The Legend of Futian
1727 Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1727 Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City

Based on folk tales, the Gate of the Hell was the holy land of the "Hell" and guarded the path to the real hell.

The Hell might reappear in the Nine Realms when the Gate of the Hell opened.

"Lian Qingyi, did you mean that the Gate of the Hell has appeared but not opened yet? And the Hell caused all the troubles in the Nine Realms in order to attract the cultivators here to open the Gate of the Hell for them?" asked the cultivator from the Sky Reaching School. Other people also looked at Lian Qingyi. They all interpreted her words the same way.

"Yes." Lian Qingyi nodded and continued, "There was news about the Gate of the Hell circulating in the Hidden Land Realm many years ago. The remaining force of the Hell suddenly launched a series of attacks in recent days and caused a commotion in the Nine Realms. Without a doubt, they wanted to attract the attention of the Nine Realms and lure you to the Hidden Land Realm. Their goal, as you would expect, is to make the cultivators from the Nine Realms to open the Gate of the Hell for them."

"Why do people from the Hell assume that we would open the Gate of the Hell for them?" someone from the Golden Divine Nation with a hoarse voice asked. Many people glanced at him and remained expressionless.

They thought it was a legit question. Why would they open the Gate of the Hell for the Hell?

However, the answer soon became clear to them.

Under everyone's watch, the cultivator from the Golden Divine Nation paused for a moment. He ruminated with his head slightly lowered and realized the reason in no time.

The fabled Gate of the Hell might have relics left by the Great Emperor. How could the cultivators from the Nine Realms restrain themselves from exploring if they really found the location of the Gate of the Hell?

Even if they could control themselves, how could they stop the others from doing it?

Although they knew the Hell intended to take advantage of them, there must be some people in the Nine Realms who would be used willingly and happily.

"Where did the Gate of the Hell emerge?" someone looked at Lian Qingyi and asked.

"Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City," Lian Qingyi answered with a smile. Everyone's face grew solemn.

Jiuyou City was an uninviting place in the Hidden Land Realm.

A notorious city, it had the River of Yellow Spring in the center where anyone who hadn't reached the Renhuang Plane would certainly die without exception if stepped in. Even a cultivator in the Renhuang Plane would certainly encounter grave dangers inside.

Many extraordinary people in the Hidden Land Realm went to the Yellow Spring to cultivate. Countless cultivators had been devoured by the Yellow Spring in the past.

Yet now the Gate of the Hell popped up in the Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City.

Everybody of the older generation was familiar with Jiuyou City, one of the most famous places in the Hidden Land Realm. Hua Jiangshan used voice transmission to explain it to Ye Futian, who didn't know much about the Hidden Land Realm.

Jiuyou City didn't belong to any group in the Hidden Land Realm. It was an infamously chaotic place where no good man would step foot in.

Nevertheless, Jiuyou City had raised a number of superb cultivators.

Many forces in the Hidden Land Realm would send young, promising disciples to Jiuyou City for a while.

The cultivation practice in the Hidden Land Realm was cruel and ruthless. They selected talents through brutal trial and elimination; death was common and insignificant.

"Why didn't we hear about this before?" someone stared at Lian Qingyi and asked. They couldn't tell if what Lian Qingyi said was completely true.

"The top forces in the Hidden Land Realm all wanted to explore the Gate of the Hell ever since it emerged again. Why would they leak the news and let you know? The rumors were circulating in a small circle in the Hidden Land Realm as only a small group of people are powerful enough to learn about it. How could it reach you?"

Lian Qingyi cracked a smile.

"According to you, we would never know about this if the Hell didn't lure us to the Hidden Land Realm," someone said. Lian Qingyi gave a tacit admission.

"It probably can't stay hidden now after the tumult broke out. In recent days, many powerful cultivators are already heading to Jiuyou City as information flying out of there. Before long, Jiuyou City will draw the attention of the entire Hidden Land Realm," said Lian Qingyi.

The crowd was silent upon hearing Lian Qingyi's words. Based on what she said, the news about the Gate of the Hell would soon spread around. They should leave for Jiuyou City right away.

"You don't need to worry. As far as I know, even though the people in Jiuyou City knew about the Gate of the Hell, they haven't found the exact location yet. Things won't move at such a rapid pace. It's a rare opportunity for you to gather here, and the Clan of the God of Ghost would like to perform the duties of a host." Lian Qingyi seemed to see through people's minds. She raised her glass and spoke to the crowd with a smile.

People nodded. Although many guests were more senior than Lian Qingyi, they came to the Clan of the God of Ghost and were welcomed by its Goddess. They were glad to respect the host's wishes.

"Renhuang Ye, can I go to study and cultivate in the Heavenly Mandate Academy if the chance arises in the future?" Lian Qingyi raised her glass again.

"How modest you are. People in the Heavenly Mandate Academy would be lucky to learn from you if you are willing to visit us," Ye Futian replied politely. Lian Qingyi was in the middle-level Renhuang Plane. Cultivators in this level were already big fish in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path even though they might not be prominent in supreme forces.

Only a small group of people reached this level. They were at the very top considering the vast population of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

This small group of people had the strongest voice and the ultimate say in the entire world. After all, only a few could stand at the top of the pyramid.

Lian Qingyi smiled and exchanged polite remarks with the leaders of other groups. The banquet was not exactly exciting, but at least Lian Qingyi was courteous enough.

Some people excused themselves after a few rounds of toast.

Lian Qingyi didn't stop them from leaving. She nodded slightly and said, "Jiuyou City is quite famous in the Hidden Land Realm. I won't need to guide the way as I'm sure you can find it without trouble. Besides, I suppose you will meet other groups from the Nine Realms in Jiuyou City."

One by one, people stood up and asked to leave. Ye Futian and the others from the Heavenly Mandate Academy also left the banquet without bothering the host any longer.

They had to go to Jiuyou City no matter what the "Hell" planned to do. The disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy were killed by people from the Hell. It was not something that could be easily let go.

However, the remaining members of the Hell most likely went into hiding after its demise. It would be very difficult to uncover them if they didn't expose themselves first.

People left the banquet one after the other. Soon, Lian Qingyi was the only one that remained in her seat.

A blurry figure became visible behind her and slowly took shape. The man was tall and mysterious in a black robe.

"How did it go?" the man asked. His voice was deep and hoarse.

"Ye Futian was the one who solved the mystery of God's relic years ago. Lian Jiuyou was one of the witnesses there. It's not a secret that Ye Futian attained the God's inheritance. He is undoubtedly powerful yet surprisingly humble and easygoing."

She gazed into the distance and murmured, "It depends on luck whether he could open the Gate of the Hell or not."

So far, she couldn't accurately gauge Ye Futian's ability from simple conversations and brief observation.

"You should lead a group and set off as well," said the black-robed man. He then became blurry again and vanished into thin air.


Jiuyou City in the Hidden Land Realm was also called a city of chaos, city of barbarity, and city of death.

It was famous enough to be the best-known city in the entire Hidden Land Realm. After all, the other capitals were controlled by the supreme forces in the Hidden Land Realm, yet Jiuyou City was not in the hands of any particular overlord. It was a labyrinth of forces and groups.

These forces rose and fell at a fast pace.

Resting on a high mountain, the castles in Jiuyou City almost seemed to be built in midair. The Yellow Spring split the City into two halves.

Jiuyou City had been exceedingly busy these days. As the rumor spreading around the Hidden Land Realm, countless cultivators headed to Jiuyou City.

Even people from supreme forces in other realms arrived at Jiuyou City.

For instance, it was alleged that cultivators of the Nantian Divine Kingdom and the Shen clan in the Central Emperor Realm were already here.

In addition, the ravishing princess of the Nantian Divine Kingdom was also in Jiuyou City.

Right now, a woman with breathtaking beauty was sitting in the Linquan Tavern high up in Jiuyou City. She could enjoy the magnificent view of the bottomless chasm from her seat on the cliff.

Buildings were perched on several terraces of the cliff. Cultivators strolled around with ease while the Yellow Spring roared below.

People in other taverns on the cliff all looked up to catch a glimpse of the woman sitting on the edge of the Linquan Tavern.

Her gorgeous face made many people's eyes blaze.

Sinful thoughts flashed through some people's minds as they saw the only daughter of Emperor Nan and Empress Luo of the Nantian Divine Kingdom appeared in this chaotic place. After all, there were many evil cultivators in Jiuyou City.

"Princess, would you like me to..." An old man behind Nan Luoshen said in a low voice with a menacing look in his eyes. Even though he was standing still, nothing happened around could evade his detection.

"It's not necessary," Nan Luoshen replied. She didn't come here to cause trouble, and it was impossible to escape from people's stares.

"Princess Luoshen." At the moment, a man with a trim figure strode toward them from outside of the tavern. He hovered in the air and looked at Nan Luoshen, asked, "Is Princess Luoshen curious about the emergence of the Gate of the Hell as well?"

The man speaking was Shen Hao from the Shen clan.

The cultivators of the Shen clan arrived too.

"I'm here to have a look." Nan Luoshen shot a casual glance at Shen Hao.

Shen Hao nodded slightly and said, "As far as I know, the forces around the Hidden Land Realm and the Nine Realms are all here now. Jiuyou City is a complicated place where good people and bad people mix up together. Princess Luoshen, please be careful."

"Thank you," Nan Luoshen responded monotonously. Shen Hao ended the conversation and walked toward the tavern as he sensed that Nan Luoshen had no intention of inviting him to join her. A man in his position couldn't possibly pester her shamelessly.


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    《The Legend of Futian》