The Legend of Futian
1708 Opportunity
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1708 Opportunity

The deities had decreed that the Shen clan had to be eliminated.

Right now, Ye Futian's white hair fluttered in the wind. Brilliant divine light appeared on his body. Divine signs appeared and reverberated with the Great Path.

This scene caused other people to hallucinate. It was as though he was truly inheriting the Will of the Deities.

Many people were familiar with this saying. Ye Futian had also said such words before in the God's relic when the other cultivators questioned him. It was just that back then, many people believed that he was joking and spouting nonsense.

However, the halo over Ye Futian's body was glowing brighter and brighter. Was that truly a joke?

He witnessed the awakening of the Great Emperor and heard the will of the deities.

Right now, many people could not help but believe that what Ye Futian had said was true. In the God's relic, he had witnessed the awakening of the Great Emperor and received the teachings of the Great Emperor. Hence, he had been changing rapidly. Even the people around him were forging flawless Divine Wheels.

Shen clan had always wanted to obtain divine items. There might be such divine items or the teachings of the Great Emperor on Ye Futian.

Shen Hao also looked at Ye Futian. He remembered the dazzling divine light that radiated at the last moment in the Heavenly Palace in the God's relic back then. The light was blinding and caused the crowd to be unable to open their eyes. They could not even release their will.

At that time, had Ye Futian received the teachings of the Great Emperor?

Did Ye Futian turn out to be the biggest winner of the God's relic?

As for Ye Futian's last sentence, it was completely ignored by Shen clan. The deities did not know Shen clan and would not concern themselves with Shen clan.

"Shen clan had to be eliminated" was just the arrogant nonsense spouted by Ye Futian.

If Shen clan was eliminated, Ye Futian, the giant figures, as well as all the members at lower Planes, would be buried here.

However, the cultivators with flawless Divine Wheels still gave the cultivators of Shen clan a huge sense of astonishment.

They roughly understood why the three top forces of Xiao clan, Yuanyang clan as well as Dou tribe had come over.

It might be that they wanted to rely on Ye Futian to completely reshuffle the forces in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. That way, they could completely surpass some forces that they could not surpass in the past.

Such as their Shen clan.

Today their battle with Shen clan would be a very significant battle for them. Coincidentally, Sky River Great Elder, who had slaughtered his way into Shen clan, had provided them with an opportunity. It was as though that was how things were playing out to be.

So, you all want to step over Shen clan and rise in rank? The major figures of Shen clan thought to themselves. Before they attacked Heavenly Mandate Academy, they had never imagined that these people would dare try to step over their Shen clan to ascend.

They did not say anything. It was not easy to reach the Renhuang Plane. The Renhuangs of Shen clan might have underestimated their opponents before this. However, right now, seeing that all of them were possessors of flawless Divine Wheels, how could they not understand that this was going to be a truly vicious battle?

When the clan leader ordered the lower-level Renhuangs of Shen clan to hold off these few Renhuangs, many members of Shen clan were full of disdain. In the end, they had paid the price for doing so with their blood. There were a number of Renhuangs who were instantly cut down when they exchanged blows with Heavenly Mandate Academy.

The destructive power of the possessors of flawless Divine Wheels was extremely frightening.

Right now, the Renhuangs who had advanced alone began to retreat. The Renhuangs in the distance also advanced forward to regroup with them.

In a short while, the group of Renhuangs stood before the crowd. Might of Renhuang instantly burst forth from their bodies. The Divine WheeIs in their bodies burst forth with a brilliant glow.

Even though their individual Divine Wheels were all different, the same scene played out on their glabellas. They all opened their divine eyes. This was the talent of their Shen clan.

In the sky above, brilliant divine light suddenly shone. The power of the Great Path in the world actually resonated with their divine eyes.

Ye Futian's group felt an unparalleled majestic pressure of the Great Path pressing down on them. They stopped in their tracks as the terrifying force stood before them. At that moment, there were many Renhuangs of Shen clan joining forces, forming a large formation in this part of the space.

It was as though the heavens were separated. Their movements seemed to have been slowed down. There was a frightening spatial Great Path flow that was everywhere.

Around Ye Futian's group, illusions of deities appeared. When the divine eyes of Shen clan gazed at Ye Futian's group, they clearly felt as though they were being brought into an independent spatial world. In that world, deities appeared in the sky above as though they had been summoned.

As one of the top clans in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, the Renhuangs of Shen clan naturally were not pushovers. Even against a group of possessors of flawless Divine Wheels, they still possessed an advantage in terms of Plane and numbers.

Ye Futian naturally also sensed the majestic force. When the cultivators of Shen clan released the same ability, it created a resonance. It was as though they had become the masters of this part of the world and completely controlled this space.

In that instant, the cultivators of Shen clan had turned the tables to suppress them.

"Kill them!" an extremely solemn voice ordered.

Their opponent had already tried to kill them; the Renhuangs of Shen clan naturally would not be merciful. Regardless of the consequences, since their opponents dared to take them on, their Shen clan would also do the same.

His order had just been issued when endless divine light directly ripped the space apart. This was Shen clan's grand massacre technique, Tianshen Cleave. All of their opponents would be buried under this technique.

Rumble. The auras of Ye Futian's group frenziedly exploded outwards. Their flawless Divine Wheels of the Great Path formed an independent space of the Great Path around them, blocking the Tianshen Cleave technique. At the same time, they also felt a soul cleaving power.

Ye Futian raised his head. His eyes became very strange. In a loud voice, he asked, "Do you know what flawless Divine Wheels signify?"

Pairs of divine eyes swept towards Ye Futian. At the exact same instance, Ye Futian's eyes also became extremely frightening. His eyes directly penetrated their gazes and imprisoned them in an Eye Sorcery Zone.

"It means that we have absolute control over Way. In terms of the Great Path, we have absolute suppression." Ye Futian's figure gradually rose into the sky. He stood at the center of the endless massacre divine light, but the frightening divine light went around his body when it came in contact with it.

"Lower-level Renhuangs, before me, you are unqualified to release the might of your Way."

As Ye Futian spoke, his body kept floating upwards. He stood unaffected amidst the endless massacre of divine light. At the same time, around his body, streaks of divine light of the Great Path extended outwards. They directly penetrated the opponents' space of the Great Path, breaking through the layers of protection and enveloping the endless space.

Many people seemed to hear the sound of a guqin of the Great Path. The streaks of divine light of the Great Path became guqin strings of the Great Path. Sword Will also emanated from them.

Inside Ye Futian's body, unparalleled divine light exploded from his Guqin Divine Wheel.

Even the illusions of the deities in the sky above could not suppress him.

Ye Futian pointed a finger at the heavens. He drew his finger across the sky, and divine swords slashed across the sky.


A crisp voice sounded everywhere. As this word was uttered, the crowd sensed the Great Path shattering. The spatial Great Path that suppressed this part of the world was destroyed by Sword Will in that instance. Beams of light from the divine swords ripped apart the heavens. In the end, they formed a stream of swords that shot directly over in the direction of the cultivators of Shen clan.

With a huge rumble, divine light exploded, and the formation of the Renhuangs of Shen clan instantly collapsed.


The heavens shook. In the instant that their formation collapsed, the crowd saw two silhouettes appear at the same time. They seemed to be intrinsically linked. These two silhouettes were both overbearing and were full of endless power. One of them had illusions of demons behind him while the other had the illusion of the Fighting God behind him. At that moment, the two war-god-level figures seemed to be astonishingly in sync. They sent out a punch towards the Renhuangs at the same time.

There was another intense vibration. A loud rumble could be heard in the sky. It was as though those two punches had shattered the space.

As the punches traversed the space, countless afterimages that contained unparalleled power also penetrated the space.

The figures of the Renhuangs of Shen clan were sent flying outwards at the same time. Cracks appeared on some of their Divine Wheels. Some of them coughed up blood, while others had ruptured internal organs.

In an instant, the attack had negated the terrifying formation that was set up by many Renhuangs from Shen clan.

The cultivators in the sky could all see this battle. Their hearts began to waver. Even the top figures of Xiao clan, Yuanyang clan as well as Dou tribe could not keep calm.

This was the perfection that cultivators sought. Although they had broken through to the shackles of their Planes, one reality was clearly being displayed before them.

Those who had flawed Great Paths could not become emperor. They could only be called false emperors.

They also knew that true perfection was at the peak of the Renhuang Plane. Even those who had broken through the shackles of the Great Path were no match against someone with a ninth tier Divine Wheel.

This was a flaw that they could never compensate for.

Hence, when they knew that Ye Futian had a group of possessors of flawless Divine Wheels around him, they had decided to come out and stand with Heavenly Mandate Academy. Or rather, they came out to stand with Ye Futian against Shen clan.

They also dreamt that one day, their descendants could obtain what they could not achieve.

If there were such a day, they would have no regrets.

It might be said that it was what the leader of Shen clan had imagined. Them standing against Shen clan today was a fate of circumstance.

This battle would most likely be one for the history books. It would cause a huge shift in the hierarchy of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path in the future.

They clearly knew that although they were all top forces, in reality, the hierarchy of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path was already set in stone, and it was extremely difficult to ascend. Ascending their ranks required the continuous effort of generations of people and needed the appearance of peerless monstrous figures who did not die in the process of advancing their cultivation.

Wishing for change in this hierarchy was too difficult.

Ye Futian's appearance might have been an opportunity.

An opportunity for a complete reshuffle of the top forces in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

However, they also understood that there would be powerful resistance to such a change. When they were standing here, they had already thought it through. Since such an opportunity had appeared before them, no matter what happened, they would fight for it at all costs!


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    《The Legend of Futian》