The Legend of Futian
1722 Thoughts
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1722 Thoughts

The people from the Nine States stayed in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The Academy looked like a city after expansion and had enough rooms to accommodate the large group of people from the Nine States.

After that, Ye Futian introduced the guests one by one and asked some people of the Heavenly Mandate Academy to help the guests from the Nine States to cultivate.

Zhuge Qingfeng and other members of the Zhuge Family obtained the thunder methods after defeating the Nine Cloud Palace, which was well known for the thunder methods back in the days. The Zhuge Family also occupied some Thunder God relics of the Nine Cloud Palace. Therefore, Ye Futian invited people who pursued the thunder methods to cultivate at the relics.

In the meantime, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would help the Zhuge Family cultivate. Gu Dongliu was the clan lord of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and had no problem with attending to his father-in-law.

Ye Futian asked Douzhan to follow the seniors of the Dou tribe to cultivate.

As for Yuan Zhan and Yuan Hong, Ye Futian introduced them to Zhu Yan the Demon Emperor and the Demon Emperor of the Thunder Gods. Yuan Hong and the others belonged to a Golden Ape Clan and were naturally excited about the meeting.

Ye Futian had arrangements for the rest of the people as well.

Ye Futian would certainly make sure that they made headways in cultivation since he brought these people to the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They could achieve breakthroughs even if they reached bottlenecks before.

Ye Futian wasn't worried about Nianyu's cultivation progress at all. He had confidence in Nianyu, as much as he did in Feixue. Feixue had her grandmother as her mentor while Nianyu had Lord Taixuan and many other masters in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. She could learn anything she wanted in the future.

Ye Futian had been busy taking care of these matters recently. The Heavenly Mandate Academy also wrapped up the disciple's selection. Some people were eliminated, yet some were ecstatic to be the first class of disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The small group of cultivators who became the core disciples were especially thrilled.

Maybe they would have a chance to develop the super Divine Wheel when they attempted the Renhuang Plane if they could be lucky enough to receive some help from Ye Futian in the future.

The people from the Nine States eventually dispersed, and the Heavenly Mandate Academy returned to normal. However, it was still bustling and lively because of the new disciples.

Besides, the population of Heavenly Mandate City grew as well. Even though many left, there were still plenty of people who chose to stay and cultivate in Heavenly Mandate City.

Ye Futian finally had some free time after having his hands full for many days straight.

Nianyu became more at ease in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. She often pestered Lord Taixuan and occasionally went to bother Hua Jieyu.

Although Hua Jieyu spent most of her time cultivating, she would still set cultivation aside to indulge Nianyu whenever she saw her.

At the moment, Ye Futian was watching the conversation between Hua Jieyu and Nianyu at where Hua Jieyu cultivated. Of course, Nianyu was the one talking most of the time, while Hua Jieyu responded every now and then.

Looking at the pleasant and delightful scene, Ye Futian cracked a gentle smile. How wonderful it would be if Jieyu came back for real. She must be very happy to see Nianyu.

However, Ye Futian started to suspect Hua Jieyu's real identity more and more. He previously speculated that Hua Jieyu might be possessed by the Brahma's Pure Sky Empress. But why would someone like the Empress be interrupted by a little girl in the middle of her cultivation? She probably wouldn't bother to talk to Nianyu at all.

Besides, the feelers he put out before, like holding her hands, were eventually accepted by Hua Jieyu in spite of her initial resistance.

It made him believe that Hua Jieyu was not controlled by the Empress. She seemed more like a blank piece of paper in Ye Futian's eyes as she was not interested in anything else but cultivation.

But maybe she was drawn to Hua Nianyu by nature.

Just now, a person walked toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian focused his eyes on the incoming woman. Her face was beautiful and ethereal.

"How can I help, Goddess?" Ye Futian asked with a smile. The woman was the Xuantian Goddess.

"This girl is disrupting her cultivation by coming here frequently," answered the Xuantian Goddess. She was ordered by the Empress before she came here that Hua Jieyu's cultivation was more important than anything else in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

"It's not necessary for you to interfere if she doesn't think so herself." Ye Futian answered, smiling.

The Xuantian Goddess frowned slightly. It seemed that Hua Jieyu didn't stop Nianyu from coming to play indeed.

"She came to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate. I hope you can keep a tight rein on her," said the Xuantian Goddess.

Ye Futian gazed at Nianyu and smiled softly.

"That is your purpose, not mine." Ye Futian replied in a calm voice, "You can leave anytime you want if you don't like it. I won't stop you."

After that, Ye Futian walked to Hua Jieyu.

The Xuantian Goddess shot a cold glance at Ye Futian. As one of the Jiutian Goddesses, she enjoyed a high status in the Brahma's Pure Sky. As talented as Ye Futian was, he was only a junior in her eyes.

Nevertheless, Ye Futian didn't show due respect for her at all now.

She certainly understood that the Ye Futian here and now was no longer the same person who went to the Xuantian Pavilion back in the days. The Brahma's Pure Sky couldn't possibly manipulate him anymore.

This white-haired young man was almost the king without a crown in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He could lead the army to attack the Shen clan with one order. He had already wiped out the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Nine Cloud Palace. They were standing right now on where the Palace of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was in the past.

Even the Empress probably wouldn't be able to pressure Ye Futian inside of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, let alone her.

She had no choice but to back off.

"Jieyu," Ye Futian walked to her and called her name.

Hua Jieyu raised her head and looked at Ye Futian. Her beautiful eyes were as calm as usual.

"Let's go to cultivate in the matrix together." Ye Futian offered his hand. Hua Jieyu hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded slightly and placed her hand on Ye Futian's palm.

"Brother, I want to cultivate with you too," Nianyu lifted her chin and said to Ye Futian.

"Have you visited Grandpa Xuan today?" Ye Futian rubbed Nianyu's head and asked.

Nianyu lowered her head and pursed her lips, then said in a quiet voice, "Grandpa Xuan doesn't like Nianyu anymore."

"How so?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"Grandpa Xuan said he wants to rebuild the foundation for me and asked me to sit there without moving. It's so tiring. I have so much stuff in my head every time he is done, and I can see different colors around me. Am I sick?" Nianyu raised her eyes and looked at Ye Futian innocently.

"How could you be sick? That stuff is the Worldly Spiritual Qi that can make you prettier, among many other things." Ye Futian laughed.

"Oh." Nianyu nodded gently, said, "No wonder it seems like it's easier for me to learn when I hear father playing the guqin."

Ye Futian smiled. A few people walked past the Xuantian Goddess. Ye Futian turned back and took a brief look at her, said, "I have something to tell you. I told Jieyu's parents that she lost her memory and was saved by the Empress Her Majesty. I hope you don't put me in an awkward position in the future. Otherwise, I have no choice but to show you the door."

The Xuantian Goddessf's face turned somber. Ye Futian was threatening her.

Ye Futian had the confidence to do so nowadays.

Staring at his receding figure, the Xuantian Goddess knew that it would not be easy to take Hua Jieyu back even though they sent her here to cultivate in the first place.

Ye Futian wouldn't let Hua Jieyu go.

The Empress wanted Hua Jieyu to make progress in the Academy, while Ye Futian set his heart on keeping her here. Therefore, he didn't mind helping Hua Jieyu cultivate.

The Xuantian Goddess had no solution in the face of Ye Futian's threats.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy was Ye Futian's territory.

She only realized now that nothing was up to them anymore since they came here.

While walking, Ye Futian looked at Nianyu and asked, "Nianyu, can we go see Grandpa Xuan?"

"Yes." Nianyu nodded sweetly.

"Loulan, take her there." Ye Futian turned his head and said to Loulan Xue.

She had been taking care of Nianyu these days.

"Yes." Loulan Xue stepped forward. Nianyu let go of Ye Futian's hand and left with Loulan Xue.

Ye Futian went to the cultivation grounds and met Xia Qingyuan.

She looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu and darted a glance at their hands holding together. A strange look flashed in her eyes yet disappeared shortly. They were husband and wife, after all.

"Qingyuan, do you need me?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"No." Xia Qingyuan shook her head slightly, said, "Carry on. I'm going to cultivate."

She replied and walked away, then turned back after a few steps, said, "I plan to be in seclusion to cultivate for a while. Can I go to look for you when I am ready to attempt the Renhuang Plane?"

"Of course." Ye Futian answered pleasantly. He already guessed that was why Xia Qingyuan wanted to talk to him.

"Qingyuan, you obtained a divine item from the God's relic. You can merge it with the Life Spirit to transform your Life Spirit and create the Divine Wheel of the Great Path. With my help, you will definitely develop a perfect Divine Wheel. Don't worry and concentrate on cultivation," Ye Futian said.

"Yes, I understand." Xia Qingyuan nodded slightly and left.

Was she about to try out the Renhuang Plane?

She didn't seem to be excited.

She always wanted to advance to Renhuang, return to the Emperor Xia's Realm, and take over her father's position. Emperor Xia was eager to come out to cultivate, but he couldn't leave without someone in the realm to inherit his throne.

She would be able to free her father from the burden when she became the Renhuang.

She had a sense of loss whenever she thought about it.

She wasn't so thrilled about the Renhuang Plane. It was a complicated feeling.

"Let's cultivate in seclusion for a while as well after taking care of the matters in hand," Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu. The Heavenly Mandate Academy was stepping onto the right track. He hoped to focus on cultivation in seclusion for a few years after everything calmed down.

Nowadays, the Golden Divine Nation and the Shen clan didn't dare to bother him. The conflicts between him and other forces were not as serious and heated. They wouldn't risk stirring up trouble.

Thus, the Nine Realms should be relatively quiet in the next few years, at least to him.

Nonetheless, the calmness was only temporary. He would only be confident enough to face the next storm if he kept improving himself by constant cultivation.

He was not where he wanted to be yet. He discovered that it was never enough, no matter how high he reached or how studiously he cultivated.

Perhaps, he could only enjoy the absolute freedom when he hit the peak!


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    《The Legend of Futian》