The Legend of Futian
1712 The Shen Clan Compromises
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1712 The Shen Clan Compromises

The sky turned into a blood-red storm. Within this powerful vortex, destructive red light fell from the sky, descending upon the Shen clan.

At that moment, all the cultivators of the Shen clan looked up and stared into the sky.

It was oppressive. So oppressive.

The Sky River Great Elder had entered the situation, and things had changed. A madman had been added to the equation.

He had slaughtered the cultivators of the Shen clan when he had attacked them all by himself. There was nothing that he would not do. The Shen clan needed to consider the possibility that if they did not let the people go, the Sky River Great Elder would attack them.

If he did, would the other four top figures take part or just sit and watch?

If they got involved, it would b a huge battle.

If this battle broke out, the Shen clan would be at a massive disadvantage. What would happen then?

No one knew. They could only imagine.

The elder of the Shen clan was silent for a time, as were all of the top figures.

Ever since the Divine Prefecture had been conquered, the Shen clan had not experienced a situation like this.

They were a force that stood at the top of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path. Now a single man had attacked them, they were being interrogated, and they were being forced to release their prisoners.


The blood-red storm descended from the sky towards the Shen clan. Shen Ji stepped out, standing beneath the storm. Endless spatial light bloomed from him, pressing against the oncoming storm. But on the other side of the storm, an overpowering demonic image stepped forth, seeming like it could reach them at any time.

Lord Taixuan might have scruples, the Xiao clan, the Yuanyang clan, and the Dou tribe might have scruples, but the Sky River Great Elder had none. He had experienced terrible war in the past. Perhaps he wanted to bring another such war to life?

Would he even care?

When he had named Ye Futian his heir, he seemed to have used that to lull the Shen clan into a false sense of security. They thought he had found a hair so that he could give his knowledge to him, but that he himself had accepted the cruelty of fate.

But what was the reality?

Did he care if Ye Futian lived or died? Did he care if Qi Xuangang lived or died?

Who knew?

"Bring them out!" A voice broke the silence. It was the elder of the Shen clan.

Suddenly, several cultivators appeared from within the Sacred Hall, bringing a figure with them.

It was a woman wearing blue robes. She looked very frail, and her hair was disheveled, but a clear light shone in her eyes. She looked at Ye Futian and smiled brightly.

But as she smiled, tears ran down her face.

She was finally able to see his face.

It turned out it was just like she had imagined it would be.

Ye Futian looked at Feixue, his gaze freezing on her. "Feixue..."

"Yes," she said, nodding. She already knew what he was going to ask. "I have cultivated to a higher level, so I can see again."

In the past, Ye Futian had fixed the problems within her body. Afterward, she had melded the Divine Item into herself, cultivating at an astonishing speed. The Divine Item had naturally contained the power of the Great Path, and now she was already a Nirvana level Saint.

Her eyes had been gravely wounded, but once she reached the Nirvana level, her dead eyes were once again filled with light.

She had always wondered when she would see Ye Futian again. She had thought it would never happen.

She had never thought that, at the most hopeless moment, when the Shen clan was about to act against her, he would arrive.

"You're just like I imagined. So beautiful," said Ye Futian with a bright smile. He had faced many unknown threats at the Shen clan. Now, the two of them were standing there, smiling at each other.

This smile seemed to come from the depths of Feixue's heart. Although she had gone through so many hardships, life was so beautiful. Even in the depths of despair, there was light.

What a wonderful feeling.

"You can get out of here," said the Shen clan elder coldly. No one could guess what he was feeling now. As one of the top figures in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, he had still been forced into this position. He had no choice but to hand her over.

"There is one more person," came a cold voice from the sky.

The elder of the Shen clan looked up into the sky, his eyes going extremely cold.

He naturally knew whom the Sky River Great Elder was talking about.

Ye Futian looked there as well. He had not thought of it before, but the Sky River Great Elder and him were different. He naturally wanted to save his wife.

The heroic and powerful daughter of the Shen clan was Ye Futian's master's wife. Was she still in the Shen clan?


Deep within the Shen clan, there was a dull yet fierce roar. Ye Futian and the others looked over there. Terrible divine light was blooming from there; it was as if someone was attacking.

An attack on the innermost part of the Shen clan.

At that moment, everyone guessed what was happening.

"You have everything you want, and you still won't go?" The elder of the Shen clan swept his gaze over Ye Futian and Lord Taixuan.

The one who was imprisoned within the Shen clan was his daughter. She was a member of the Shen clan.

"There is one more person," said Lord Taixuan. Obviously, he had decided to aid the Sky River Great Elder.

If they left now, the Sky River Great Elder would not be able to save his wife on his own.

"This is a family affair." The elder of the Shen clan looked coldly at Lord Taixuan. "Do the three of you want to get involved?"

"Let her go," said Ye Futian, looking at the elder of the Shen clan. The one who was imprisoned was the Sky River Great Elder's wife, his master's masteress, and Xuefei's grandmother.

Since things had already reached this point, where they had already offended the Shen clan as much as possible, he did not care if they went a bit further.

A dark look came over the elder of the Shen clan's face. He stared at Ye Futian, then said coldly, "You truly do not fear death."

"When I came here, I had already put life and death out of my mind," said Ye Futian. The elder of the Shen clan could destroy him just by lifting his hand, but he still stood there in front of him.

Did he dare destroy him?

He didn't. He would let her go.

"When Shen Ji came to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, I never would have thought they would drag in all the other powers. Since the Shen clan dared to do it, they can only accept what is happening now," said the elder of the Dou tribe, his voice ringing throughout the city.

How could Shen Ji have known that his assault on the academy would have stirred up such great waves, making the Shen clan face this desperate situation?

If they had known, they would not have made enemies of the Heavenly Mandate Academy so carelessly.

But who could have imagined this?

"Let her go," said the elder of the Shen clan, his voice ringing out loudly.

At that moment, the people of the Shen clan were speechless.

Were they finally compromising?

Many of the top figures of the Shen clan left, walking towards the great matrix. Soon, bright light pierced everyone's eyes. In the distance, a powerful aura came towards them.

A figure strode through the sky. In a flash, she reached them.

Even for many of the members, this was their first time seeing her. After all, those events had happened many years ago. Some of the Saint level and below people had not even been born yet.

They just knew that the head of the clan had a daughter and that she was imprisoned.

Ye Futian looked at the figure. Her white hair danced in the wind, looking disheveled, some of it even falling down over her face. She was very thin, as she had been imprisoned for so long.

But her eyes still burned with fearsome brilliance.

The wind blew her hair, revealing a weathered face. But it was clear that behind that, she was very beautiful. She had once been the treasure of the Shen clan. She was very famous in the Central Emperor Realm, and many famous people had pursued her.

"Masteress," said Qi Xuangang. Tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. Men do not cry easily, especially one as powerful as him. But when he saw her, he felt weak in the depths of his heart.

He felt very guilty towards his master and masteress. If it had not been for him, those things would not have happened. Nongyue would have found someone more talented, and the master and masteress would have maintained their place at the top of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

The once brilliant masteress was now so haggard.

"You were not so weak in the past," said the woman, casting her gaze over Qi Xuangang, her voice cold. There was very little emotion in her deep eyes.

Qi Xuangang wiped away his tears. He knew how powerful the masteress was. Otherwise, she would not have dared to resist her own clan and go to war with them.

But at this moment, his emotions ran so deep.

The woman looked at the elder of the Shen clan, her father.

Then she looked up into the storm, seeming to see right through it to the figure on the other side.

But at that moment, the storm gradually disappeared.

The woman stepped into it, but it closed itself off.

She froze, watching it disappear into the sky.

Why couldn't she see him?

"Where is he?" the woman asked Lord Taixuan. Naturally, she knew him.

Lord Taixuan shook his head and said, "Come back with me to the Heavenly Mandate Realm first."

"I am going to find him." The woman stepped into the air to leave.

"Grandmother." A soft voice rang out, making the woman stop. She slowly turned and looked down. Her gaze fell upon Feixue.

Her movements seemed to have become incredibly slow as she walked towards Feixue.

She placed a trembling hand on her face.

"You are Feixue..." said the woman, staring at her. At that moment, it seemed like she was seeing her own daughter. She looked just like her.

"Yes," said Feixue with a bright smile. She looked at the face hidden behind white hair, and tears fell from her eyes. This strong woman had scolded Qi Xuangang and faced her own father, the elder of the Shen clan, without any problem. But seeing her, she began to cry.

"Child." The woman softly hugged Feixue.

Feixue leaned up against her quietly. At that moment, she seemed to feel her mother's warmth. Her mother must have been just like her grandmother.

Ye Futian was very moved by this scene.

"Masteress, let's go back to the Heavenly Mandate Realm. We will find the master," said Qi Xuangang, walking up to them.

The woman nodded softly. This time she did not refuse.

She took Feixue's hand and said, "Let's go."

Ye Futian smiled. This was excellent.

"Let's go back," said Lord Taixuan. Suddenly, the great army began to leave. When they left, so did the three great figures within the City of the Gods.

Within the Shen clan, a powerful aura still pressed down on them. It was as silent as the grave.

The elder of the Shen clan watched the disappearing figures. His daughter had not said a single word to him as she left!


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    《The Legend of Futian》