The Legend of Futian
1732 Ye Qingyao
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1732 Ye Qingyao

The girl quickly retracted her gaze. She lowered her head and looked at her feet.

"What is your name?" Ye Futian asked.

The girl shook her head and softly answered, "I have no name."

"No name?" Ye Futian was stunned. He asked, "Then, what about your family?"

The girl still shook her head. She fell silent and did not say anything. She also did not have a family.

She did not know how she had come to this world and also did not know how she had managed to survive until now. She only knew that she was a girl of misfortune; as long as anyone came in contact with her, things would not end well for them.

"Let us bring you back," Yaya said softly.

The girl instead shook her head in refusal. She pulled back her tiny little hand.

"What's wrong?" Ye Futian asked.

"Elder Brother and Sister are good people. I do not wish to get you two involved," the little girl said with a timid voice. "Even though I do not wish to harm others, I know for a fact that I bring misfortune. Whoever stays close to me will be in trouble."

"Oh, what a coincidence. It is the same for me," Ye Futian said as he laughed. When the girl heard him laugh, she lifted her head and looked into his eyes. She thought to herself that he had the brightest eyes that she had ever seen.

He was handsome and exceptionally warm.

"Really?" the girl asked nervously.

"Hmm." Ye Futian nodded his head in affirmation and said, "If we live together, we are basically fighting fire with fire."

The little girl didn't quite understand what Ye Futian meant by that, but she could sense the friendliness from Ye Futian's smile. A glimpse of an innocent smile appeared on her dirty face. Even though she was plain-looking, her smile was exceptionally warm. It was a genuine smile.

Ye Futian and Yaya extended their hands. The girl smiled and grabbed hold of both of their hands.

"Why don't we let Elder Brother come up with a name for you?" Yaya asked softly as she looked at the girl.

"Can you?" the girl asked as she turned to Ye Futian. She looked somewhat timid, but she also had a look of anticipation.

"Of course," Ye Futian replied as he nodded his head. He pondered for a while and then asked, "What do you like?"

"I don't know." The girl shook her head, somewhat crestfallen.

"Then, is there anything that you want to do?" Ye Futian asked.

The girl raised her head and looked at Ye Futian. She timidly said, "I wish to become nicer to look at. That way, I do not need to hide every day and can be like normal girls."

Ye Futian was stunned. He felt a pang of melancholy inside. It was such a simple wish. However, for the girl, it was a lofty dream.

When she saw the look in Ye Futian's eyes, the girl lowered her head again. She thought that it could only be a dream of hers. Elder Brother and Sister had no relations with her whatsoever. How could they possibly bring her along?

She would probably be alone again very soon.

As she thought about this, her expression became depressed and sad.

"You will be named Qingyao. How about it?" Ye Futian said gently.

The girl looked at Ye Futian and giggled. "Qingyao… I like it. Thank you, Elder Brother."

"Is it alright if her family name is Ye?" Beside her, Yaya looked at Ye Futian in anticipation.

Ye Futian was stunned. He then smiled bitterly. Yaya must have felt compassion towards this girl. Back then, she had also experienced a gloomy time in her life.

During those tough times, Ye Futian was Yaya's pillar of support. Therefore, Yaya could most likely empathize well with the girl. Yaya was also at Qingyao's age at that time.

"Of course it is," Ye Futian replied as he nodded. He naturally would not deny Yaya's wish.

The girl was not sure what the two of them were talking about. She lifted her head and looked at them curiously. She saw that many people around her were looking at her. There was kindness in their eyes that made her feel warm inside.

"The family name of Elder Brother is Ye," Yaya explained to the girl.

The girl was clearly stupefied. Looking at the kind smiles around her, she lowered her head slightly and shed a tear. However, she quickly regained control of her emotions. She was used to being alone and was much tougher than girls of the same age. Even though she was only slightly over ten years old, she would not cry no matter what she faced.

Ye Qingyao.

She carved the name into her heart. She did not say thank you, but today was the happiest day in her life so far. It was because she finally had a name.

Moreover, the name was so beautiful. It was an even better name than all the names of the playmates she had met.

The name was similar to those of the princesses and young mistresses. It had a good ring to it.

Ye Futian and the group found an inn to stay overnight. Yaya took Qingyao out for a shower. After she had been changed into some clean clothes, Yaya put her to bed.

In the courtyard, Ye Futian was sitting quietly.

Yaya sat beside him and whispered, "She kept holding on to my hand and refused to sleep. She was afraid that we would be gone when she woke up. Even after she was asleep, she was still talking in her sleep. She kept saying the name 'Ye Qingyao' with a smile on her face. She most likely has been repeating the name internally."

Ye Futian sighed. He had just met with the girl and did not have any attachment to her. Their encounter was purely a coincidence. It was just that Ye Futian could not ignore it when he saw a group of cultivators bullying a little girl.

However, he was well aware that the world of cultivation was too huge. Scenarios like this were happening daily. He could not do anything about it at all.

But if it was just Qingyao, he could still afford to provide her a simple living environment without much hassle.

"You will bring her back, right?" Yaya asked Ye Futian.

"Yaya, you have never cared so much for anyone else before," Ye Futian said with a smile. Of course, he was an exception for her. Yaya had risked her life multiple times for him.

Normally, Yaya had a very low sense of presence; she was always quiet. However, whenever Ye Futian was in danger, she would definitely be one of those who were willing to give up their lives for him. Ye Futian was very aware of this fact.

Yaya said nothing and just stared at him. Ye Futian nodded with a smile. "Since you like that girl, you should keep her with you."

"Hmm." Yaya nodded her head in agreement.

"However, there is more to Qingyao than meets the eye," Ye Futian said.

"I also feel the same way. She said that she would bring misfortune. Can you make out anything?" Yaya asked.

"I always thought that cultivating was like footprints. One can only take it one step at a time and that it is impossible to skip past any step," Ye Futian said softly. "I thought that people had to cultivate stable foundations. However, after meeting Qingyao, I feel that what I understood was wrong."

"Are you saying that Qingyao's cultivation is very high?" Yaya asked.

"No." Ye Futian shook his head. "She does not have any cultivation, but she has insights into the Laws."

Yaya was befuddled.

"Qingyao might be the legendary innate Divine Fetus of the Great Path," Ye Futian explained while staring at Yaya. Anything that could cause Ye Futian's Life Spirit to stir was a divine item. Qingyao's eyes actually managed to stir his Life Spirit.

This was slightly terrifying.

The pitiful little girl whom they had saved might be the most terrifying monstrous figure that Ye Futian had ever met before.

Feixue had a divine item in her body. Hence, when she cultivated, her progress was speedy. It could even be regarded as God-speed.

However, Qingyao might not even need to train at all.

He had never encountered such a condition before; Qingyao was the first. She subverted all that he understood. She was like what the legends said: a divine fetus, an innate instrument for the Way.

Even Zhan Yuan's and Yi Tianyu's bodies paled into insignificance when compared to hers.

However, Ye Futian did not dwell upon his thoughts of Qingyao. For him, Qingyao was first and foremost a pitiful little girl.

As for the rest, he would go with the flow of fate.

Besides that, the force that appeared in the alley before this was most likely not simple. They should have noticed something about her too. Otherwise, they wouldn't have wanted to capture her. They were also cautious of her when they met her.

It was hard to imagine that a few Renhuangs would actually be cautious of a little girl who had no cultivation.

If the force were a top force in Jiuyou City, they would most likely not give up on her so easily.

As Ye Futian had expected, the next day, a large group of people arrived at the inn. The visitors did not purposely emanate any might, but they still gave off a solemn vibe.

Everyone in the inn avoided them. The entire inn was empty except for Ye Futian and his group. In the distance, another group of silhouettes appeared in the air.

A middle-aged man walked out from the troop of visitors. He was wearing a long black robe and had a terrifying aura.

The crowd observed all this from afar. They were shocked. Who was staying in the inn? The magnate of Jiuyou City, Hierophant Jiuyou, had actually come over personally.

Jiuyou Sect had been long rooted in Jiuyou City. The sect had experienced many generations rise and fall. They had been eradicated a few times, yet they rebuilt themselves very quickly after. However, through their rise and fall, the name "Jiuyou Sect" had remained constant and had always been used.

Hierophant Jiuyou was extremely frightening. Normally, he rarely made an appearance. Unless some shocking event had occurred in Jiuyou City, he would not appear.

However, today, he was here.

"I heard that Renhuang Ye from Heavenly Mandate Academy had arrived in Jiuyou City. Jiuyou Sect has come over to greet you," a voice cried out. The members of Jiuyou Sect were all outside the inn and had not barged in. With Heavenly Mandate Academy's current standing, no force dared to act presumptuously before them.

Although Jiuyou Sect was the local gang of Jiuyou City, they still did not have the background of a supreme force.

Rumor has it that Hierophant Jiuyou's current ability was at the eighth tier of the Divine Wheel. He was already an extremely powerful existence.

Ye Qingyao seemed to know that these people had come for her. She kept hiding behind Yaya and grabbed hold of Yaya's clothes. She was very afraid.

"Hierophant Jiuyou, what business do you have with me for you to have come here?" Ye Futian said from a distance. He did not invite the other party in.

"Renhuang Ye has come a long way. I have especially ordered people to send over some gifts," Hierophant Jiuyou said. Immediately, a number of maids holding gift baskets came forward. Each maid was extremely sexy and beautiful, and they were all rare beauties. They were also very thinly dressed, which accentuated their graceful figures even more vividly.

Ye Qingyao pulled even harder on Yaya's sleeve.

"There is no gain without pain. Hierophant Jiuyou, I appreciate the gesture, but I cannot accept these gifts," Ye Futian said, rejecting the offer. Although the other party was very respectful, if they had come for Ye Qingyao, it was impossible for him to just hand her over like that.

Hierophant Jiuyou was an understanding person. He waved his hand, and the women immediately stepped down. He did not force the gifts on Ye Futian. If figures like Ye Futian said that they would not accept the gifts, they would not accept them.

"I have long heard of Renhuang Ye. Initially, I would not have come forward to disturb you. Renhuang Ye, I am sure that you have noticed that there is more to the girl than meets the eye," Hierophant Jiuyou said. "I have cultivated for so many years and have finally come across a good candidate to inherit my teachings. I hope Renhuang Ye can allow the girl to do so." He naturally had seen through that Ye Qingyao had grown attached to Yaya.

Hence, he had not said that he wanted to capture her, but that he wanted to take her as a disciple.

"Qingyao, do you want to inherit his teachings?" Ye Futian did not reject his offer. Instead, he turned and asked Ye Qingyao.

Ye Qingyao shook her head and said, "I want to follow Elder Brother and Sister."

"Alright," Ye Futian replied as he nodded his head. He revealed an apologetic expression to Hierophant Jiuyou!

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    《The Legend of Futian》