The Legend of Futian
1710 Weaker Than Expected
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1710 Weaker Than Expected

Among the Shen clan, countless gazes landed on these two silhouettes.

If it was said that Ye Futian leading a large force into Shen clan was significant and could change the situation with the forces of the Nine Realms, then Ye Futian and Shen Hao's battle could determine who would be the hero of the next generation.

Ye Futian had already reached this stage; he had to win.

It was the same for Shen Hao. If he lost, Shen clan would be completely crushed.

The two of them stood across from each other and had yet to attack. Around them, an unparalleled frightening storm of the Great Path swept up.

Divine light shone down all across the sky. It was as though endless divine halos were being created. Shen Hao's divine eye opened on his glabella. It directly penetrated Ye Futian's eyes. Ye Futian also similarly released his Eye Sorcery. Both of them wanted to directly invade each other's consciousness.

Faint illusions of deities could be seen. Right now, Shen Hao was insufferably arrogant.

Ye Futian's eyes were similarly extraordinary. He had forged Eyes of the Divine Wheel. Shen Hao saw overlapping spatial prisons wanting to rush into his mind and imprison his consciousness. How could Shen Hao possibly let Ye Futian do as he wished? Under his divine eye, a frightening spatial storm swept up. Both of them collided in mid-air.

Coincidentally, both of them were using the spatial power of the Great Path.

Ye Futian's Eye Sorcery Divine Wheel was extremely overbearing. It kept attacking Shen Hao. Shen Hao revealed a sinister look. An even more frightening aura radiated from his body. In an instant, the divine halos that covered the sky showered down. It was like a divine sign.

Tianshen Divine Halo was also a natural-born ability of Shen clan. Rumor has it that it could suppress all powers of the Great Path.

Only members of the direct bloodline of Shen clan possessed this ability.

When the divine halos showered down, Ye Futian also sensed his Way being suppressed. He felt a miraculous sensation. This power was similar to the halos of deities. From the looks of it, a great-emperor-level existence might have appeared before in Shen clan's history.

All around them, a spatial storm was also brewing. Countless divine light ravaged their surroundings and enveloped the space around Ye Futian's figure within it. Under the effects of the storm Divine Wheel in Shen Hao's body, this space was consumed by the spatial storm.

The Guqin Divine Wheel in Ye Futian's body similarly burst forth. Astonishing rays of light shot out, and the sound of a guqin was created involuntarily with the Great Path as its strings. A storm of Sword Qi enveloped the sky and interweaved with the spatial storm.

Buzz! Countless divine lights came garroting their way towards Ye Futian. Under the effects of the spatial storm, each beam of divine light contained the power of Tianshen Cleave. They slashed towards the space where Ye Futian was at, wanting to slice his body to pieces.

However, around Ye Futian's body, a countering flow of swordsmanship appeared. The storm of Sword Qi cleaved everything and resisted the power of the spatial storm. An extremely high-pitched sound could be heard.

Both of their figures remained motionless, both standing on their spots. It was just the confrontation of powers of the Great Path, but it was already extremely fierce and frightening. If either one of them were weaker than the other, they would most likely be vaporized under the will of the Great Path.

The space where they were was already swallowed up by the raging storm of the Great Path. Both of them were within the endless destructive storm and appeared somewhat blurry.

At this moment, the crowd was blinded by a bright light. Countless divine halos shone down on Shen Hao. It was like a pair of God's wings had appeared on his body. Illusions of deities appeared, as though they had been summoned from ancient times.

Then, Shen Hao finally moved. He took a step forward. The next moment, his figure disappeared without a trace into the spatial storm.

Ye Futian watched as Shen Hao's silhouette vanished. His expression remained the same. He immediately extended his arm and pointed a finger forwards.

In that instant, a beam of brilliant divine light appeared where Ye Futian's finger pointed to. This beam of light was extremely sharp until it sliced the very fabric of space apart.

A divine sword formed at the tip of his finger and became a divine sword that clashed with Shen Hao's attack. It caused a high-pitched sound to explode in the space. The light of the divine sword ripped apart the space as it kept advancing. However, that destructive power of Shen Hao also disappeared in an instant along with his body.

Sizzle. Behind Ye Futian, another beam of extremely dazzling light radiated. This time, Ye Futian did not dodge it. Brilliant golden divine light instantly burst forth from his body and flooded the sky. A towering golden divine elephant appeared, and the divine elephant Divine Wheel in his body burst forth.

A third Divine Wheel.

The cultivators of Shen clan observing the battle were astonished. All of his Divine Wheels were flawless.

Even Shen Hao had only forged two flawless Divine Wheels.

Bang. The sound of a terrifying explosion reverberated in the space. The golden divine elephant trampled the sky. Divine halos became sharp blades that slashed at the body of the golden divine elephant, cleaving it apart. One could imagine how powerful the attack power of the blades was.

However, Ye Futian turned around and immediately sent out a punch. 10,000 elephants stampeded across the sky. Divine elephants ripped apart the space, and the collapsing Great Path shattered everything. Shen Hao's silhouette wanted to become ethereal once again. This time, the spatial storm in front of him was directly blown apart, causing his silhouette to be forced to appear as he was sent flying from the shockwave.

Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist contained the power to split apart space itself and collapse the Great Path. It could shatter space and counter Shen Hao's powers.

Ye Futian's gaze was locked on Shen Hao. He said, "Is that all that the top figure of this generation of Shen clan has to show?"

Shen Hao's gaze was as sharp as daggers. He extended both of his arms, and tens of thousands of divine halos descended at the same time. In his body, another Divine Wheel burst forth. In the sky above, endless golden illusions of spatial divine spears appeared.

The blood vessels in Shen Hao's body churned and roared. His divine blood was boiling.

Right now, Shen Hao was bathed in endless divine halos and had become a true deity. The divine halos directly merged with his body. At the same time, a divine spear appeared from inside his body. It appeared amongst the divine halos that covered the sky.

Shen Hao extended his hand and wielded the spear Divine Wheel in his hand. He pointed it towards Ye Futian.

The divine halos showered down on where the divine spear was pointed to. Illusions of spears covered the sky and rained down on Ye Futian.

Buzz. Shen Hao's figure moved again. This time, he charged straight towards Ye Futian like a deity descending upon the mortal plane. His divine spear stabbed out and was followed by the divine halos in the heavens above as well as the astonishing spatial storm. His attack immediately suppressed the Great Path in this part of the sky completely.

It was as though only this spear existed within this space.

Ye Futian discovered that Shen Hao's temperament had changed. Ye Futian stepped into the air. Divine elephants also followed suit, their trumpeting shaking the world around them. He sent the Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist crashing out, shattering the spatial storm.

Shen Hao's spear descended and penetrated the power of Ye Futian's fist. The spear landed directly on the body of the gigantic divine elephant.


A crisp crack sounded. Cracks appeared on the illusion of the elephant. The spear attempted to break the divine elephant into pieces.


Ye Futian's body was pushed back due to the shockwave. Shen Hao stood high above in the sky. His divine spear was bathed in endless divine halos. The halos enveloped the sky, suppressing all the will of the Great Path. The Great Path in this territory was all under the command of Shen Hao.

With divine halos surrounding him, Shen Hao attacked once again.

Ye Futian remained calm. Divine Sound was played, and illusory figures of the deities appeared one by one in the space. This time, they were not summoned by Shen Hao, but Ye Futian.

It was the magnum opus of Golden Divine Nation - the Sigh of the Divine God.

The divine elephant Divine Wheel was activated. Ye Futian strode upwards and ascended into the clouds. A terrifying rumbling sound could be heard. 10,000 elephants rushed across the space and covered up half of the sky. Ye Futian sensed that his Divine Wheel could definitely suppress Shen Hao, but the latter had activated the natural-born ability of Shen clan to make up for the difference in power between them.

However, even if they were competing in terms of attack power, Ye Futian was not afraid of Shen Hao.

When faced with Shen Hao's attack, Ye Futian sent out a punch. 10,000 divine elephants broke loose at the same time. The heavens and earth shook; it was as though the Great Path had collapsed.

The same technique would unleash different powers depending on the strength of the users. Right now, the top figures of Divine Elephants had to admit that even they could not master the magnum opus of their clan as well as Ye Futian had. Regardless of its law power or its strength, Ye Futian had the absolute advantage.


A shockingly loud bang sounded. Shen Hao's body was sent flying into the air. Countless divine elephants were still stomping towards him, attempting to bury him beneath them.

Shen Hao's facial expression was ugly. Did he still lose even after he had used his natural-born ability?

He stared at Ye Futian, who was beneath him. An even more terrifying aura burst forth from within him. An ancient aura seemed to be emanating from Shen Hao's body. It was the power of the divine item. Spatial doors appeared in the space and engulfed the stampeding divine elephants. The elephants disappeared behind the doors.

Huh? Ye Futian frowned as he looked at Shen Hao.

Was this… the divine item Shen Hao got from the God's relic?

Back when they were at the God's relic, all of them who stood beneath the Heavenly Palace had each gotten a divine item. Ye Futian had given his to Yaya.

"You have lost," Lord Taixuan said coldly. His voice was being transmitted through the space.

"Lord Taixuan, it's okay." Ye Futian responded, "Even with the divine item, he is no match for me."

When Shen Hao heard Ye Futian's words, his face turned pale green from anger. Today's battle was a humiliation for him.

All his techniques were useless on Ye Futian. Right now, he even needed to use the divine item he got from the God's relic to aid him in battle.

"This item has already been refined by me. It is already a part of me," Shen Hao said.

The spatial storm Divine Wheel burst forth, This time, a spatial door that consumed everything seemed to appear within the spatial storm. It swallowed up the space that Ye Futian was in.

Ye Futian sensed the space that he was in change. It had transformed into an enclosed spatial world.

Shen Hao stood in the sky as he looked down at Ye Futian. The former was still bathed in divine halos. He said, "In here, I am the master of the Great Path."

Ye Futian checked his surroundings and noticed that he was in a similar situation when a normal Divine Wheel Renhuang was faced with a flawless Divine Wheel Renhuang. He experienced absolute suppression in terms of control over the Great Path.

Buzz. Shen Hao's figure dove downwards. The divine spear pierced through the sky and crashed straight towards Ye Futian.

This time, Ye Futian was sent flying from the shockwave of the divine spear. It was as though his opponent suppressed his power of the Great Path.

"Are these all your trump cards?" Ye Futian asked as he raised his head and looked towards Shen Hao.

Shen Hao scowled. From the look in Ye Futian's eyes, it was as if Ye Futian believed that nobody on earth could beat him. It was as though he was still unconcerned about his current situation.

Such a look made Shen Hao very unhappy.

If Shen Hao wasn't already at his limit, why would he be relying on a divine item to fight? This naturally was his trump card.

"The number one Proud Son of Heaven of Shen clan is much weaker than I expected," Ye Futian said softly. "I thought I would at least be pressured a little."

When Shen Hao heard Ye Futian's words, his expression turned ashen.

Did Ye Futian mean to say that against him, Ye Futian did not feel pressured at all?


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    《The Legend of Futian》