The Legend of Futian
1715 Unreal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1715 Unreal

The Heavenly Mandate Academy was a picture of great prosperity. Cultivators from the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms were still arriving at the Heavenly Mandate Realm just to enter the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate.

What happened at the Shen clan made them realize that Ye Futian's original intention of creating the Heavenly Mandate Academy was to preach. His intention was not selfish, and he would hold nothing back, or else there wouldn't be over a dozen of cultivators who possessed the perfect Divine Wheels.

This could only mean that Ye Futian did not mind helping others to create the perfect Divine Wheels. Of course, the premise was that one had to be able to get in touch with him and with a strong enough talent of one's own. Therefore, the only way was to enter the Heavenly Mandate Academy and become a core disciple.

However, currently, it was extremely difficult to become a core disciple because there were not many spaces left. Countless people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm regretted that they had missed their best opportunity.

Just as the Heavenly Mandate Academy was immersed in its prosperity, Ye Futian and his group left quietly one by one, without alerting too many people or causing too much attention. Only a few key members of the Academy were aware because all eyes of the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms were now focused on him.

He must be careful while traveling, especially if he was to go to the Lower Worlds on this trip. If he were followed by those who meant him harm, it would put him in danger.

Though the Shen clan and the Golden Divine Nation dared not attack him outright, if they were to learn of the routes of his departure, it was not above them to plot a secret assassination.


A few days later, at Crimson Dragon Realm in Emperor Xia's Realm.

In Emperor Xia's Palace, Emperor Xia was reprimanding several princes, and the eldest prince, Xia Rong, was among them.

"Xia Rong is about to attain Nirvana? How much faster can he speed up his cultivation?" Next to him, Queen Xiao smiled and interceded. Since Emperor Xia returned from the Supreme Region, his personality had changed. He was more severe in his attitude, and none of his heirs were able to please him.

Queen Xiao knew that Emperor Xia wanted to pass on his throne as soon as possible so that he could be free to either travel wherever he pleased or go to the Supreme Region.

However, his several heirs were still too far away from achieving Renhuang Realm.

"It's a pity that Qingyuan is not here; otherwise, she would be able to take over in a few years," Emperor Xia lamented.

"I miss our little girl, too. It's been so many years since she's visited us." Queen Xiao's voice was gentle. She did miss her daughter.

"Since Father intends to pass the throne to Qingyuan, why not call her back?" Xia Rong said. He had always enjoyed a good relationship with Xia Qingyuan and had taken care of this little sister of his since childhood. However, an incident that happened long ago had caused a rift between the two.

Now, upon hearing their father's intention to have Xia Qingyuan take over the throne, the princes found the idea somewhat unbearable.

"Do you think she cares?" Emperor Xia glanced at Xia Rong casually. "If Qingyuan was willing to come back, I wouldn't have to look to you guys."

"Why won't she return? Is it because of him?" Xia Rong asked. "Would Father allow Qingyuan to follow him around just like this?"

Naturally, he was referring to Ye Futian.

Emperor Xia looked at Xia Rong deeply. He hadn't talked to everyone about what happened at the Supreme Region, nor had he mentioned Ye Futian's current state. The gap was far too great between them, so it would make no sense to even mention it. It would only cause needless disruptions in their minds.

He sighed silently in his heart. If things didn't happen the way they did back then, he could probably have Xia Rong follow Ye Futian to the Upper Worlds.

But now, it was clearly impossible.

Although Ye Futian wouldn't pursue the matter further, some things, once done, could never be undone.

Perhaps, not even Xia Rong himself would know just what he had missed.

At this moment, there was a golden brilliance sprinkled from above the sky.

Emperor Xia was taken aback, raising his head to look up in the sky. Not only Emperor Xia, but at this moment, the people of the entire Emperor Xia's City were looking up.

They saw that from outside the sky, an extremely sacred divine bird had come and torn through the firmament, covering the endless space with a brilliant glow.

"Divine bird."

"What brilliance! What kind of divine bird is this?"

The people of Emperor Xia's City exclaimed. At this moment, all the demonic beasts in the city prostrated on the ground, shivering. Their eyes focused on the divine bird that came from the sky, as worshiping it.

Likewise, all the demonic beasts inside Emperor Xia's Palace prostrated also.

Outside the palace, Xia Rong's mount made a low groan, then laid down.

When Xia Rong took notice of this, he was extremely shocked. What kind of divine bird was this?

And who was it exactly, that descended to Emperor Xia's Realm?

"Your Majesty." A voice came from atop the divine bird, and Emperor Xia stood up with a smile on his face. He didn't expect that the one he was thinking about was coming at this precise moment.

The divine bird stopped in the sky above Emperor Xia's Palace, and Emperor Xia slowly levitated into the sky to meet them. Below them, Queen Xiao and the others looked at the figure on the divine bird, and their eyes fixed there.

The one in the lead was Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan was there, too.

"Father, Mother!" Xia Qingyuan called out. She walked toward the sky below. There were many others next to Ye Futian, and they were of the older generation from the Lower Worlds, and Emperor Xia recognized them. In addition, Jiang Chengzi was there also, whose duty was to ensure Ye Futian's safety.

If there was a real emergency, they could deal with it efficiently.

That divine bird now turned into its human form, clad in golden divine armor with a sharp look about him. It was an extremely powerful demon emperor. The pressure of might that was inadvertently released from his body alone terrified Emperor Xia.

"Greetings to the Elders," Emperor Xia bowed slightly and said. For such characters, he still had to maintain certain etiquette. Just because they came with Ye Futian, it did not mean that he was exempt from showing his respect.

"No need for formality," Jiang Chengzi responded. The demon emperor nodded slightly.

What was played out in front of them shocked many present.


Their Father had to respectfully address that demonic beast as "elder," and Ye Futian was riding on the back of the demon emperor.


Xia Rong watched all this, feeling a little shocked.

Moreover, Ye Futian's breath was unfathomable. As he stood there casually without releasing any breath, he still felt like he was facing his father.

Was this how Renhuang felt?

But how was this possible?

They all agreed that Ye Futian's talent was outstanding. He might even be the best in all of Emperor Xia's Realm. But it was only a matter of a few years that had passed.

"Your Majesty left in a hurry last time, so I came back this time to see you. It just so happened that Qingyuan also wanted to come home. She would like to see if Your Majesty is willing to go to the Supreme Region to cultivate," said Ye Futian.

"To go to the Supreme Region?" Of course. Emperor Xia wanted to. He had the idea since last time, but there was no one to take over Emperor Xia's Realm.

Therefore, he ended up here, reprimanding these few heirs of his, which could not be compared with Ye Futian.

Without comparison, there were no hurt feelings.

"I have built an academy in Heavenly Mandate Realm. Now, there are many people cultivating there. The Swordmaster and the others are there also. If Your Majesty agrees, we can go back together, and Qingyuan could be looked after. Perhaps, Your Majesty could also ask those elders who participated in the battle of the Crimson Dragon Realm, and see if they are willing to go to the Heavenly Mandate Realm with me on my return trip," Ye Futian proposed. It was a way to return the favor of the past.

In the battle of the Crimson Dragon Realm, in addition to the Swordmaster of Lihen, many people, including the Great Shaman, had all participated.

"You mean to siphon from my realm," Emperor Xia said.

"Your Majesty understands my meaning," Ye Futian said with a smile. It all depended on personal desires. One would be hard-pressed for the opportunity to rise by staying in Emperor Xia's Realm, but one could grow firm roots here. Venturing to the Heavenly Mandate Realm was taking a risk that could end up with them realizing just how big the world truly was.

Depending on the choice that was made, he would not force the issue. Even if they chose not to go, he would leave something here for everyone.

"Father, the Heavenly Mandate Academy he founded is now recruiting disciples, and it will become a symbolic place in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. In it, there are top figures acting as deans, and there are also many Upper Renhuang. You should tell them and let them make their own decisions," Xia Qingyuan added. She was worried that her father and the others would not understand what Ye Futian's invitation meant and would miss out on something valuable.

Emperor Xia's heart palpitated. He had witnessed a war of the top figures at the God's relic, which started because of Ye Futian.

This man, in a blink of an eye, had created another terrifying turn of events again.

"I understand," Emperor Xia nodded.

"Then, Your Majesty, I will go to the Nine States first, and come for Your Majesty on my way back." Ye Futian smiled and asked, "Qingyuan, you are staying here, right?"

Xia Qingyuan had not come back for a while.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian, then at Hua Jieyu behind him, and nodded gently.

Emperor Xia also took notice. He looked at Ye Futian and asked, "Are you leaving?"

"I have to come back on my way back anyway, so I'll let Qingyuan spend some time with Your Majesty and the Queen without further disturbance," Ye Futian said with a smile. "Your Majesty, I'll take my leave now."

With that, the divine bird shapeshifted as Ye Futian stepped onto it, and the group departed.

"He's not going to use the palace matrix?" Queen Xiao asked in a low voice.

Emperor Xia glanced at her and whispered, "The old man next to him is an Upper Renhuang. That divine bird demon emperor is probably also an Upper Demon Emperor. At this level, they can reach the Nine States in just a few moments, probably faster than using the matrix."

Queen Xiao was speechless when she heard what Emperor Xia had told her. "What realm is Ye Futian?"

"Renhuang. He's much stronger than I am. Even Lihen no longer heeds me much. Just now, I saw Yu Sheng and the others in the void, and they also seem..." Emperor Xia trailed off while looking toward Xia Qingyuan.

"They are all emperors now." Xia Qingyuan nodded.

Queen Xiao was stunned, feeling a little unreal.

"It took just one to bring up the others," remarked Emperor Xia. "Now, do you understand why I reprimanded them? Ye Futian may become the one we all have to reckon with in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, and they are nowhere near Renhuang Realm."

"Not long ago, he launched a battle in the Central Imperial Realm, which established the position of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Now, he is known throughout the Nine Realms," Xia Qingyuan whispered beside him.

Emperor Xia blinked, not knowing what else to say.

"Qingyuan, the woman behind him..." Emperor Xia asked suddenly.

"Yeah." Xia Qingyuan's eyes darkened a little, and then she nodded gently. "His wife."

Emperor Xia looked at Xia Qingyuan's eyes and sighed secretly in his heart. Could she really be alive still? Initially, they had thought there was only a glimmer of hope.

Xia Rong and the others looked on all this quietly, feeling a little numb inside.

Renhuang. Ye Futian.

Since the moment he arrived, Ye Futian didn't even bother looking at him. When the subject was breached on taking various people to the Upper Worlds to cultivate, he made no mention of Emperor Xia's heirs.

Wasn't this obvious?

Ye Futian respected his father and was willing to help his father, but it had nothing to do with him.

3,000 Realms of the Great Path. The pinnacle.

Why did this all feel like a dream?!


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    《The Legend of Futian》