The Legend of Futian
1695 Creation of the Academy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1695 Creation of the Academy

Ye Futian knew that Jieyu had secretly cultivated a technique. She should have obtained the technique when she was training outside with Xia Qingyuan the other time. It was because she cultivated the technique that she caught the attention of the empress during the battle at the Holy Palace.

It might also be the reason that she could still exist in this world. Otherwise, the last vestiges of her soul would have long scattered into the universe.

If he thought about it that way, what the influential figures told him was probably true. That technique was the only reason Jieyu managed to stay alive, but her life was no longer her own.

Also, there was one more incident that could prove the theory. In Brahma's Pure Sky, other than the Empress, there was also the Jiutian Goddess and the Great Virgin Qin He. However, why would Jieyu become the personal disciple of the empress and the core figure in Brahma's Pure Sky? Why would the Empress pay so much attention to her?

However, if that was the case, wasn't the Empress worried that he would find out about the truth if she sent Jieyu to train by his side? Or in other words, the other party did not mind that at all.

Ye Futian looked in the direction Jieyu was. He knew that the Empress of Brahma's Pure Sky had won. What could he do about the situation even if he knew about it? Attack Jieyu?

Alternatively, he could go to Brahma's Pure Sky and attack the Empress. However, he did not know if Jieyu would disappear entirely if he did that.

At this moment, Ye Futian's heart was in a mess.

It's wrong! A thought flashed past Ye Futian's brain. He remembered something. In the past, he had sensed Jieyu's existence twice. Did that mean that even though Jieyu was being controlled by the Empress of Brahma's Pure Sky, she had not fully lost her sense of self? There might be a shred of consciousness hiding within her.

That was why he could sense Jieyu's existence.

A ray of hope shone in his heart when he thought about this.

No one in the surroundings disturbed Ye Futian. This incident shocked all of the powerful fighters. Ye Futian's wife was being controlled by the Empress of Brahma's Pure Sky.

"Goddess Qin, you can also train together with her in the academy," Ye Futian suddenly looked toward the group from Brahma's Pure Sky and said. Qin He turned around and looked at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes. She was a little hesitant. She had wanted to train with Ye Futian in the past, but the Empress did not let her.

"You can stay too," a goddess by Qin He's side told her.

"Alright." Qin He nodded with a smile. She felt extremely conflicted. The disciple that the Empress had accepted was Ye Futian's wife…

It was no wonder Ye Futian had asked about her in the past. As it turned out, everything was true.

Ye Futian immediately averted his gaze when he saw Qin He nod. There were many powerful fighters here to congratulate him today. As the host of the occasion, now was not the time to discuss private matters. Both Lord Taixuan and the Dou clan had come here out of respect for him.

All he could do about Jieyu was to slowly consider the circumstances. Since the Empress of Brahma's Pure Sky had sent her here to train, he had time in the future to investigate the matter.

"Seniors," Ye Futian said. He led the powerful fighters toward the area where the banquet would be held.

In reality, it was not only the Dou clan and Taixuan Mountain who had arrived in the Heavenly Mandate City today. Many powerful fighters from top-notch factions of the other realms had also arrived and were mixed within the crowd.

The large ripple that happened in the Heavenly Mandate Realm after Ye Futian left Shentian Academy had spread to the other realms. Currently, the Heavenly Mandate Realm was almost unified. Even though the main aim of the Heavenly Mandate Academy was to spread teachings, all of the factions in the Heavenly Mandate Realm were now standing on the same side with the help of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They have become a superpower.

Now, other than the fact that Ye Futian's cultivation level was still rather low, he already had the strength to fight against any of the top-notch factions.

The soon-to-be-formed Heavenly Mandate Academy only lacked people who stood at the very top of the world. Thus, Ye Futian had invited Lord Taixuan.

Finally, the day that the Heavenly Mandate Academy would be set up had come.

Heavenly Mandate City was filled with cultivators from all over the realm, especially those who had come from the areas around the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The city was packed. One would not be able to find an empty spot on the streets from the sky. Every area was filled with humans.

A majestic affair like this was unprecedented in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. At the very least, nothing of this scale had happened in the last hundred years.

Sunlight fell onto the area that was once the Imperial City of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. It created a grand sight. The surroundings also had an ancient aura and the vicissitudes of history. Of course, the Heavenly Mandate City was no longer the Imperial City of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. It would become the outer city of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The fate of this city was now inextricably linked to that of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

The tallest building in the academy was unique. It was a library. The structure of the building looked like pages of ancient scrolls piled up together to form an outer coating. At the tallest point of the library was an open ancient scroll that was ten zhang tall.

At this moment, several people were standing in front of the ancient book. Countless people looked over. They saw several top-notch figures such as the white-haired Ye Futian, the Dragon Master of the Divine Dragons from the Demon Realm, the Divine Elephant Emperor, the Golden Raven Demonic Lord from the Sky Demon Court, the master of the 10,000 Divine Mountain, Lord Taixuan, the Sky River Great Elder, and Gu Dongliu.

Every one of them had exceptional status. Below them, on the lower floor of the library, was an even larger group of powerful fighters. They were influential figures from top-notch factions. Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were there. The two of them were once leaders of the Celestial Gate.

Several people got a faint understanding when they witnessed the scene.

Everyone on the highest level, other than Ye Futian, were all masters of an entire organization. That included Gu Dongliu. He was now the only master of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The people on the next level were the powerhouses of various factions.

"Seniors, please inscribe your words," Ye Futian said with a smile. The Dragon Master, Divine Elephant Emperor, Golden Raven Demonic Lord, and the master of the 10,000 Divine Mountain walked toward the cover of the ancient book. Each one of them inscribed a word. They were forceful, overbearing, suppressing, and splendid.

The Dragon Master inscribed the word "Heaven." The word harbored unparalleled weight. The Golden Raven Demonic Lord inscribed the word "Mandate." Golden divine flames fell and caused the ancient book to release a radiant glow.

The Divine Elephant Emperor started the word "Academy" with overbearing arrogance. The master of the 10,000 Divine Mountain finished the word. He exuded radiance and his free-spirited will.

The words released extreme radiance and glory. It caused countless hearts to throb with passion.

Heavenly Mandate Academy!

"Please inscribe your word, Lord," Ye Futian said with a smile. Everyone's gaze landed on Lord Taixuan.

Lord Taixuan nodded. He inscribed a word in the book. The word he inscribed seemed to float outside the book.


As the word landed on the book, the will of the Great Path seized the surroundings. The entire Heavenly Mandate Academy seemed to be enveloped in the splendor of the word "Path." At this moment, countless people looked at the word "Path." Several people even wanted to sit down and cultivate on the spot.

That was true even for powerful fighters at the Renhuang Plane.

Ye Futian let out a smile. Back in Taixuan Mountain, Lord Taixuan etched a word in the sky when he surpassed his bottleneck. Now that he had effortfully invited Lord Taixuan here, he could not "let him go." Thus, he got the first guest minister of the Heavenly Mandate Academy to inscribe the word "Path."

This way, everything was perfect.

The words on the book implied that the Heavenly Mandate Academy was a place for spreading the Great Path.

The group turned around and looked toward the distance. There were countless figures in the Heavenly Mandate City. There were groups from the sky to the ground. They all witnessed this lavish event of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Futian, you can make the announcement." Countless people looked at Ye Futian. Even though he did not take up the role as the first dean of the Heavenly Mandate Academy due to his cultivation level, the creation of the Heavenly Mandate Academy was largely attributed to him. At this moment, it was natural for him to step out and announce the creation of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded with a smile. He did not hold back. He stepped forward and stood on the sky alone. He looked down at the endless crowd.

A breeze blew past. His white hair flew, and his robe fluttered in the wind. Countless gazes landed on him. This charismatic figure who had risen within the Heavenly Mandate Realm within the span of a few years and had his reputation spread throughout the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms had changed the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Zhuge Mingyue stood within the academy and looked up at the figure in the sky. Ye Futian had not left the Crimson Dragon Realm for many years, yet he had made it this far. He sure lived up to his reputation. The greatest genius from the Eastern Barren Territory, the Barren State, and the Nine States was like that no matter where he went.

Furthermore, he would continue walking forward to create a history that belonged to him.

The Swordmaster of Lihen, Yaya, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, Wang Chuan, and the rest of the people who had been friends with Ye Futian for many years looked at the figure in the sky. Their hearts were also overcome with emotion.

"Brother…" There was a radiant smile in Long Ling'er's eyes. Her eyes were teary. She could not help it though she was not sad.

Within the group of people from Brahma's Pure Sky, Hua Jieyu also had her gaze on the figure. There seemed to be a ripple in her eyes, but she quickly suppressed it. Her eyes once again turned cold and without emotion.

"Today, the Heavenly Mandate Academy has been officially created. We'll spread the Great Path in the Heavenly Mandate Realm," Ye Futian announced directly without any superfluous words, "Lord Taixuan will be the first guest minister of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The Dragon Master, Golden Raven Demonic Lord, Divine Elephant Emperor, master of the 10,000 Divine Mountain, and the master of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven make up the first batch of the Heavenly Mandate Academy's first guest ministers. The Sky River Great Elder will become the dean of the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

The hearts of everyone present shook. This arsenal seemed to consist of every top-notch faction in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The masters of the various factions made up the first batch of guest ministers, while the Sky River Great Elder took on the role of dean.

Every one of them was a figure with commanding influence.

At this moment, a radiant ray of divine light descended from the skies. One figure floated down from the sky. Countless people looked toward the direction, only to see a terrifying pressure. The pressure had not been released deliberately. It was innate.

"The Dou clan of the Ziwei Realm extends our congratulations," the person in front said with a bright voice, "The Dou clan is willing to present a thousand ancient techniques, a hundred Renhuang-level ritual artifacts, a thousand saint-level artifacts, three relics, two elders, one guest minister, and a hundred disciples. However, the elders, guest ministers, and disciples are willing to accept the tests of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Congratulations on the creation of the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

The hearts of several people shook. What a generous gesture. The Dou clan of the Ziwei Realm was the most influential faction in the Ziwei Realm. They had come forward to congratulate Ye Futian and present their gifts.

"Thank you for your gifts." Ye Futian nodded with a smile. He did not hold back. He intended to accept everything, including the disciples.

Another ray of divine light descended from the sky. Another group of figures flew down. The person in front was incredibly beautiful and charismatic. She was a lady with an extraordinary demeanor. She was dressed in a long black robe and looked like a queen.

"The Goddess of the Xiao clan from the Central Emperor Realm brings along members of the Xiao clan to extend our congratulations," a voice rang out. The hearts of many people shook. Was that lady the Goddess of the Xiao clan from the Central Emperor Realm?

"Your disciple, Xiao Muyu, pays her respects." Xiao Muyu bowed toward Ye Futian with a smile on her face.

A goddess as his disciple.

Many people took a deep breath as they looked at Ye Futian. Was Ye Futian already that reputable in the other realms?!


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    《The Legend of Futian》