The Legend of Futian
1701 The Chief Elder of Shen Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1701 The Chief Elder of Shen Clan

The cultivators of Golden Divine Nation and Shen clan seemed to have left Heavenly Mandate City. This caused some people to actually join the Heavenly Mandate Academy to seek their Way.

Of course, the number was still too few. With the Heavenly Mandate Academy's position and appeal in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, it was enough to send the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm into an uproar. Countless cultivators should be fighting to get in. However, the current Heavenly Mandate Academy was not experiencing such popularity.

It might be said that many people were waiting for this storm to settle.

Before that happened, many people would certainly be observing the situation and would not dare to easily commit to joining the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Ye Futian walked out from a matrix in the academy. He then went over to one of the palaces.

This place was the training area of the members of Brahma's Pure Sky. Many of them had returned, but there were still some members who had stayed behind to train. Among the Jiutian Goddess', Xuantian Goddess and Shatian Goddess had stayed behind. This showed Hua Jieyu's standing in Brahma's Pure Sky. Seeing this made Ye Futian acknowledge the fact even more.

The Jieyu that he saw might have truly been the incarnation of Brahma's Pure Sky Empress.

"Young Master Ye." Qin He smiled gently when she saw Ye Futian walking over to her.

"Goddess Qin, remember to train inside the matrix," Ye Futian reminded her.

"I know." Qin He nodded. She knew that Ye Futian had set up a path matrix in the core training grounds of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The interior of the Heavenly Mandate Academy was set up as the archive training grounds for the Heavenly Mandate Academy's absolute core figures.

"After she emerged from the matrix, she has been training to stabilize her Plane." Qin He saw Ye Futian's gaze shift over in the direction of a training matrix. Inside, a beautiful silhouette was sitting quietly there. It was Hua Jieyu.

The aura that emanated from her body was also the aura of a Renhuang.

Not long ago, Ye Futian had helped Hua Jieyu prove her Way.

"I just dropped by to check in on her," Ye Futian said softly. Qin He did not say anything.

Ye Futian walked up close to Hua Jieyu. He gazed quietly at her face. That beautiful face was so familiar, yet right now, it also seemed foreign. He knew that he might currently be used by the Empress. However, he was still willing to be used by her.

At the very least, she was truly here.

Seemingly sensing Ye Futian's gaze, Hua Jieyu opened her eyes and saw Ye Futian standing there. A strange look flashed past in her eyes, as though she was contemplating something.

Then, she saw Ye Futian reveal a bright smile.

"Is your training progressing all right?" Ye Futian asked softly.

After remaining silent for a while, Hua Jieyu nodded her head and answered, "Hmm."

"Be at ease and focus on your training. If there is a chance, I will bring you somewhere far away to take your mind off of things," Ye Futian said as he looked at Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu's eyebrows twitched slightly. It was as though she was deciding on whether to agree to Ye Futian's invitation.

After a moment of silence and seeing that Ye Futian was still smiling as he looked at her, Hua Jieyu finally nodded her head and replied, "Alright."

"I'll leave you to your training then," Ye Futian said as he turned and left.

Hua Jieyu watched as he walked off and then closed her eyes again.

Qin He looked towards Ye Futian and then Hua Jieyu. She was speechless.

Ye Futian headed over to a different training ground. This was the House of Swordsmen established in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, which focused on training swordsmanship.

The Wang Clan oversaw the House of Swordsmen. The leader was the new clan leader of Wang Clan, Wang Yanbing, who was also training here.

Aside from him, the Swordmaster of Lihen and Yaya would also teach swordsmanship to the disciples who joined the Heavenly Mandate Academy here.

In the center of the House of Swordsmen, a divine sword was inserted. Sword Will pierced the heavens. The divine sword contained a frightening aura of Sword Way. It caused the cultivators in the House of Swordsmen to be constantly bathed in Sword Will.

Right now, in one corner of the House of Swordsmen, a silhouette was quietly meditating. Sword Will lingered on his body.

The Swordmaster of Lihen stood beside the person. His body also emanated Sword Will, and he seemed to be instructing the person in his training.

"Swordmaster of Lihen, Wuchen," Ye Futian cried out. The two of them stopped training. Their gazes turned towards Ye Futian.

"How is it going?" Ye Futian asked. Back then, at Lihen Heaven, the Swordmaster of Lihen had given him a sword, and they had formed a bond of friendship. The Swordmaster of Lihen held Ye Wuchen in high regard.

"Having an ancient Emperor Jian giving pointers is much more effective than me doing so," the Swordmaster of Lihen said as he smiled. On the other hand, Ye Wuchen said, "Swordmaster of Lihen has his own unique insights to swordsmanship, which is equally helpful in my training."

Ye Futian smiled as he approached them. Ye Wuchen had previously obtained a sword in the Demon Realm that was the incarnation of the ancient Emperor Jian. Ye Wuchen had always kept it by his side.

These past few years, Ye Wuchen had traveled to many places. His current Plane was already at the Nirvana level.

"Do you still have fruits of the Way?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes. With so many fruits of the Way, it is enough for my training. I do not need anymore," Ye Wuchen said. "Moreover, I still have a few top-notch divine swords."

"I had originally set them aside for you. That way, your training can advance quicker," Ye Futian said with a smile. Even if Ye Futian had to exhaust all his resources, he would train another flawless Renhuang.

"If you have more, why don't you also give me some?" a youth to the side said as he walked over. He was the disciple of the Swordmaster of Lihen, Wang Chuan.

"One should not be too greedy," Ye Futian said. He naturally would not treat the disciple of Swordmaster of Lihen shabbily.

Wang Chuan was also just joking. Currently, he had some understanding of his master's Plane. As a Renhuang with a flawless Divine Wheel, even if Emperor Xia was around, he might not be able to defeat his master.


"Big brother," Ye Futian replied.

"Crimson Dragon Emperor is here at the academy," Sword Saint informed Ye Futian while walking towards him.

"Crimson Dragon Emperor?" Ye Futian revealed a surprised look. Then, he walked off while saying, "Let's go over to have a look."

Quickly, Ye Futian and the rest headed over and met up with Crimson Dragon Emperor. Chi Shang and Yu Shifei were around too; they were discussing something with the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

"Senior," Ye Futian called out while approaching them.

The Crimson Dragon Emperor stared at Ye Futian with a serious expression.

After Crimson Dragon Emperor had arrived at the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he found out everything Ye Futian had done in the Realm. He was extremely shocked.

He had not expected that the Crimson Dragon Realm would actually give rise to such a monstrous figure.

The intruders the other day might most likely bear ill intention towards Ye Futian.

"Ye Futian, I am here to tell you something," Crimson Dragon Emperor got straight to the point. "A few days ago, a group of Renhuangs came to the Crimson Dragon Realm. They were very powerful. They went to Qianye City, then they left."

Ye Futian's facial expression changed in an instant. He guessed the identity of the intruders right away.

"I will transmit the information to you through my will," the Crimson Dragon Emperor said. Then, he transmitted the images to Ye Futian through his will.

As expected, the intruders were the cultivators of Shen clan. Ye Futian's guess was correct.

Fortunately, the members of Ye Futian's group who were staying at Qianye City had been relocated here by the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Otherwise, Shen clan would surely not let them go.

Unfortunately, the relationship among Ye Futian, Master, and Feixue might have been exposed already. Ye Futian knew that Master had already made plans to evacuate Feixue and the rest, but since Shen clan had made a move, they would most likely turn the entire Crimson Dragon Realm upside down in order to find her.

There was a high possibility that Feixue would not be able to escape.

There was a familiar figure in the images—Luo Yang.

Had everything that Ye Futian planned actually been ruined by someone whom he had never paid attention to before? Ye Futian had even forgotten about this person.

He was well-aware that Luo Yang was most likely here due to the establishment of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Luo Yang then formed an alliance with the Shen Clan.

"Most likely the descendent of Luo clan brought them there. However, it was inappropriate for me to meddle in this affair," Crimson Dragon Emperor said to Ye Futian. He could not hinder the alliance between Luo Yang and Shen clan.

Crimson Dragon Emperor ruled over the Crimson Dragon Realm, but he was not the sole ruler. This was clearly not something he could interfere with.

"Junior understands." Ye Futian nodded. For the Crimson Dragon Emperor to purposely come here and warn him, Ye Futian was more than grateful.

"Are the members of Luo clan still in the Crimson Dragon Realm?" Ye Futian asked.

Crimson Dragon Emperor nodded and answered, "Hmm. However, this matter should be of Luo Yang's own doing; it has nothing to do with his clan."

"I understand," Ye Futian replied. "However, Luo Yang will need to pay the price."

Crimson Dragon Emperor did not say anymore. What Luo Yang had done had already involved Ye Futian's loved ones. If Ye Futian had relatives and friends in Qianye City, it was possible that they had also been involved in this.

Hence, no matter what Ye Futian did, Crimson Dragon Emperor could understand where he was coming from.

Luo Yang's actions were somewhat ruthless. Was this all for his Plane?

"Senior, will you be returning to the Crimson Dragon Realm now?" Ye Futian asked.

"Will you return with me?" Crimson Dragon Emperor turned towards Chi Shang and Yu Shifei. Before this, he had already roughly understood what had transpired. This storm would most likely escalate into something huge. If Chi Shang remained here, danger would surely come along.

"This place is very nice. Shifei and I will continue to train here. Father, you should head back first," Chi Shang said. They had already joined the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Since they had made this decision, they would not regret it.

They were disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy; however, Crimson Dragon Emperor was not. Hence, Chi Shang did not want Crimson Dragon Emperor to remain and be exposed to this danger.

"Alright." Crimson Dragon Emperor nodded in agreement.

"Senior, I will let a friend escort you home," Ye Futian said. Crimson Dragon Emperor was well-aware that Ye Futian intended to send someone over to the Crimson Dragon Realm to capture Luo Yang.

Ye Futian assigned a demonic roc from Sky Demon Court to escort the Crimson Dragon Emperor. The roc would then capture the descendant of Luo clan at the Crimson Dragon Realm.

After Crimson Dragon Emperor left, Ye Futian gathered the mighty figures of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He was wondering whether he still had a chance to locate Feixue before the other party found her. However, it was highly possible that Feixue had already been captured by the Shen clan.

Just as they were having a discussion, suddenly, a terrifying might of the Way descended from the sky.

Endless divine lights poured down from the sky. The entire Heavenly Mandate City was bathed in the divine light. Many people raised their heads to look above. A beam of light flashed, and a god-like silhouette walked out from the light He appeared in the space above the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Lord Taixuan, Sky River Great Elder, and many other powerful cultivators leaped up into the sky at the same time. They had all sensed this extremely powerful aura; an aura that was at its peak.

Ye Futian also looked over in the direction of the aura. He felt an extremely powerful threat approaching.

Beside him, a cold chill emanated from Sky River Great Elder's body as he looked at the silhouette that had appeared.

Sky River Great Elder would certainly not forget that silhouette. Back then, during the catastrophe in the Tianhe Realm, this person had descended from Shen clan and instigated a terrifying war. Almost all of Sky River Great Elder's 3,000 disciples were killed off.

"Chief Elder of Shen clan, Shen Ji," Sky River Great Elder muttered.

Everyone who was standing in the air above the Heavenly Mandate Academy revealed serious expressions.

This was the first time many of them met Chief Elder of Shen clan. However, they had long heard about him before. Since many years ago, he had been standing head-and-shoulders above all in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He had gained his fame long before the rest did!


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    《The Legend of Futian》