions also wish to know the answer. Not many other factions in the 3000 Realms of the Great Path knew more than them about how difficult it was to prove their path and forge a perfect Divine Wheel.

"I'll not lie to all of you, but I do not know. Friend Ye is Muyu's teacher and must have given Muyu a few pointers. However, the Xiao clan would not pay attention to things that we shouldn't pay attention to," Xiao Tan said with a smile. He was hinting that this was something the Shen clan should not be paying attention to.

How Ye Futian helped Xiao Muyu was Ye Futian's business.

Everyone present understood what the other factions were thinking.

They were suspecting that Ye Futian had obtained something in the God's Relic.

"Also, we have resolved the incident in the God's Relic in the City of Ruins. There's no need for us to harp on it," Xiao Tan continued. The saga that happened in the City of Ruins had embroiled nearly half of all of the factions in the nine realms.

Ye Futian had made it out of the saga safely. The other factions had not cared back then. However, now that they were suspecting that Ye Futian had managed to obtain something, they wanted to bring up that matter once again.

"I was merely curious." The person from the Shen clan smiled. He did not care about the other party's attitude. In terms of ability, the Shen clan could be placed in the top few within the Central Emperor Realm. They were much more powerful than the Xiao clan and were naturally more arrogant.

"Ye Futian, is your teacher alright?" the powerful fighter from the Shen clan suddenly asked Ye Futian.

"Naturally so," Ye Futian replied calmly.

"I heard that you had a chat with Shen Hao back in Shentian Academy. The Shen clan had already put down the incident that happened back then. We do not wish to do anything to your teacher. Please relay that to your teacher if you have the chance to. If he wishes to forget everything that happened back then and come have a look at the Shen clan, there might be room for us to return to how we were in the past," the other party continued.

Ye Futian looked up at the other party. The faint smile in his eyes hid the indifference in his heart.

Was this pity?

Did they want the Sky River Great Elder to head to the Shen clan and admit his mistake?

Also, when did the Shen clan let the matter go? Then what did they bringing his teacher away mean? The Shen clan did not deal with the Sky River Great Elder, but they had set their sights on Feixue.

Furthermore, his grandmaster had his wife taken away, his daughter murdered, and his disciples massacred. Yet, they wanted his grandmaster to head to the Shen clan and admit his mistake?

Ye Futian smiled but did not reply.

The people from the Shen clan noticed Ye Futian's indifferent attitude. Ye Futian had become a powerful figure of this generation. He had also become the teacher of the Goddess Xiao Muyu and was on close terms with the Xiao clan. He must have many thoughts of his own.

If they noticed that Ye Futian threatened the offspring of the Shen clan, then they would have to quell this threat while it was still in the cradle.

At least for the time being, the Shen clan did not pay too much attention to Ye Futian.

He had great potential but was still too weak.

Ye Futian also noticed the expressions of the people from the Shen clan. He knew that the Shen clan had not paid too much heed to him. Even though he had appeared with the identity of his grandmaster's disciple, the Shen clan who stood at the zenith of the Central Emperor Clan would not care too much about him.

However, currently, the Shen clan had truly acknowledged his existence. They might attack him sometime in the future.

Thinking about that, Ye Futian knew that he had to prepare for the future and be warier of the Shen clan.

He picked up his wine cup and toasted Xiao Tan. He deliberated for a moment, then said through telepathy, "Elder Xiao."

Xiao Tan looked up toward Ye Futian. It looked like Ye Futian wanted to speak to him about something. Otherwise, there was no need for him to use telepathy.

"Feel free to speak your mind, Friend Ye," Xiao Tan said.

"I might set up a cultivation academy in the Heavenly Mandate Realm sometime in the future, a place similar to Tianshen Academy and the Divine Palace. When that time comes, influential factions from the Heavenly Mandate Realm will join. I intend to get my teacher, the Sky River Great Elder, to manage the academy and invite Lord Taixuan to become a minister," Ye Futian continued with telepathy, "Thus, I wanted to ask if the Xiao clan was interested?"

Ye Futian did not think about this matter just now. However, he had noticed the attitude the Xiao clan had toward him. That, coupled with the threat of the Shen clan, made him think about what the Shen clan would do to him if they felt threatened by him setting up his own school.

Thus, he wanted to get the Xiao clan to join him.

Xiao Tan was a little shocked. He did not expect Ye Futian to want to set up an academy at such a young age. Furthermore, it seemed that he was doing that on a large scale. The factions from the Heavenly Mandate Realm were going to participate and enter. If he managed to rope in Lord Taixuan and the Sky River Great Elder, then it would be at the scale of a path-spreading academy.

"Friend Ye, you are Muyu's teacher. The Xiao clan will definitely go observe the ceremony when you open your academy," Xiao Tan said. He did not directly agree to Ye Futian's question. After all, he did not know what exactly Ye Futian's motive for setting up an academy was.

What if he wanted to do battle with the Shen clan in the future?

If that was the case, the Xiao clan being embroiled in the battle was no ordinary affair. There were too many implications.

It was not hard to understand why he thought that way. The manager Ye Futian appointed was the Sky River Great Elder. What kind of relationship did the Sky River Great Elder have with the Shen clan?

"You can ease any concerns you have, elder. This academy is only for spreading my path and nurturing people who are cultivating their path. It will not involve the personal vengeance of my teacher and I. I was worrying if this academy could safely stand within the Heavenly Mandate Realm and thus wanted to borrow the strength of the Xiao clan," Ye Futian said directly.

Xiao Tan would naturally be cautious when he mentioned the Sky River Great Elder. Thus, Ye Futian directly voiced out his thoughts.

Pulling the Xiao clan into his camp was merely to protect himself. He would not actively target anyone. Furthermore, he was truly hoping to set up a school.

As for the matter with the Shen clan, as long as the Xiao clan got aboard and he gradually got stronger, coupled with his relationship with Xiao Muyu, how could the Xiao clan separate themselves from the matter?

Xiao Tan was a little hesitant. He heard Ye Futian continue, "What I think is that this academy would be able to nurture at least a dozen wielders of a perfect Divine Wheel in the future."

Xiao Tan's pupils dilated when he heard Ye Futian. He raised his head and looked gravely at Ye Futian.

"You truly are confident of nurturing Renhuangs with perfect Divine Wheels?" Xiao Tan said through telepathy.

"That requires fate and talent. There's hope if the person's talent is greater than Muyu's. I think that you still do not know, but Dou Zhao as well as a few of my friends by my side have already become wielders of perfect Divine Wheels." Ye Futian continued to throw out another piece of jarring information.

"Alright, count the Xiao clan in," Xiao Tan immediately promised. He did not have any hesitation. He had to be decisive when he needed to.

Judging from Ye Futian's words, he might truly have obtained a divine item and could nurture wielders of perfect Divine Wheels like the sacred lands of the premium factions.

How could he miss this opportunity?

Xiao Tan did not have a way to deal with Ye Futian. Now that Ye Futian was on good terms with the Xiao clan and could help them, only a fool would treat Ye Futian's benevolence with animosity. Even if they managed to do that, who could guarantee that Ye Futian would obediently follow their instructions?

Xiao Muyu looked at Xiao Tan and Ye Futian with a strange look. Were the two of them interacting?

"Friend Ye." At this moment, a powerful fighter from the Yuanyang clan said, "Yuan Hong had high praises for you when he came back. If there is a chance, you can come to have a look around the Yuanyang clan."

Ye Futian had a strange expression when he heard the other party's words. He suddenly thought that since he already pulled the Xiao clan into his camp, he might as well go all out and also pull the Yuanyang clan into his group.

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    《The Legend of Futian》