The Legend of Futian
1686 One Hi
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1686 One Hi

The powerful fighters of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty realized that they could no longer escape. At this point, the prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Yi Tianyu, had no choice but to take the battle head-on.

This destined battle that had spanned three generations had erupted in the palace of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

In the past, Gu Tianxing had also fought the old emperor here.

In this generation, Gu Dongliu stood in front of Yi Tianyu.

No matter if it was the past or present, it felt as though the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was at a disadvantage. Was this the reason for the decline of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?

The perfect Divine Wheel had an incredibly radiant divine light. The Divine Wheel was naturally made up of Juexian Diagram. It could also be called the Juexian Divine Wheel.

An incredible divine light radiated from Gu Dongliu's body. It was as if deities had descended onto the mortal plane. He was truly charismatic. At this moment, he looked like a fairy.

The Juexian Divine Wheel spun around the heavens and turned into a Divine Image that blocked off the sky. An endless divine glow was pulsing and resonating with the Great Path in the surroundings. That image became larger and larger. It completely blocked off the sky and covered the battlefield where the two of them were standing on.

Pure-blooded Dragons roared. Ancient Phoenix danced in the sky. Ferocious beasts like the Taotie and Qiongqi appeared. It was as if all of the Demon Gods had appeared in the image. Light of the Nine Words circled the fighters. Countless ancient words descended onto the surroundings at the same time. It was everywhere.

Gu Dongliu might not have needed to activate such a powerful technique today. However, he recalled that his grandfather had once done battle here. Since that was the case, he should put the matter to rest.

The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate was also released as the Deification Technique erupted. Yi Tianyu was like a deity. However, compared to the radiance of the other creatures, he looked like he had lost a little luster from the old days. He looked a little dull.

Even though he had incredible talent, there was someone stronger than him.

The pressure of the Divine Wheel and the authority of the descending ancient words continuously impacted Yi Tianyu's body and soul.

Indeed, the distance between them was great.

He could never have expected that the two people who were once on equal footing as him when he reached the Renhuang Plane would have pulled the distance between them this far apart.

It was clear that he was the one left behind.

Boom… An exquisite lethal will bloomed. An incandescent fairy light radiated from the Juexian Diagram. The surroundings were in resonance. The radiance released by the Nine Words turned the Great Path in the surroundings into one.

At the next moment, the endless stream of ancient words descended. Ye Futian looked at the descending ancient symbols. It was as though every ancient word was made out of Sword Will. However, they were much stronger than the will possessed by a Renhuang of the same level.

His swords looked like the swords of the Mystical Way.

Mystical light radiated throughout the surroundings. Everything under the Juexian Diagram was destroyed.

Yi Tianyu knew how the battle would end when he sensed the pressure. Everything had been decided when the perfect Divine Wheel appeared.

He took a step forward and moved toward Gu Dongliu. He used the rest of his strength to walk toward the endless words made out of Sword Will that was crashing down.

In that instant, blinding light erupted from Yi Tianyu's body. It was as if all of the light in his life was shining at this very moment.

Swords were destroying everything under the glorious light. However, there was no end to the descending symbols. Finally, the words pierced through his shining body, and Yi Tianyu stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Gu Dongliu, then shifted his gaze toward another direction. He looked in the direction of Ye Futian.

Actually, if not for the fact that they were born into different camps, if Ye Futian had gone to the Divine Palace, they might have become friends.

Perhaps, this was destiny.

Under the blinding light, the prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the person who was hailed as the Almighty Son, Yi Tianyu, vanished into the brilliance and died.

The powerful fighters of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty witnessed this scene. The prince of the dynasty had been killed. Furthermore, the emperor was being attacked by three powerful figures and was also in deep trouble. Under such a situation, no one could have protected Yi Tianyu.

They were in the same predicament. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was facing a crisis of extinction.

Would the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty who had stood at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm for countless years be completely destroyed today?

Ye Futian had a calm expression when he saw Yi Tianyu vanish. However, his heart was overcome with emotion. The once-arrogant prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had died just like that. However, he ultimately displayed his spirit as the prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty in the final battle. He was unafraid and had died in battle.


Dull thuds rang out in the sky. The Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty knew that Yi Tianyu had died. He forced back his grief and wanted to create a path of blood. However, the combined abilities of the three top-notch figures and the premium ritual implements they wielded did not pale in comparison to the treasure in his hands.

He could not leave. The three powerful fighters were in no rush to kill him. They trapped him relentlessly. Otherwise, it would be troublesome for them to give the emperor an escape route if they were not careful.

Thus, they would rather be more cautious and slowly trap and kill him than give him a glimmer of hope.

There was a blood-colored glow in the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's eyes. Were they still not going to attack?

He had charged up into the sky for the gamble of a slight chance. He had hoped that his allies would take action and deal with Ye Futian. However, the other party had not attacked even now.

Even though his so-called allies were not dependable, he could not accept the fact that the other party had so mercilessly witnessed the scene.

However, even so, the Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did not betray them.

He hoped that they would be able to accomplish a one-hit-kill.

At this point, all he hoped was for Ye Futian to be killed in one hit. As long as Ye Futian died, there was a chance that this crisis could be resolved. Ye Futian was the core figure in the alliance of the four great factions.

If he died, there might be a chance that this alliance would be dissolved.

"Take action," Ye Futian said. The powerful fighters of the demon clan and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven stepped forward and went in search of their enemies. They had the numbers advantage in this battle. That, coupled with the Divine Elephant Emperor blocking off the sky, made the outcome of this battle clear.

Ye Futian had made this plan to kill the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty in one strike. He had trapped all of the top-notch figures of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and had not allowed them to leave.


In the air, the Divine Elephant Emperor stomped his foot down. The Divine Elephant seemed to take a step forward in the endless space. Several fighters of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were unable to withstand the attack. They spat out blood and crawled on the ground. Even the fighters at the level of Renhuang let out dull grunts. If not for being wary that he might take his allies down with him, the terrifying Divine Elephant Emperor would have stomped down on a larger scale.

Even so, the fighters saw four massively thick legs of the Divine Elephant step on the four cardinal directions. They were like four Divine God pillars.

Four powerful fighters at the level of Renhuang were directly crushed to death. They did not even have the chance to retaliate.

Buildings also crumbled at a manic rate. Everyone was flustered. This day was the doomsday of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.


At this moment, the Divine Elephant Emperor glanced at the Sacred Hall of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty that was still standing. Even though it had suffered from an immense tremor, it still stood stably in its place. It did not collapse.

This Sacred Hall might have been specially built and could harbor a Spell Matrix. He scanned the area with his Divine Spirit and found that his Divine Spirit was blocked off by the hall.

This Sacred Hall could obstruct the Divine Spirit.

He stomped down once again with his foot. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had to be destroyed. There was no need for the Sacred Hall of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, which symbolized the highest authority of the dynasty to continue to exist.

The giant leg of the golden Divine Elephant landed on the air above the Sacred Hall. A loud rumble could be heard. The air above the Sacred Hall caved in and pushed the hall into the ground. However, the Sacred Hall did not collapse completely even though several cracks have appeared.

At this moment, horrifying energy suddenly erupted from within the crack.

The expression of the Divine Elephant Emperor changed slightly. He lifted his leg and pushed it down quickly. The Divine Elephant shook the skies and wanted to crush the Sacred Hall under its foot.

At the same time, a ray of divine light suddenly erupted from within the Sacred Hall and pierced out into the surroundings. It caused many people to be unable to open their eyes.

"Careful!" the Divine Elephant Emperor roared. He unleashed his suppressing Great Path to its extreme. He had clearly realized that something was wrong.

There was someone in the Sacred Hall. Furthermore, that person was a top-notch existence.

More terrifyingly, the other party had held himself back for this long and had not taken action all these while. He had not done anything even though Yi Tianyu had died before him.

What was his motive?

It was similar to their motive for coming to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, to kill with one strike.

However, his warning seemed to have come too late. An incandescent ray of golden light pierced through the air. A divine spear penetrated the skies and flew straight toward Ye Futian's body. For a top-notch figure, the distance between them was negligible.

The expression of the Divine Elephant Emperor changed. The target of the other party was Ye Futian.

Rumble, rumble… Countless sounds of impact rang out. The bodies of the Golden Wing Roc Emperor and Hua Jiangshan were blasted backward. They could not defend against the attack. The golden divine spear pierced through the air and arrived before Ye Futian.

Everyone's expression changed to reveal a look of shock. The golden divine glow was exceptionally blinding.


Ye Futian's body was covered in a golden Sacred Hall. The Sacred Hall was then blasted backward. Inside, Ye Futian crashed fiercely onto the walls of the Sacred Hall. Buildings collapsed while he was retreating. The golden Sacred Hall finally came to a stop. It did not shatter. It did not even have a crack on it.

"Whoo…" Everyone took a deep breath. It was too close.

They had thought that Ye Futian would be killed. A charged strike of a top-notch fighter was indefensible.

However, a space ritual implement had saved Ye Futian's life.

He must have also gotten that from the God's Relic.

It was no wonder that he would step foot on the battlefield. As it turned out, he had a treasure like that in his possession.

Ye Futian looked at the figures on the other side while he stood in the Sacred Hall. It was not just one person. Two other powerful fighters emerged. However, they were all suppressed by the Divine Elephant Emperor's Great Path of Suppression and did not have much destructive capability.

"The Golden Divine Nation!" Ye Futian did not expect the powerful fighters from the Golden Divine Nation to appear within the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Had they always been waiting for him here?


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    《The Legend of Futian》