The Legend of Futian
1728 Asking for Pointers
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1728 Asking for Pointers

The cultivators of Nantian Divine Kingdom and the Shen clan appeared in the same inn. This caused a huge uproar in the surrounding districts in Jiuyou City. Many cultivators of Jiuyou City came over to catch a glimpse of these top figures from other Realms.

After seeing Nan Luoshen, many people were astonished by her peerless beauty that could cause nations and cities to fall. At least, they had not seen anyone with a face more beautiful than hers. Nan Luoshen's temperament was also extraordinary.

However, not long after, in another place, another stunning beauty appeared. Word of her identity was very quickly spread around. She was the Goddess of the Shadow Realm's Youyue Divine Palace, Chang Xi.

Above the Yellow Spring, at the top of a peak, similarly, in a large inn, a group of silhouettes arrived. They sat off to one side and enjoyed the scenery.

Ye Futian stood at the edge of the inn. He gazed down at the Yellow Spring below as well as the layered districts aligning the 10,000 Zhang-tall cliff. This scenery gave off a different type of beauty. It was very majestic and felt grand.

"In the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there are countless distinguished figures. In this current generation, among the women, Nan Luoshen is without equal. Goddess Chang Xi might be the only person that can be compared with her," said someone not far from Ye Futian. Their gazes were staring off in the opposite direction. From where they were, they could faintly make out an absolutely stunning silhouette.

Ye Futian noticed the discussion of the people around him. He turned to look in the opposite direction and also saw that across the Yellow Spring, in the inn opposite of the one he was in, a woman who was like a goddess was sitting there quietly. It was as though she was not of this world.

It was somewhat of a coincidence, Ye Futian thought to himself. However, this area was the central district of the Nine State City. The view here was also the best, so encountering her here was not out of the ordinary.

"I have heard that after Goddess Xiao Muyu of the Xiao clan in the Central Emperor Realm was proclaimed a Goddess after reaching the Renhuang Plane, she is now already not inferior to Nan Luoshen and Chang Xi," someone said.

"I would want to have a look at her. She should be coming, right?" someone said with a laugh.

Ye Futian listened quietly. He never imagined that after being proclaimed a Goddess, Muyu's fame had even reached the Hidden Land Realm.

"Speaking of Xiao Muyu, there is another person who needs to be mentioned. Rumor has it that her achievements are all due to one person," another person said. The crowd paused for a moment. They had all heard about this. Currently, among the younger generation of the Nine Realms, aside from Ye Futian, no one else had greater levels of fame.

"It is not just Xiao Muyu. Currently, the many cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy are all being cultivated by him. Is this person truly so incredible?" someone asked. Ye Futian's fame was too great. A person who had just reached the Renhuang Plane should not have such levels of fame. He sounded too legendary.

After all, this was the Hidden Land Realm. News of him had all come from other Realms. Hence, they felt somewhat distant towards this news, as though they were listening to tales of legends.

"Rumor has it that this person has a head of silver hair. When he appears, he is followed by divine signs. Even his appearance is handsome and will make women fall for him at first sight," another voice continued.

Among Ye Futian's group, many people were looking at Ye Futian as they revealed faint smiles.

Ye Futian stood there quietly, gazing into the distance. He thought to himself that most people in the world still had discerning eyes.

At that moment, a group of silhouettes headed in this direction. The leader had a stunning appearance that made others want to succumb to her at first glance. She had an intelligent smile, and she looked ahead with her beautiful eyes. She seemed to have walked out of a painting.

Many people were astonished. However, the people in this inn discovered that this woman was actually heading towards them. They could not help but reveal strange looks.

She was the Goddess of Youyue Divine Palace, Chang Xi.

She walked over through the air. She wore a faint smile on her face that made their spirits leave their bodies.

Who is she looking at? Many people were wondering. The gazes of the people around here all shifted towards the inn.

Who was she looking for in there?

The people in the inn also made sideways glances. They watched as Chang Xi walked step by step towards the edge of the inn. She stood in mid-air and looked at the white-haired silhouette that stood there. She smiled and said, "I never imagined that I would encounter Renhuang Ye here."

All gazes landed on Ye Futian. With his white clothes and white hair, he looked handsome and cool. Chang Xi from Youyue Divine Palace had personally come here to greet him, and she called him Renhuang Ye.

Who this person was did not need to be elaborated upon.

Ye Futian!

He had also come here, and he was actually right here. He must have overheard the conversations that the people here were having.

"Goddess Chang Xi, I assume you have been well?" Ye Futian greeted with a faint smile.

"Renhuang Ye, aren't you going to invite me for a drink?" Chang Xi said with a grin on her face. Each smile and grin of hers bore extraordinary charm. She was the Goddess of Youyue Divine Palace. Her temperament was that of an ice queen. However, before Ye Futian, she gave off the feeling of a spring breeze. It was as though her icy temperament had been melted away.

"Would Goddess honor me with a drink?" Ye Futian asked.

"It is my honor to be invited by Renhuang Ye," Chang Xi replied.

"Please," Ye Futian said as he extended his hand in an inviting gesture. Chang Xi stepped forward and entered the inn, sitting down at Ye Futian's table.

The two of them laughed and chatted, causing many people to have the same thought. These two people were sitting together like peerless lovers. Were they together?

If so, this would make for a good fairytale.

In the opposite direction, Nan Luoshen, as well as Shen Hao, naturally also saw Ye Futian. The two of them were not sitting together, but their gazes were directed towards Ye Futian. Nan Luoshen was somewhat curious about Ye Futian. Back then, when she was in Tianshen Academy, she had met Ye Futian before. At that time, no one knew what Ye Futian was doing in Tianshen Academy. However, later on, everyone realized that Ye Futian had cultivated many flawless Divine Wheel Renhuangs when he was there.

Some examples were Dou Zhao from Dou tribe and Xiao Muyu from the Xiao clan.

As for when Ye Futian later headed to the Shen clan, even her father and mother were quite shocked when they heard about it. Her father even claimed that Ye Futian was the most monstrous person to appear in the Divine Prefectures after they had been unified. Ye Futian would be able to change an era. From this, one could imagine how high a praise he was giving to Ye Futian.

As for Shen Hao, one could imagine how he felt about Ye Futian. His gaze was extremely chilly.

Although he had many thoughts in his mind, he sat there quietly and did not go up to meet Ye Futian.

Right then, above the Yellow Spring, a silhouette suddenly appeared. This person was garbed in a black robe and had extraordinary temperament. However, he gave off an extremely dangerous vibe.

He was cruel and overbearing. Might of Renhuang emanated from his body.

When they saw this person appear, the cultivators in Jiuyou City recognized who he was.

"He is Du Yuan, disciple of Evil Emperor."

Evil Emperor was a mighty figure at the top of Jiuyou City. He was an existence at the upper-level Renhuang Plane. This Du Yuan was one of the most outstanding of Evil Emperor's disciples. He was an existence that would most likely surpass Evil Emperor himself. He had proven his Way and reached the Renhuang Plane in less than a hundred years. Currently, he already had a second-tier Divine Wheel.

What was Evil Emperor's disciple, Du Yuan, doing here?

He seemed to be facing the direction of the inn in which Ye Futian and Chang Xi were at.

Ye Futian and Chang Xi were still casually chatting. They ignored the existence of the other party. In reality, with their identities, there weren't many people that they needed to worry about.

Although Du Yuan was a Renhuang, he was not worthy of their attention.

"I, Du Yuan from Jiuyou City, have intentionally come to ask a few pointers from Renhuang Ye," Du Yuan said. Many people revealed strange looks when they heard his words.

What was Du Yuan's intention?

Was this a challenge?

However, Du Yuan's tone was very polite. It seemed that he truly was asking for pointers.

Ye Futian's fame was the genuine article. Moreover, Ye Futian had led an army into the Shen clan and had defeated Shen Hao. Even if the members of the Hidden Land Realm had not witnessed it themselves, they were not so foolish as to doubt Ye Futian's credibility. Even Goddess Xiao Muyu from Xiao clan was willing to be his disciple.

Although Du Yuan was a cultivator with a second-tier Divine Wheel, it was impossible for him to be a match for Ye Futian. Everyone was aware of this point. Du Yuan certainly also knew about this.

Hence, if it was a challenge, even though Du Yuan was a Renhuang, he was unqualified to challenge Ye Futian.

It was more likely that he had truly come to ask for pointers.

As a disciple of the Evil Emperor, it was praiseworthy for Du Yuan to set aside his pride and ask for pointers from a Renhuang that was the same generation as he was.

After all, in Jiuyou City, Du Yuan was also famous.

Only now did Ye Futian and Chang Xi turn to look at Du Yuan. A powerful aura flowed out of Du Yuan's body. They could clearly sense that the other party had a second-tier Divine Wheel.

"What do you wish to know?" Ye Futian asked calmly. Before this, he had looked up to people at the Renhuang Plane. However, after he had proven his Way and reached the Renhuang Plane himself, his mentality naturally also changed accordingly. Now, even if he was against an upper-level Renhuang, he would still be very calm.

People at the Renhuang Plane, like Du Yuan, already could not stir up his emotions.

"I have long heard of Renhuang Ye's name. I wish to ask Renhuang Ye for a few pointers through actual combat to see the difference between us," Du Yuan explained. Ye Futian was the possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel and was considered the most outstanding figure of their generation. To be able to battle against Ye Futian was an opportunity that was extremely hard to come across.

Of course, Du Yuan would certainly lose, but that was not important.

Ye Futian's gaze landed on the white-robed swordsman. He smiled and said, "Wuchen, after having proven your Way, you have yet to have the chance to experience actual combat. How about you give it a try?"

It had not been long since Ye Wuchen had broken through to the next Plane. He had always been in the academy and had yet to have the opportunity to experience his own abilities as a Renhuang. He did not have actual combat experience.

"Alright." Ye Wuchen nodded his head and stood up.

Ye Futian glanced sideways at Du Yuan and said, "My friend has just broken through the next Plane. Why don't you spar with him?"

"Alright." Du Yuan nodded his head. He did not underestimate his opponent at all just because Ye Futian had mentioned that his friend had just broken through to the next Plane. Du Yuan knew about the battle with the Shen clan. Ye Futian's group of first-tier Divine Wheel cultivators had swept away the lower-level Renhuangs of the Shen clan. They had utterly dominated their opponents.

Since Ye Wuchen was a good friend of Ye Futian, he would certainly also be very powerful.


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    《The Legend of Futian》