The Legend of Futian
1734 A Domain Suppressed
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1734 A Domain Suppressed

Ye Futian looked up at Hierophant Jiuyou, his heart full of doubt. He could not help but ask, "Why would you bring such a force for a single girl?"

Hierophant Jiuyou, the Blood Demon Emperor, the Sky Sword Emperor, and more had all gotten involved. There must be something more to this.

"Do not worry, Emperor Ye, we will not hurt her," said Hierophant Jiuyou.

"What does this have to do with the Gate of Hell?" asked Ye Futian.

There was no change in Hierophant Jiuyou's expression. The death current flowed out all around him.


At that moment, a shocking aura bloomed. The Sky Sword Emperor slashed with his sword, cutting the Great Path apart. Lines of destructive death light shone through the sky, cutting through the air as they shot towards the people from the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He had acted without mercy.

They had decided to act. They had not a road of retreat, and they would not leave any road of retreat.

A violent storm whipped up as a Kunpeng Demon Emperor flapped his wings, covering the sky for a vast distance. He lashed out with his wings, enveloping the oncoming light.

Ye Futian stood there without moving, still staring at Hierophant Jiuyou.

The news about the Gate of Hell had come out of Jiuyou City. Perhaps it was at the Yellow Spring.

So did the power of Jiuyou City have to do with the Gate of Hell?

Previously, a middle-ranking Renhuang had appeared in the city.

The terrible storm swept out as the Kunpeng Demon Emperor flew up into the sky to battle with the Sky Sword Emperor.

A cultivator of the Dou tribe strode through the air, descending like a god of war. His body grew hundreds of feet, covering the inn below him. He lashed out with a fist, splitting the ground, causing dark cracks to spread out. Endless dark flames shot out in all directions.


There was a loud noise as he transformed into a beam of golden light. He lashed out with his fist yet again, this time towards the Blood Demon Emperor.

Blood qi rose up from the Blood Demon Emperor as he grew into a huge, blood-red form. He was terrifying in the extreme. When he saw his opponent coming, he lifted an arm. This made everyone for many miles feel the blood roiling in their veins until it felt like they would burst.

When the two of them collided, blood-red light appeared upon the great figure from the Dou tribe. But the fist cut through everyone like a knife through bamboo. Along the way, it transformed into brilliant divine light, smashing his opponent up into the sky.

This battlefield was too small for people at their level. They needed to expand their fighting area so they wouldn't drag in people weaker than them.

Ye Qingyao looked at Ye Futian. She had not thought that they would really fight for her.

"If you want to stay, brother won't let them take you," said Yaya to her. Ye Qingyao was speechless. Although she was moved, she was also apprehensive. She was afraid she would bring them more bad luck.

"Yaya, you take care of Qingyao," said Ye Futian. Up in the air, people were constantly trying to break through the defensive spells to get to them.

"Alright," said Yaya with a nod.

A beam of brilliant light shot out from Ye Futian's forehead, which then transformed into many divine halls that covered Yaya and Ye Qingyao.

Yaya was stunned. This was Ye Futian's defensive treasure, and he was giving it to them. Was he planning on going to fight himself?

Everyone who had come to the Hidden Land Realm was at the Renhuang level or above. There were no weaklings here.

This truly was a trial for the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

"I'm going to help." As Ye Futian said this, he suddenly shot up into the sky. Many figures flew through the air around him, charging towards Hierophant Jiuyou and the other cultivators.

Woosh! The storm of death raged. A Renhuang with huge black wings charged towards Ye Futian. His Divine Wheel surged, and huge, dark vermilion birds appeared, filled with a destructive will.

The images of vermilion birds shot towards Ye Futian, filling the air around him.

This was a mid-level Renhuang. He was truly terrifying.

A spear appeared in Ye Futian's hands. It was the one he had gotten in the God's Relic, and it was filled with fighting will.

At that moment, his aura raged, and his figure flashed through the air. His Divine Wheel released its energy, which cut through space itself. Many of the dark vermilion birds were shattered. A beam of light appeared before his opponent.


At the moment that his fighting will surged, his spear pierced through his opponent. Ye Futian went right through him, and the huge dark vermilion bird shattered into pieces.

The people watching from far away trembled as they saw this.

Although they lived in the Hidden Land Realm, they had always heard of Ye Futian's strength. But those were just legends.

The kind, silver-haired youth stood there in the air, bathed in divine light like a god of war. His spiritual will was so powerful that with a single spear thrust, he had slain a mid-level Renhuang.

Moreover, he had broken through to the next level and already had a second-tier Divine Wheel, even though it had only been four or five years since he had created it in the God's Relic. The cultivation of geniuses like him could not be compared to ordinary people.

And it was not just Ye Futian. They also realized that the other cultivators were terrifying as well. When the first-tier Heavenly Mandate Academy Renhuangs unleashed their Divine Wheels, their talent had been obvious and dazzling. They were all world-class heroes. All of them had crossed through many realms to fight here.

When they had heard that Ye Futian had led a force of first-tier, lower level Renhuangs to sweep away the Shen clan, and that their opponents had not had any power to resist, they had thought it was exaggerated. After all, that was the Shen clan they were talking about.

But now, seeing this battle with their own eyes, they could clearly see how strong these people were.

In the distance, more cultivators were arriving on the battlefield, including some top powers from other realms. A battle of this level had made great waves. Everyone in Jiuyou City could feel it.

Even far away, people looked up and could see what was happening.

At that moment, Princess Nan Luoyue of the Nantian Divine Nation pierced through the air, watching the battlefield. Her gaze fell upon the white-haired figure.

She had only heard about the battle at the Shen clan. She was very curious to see just how capable a combatant Ye Futian was.

Ye Futian was truly just as many people in the outside world thought he was. Was he already the greatest figure of his generation in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path?

Even her father had such high praise for him. He was an icon of their age.

At that moment, she saw the sky around Ye Futian dim, as if it is was being swallowed by darkness.

Ye Futian completely disappeared.

"Huh?" Nan Luoshen froze. This...

"Hell," said Nan Luoshen. After she said this, she strode forward, calling out, "Take them!"

Another force seemed to have appeared.

Moreover, Hierophant Jiuyou, who had lived in Jiuyou City for many years, and some of the other great figures, seemed to have something to do with this.

Had the vanished power known as Hell insinuated itself so deeply into the Hidden Land Realm these past few years?

The other cultivators realized that Hierophant Jiuyou had something to do with Hell. Suddenly, a group of figures strode forward towards the battlefield.

Ye Futian had been plunged into shadow.

The area he was in was completely covered in darkness. There was no sound, no air, no light, just absolute darkness. Cultivators had incredible eyesight, and the dark of night did not affect their vision. And moreover, they had their divine consciousness.

But where he was was not the darkness of night; it was the Great Path Domain. Even his divine consciousness was cut off by the darkness. He had no way of sensing the outside world.

Ye Futian unleashed his Divine Wheel, but the divine light could only light up a small area. The rest of the space was still filled by absolute darkness. This meant that his will was being suppressed. The one who was attacking him was a cultivator with a sixth tier Divine Wheel: a mid-level Emperor.

They had come to take away Ye Qingyao, but Ye Futian had used his ritual implement to cut her off from them in the Spatial Sacred Hall. Since they could not take her, they could only capture Ye Futian to make them trade him for her. This was their last chance.

Suddenly, a powerful sense of threat descended. Ye Futian suddenly turned around. A spear of a god of death appeared in the darkness behind him, overpowering and fierce. A frightening figure was thrusting it towards him. A terrible spatial vortex appeared in the air, destroying everything within it.

The spear coming from the darkness was extremely deadly and very fast.

Roar! The Divine Elephants trumpeted, and the spear slammed into the body of a massive Divine Elephant, shattering it into pieces. The ferocious spatial vortex entered into Ye Futian, making lines of dark light appear all over him as his body cracked.

Ye Futian was sent flying, letting out a groan of intense pain.

His opponent stepped forward, trying to go further into the darkness. But he found that he could not.

"What is going on?" He looked into the air. High above, stars whirled around, and powerful will spread out, covering his body. And he himself could not access the Great Path. It was as if he had been cut off from it.

Had he been cut off from the Great Path Domain?

Ye Futian had pulled him into his own Great Path Domain.

But ye Futian was far weaker than him, how could he do this? Only if his Great Path Domain had cut off his opponents could this be possible.

Was it because he had a perfect Divine Wheel?

However, even with his perfect Divine Wheel, Ye Futian was still only at the second tier. His opponent was at the sixth tier. Could even a perfect Divine Wheel make up such a huge difference and let him suppress his Great Path Domain?


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    《The Legend of Futian》