The Legend of Futian
1681 The Plan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1681 The Plan

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was situated in the center of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and had prospered there for generations.

The rise of Gu Tianxing caused the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to begin to decline. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was currently in the weakest state of its history.

Hence, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was anxious to cultivate another peak figure, and they had chosen Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu, who was considered to be born supreme, shouldered the heavy burden of reviving the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. However, things do not turn out the way people want them to. At this point, the members of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty realized that it would most likely be difficult for Yi Tianyu to bear this responsibility.

In the Heavenly Mandate Realm alone, there were already a number of people who surpassed him.

Ye Futian alone was already a tall mountain that was insurmountable for Yi Tianyu. He was previously an insignificant existence; now, Yi Tianyu was not even qualified to stand at the same level as him.

In the God's relic, with just one spear thrust, Ye Futian had spared his life.

Right now, outside the main palace of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty stood there. An authoritative will surrounded his body.

Below the stairs in front of Dynastic Overlord, someone was bowing on all fours and reporting something to him.

The Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had a stern expression. A faint sense of authority emanated from his body.

Ye Futian had left Tianshen Academy.

After emerging from God's relic, the energy and will that Ye Futian displayed made even the Dynastic Overlord feel threatened. If he could, he would have killed Ye Futian in the City of the Ruins. However, he was unable to do so.

After that, Ye Futian had convinced the various forces to speak up for him and save his life. He then went over to Tianshen Academy.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty naturally also sent its members over. They actually sent quite a few over separately. The members trained outside of Tianshen Academy. They did not deliberately keep an eye on Ye Futian. In that region, Ye Futian's every move could be seen by many people; they did not need to spy on him intentionally.

They would naturally also catch wind of Ye Futian having left the academy.

If it had just been Ye Futian who left, it might not have attracted their attention. However, this time, Ye Futian had brought everyone with him when he left Tianshen Academy, including the members of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, who were heading over to regroup.

As for where they were headed after they left, it was not easy to track down. If the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty wanted to track down Ye Futian's group, they had to use their wills, and the other party would also be able to detect their presence. They could not lock down the location of Ye Futian's group.

"Can we deduce where they have gone?" the Dynastic Overlord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked.

"Your Highness, if our guess is correct, they might have returned to the Tianhe Realm. They might have also returned to Taixuan Mountain in the Higher Heavens Realm," the other party responded.

Before this, Ye Futian remained in Tianshen Academy as a form of self-preservation. It was because many people had their eyes on him after he emerged from the God's Relic. Hence, he had trained in Tianshen Academy for more than a year to let this issue gradually fade into memory. As long as he trained in Tianshen Academy, they could not touch him. As time passed, this matter also faded from people's minds.

Ye Futian also did not waste this time. He distributed many ritual implements to the point that he didn't have many left himself. Other than that, he became the master of Goddess Xiao Muyu from Xiao Clan, forging an intimate relationship with Xiao Clan.

The Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty nodded his head slightly. The possibility of Ye Futian having returned to the Tianhe Realm and Taixuan Mountain was indeed high.

It was slightly better if Ye Futian had returned to the Tianhe Realm. If he had returned to Taixuan Mountain and managed to convince Lord Taixuan to stand against their Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, who among the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could withstand Lord Taixuan?

However, Lord Taixuan would probably not come running over to the Heavenly Mandate Realm to begin a massacre for Ye Futian. There was no reason for him to do so.

Of course, even if the possibility was not very likely, the Dynastic Overlord had also made preparations for such an eventuality. He had already sent people to keep an eye on Taixuan Mountain. If there were signs of any large mobilization, he would hear of it.

As for Sky River Great Elder, the Dynastic Overlord was not afraid of him. Even though the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was not what it once was, it still had its foundations. If the mob from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven that was dispersed, with an additional Sky River Great Elder dared to approach their Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Dynastic Overlord would make sure that their group would never leave Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's territory alive.

"Keep an eye on the Demon Realm as well," the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty instructed. The forces of the Demon Realm had close ties with Ye Futian. In God's relic, the juniors of the Demon Realm had joined forces with Ye Futian. When they were in Tianshen Academy, rumor had it that they also came in contact with him.

Although the chances of the forces of the Demon Realm rising up to deal with their Heavenly Mandate Dynasty for Ye Futian were extremely slim, the Dynastic Overlord still had to be concerned about the possibility.

"Understood. It is just that it is not easy for our men to infiltrate the Demon Realm. We won't be able to get firsthand information," his subordinate replied. Although the previous huge incident in the Demon Realm had caused the human cultivators and the cultivators of the Demon Realm to no longer have any obvious divide between them, it was impossible for humans to approach the regions where the main forces of the Demon Realm resided. Once they approached the territories of these forces, they would stick out like a sore thumb.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could only rely on demonic beasts to help keep an eye on these regions. They also could not control demonic beasts that were too powerful, and so could not manage a tight watch.

"No matter. Just keep an eye out for any movements," the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty simply responded. He was not too concerned. Although they had to be wary, they did not need to be too anxious and spend too much energy on the matter.

He turned around and headed into the main palace behind him. He entered into the magnificent palace. There was a silhouette sitting quietly inside. The silhouette had an extremely sharp gaze. His gaze seemed to glow with golden divine light. The aura on his body was frightening.

"Any news on Ye Futian?" The silhouette asked as he turned towards Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He did not show much respect. He seemed to not be ordinary.

After all, in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Dynastic Overlord was a supreme existence. Everyone had to refer to him as "Your Highness."

However, the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did not feel as though anything was wrong. His expression was very calm as he nodded his head, "So you overheard it. Ye Futian has left Tianshen Academy. Where do you think he has gone?"

"I have sent people to keep an eye on the Tianhe Realm. If there are any signs of movement there, they will come and report to me," the other party answered. Clearly, they both had rough estimates on the whereabouts of Ye Futian and believed that he would head to the Tianhe Realm.

"Alright," the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty nodded his head slightly. While thinking about Ye Futian, a cold gleam flashed past in his eyes. "If Ye Futian had stayed in Tianshen Academy, we wouldn't be able to do anything to him. However, since he has left, I would like to see where he can run away to."

It was hard to imagine that a top figure that shook the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the commander of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, would be so concerned about a junior and be so anxious to eliminate him.

If Ye Futian knew about this, would he feel honored?

Of course, Ye Futian and the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty happened to hold the same view.

The Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty wanted to kill Ye Futian to avoid future trouble; it was also the same for Ye Futian.

In the territory of Dragon Gods, powerful cultivators furtively arrived one by one. Their trip here did not draw the attention of any outsiders.

Moreover, those who came were all influential figures in the Demon Realm. Their arrival caused the hearts of the guards, who stood on guard outside of Dragon God Fortress, to tremble. What were these top figures doing here?

The guards noticed that even the Demon Emperor of the Sky Demon Court had arrived. Divine Elephant Emperor was here too. The underlings who came together with the two Emperors were also powerful figures in their respective forces. They were famous in the Demon Realm.

There was hardly any connection among these three demon clans before this. Dragon Gods and the Sky Demon Court were not even on good terms with each other; they were secretly competing to see who was better.

The two Emperors of the demon clans would not usually meet each other too.

However, today, the Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder came and set foot in the Dragon God Fortress.

In the main palace hall, the Dragon Emperor, the Demon Emperor, and the Divine Elephant Emperor were all gathered. Ye Futian was here too.

"How's Xiang Mang's training going?" Ye Futian asked the Divine Elephant Emperor. Prior to this, three cultivators broke through to the Renhuang Plane, but Xiang Mang was not one of them. He was not even half a Renhuang yet. Naturally, it was impossible for Ye Futian to lend him a hand in proving his Way.

"He is already preparing to attempt a breakthrough. He has been waiting for your news," Divine Elephant Emperor replied.

"After we settle this affair, let's start an academy and let Xiang Mang cultivate in the academy," Ye Futian suggested. The Divine Elephant Emperor nodded in agreement. Actually, the Divine Elephant Emperor had the closest relationship with Ye Futian; naturally, the former did not need to worry about Ye Futian treating the Divine Elephants shabbily.

"I also have a junior who is at the Saint Plane. In the future, I will need your help too," said a cultivator who was standing beside the Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder of the Sky Demon Court. Ye Futian looked towards him; he knew who the speaker was.

The speaker was Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder of Sky Demon Court.

In reality, Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder and Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder were not on good terms. However, after Jun returned to the Sky Demon Court, Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder found out that he had actually forged a flawless Divine Wheel. Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder was shocked, and he regretted his decision of not asking his juniors to cultivate alongside Ye Futian.

"No problem. After we have set up the academy, Junior will not keep the knowledge to myself. Senior, you can relax," Ye Futian said.

"Many thanks," Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder replied. He was not close to Ye Futian. Ye Futian helping his junior was considered a huge debt of gratitude. Hence, he could only return the favor to Ye Futian in advance.

The few influential figures of the demon clans were impressed by Ye Futian. Ye Futian possessed the ability to produce Renhuangs with flawless Divine Wheels, yet he did not keep the skill to himself. Instead, he chose to help them. Ye Futian's temperament was one of a kind.

After all, in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he had been without equal.

"Let us discuss our next action. What do you have in mind?" the Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder asked. Since they were going to deal with the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, his thoughts were the same as Ye Futian's. They would eliminate this threat in one fell sweep to avoid any future troubles.

"Both Senior Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder and Senior Kunpeng Demonic Great Elder are proficient in speed, are you not?" Ye Futian asked.

"Our speed should be the fastest in the Demon Realm," Golden Raven Demonic Great Elder said as he nodded his head.

"Senior Divine Elephant Emperor is proficient in the Great Path of Suppression?" Ye Futian inquired.

"Hmm." The Divine Elephant Emperor nodded his head.

"Can you suppress and seal off the entire Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?" Ye Futian asked.

"As long as I am not interrupted by people from the same Plane, it should not be a problem," Divine Elephant Emperor answered. If another person of the same Plane were to break his Way or attack him while he was using his Way, it would affect him.

"Understood." Ye Futian nodded his head and said, "I think that the operation this time must be a one-hit-kill. We can call it a beheading operation. Our first target is the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. We must not let him escape and must kill him. Next are the upper-level Renhuangs of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. We must keep an eye on all of them and try to kill them all. After that are the middle-level as well as lower-level Renhuangs. As for the members below the Renhuang Plane, they won't be able to escape even if they tried."

For the members at the lower Planes, even if they escaped, they would be of no threat.

Hence, their targets for this operation were clear. The stronger the person was, the more they had to be killed on the spot.

"Cultivators of Dragon Gods and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven will be in charge of offense. You will kill your way through the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty," Ye Futian ordered. "Divine Elephants will be in charge of suppression, sealing off the entire Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Cultivators of Sky Demon Court are proficient in speed, so you will guard outside the seal and hunt any cultivators who attempt to escape. We will not let anyone slip through the net."

"How about the Violet Heavenly Palace?" asked a cultivator of Divine Elephants. Ye Futian would most likely hunt them too, right?

"While I was on my way here, I issued an order to 10,000 Divine Mountain, asking them to keep an eye on the Violet Heavenly Palace," Ye Futian said. "After we eradicate the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, we will move towards the Violet Heavenly Palace directly." This time, he would surely kill all of them!

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    《The Legend of Futian》