The Legend of Futian
1730 Di Wu
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1730 Di Wu

Chang Xi clearly knew that, currently, Ye Futian indeed could be considered the top figure in this generation.

It was just that knowing it was one thing. Proclaiming it out in public would undoubtedly draw the crowd's ire towards Ye Futian.

In the Nine Supreme Realms, there were many top forces and countless prominent figures. If someone claimed themselves to be the first, they would instantly be targeted by everyone else. Currently, there were already enough gazes on Ye Futian. Many forces were certainly hoping to get rid of Ye Futian and be done with him. If Ye Futian actually claimed the title of first, the emotions of some parties would also be magnified.

Hence, Ye Futian naturally would not claim to be the first. Currently, he also had the Heavenly Mandate Academy behind him. He would do all within his power to establish the Heavenly Mandate Academy as the top academy in the Nine Realms and forge the future batch of prominent figures. For now, that would be his priority.

In the distance, a terrifying wave spread over here. Many people looked towards the direction of the wave. After a long while, Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor returned to the inn.

"I could not catch him alive, so I killed him," he said to Ye Futian. His opponent was a middle-level Renhuang that was skilled in concealment techniques and would have escaped from him if he was ever so slightly careless. Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor could only forcefully use the might of his Way to destroy the other party's Way and kill him in the process.

"Thanks for your troubles." Ye Futian nodded. It seemed that this Hell force was more powerful than he had expected. They had infiltrated everywhere. A middle-level Renhuang from Jiuyou City was a member of Hell.

As for Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Demon Emperor killing the Renhuang off, Ye Futian was not sympathetic at all. Many people in the Nine Realms had died to the members of Hell. This debt of blood would certainly need to be paid.

Ye Futian and the others were still chatting in the inn. In the surrounding regions, people were descending one after another.

The aura of the previous battle had radiated far and wide. In the regions along the shores of Jiuyou City's Yellow Spring, many people knew that Ye Futian's group had arrived. Hence, many people had rushed over here.

Many people from various top forces of the Nine Realms also came over consecutively.

Soon, a group of extremely dazzling silhouettes appeared above an inn. The leader of the group was bathed in the divine light of the sun and seemed very arrogant. His gaze was extremely frightening. It was as though anyone who looked him in the eye would be scorched by the sun. The people beside him were all existences at the Renhuang Plane. Their auras were frightening.

Who were these people? Many people in Jiuyou City looked over in the direction of the group. They secretly tried to guess the identities of the group.

"They should be members of Solar Divine Palace," someone said.

The Solar Divine Palace was the top force in the Solar Realm. They were an overlord level force. Other supreme forces in the Nine Realms were all much weaker than the Solar Divine Palace.

Since the Solar Divine Palace had arrived, the youth bathed in divine light was naturally the God of the Solar Divine Palace, Di Wu.

Rumor has it that the God of the Solar Divine Palace, Di Wu was the descendant of the Sun God. He was the top figure of this generation and the future successor of the Solar Divine Palace. He mastered the power of the Divine Fire of the Sun. Be it in terms of talent or ability, he was outstanding.

Now that they had seen him in person with their own eyes, he was as glorious as expected.

Currently, Di Wu was looking directly at where Ye Futian and Chang Xi were. He showed no signs of avoiding them.

This caused the temperature in the inn where Ye Futian was to rise. It became extremely hot. Many people in the inn began to sweat. It was as though there was a sun beside them. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable. However, knowing the identity of Di Wu, the people did not dare to raise their objections.

This person was too frightening. With one look, he could cause the temperature in the space to rise.

Chang Xi released a chilly will over her body, which caused the small area where she was to remain cool. She smiled and said to Ye Futian, "He seems to have a bone to pick with you."

"It might be the effects of the words spoken by the Renhuang from Hell just now," Ye Futian replied half-jokingly. However, he clearly understood that there was another possible reason for this.

He had heard from Feixue and Chu Yu that during the Heavenly Mandate Academy assessment to choose their core disciples, a cultivator called Yan Huang, who was at the Renhuang Plane, was discovered to be a cultivator from the Solar Divine Palace by Shen Luoxue. Yan Huang's cultivation was crippled, and he was exiled from the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Clearly, the Solar Divine Palace knew of this incident. However, Ye Futian was not worried about this incident. Since the Solar Divine Palace dared to send spies to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, there was no issue for the Law Enforcement Hall of the academy to cripple the other party's cultivation.

The current Heavenly Mandate Academy did not need to give any face to any force in the Nine Realms when doing things. They would act according to their own rules.

However, from the perspective of the surrounding crowd, this scene was somewhat intriguing.

Surely the God of the Solar Divine Palace, Di Wu, would not consider himself lesser than Ye Futian?

Far away in mid-air, other cultivators were heading over here. This group of people traversed through the air and appeared overbearing and authoritative. They were from the Central Emperor Realm's Celestial Worthy Temple. They swept a glance in Ye Futian's direction and then found an inn along the shore of the Yellow Spring to land.

Various forces arrived one after another. The forces from the Central Emperor Realm such as Celestial Worthy Temple, Martial God clan, and Sky Reaching School descended upon the region one by one.

Other forces from the Nine Realms such as Illusion Island, Fate World, School of the Emperor Star, and Golden Divine Nation also appeared consecutively.

This region was very big. They all chose their own corner to land in. The distances between all of them were rather far. However, before figures with their levels of cultivation, this could not be considered far.

"They are all arriving one after another." The people in Jiuyou City were somewhat excited. The cultivators of the top forces of the Nine Realms had all gathered here. Things were getting interesting.

The Gate of the Hell had yet to appear, and the various forces were already on the move. Many factions most likely intended to be diametrically opposed to each other.

The members of the various factions naturally also noticed Di Wu's unfriendly gaze. Today, there might be a good show from them to enjoy.

Ye Futian initially ignored Di Wu. However, being constantly stared at by someone would still be somewhat unnerving.

Ye Futian shifted his gaze and looked towards Di Wu's direction. The light of the divine fire in his opponent's eyes was aimed right at Ye Futian's eyes. Di Wu had not intentionally released any of his power. However, his eyes seemed to contain the fire of the sun within them. This made Ye Futian feel very uncomfortable.

"Do you have any business with me?" Ye Futian asked as he frowned. Di Wu's attitude displeased him.

When they were in Tianshen Academy, Di Wu already disapproved of him.

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy is recruiting disciples of the Nine Realms and teaching the Way in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The existence of the academy is to teach the Way," Di Wu announced loudly. These were not his words; they were the words of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

"Yes," Ye Futian replied nonchalantly.

"In that case, when a cultivator of my Solar Divine Palace went to the academy to seek the Way, why did you cripple his cultivation and expel him from the academy?" Di Wu questioned.

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy teaches the Way to those in the Nine Realms. Anyone who wants to train can come to participate in the assessment organized by the academy," Ye Futian explained. "However, this does not mean that the academy is a place to accumulate filth. The academy will personally purge those who enter the academy with ill-intentions."

"The conclusion was announced one-sidedly by the Heavenly Mandate Academy. As for what the truth was, only the higher-ups of the Heavenly Mandate Academy know," Di Wu retorted coldly. He meant to say that the Heavenly Mandate Academy was eradicating dissidents.

It was easy to find a stick to beat a dog. Di Wu only needed to find an excuse in order to slander Ye Futian.

He was not familiar with Yan Huang. However, Yan Huang's clan had been members of the Solar Divine Palace for generations. Yan Huang had a cousin sister who was serving under Di Wu. Di Wu considered Yan Huang to be one of his own.

Even if they were not familiar with each other, the family of Yan Huang had still been members of the Solar Divine Palace for generations. With just an order, Yan Huang had been crippled by the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and his life was now a living hell.

Ye Futian did not know whether Di Wu knew about the role that Yan Huang had played in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Di Wu might have known, but he might also have not known, and only other members had participated in the matter. However, that was not important.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy would naturally play by their own rules.

"I do not need to report to you." Ye Futian swept a glance at Di Wu in response to his strong stance.

Ye Futian had just finished speaking when a powerful aura was released from Di Wu's body. This caused the inn that Ye Futian was in to become even hotter. The aura from Di Wu's body was frightening. He actually also had a second-tier Divine Wheel. Clearly, he had broken through to the next Plane after emerging from the God's relic.

Di Wu's entire being had gone through a metamorphosis in terms of temperament. After returning to the Solar Divine Palace from Tianshen Academy, he had experienced another baptism in the Solar Divine Palace. His ability was much more powerful than when he was training in Tianshen Academy.

Ye Futian frowned. However, behind Ye Futian, another silhouette had already walked forward. The silhouette's burly figure gave off an overbearing feeling. He stood there like a demon.

Yu Sheng's gaze swept towards Di Wu standing on the other side. An overbearing demonic might roared out. The Yellow Spring ran between the two parties. Above the Yellow Spring, their auras of the Great Path collided. Dark golden demonic winds crashed with golden winds of divine fire. The two powers eroded each other and were extremely frightening.

Buzz. Golden light of the divine fire consumed the demonic winds and continued to charge towards Yu Sheng. Ye Futian did not even lift a finger; Yu Sheng, who had a first-tier Divine Wheel, actually dared to block in front of Ye Futian.

Yu Sheng took a step forward. When the golden divine fire descended, it was actually consumed by him immediately. At that moment, it was as though Yu Sheng, who was enveloped in demonic light, was bathing in the divine fire.

Di Wu frowned. His Way of Divine Fire was extremely powerful. Ordinarily, people of the same Plane as him would perish at a mere touch of his divine fire. Yu Sheng had actually consumed the divine fire and had refined it.

Yu Sheng's gaze swept towards Di Wu. His ink-black eyes revealed an extremely overbearing intent to do battle.

"You are still unqualified to be my opponent," Di Wu said indifferently. He naturally felt the intent of battle from Yu Sheng's eyes. Yu Sheng was just a follower of Ye Futian. Even though his ability was powerful, Di Wu would not lower his status to exchange blows with him.

If Di Wu did so, wouldn't he be solidifying Ye Futian's status as the top figure of their generation?

It would be saying that he, Di Wu, was only qualified to fight a follower beside Ye Futian.

"Such an arrogant tone." In the inn, Dou Zhao revealed a bizarre expression when he heard Di Wu's words. Was Di Wu actually looking down on Yu Sheng?

"If you want to fight, then fight. If not, then just shut up and sit there quietly," Dou Zhao said mockingly. Who was Di Wu showing off for?

Wasn't he the God of the Solar Divine Palace?

So what if he was? Even Dou Zhao himself, a dignified descendant of Fighting God, had yielded to Yu Sheng. Which member of their group in Tianshen Academy was not an outstanding figure? Why was Di Wu acting so arrogant?

Even the Shen clan was beaten to the ground, and their lower-level Renhuangs were wiped out.

Di Wu swept a glance at Dou Zhao and said, "Descendant of the Ziwei Realm's Dou tribe, have you already stooped so low as to flatter and follow behind in someone else's shadow?"

"..." Dou Zhao actually had no comeback to what Di Wu had said.

Dou Zhao stood up, and his gaze swept towards Di Wu as he said, "The Solar Divine Palace is so pretentious as to sneakily send spies to steal teachings from Heavenly Mandate Academy? Are you not ashamed of yourself?"


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    《The Legend of Futian》