The Legend of Futian
1707 The Gods Have Spoken
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1707 The Gods Have Spoken

The clan lord of the Shen clan showed a look of surprise. Were all these people Qi Xuangang's disciples?

Every one of them represented a mighty principality to be reckoned with.

What a genius was this white-haired disciple of Qi Xuangang's...

"Master, my fellow junior brothers and Muyu have cultivated in the Deed of Thorough Comprehension before breaking through the realm, as it was greatly helpful to prove the Renhuang Realm. I taught them on behalf of the master, so they are now master's disciples," Ye Futian said, speaking loudly. "My junior brothers and I have come to take the master home."

Qi Xuangang was silent. He knew this was Ye Futian's design to help set him free, accepting disciples on his behalf, all for today's showdown.

"How are you planning on bringing them home?" The clan lord of the Shen clan spoke from the sky.

Their rival had come in an alliance so that the Shen clan would not dare to act rashly. However, would these people really dare to start a war with the Shen clan?

Were they not afraid of angering the Shen clan and causing mutual destruction?

Put it bluntly, in this game, though they were in a passive position, it was still the resolve on both sides that were tested.

Except this time, they did not have the upper hand.

Ye Futian glanced into the distance. The massive body of the divine dragon moved forward, drove into the sky above the Shen clan. All his people were standing with him on both sides.

Behind him, the great army moved forward, along with him.

In the void, as well as the City of the Gods, the four great figures shrouded the Shen clan with their spiritual will.

It was as if the war of mutual destruction could explode at any moment.

"I came here today with no plan on retreating. If I can't get out of here alive, I will take down the entire Shen clan to be buried with me, or I will take my people back," Ye Futian replied. The divine dragon continued moving forward, not fast, but with an extremely firm attitude.

There was no mistaking the great determination in his calm voice.

No one in the Shen clan doubted his determination. The moment Ye Futian stepped into the Shen clan, he risked death at any moment, because he was facing the entire Shen clan plus two major figures.

But still, he came with a great army. Now that they were here, clearly, he had prepared for all eventualities.

They either fight and everyone dies, or the Shen clan releases their people to them.

There was no third option.

Inside the Shen clan, many cultivators rose into the sky, and within the vast Shen clan, a terrifying aura of Renhuang swept toward that great army.

Even the cultivators of the Shen clan could felt great pressure at this moment.

This army was not just a single principality but was a conglomeration of all the elite powers from the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

But the fact was that as long as it had less Renhuang at the peak level, then the Heavenly Mandate Realm was still unlikely to compete against the Shen clan. This was also the reason why Shen Ji dared to move against the Heavenly Mandate Academy with aggression. However, today, Ye Futian only had four people at the peak level on his side.

"I'll give you a chance." At this time, the clan lord of the Shen clan outside the temple said to Ye Futian and the others, "Since you want to take your master back, I will allow it. Anyone who is related to Qi Xuangang, as long as someone could get to them, I will let you take that person with you. Only the Lower Renhuang of the Shen clan will defend."

He could see that those who called Qi Xuangang master were all of the Lower Renhuang realm.

The realm of Renhuang was divided into Nine Order of the Divine Wheel, but, in fact, there were only three major realms. Therefore, it was appropriate that he would send the Lower Renhuang to battle.

But even so, how many cultivators did Shen clan have? Many of them were at the top level of Lower Renhuang, so they were still at a great advantage.

This was his compromise to give the other a way out.

It was meaningless to keep Qi Xuangang and the others any longer, but today's battle was about the dignity of the Shen clan.

He couldn't just let them go.

But it seemed difficult to not let them go either. Ye Futian would not give up until he got what he came for.

"You feel it is justified for the few of them to fight against the entire Lower Renhuang of the Shen clan?" said Xiao Dingtian in the distance, a bit of sarcasm could be detected in his indifferent tone.

How brave was the Shen clan...

Ye Futian knew that the attitude of the Shen clan was not as aggressive as they were before with the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They did not dare to gamble. If the two sides clashed, the Shen clan would definitely be the first one to be destroyed, because this fight was on their territory.

He smiled sarcastically while looking at the clan lord of the Shen clan from afar and said, "Although I will take my people home no matter what, I will take this opportunity to expose just how easily the Shen clan can be crushed. The profound heritage that you are so proud of is, in fact, nothing, and won't stand up to our strike."

As his voice faded, he stepped forward and dismounted the Divine Dragon.

Next to him, Yu Sheng, Yaya, the Swordmaster of Lihen, Gu Dongliu, Xiao Muyu, and other powerful cultivators stepped out at the same time, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ye Futian in the sky.

Every single one of them was outstanding in their own way.

This battle would be the first battle where all of Qi Xuangang's disciples fight together.

"After having proved the Way, in this first battle, we will trample the Shen clan Renhuang," Ye Futian said, and stepped forward.

"Dou Zhao, descendant of the Fighting God, will overpower the Shen clan today." Dou Zhao let out a howl, feeling inexplicably emotional as blood boiled inside of him. Multiple marks of the Fighting God appeared around his brow chakra. In an instant, his aura increased wildly by leaps and bounds.

A giant towering shadow of the Fighting God appeared, and the light of the Divine Wheel swept out. He clenched his fists as his hulking torso merged into the shadow of the Fighting God. As soon as he took the first step, endless divine light penetrated his body. Its bright dazzle was incomparable.

"Will of the Fighting God, open seven-folds." With a loud roar, the Fighting God walked across the sky, and when he saw the Shen clan cultivators ahead, he raised a fist and punched through the void.

The aura of that Shen clan Renhuang swept out, but before he was fully ready, he saw Dou Zhao's fist blasting through the air toward him.


A golden divine light pierced through the space, and an explosive sound was heard. That Renhuang from the Shen clan looked down at his own chest and abdomen. He saw that a gaping hole in the shape of a fist there, where it had punched through.

This sudden and dominant display shook many to their core. Dou Zhao of the Dou clan, with his perfect Divine Wheel, had just executed a Renhuang of the Shen clan, completely without mercy.

Dou Zhao didn't care so much about that. This was sanctioned by the clan lord of the Shen clan, so he didn't need to hold back.

He had permission to kill!

"Perfect Divine Wheel," the cultivators of the Shen clan secretly remarked. Dou Zhao of the Dou clan in the Ziwei Realm had cast the perfect Divine Wheel.

The rest of the Lower Renhuang of the Shen clan finally came to and released an explosively tyrannical breath, not giving their opponent another chance to attack them at will.

A mighty destructive force swept out. The cultivators of the Shen clan cultivators were many, could these few really think that they could shake every one of the Lower Renhuang of the Shen clan?

Somewhere else at this time, a Shen clan cultivator reached forward, and suddenly an incomparably radiant golden pattern bloomed, rotating between heaven and earth as the pattern was getting larger and larger. In front of the pattern, a golden spatial sword appeared.

Hundreds and thousands of divine swords rotated, and a rain of golden swords in the sky slew toward Ye Futian and the others. The whistling will of the Great Path was tearing up everything.

Thump. At this moment, the earth boomed in a roar, and an overbearing dark figure strode forward and walked directly into the sword rain. His hulking and dominant torso moved under the sword will, and the sword rain that was full of terrifying power to slaughter was unable to shake him.

The massive dark figure moved its arms backward, clenched the fists, and then smashed them forward, blasting on the pattern that contained hundreds and thousands of divine swords.

"You asked for it."

That Renhuang spun his hands, then slapped them forward, as countless divine swords penetrated the void, eradicating everything in front of him.

Yu Sheng answered with a blast of his fists and created an absolute space in the falling sword rain. All the swords had to detour around it, or they would be pulverized and shattered.


When the fists landed, the pattern was punched through, and with it, the falling sword rain shattered. The fists then blasted on the opponent's head, and as it exploded, its soul and spirit also scattered.

There were several other Renhuang standing high above the sky together. Their divine eyes opened at their brow chakra and swept down at the few people beneath. As the divine light fell, the divine eyes intruded the others' consciousness.

However, several figures levitated into the air at the same time, Xiao Mu's Divine Wheel exploded forth, and it was equally perfect as the others. Her beautiful eyes shot toward the others, as a Yinyang Image of Life and Death appeared in her eyes.

Yaya summoned up the Sword Matrix of the Void, and as she stood upon it, that massive Sword Matrix was the Divine Wheel which she had cast.

Buzz. The Sword Matrix of the Void bloomed brilliantly, and a sword light engulfed the sky, slaughtered a Renhuang in its wake.

Jun and Long Chen acted at the same time. While Jun morphed into the Golden Raven, the divine solar light shot out and went through the opponent's eyes, so that even the flames now appeared in those divine eyes. He spread his wings as the divine solar light traversed the void.

Not to be outdone, Long Chen raised his hands, and a purple blood storm appeared.

Standing high above in the sky, Gu Dongliu unleashed the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate, which summoned the gods and demons of All Heavens.

In a blink of an eye, every Renhuang from the Shen clan who had made their moves, fell one by one. By contrast, perfect Divine Wheels bloomed one after another. The sky where they were at was already submerged by a glowing light, and the vision of heaven and earth attracted endless divine light.

All of them were perfect.

Cultivators of the Shen clan watched in complete horror. How could this be possible!?

All of them were perfect, without exception.

Even the clan lord of the Shen clan and the Great Elder Shen Ji were mesmerized by what they saw. Their eyes fixed on the gorgeous display in front of them, and their hearts were troubled.

In this generation, besides them, were there really so many geniuses who had cast the perfect Divine Wheel in the Nine Realms?

It seemed, almost.

This was almost like something from a dream.

"How could it be!" All the Shen clan Renhuang looked on blankly. It was the goal of every cultivator who had proved Renhuang to cast the Perfect Divine Wheel.

But in this generation of Shen Clan, Shen Hao was the only one who had achieved it.

However, at this moment, there was a whole group of cultivators that had apparently done it.

The battlefield that had just exploded seemed to be quieted again. But in the hearts of the Shen clan cultivators, the silence was especially terrifying.

They slowly turned their gazes at the white-haired man in the crowd. At this time, he walked forward in the void, facing countless stares.

"How did you do it?" The clan lord of the Shen clan looked at Ye Futian, and intuition told him that this shocking reality had everything to do with Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at him across the air, continued to move forward, and said slowly, "I have witnessed the awakening of the Great Emperor, which resonated with me. The Great Emperor had given me his inheritance, and I have felt the calling of the gods and listened to their will. And the gods had spoken, that the Shen clan should be eradicated."


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    《The Legend of Futian》