The Legend of Futian
1717 Dealing With
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1717 Dealing With

Many cultivators, including Saint Xia, Saint Li of Nine State College, Moon Saint of Yue clan, Zhuge Qingfeng, and Yuan Hong were around. Their cultivation had reached the Saint Plane, the peak at the Lower Worlds. It took them only a few steps to traverse from Crouching Dragon Mountain to the inn.

Right now, they were all standing at different corners. They unleashed their auras and enveloped the few youths.

However, they felt slightly uneasy. Under the pressure of their might, the few youths, whose aura could not be detected, still stood unperturbed. It was as though they sensed nothing. They did not speak up either, seemingly communicating through sound transmission.

Shen clan had come here this time on a secret mission. They wanted to act furtively and investigate the past and relatives of Ye Futian. Then, they would leave quietly and pretend that they had never appeared here before. After all, they were well aware that if their trip here were made known to Ye Futian, the information they got would be meaningless. It would not help the Shen clan at the crucial moments to deter Ye Futian.

Could it be that they would need to kidnap everyone who was related to Ye Futian?

If they did so, Ye Futian might intrude on the territory of the Shen clan once again.

Their kidnapping would be futile.

Hence, now that they had been discovered, the youths of the Shen clan were considering all the possible solutions. They were communicating via sound transmission.

"We will not get into a fight with them; we just have to intimidate them. Then, we can proceed with our original plan. This is the mortal world. It is possible that they have lost contact with Ye Futian," the leading cultivator of the Shen clan announced their final decision.

They decided not to kill the Saint Plane cultivators.

It would be too risky for them to do so.

If they did not start a massacre, perhaps this matter would not be found out by Ye Futian. Even though these Saint Plane cultivators had close connections with Ye Futian, it was all in the past. Now, the former was in the mortal world while the latter was in the Nine Supreme Regions. They were so far apart; maybe these cultivators had lost contact with Ye Futian.

"I am fond of this girl. I will bring her around on an excursion. Don't worry. I won't hurt her," said the leading cultivator of the Shen clan, who was named Shen Jian.

"Let go of her." You Chi emanated a terrifyingly sharp aura. His gaze was fixed on Shen Jian. He could not possibly allow a stranger to take his granddaughter away.

Shen Jian swept an indifferent look towards You Chi. Then, a vast might of Renhuang suddenly burst forth from his body. In an instant, a suffocating pressure enveloped the entire city, including Crouching Dragon Mountain within it.

Shen Jian's figure suddenly appeared mightier. He simply stood there, causing other people to feel as though they had to worship him.

In that instant, the expressions of Saint Xia, You Chi, and the others changed drastically. Their hearts trembled inside.

This aura… it was that of a Renhuang!

"This is her fate," Shen Jian said indifferently. His voice was extremely powerful. The two people behind him similarly released powerful auras. They were actually Renhuangs as well.

Everyone in the city was suffocating. The members around the inn even nearly knelt on the ground to worship them.

They were Renhuangs.

Wasn't Emperor Xia, who was the true master of the Nine States, the only Renhuang?

The three of them were all figures at the level of Emperor Xia!

The person who had been bragging about Ye Futian in the inn before this also felt his heart tremble. He felt his face turn red hot. They had actually bragged about a genius in front of Renhuangs.

No matter how much of a genius Ye Futian was, the Renhuang Plane was still only a distant dream.

Back then, Emperor Xia had only sent representatives to the Lower Worlds, and the Nine States already trembled in fear.

The expressions of Saint Xia and the others changed drastically. Three Renhuangs stood before them.

Currently, in the entire Emperor Xia's Realm, there was only one Renhuang, Emperor Xia.

Why had such existences appeared in a Lower World like their Nine States?

"Can we go now?" Shen Jian extended both of his arms forwards. In an instant, the saints in mid-air felt that their bodies were unable to move. This group of figures that stood at the peak of the Nine States was like ants before these opponents.


Even if Emperor Xia were standing here today, he would most likely be unable to do anything.

Rumble! A powerful aura from Shen Jian enveloped Xue Cao. There seemed to be a divine eye on his glabella. In an instant, he had invaded Xue Cao's memories and obtained a lot of information.

Eastern Barren Territory, Book Mountain, Cottage, Gu Dongliu.

It seems that they still had to make a trip to Book Mountain to know exactly where Ye Futian had come from.

This young maiden's identity was also actually someone so close to Ye Futian. She was the daughter of his elder brother.

Xue Cao's weak and frail figure floated in mid-air limply as the power directly invaded her mind. She did not even understand what the other party was doing. After all, her Plane was too low. Before her opponent, it was basically negligible.

"Let her go." You Chi's eyes were crimson. His body heated up, and his clothes ripped apart. It was as though his body had been branded red.

Xue Cao was his granddaughter. No matter how powerful his opponent was, how could he possibly stand this?

Bang. Douzhan also took a step forward. His expression was extremely ugly. However, when they saw Shen Jian simply extend his hands forward, they felt the absolute suppression of Planes and learned the meaning of despair.

This space turned absolutely quiet.

Buzz. Once Shen Jian obtained the information that he wanted, he raised his hand and swung Xue Cao towards You Chi. Since they had already been seen through, there was no reason to sneak around anymore. Xue Cao was of no use to them anymore. They would not touch Xue Cao and these members of the mortal world. This way, word of this incident might not get out.

"Let's go." The three silhouettes immediately walked off and disappeared from their original spots. They instantly appeared high in the sky above.

No one in the Nine States could stop them. It was impossible for anyone in the Nine States to stop them. They were not even on the same level.


At that moment, a violent sound came from the heavens above. Everyone raised their heads and looked up. In the sky above, it seemed as though the huge hand of a deity had appeared from afar. It suppressed everything and directly headed towards the three Renhuangs.

Frightening divine light suddenly burst forth from the bodies of the three Renhuangs. The light swept across thousands of miles of space. At that moment, the people below truly felt the might of Renhuangs.

From their perspective, the Renhuangs were like deities.

The huge hand that was descending from the sky was actually a golden claw. In an instant, it grabbed hold of the three Renhuangs. From the sky, it slammed them forcefully downwards into the ground, causing a district in the city to be blown apart. Countless cracks appeared.

A huge, endless claw immediately subdued the three Renhuangs on the ground below, imprisoning them below the claw.

Countless people in the city felt that this scene was like a dream.

The three Renhuangs were directly knocked out of the sky by a claw that came from afar without showing any signs of resistance.

They were Renhuangs, existences at the same level as Emperor Xia that loomed high above the rest of them.


Brilliant golden divine light shone down from above like the authority of heaven. It was a divine bird, the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird.

He spread its wings and blocked out the sky and the sun. His golden divine wings seemed to be sharper than all divine arms. No one dared to look into his indifferent monstrous eyes.

This Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird was a mighty existence in the Peng Bird clan. He had reluctantly served as a mount because they needed to make haste this time. In reality, he had wanted to request that Ye Futian aid one of his descendants in his training. Otherwise, as an upper-level Demon Emperor, how could he possibly become a mount?

After all, the Heavenly Mandate Academy was not a powerful force, and Peng Bird clan were not subordinates of Ye Futian.

Right now, the members of Crouching Dragon Mountain felt terror and awe.

Even Saint Xia, Zhuge Qingfeng, and the others were trembling inside. The divine bird that had appeared could easily crush them all.

"Father," a gentle voice cried out. After that, the crowd saw a woman jumping off the back of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird that was high in the sky. Her white dress fluttered in the wind, and she appeared cool and beautiful. Beside her was a scholar dress in white. He was handsome and looked extraordinary. His temperament was astonishing.

"Master, Uncle," another voice called out.

A group of silhouettes leapt off one after another. By the time the Saints of the Nine States clearly saw the silhouettes that appeared before them, the gazes of the people down on the ground were frozen as they looked up into the sky.

The silhouettes were all too familiar.

Zhuge Mingyue, Gu Dongliu.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng!

There was also Hua Jieyu.


"It's Ye Futian."

Down below, voices gradually cried out, instantly causing an uproar. It was Ye Futian.

Good heavens, what were they seeing?

Ye Futian and the others had returned. They were like deities that had descended upon the mortal plane. Existences at the Renhuang Plane were immediately suppressed by the claws of a demonic beast.

This was just too surreal.

Douzhan, Zhuge Qingfeng, and the others stood there stunned for a long while. In the end, they finally realized that they were not seeing things wrong. It was Ye Futian. He had returned.

"Master, seniors, I will deal with them first," Ye Futian said. He then lowered his head and looked at the three Renhuangs on the ground.

The members of the Shen clan had actually investigated until they reached this place.

After suffering defeat at his hands, had they begun to investigate his background?

He shuddered slightly at the thought. Fortunately, he had returned, and they had encountered the three Renhuangs. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

"We never planned to do anything to them," Shen Jian said as he looked at Ye Futian. He was also extremely shocked. Wasn't the Heavenly Mandate Academy busy accepting disciples?

Ye Futian had actually come over to the Lower Worlds, and they had coincidentally encountered each other.

"Senior, could I trouble you to deal with them?" Ye Futian said as he looked at the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird. The Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird immediately dove down and grabbed the three Renhuangs with his claws. He then flew up high into the sky.

"Ye Futian..." the three Renhuangs shouted. "Shen clan has already given you some leeway last time. If you kill us, Shen clan will certainly know of it. Do you truly wish to go to war?"

"As long as you all aren't afraid to do so, I don't care," Ye Futian said. "Kill them."

He had barely uttered his words when the skies were filled with blood-curdling screams.

Fresh blood rained down from above.

This was practically...

Many people did not dare to look up at the sky. Renhuangs were torn apart just like that?

That was too cruel.

Ye Futian indeed was not concerned. For the Shen clan to have investigated until here in secret, they were practically provoking him. Of course they had to be killed immediately.

It was still the same as last time in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. As long as the Shen clan was not afraid, their Heavenly Mandate Academy would also not be scared of them.

However, since Ye Futian had discovered the Shen clan, he had to take some people away from here.

Ye Futian would definitely not leave any loose ends.

Who knew whether or not the Shen clan would send people again to the Lower Worlds.

"Uncle Ye." Down below, a silhouette walked up to Ye Futian. It was Xue Cao. She appeared somewhat timid. After having not seen him for so many years, she did not know whether Uncle Ye would feel distant.

However, she had always missed Uncle Ye. She remembered that when she was younger, Ye Futian had especially doted upon her.

"Little Cao has become a young maiden," Ye Futian said softly.

"Ye Futian." Figures came forward one by one. Ye Futian revealed a smile as he looked at the group approaching him and said, "Seniors, everyone is here. That will save a lot of trouble. The people just now were members of a force that I had offended in the Upper Worlds. This force is very powerful. Hence, they have searched until they arrived here. Coincidentally, I came back to bring Master and seniors to train in the Upper Worlds."

Regardless, Master, Uncle Zhuge, and the others were the people that were close to Ye Futian. He had to take them away from here to prevent the Shen clan from threatening him in the future.

As for some others who were just old friends, it would not be an issue. Shen clan was not foolish enough to believe that capturing a few people who were acquainted with him would be sufficient to threaten him.

"Let's head back to Crouching Dragon Mountain first, and then we'll talk," Douzhan said. He had yet to wrap his head around all that had happened!


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    《The Legend of Futian》