The Legend of Futian
1711 Let Them Go
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1711 Let Them Go

Countless people were watching the battlefield at the Shen clan. The two figures there seemed to have disappeared as they were covered by the Great Path of Space.

Shen Hao and Ye Futian were gone.

"He used an item to engage the Domain of the Way." Lord Taixuan and the others could naturally see that Shen Hao had used an incredibly powerful divine item.

But Ye Futian had asked him not to intervene.

Even so, Lord Taixuan believed Ye Futian could deal with him.

The fierce will of the Great Path of Space raged as endless divine light descended from the sky and entered into everything.

Within, Shen Hao's body shone with brilliant radiance as he stared at Ye Futian below him.

Ye Futian was arrogant beyond words. He was even weaker than he had imagined.

"This is my world," he said to Ye Futian coldly.

"Your world?" Ye Futian looked back at him, a hint of disdain in his eyes. "We'll see."

As he said this, the area changed yet again. The sun and the moon appeared in the sky, surrounded by stars.

They seemed to be in another world. Divine flames descended from the sun, while the lonely moon seemed filled with cold will.

Each of the stars that surrounded them contained majestic power.

It was as if everything was acting on its own volition.

"The fourth Divine Wheel," thought Shen Hao, his heart trembling fiercely. Ye Futian was using his fourth Divine Wheel! And this wheel stood alone in the world in that it could open up a world of its own, like a miniature realm.

He felt his power come under pressure.

But how was this possible? He could only do this by using the Divine Item he had taken in the God's Relic.

Could it be that Ye Futian was just like him...

"This is my world," said Ye Futian coldly. Thousands of stars swirled around Shen Hao, moving faster and faster. There was a shrieking sound up in the sky as the whole area was covered in a suffocating force.

Boom! The stars fell towards Shen Hao, each one seeming incomparably huge.

Divine radiance bloomed from him, and beams of spatial light swept out, transforming into a terrible storm that swallowed up all the stars.

But all the stars fell at once, pressing down on the spatial storm, shattering it and continuing on towards Shen Hao.

Shen Hao lashed out with his spear, and endless afterimages bloomed from it. They slammed into each of the oncoming stars. This showed just how much attacking power he had.

But at that moment, there was a roar in the sky, and Shen Hao felt immense pressure. It was as if the air itself was about to collapse. He looked up and saw a god-like figure descending, possessed by the Divine Elephants, and holding a long staff. He was coming towards him.

The staff was formed by thousands of elephants combined. A sky full of stars swirled around it. It could both defend against and slay gods.

Shen Hao felt that his radiance had been suppressed. The long staff swept out, smashing into his spear, which cracked.


There was a low roar, and Shen Hao was sent flying backward. His Great Path collapsed as he was swept away by the staff.

Ye Futian continued forward, his eyes incredibly cold.

The people outside their little world were still staring at that area. They could faintly hear terrible, fierce roars.


There was a breaking sound, and they saw a figure swept away, flying powerlessly off into the distance and leaving a trail of blood behind him in the air.

"Shen Hao!" The cultivators of the Shen clan looked gloomy. The one who had been swept away was Shen Hao.

The foremost member of their clan in his generation, who had a perfect Divine Wheel, had been directly swept away. This was extremely embarrassing. His tattered clothes were stained with blood. His aura was growing weak. He had nowhere near the energetic will he had before.

The people from the Heavenly Mandate Realm did not get too strong a sensation from this, as if they had always known it would be like this. Everything that Ye Futian had done had given them absolute confidence in him. Even when a proud son of heaven, like Shen Hao, was standing before him, they still believed that Ye Futian could win.

When the three top forces, the Xiao clan, the Yuanyang clan, and the Dou tribe, beheld this scene, their hearts trembled. They knew what this battle meant.

Shen Hao had fallen. From now on, the white-haired youth standing in the sky above the Shen clan would become the most glorious figure of the age, second to none.

Although he had never fought with Jian Qingzhu, Nan Luoshen, or a few others, everything he had done today could not be done by anyone else of his generation. There was no one who could repeat his deeds.

The great figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were also a bit disturbed. The will of heaven had changed. It had not only changed, but it was now influencing the situation in the Nine Realms. Ye Futian was a man who could change the history of the heavenly mandate.

It was just as the Mountain Master of 10,000 Divine Mountain. In the past, Gu Tianxing had not been an epoch-making man. But Ye Futian was this kind of person. That was why he had been willing to intervene on his behalf.

Ye Futian retracted his aura and took several steps forward. Yu Sheng and the others followed behind.

They all stood in the air above the Shen clan, with countless cultivators of the Shen clan looking up at them. They strode to the highest part of the Shen clan, where the Divine Hall was.

No one stopped them. Lower level Renhuangs could not stop them.

The cultivators of the Shen clan brought Shen Hao down. He watched Ye Futian pass over them, then spat up another mouthful of blood.

He had clearly lost this battle.

Ye Futian had crushed him, the Shen clan, and their reputation.

Ye Futian strode to the front of the Divine Hall. A powerful figure of the Shen clan was standing there, watching him closely.

At that moment, they had one move that could easily kill him. It would completely destroy this man with the perfect Divine Wheel.

But if they did this, it would be meaningless. If they killed Ye Futian and the others, they would no longer threaten the Shen clan's future. This was because the Shen clan would disappear.

But both sides understood that Ye Futian coming here still required great amounts of courage and daring.

He was gambling his life against the survival of the Shen clan.

"Teacher, brothers," said Ye Futian, looking at Qi Xuangang, Yan Yuan, and Nan Zhai. Everything that had happened all those years ago played before his eyes. In the Crimson Dragon Realm, his teacher had ignored his own safety. He had always said: as the heavens' movement is ever so vigorous, so must a wise man ceaselessly strive.

Big brother had accompanied him for a long way, facing the Royal Family of the Dali Dynasty, finally sending him away from them.

"Master, we have come to bring you back." Dou Zhao did not think this was the least bit strange, and he smiled as he spoke.

They turned their gaze to the cultivators of the Shen clan behind Qi Xuangang.

"Let them go," they said and stepped back in compliance with their agreement to let Ye Futian take Qi Xuangang.

"There is one more," said Ye Futian, looking at the cultivators of the Shen clan. Feixue was not there.

He knew that Feixue was the Shen clan's target. She had the Divine Item that they wanted within her.

"You have already got what you came for. We only promised to release three people," said the elder of the Shen clan.

Those three were of no further use to them. Feixue had the Divine Item within her, so they could not let her go.

"I will take them all," said Ye Futian coldly.

The elder of the Shen clan swept his cold gaze over Ye Futian and said, "Fine, once we have taken our Divine Item out of her, you can have her."

"It is not yours; it is my teacher's," said Qi Xuangang coldly.

"Don't forget who your sister is," the elder said, glancing at him.

"I am going to take her away from here intact," said Ye Futian.

The elder of the Shen clan did not look at Ye Futian but at Lord Taixuan and the others.

"You have all come here to the Shen clan together today, and we have been most accomodating. But if you give an inch," said the elder, looking to the sky. "it's war, then."

Ye Futian was not the only bold one.

Shen Ji had attacked the Heavenly Mandate Academy, so it was only natural that they would retaliate.

But they had gambled that the Shen clan would not go to war over this. Were the great powers of the Heavenly Mandate Realm prepared for that?

All but the greatest figures of the great powers and Shen clan would probably die as soon as the war started.

Who could bear that?

A suffocating pressure descended upon the Shen clan. Lord Taixuan and the three top figures' aura covered the area.

For a time, the silence was frightening.

The only thing that anyone could feel was tension.


At that moment, A blood-red storm appeared in the air above the City of the Gods.

The elder of the Shen clan looked over there and saw the storm growing stronger and stronger. A terrible vortex appeared within the storm. It was as if someone had opened up the Ancient Road of Space.

Lord Taixuan, Ye Futian, and the others all looked over there as well. The aura was terrifying, and the storm grew fiercer and fiercer, covering an endless area as it spread out towards the Shen clan.

Red light fell from the sky like streaks of blood.

"Everyone, go back down," said the elder coldly. Suddenly, all the cultivators of the Shen clan descended from the air.

At that moment, he could clearly see the deep fear in their eyes.

Ye Futian suddenly guessed who it was.

Before they had come, the Sky River Great Elder had attacked the Shen clan by himself, killing many cultivators. Moreover, he had completely wiped the Imperial Palace away from the Tianhe Realm.

He did not know what his teacher had experienced to become so powerful. His aura was completely different from before.

Of course, he did not blame his teacher for anything he had done.

It was a monstrous blood feud. They could not live under the same sky as each other.

It was hard to imagine that the normally peaceful Sky River Great Elder had so much strength within him and had been patient for so long.

The vortex that seemed to have opened up from the Ancient Road of Space within the storm spread out, and everyone could faintly see a dark figure within, like a god of blood.

The Shen clan elder's gaze pierced through the storm. The Sky River Great Elder had been wounded in their battle. If there had not been four great enemies here, he would have directly gone into the storm to seek him out.

But now, he did not dare.

"Let them go!"

A voice pierced through the blood-red storm and came from the distance. A gloomy look came over the faces of the cultivators of the Shen clan.

If there was someone who would dare to go to war no matter the consequences, that person was without a doubt the Sky River Great Elder. He had become a demon!


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    《The Legend of Futian》