The Legend of Futian
1735 The Mysterious Girl
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1735 The Mysterious Girl

This Great Path domain was a separate vast space that had the sun, the moon, and the stars. It looked just like a real world.

The only thing unusual was that the cultivator in the Divine Wheel Sixth Order couldn't make contact with the outside world anymore. As one of the best cultivators in the middle-level Renhuang Plane, he was extremely powerful with the Body of the Great Path. Yet now, he seemed to have lost his power to communicate.

"What kind of a Divine Wheel is this?" he glared at Ye Futian and asked in a cold voice.

Bang... He sensed a terrifying burst of energy of the Great Path and a massive wave. Great Path Rules flowed in the air while countless stars fell from the sky and shot at his body.

This cultivator in the middle-level Renhuang Plane felt like his whole world was collapsing at the moment.


His body became a shadow and rushed in the darkness.

He was extremely fast. The incredible speed made it seem like his shadow was surrounding Ye Futian from all directions. However, he could not blend into the darkness like before to evade Ye Futian's detection.

Right now, Ye Futian could sense his existence no matter how fast he managed to be.

A frightening black storm took shape around Ye Futian's body. The dark whirlwind swallowed everything nearby as the man exerting strength from his Divine Wheel.


Ye Futian thrust a spear forward. The terrifying whirlwind of destruction pounced on Ye Futian's body. Even stars in the sky were devoured and annihilated by the whirlwind.

Ye Futian jumped nimbly and appeared in the air high above. The spear in his hand vanished, and a long stick appeared.

Bang... The stick extended dramatically to an astonishing length. Ye Futian was like a war god who drew all the power of this world great path to his body.

Bang! Bang! A Starry Storm was developing in the void accompanied by spine-chilling noises. The stars hanging in this space spun frantically as though the void was about to crash into entropy.

The Great Path domain was going on the rampage.

Bang... An exceptionally violent storm of the Great Path emerged and blocked the cultivator in the Divine Wheel Sixth Order just when he was about to change location. His shadow flashed, yet the storm was everywhere.

Ye Futian bathed in the brilliant divine light. His silver, long hair was blowing in the wind.

He raised the stick in his hand. The entire world was collapsing in horrifying thunder.

The Renhuang in the Divine Wheel Sixth Order had an illusion at the moment that Ye Futian and this Great Path domain formed an integral whole. Ye Futian's every move was magnified by the Great Path domain.

As a master cultivator in the middle-level Renhuang Plane, he was surprisingly threatened by Ye Futian.

The rampant Starry Storm kept swirling. He finally stopped moving after a violent crash and a loud bang.

He stood high in the air. The Divine Wheel behind him seemed even scarier. The dark whirlwind of destruction slowly swallowed the Great Path of Space and turned it to Hell.

The destructive energy wrapped around his body. He suddenly transformed into a bolt of black lightning and struck forward with great momentum.

Bang bang... His spear crushed every star it touched. It was as if the sky was crumbling.

The entire Great Path of Space was about to perish as millions of stars exploding.

Staring at the approaching spear, Ye Futian brandished the long stick in his hand. The Great Path of Space quaked as though all the energy in the world was connected with him.

Every movement of the long stick was like a roar of the stars in the Great Path domain.

The shadow of the stick blotted out the sun. Ye Futian stepped forward and made a sweeping motion.

The stick contained the energy of the entire world and bathed in the brilliant light of the stars surrounding the space. The man looked at the stick as if he saw millions of stars falling upon his head.


After a thunderous sound, the Great Path of Space collapsed and everything inside shattered into pieces.

Ye Futian was the only one standing on the battlefield when the shadow disappeared. Hierophant Jiuyou and the others realized that the other person was gone.

Apparently, he was killed.

Just now, the two of them entered a separate space to fight. It ended with one person dead.

Much to their surprise, Ye Futian won!

Hierophant Jiuyou was still tangling with Hua Jiangshan high up in the air. An embarrassed look swept across his face. How did Ye Futian kill a cultivator at peak middle-level Renhuang Plane with a sixth-order Divine Wheel?

There were four levels between them. Although Hierophant Jiuyou heard that Ye Futian was exceedingly powerful, he never expected such results.

Did they need someone in the high-level Renhuang Plane to defeat a cultivator with a second-order Divine Wheel?

"Retreat," said Hierophant Jiuyou. The clash between Ye Futian and the man didn't last long in reality. Everything happened in a short time. Cultivators from various other groups were marching toward them and might join the fight.

They wouldn't be able to pull back if they didn't leave now.

"Where do you think you're going?" There was no way the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy would let them go easily. Some people also rushed here from afar. They wanted to keep the enemy in place.

Nevertheless, darkness suddenly engulfed the field. The entire world quieted down.

Many people stopped moving at once as an overwhelming sense of crisis settled over them.

"Be careful," Hua Jiangshan reminded everyone. Several cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy surrounded Ye Futian and sealed off the area with domineering force of the Great Path. They were worried that someone would catch them off guard.

However, darkness slowly disappeared, and nothing happened. Hierophant Jiuyou and his people already vanished when everything went back normal.

"What happened?" Many people were astonished. What was it just now?

Ye Futian's eyebrows knitted tightly. Was it a magic tool, or did a powerful cultivator hiding in the dark help them?

Cultivators from various supreme forces arrived one after the other. A look of concern and confusion furrowed their brows when they saw the enemies had left.

They also sensed something peculiar a moment ago.

Nan Luoshen stood in the void, as gorgeous as usual. A frightening old man behind her said to her in a low voice, "A mysterious force is here. People from the Hell probably infiltrated Jiuyou City already. Our trip might be more complicated than we expected."

Nan Luoshen nodded slightly. She realized it as well.

The Hell lured them here to look for the Gate of the Hell. They still didn't know what secrets they were hiding and what their objectives were.

Nan Luoshen didn't think for too long. She lowered her head and glanced at Ye Futian. A strange look crossed her beautiful face.

The man who fought with him seemed to be in the Divine Wheel Sixth Order.

Nevertheless, Ye Futian came out while his opponent was gone. The man had undoubtedly been killed by Ye Futian.

She also had a perfect Divine Wheel and certainly understood that a Renhuang with a perfect Divine Wheel controlled the finest power of the Great Path. Even so, his ability was not limitless, and his opponent was also a Renhuang after all.

However, Ye Futian killed someone four levels higher. How staggering and terrifying it was!

Would he be able to defeat cultivators in the high-level Renhuang Plane if he advanced to the Divine Wheel Third Order?

High-level Renhuangs were master cultivators.

How did Ye Futian achieve this?

"Divine item."

An idea suddenly popped in Nan Luoshen's head. She obtained a divine item under the Heavenly Palace in God's relic. The same thing probably happened to Ye Futian as well. Perhaps he got more divine items in addition to the one he gave to Yaya.

The divine item must be the reason why he had a chance to kill a middle-level Renhuang.

Nan Luoshen was not the only person looking at Ye Futian. All the cultivators who just arrived stared at him as well. Although they didn't witness the fight with their own eyes, the ending was stirring enough.

"Renhuang Ye, what is the goal of the Jiuyou Sect?" Nan Luoshen asked.

Jiuyou Sect was very likely to be connected to the Hell.

Ye Futian looked at Nan Luoshen and shook his head, replied, "I don't know either."

While speaking, he looked down at the figure of the girl covered by the Spatial Sacred Hall.

From what he could tell, Qingyao was not only wanted by the Jiuyou Sect. The Hell was probably after her as well.

If that was the case, he had more reasons to protect Qingyao better.

At first, he was only feeling compassionate and got involved simply because he couldn't watch a group of Renhuang bullying a kid. The situation became more complicated just now.

Ye Futian landed on the ground and put back the Spatial Sacred Hall. Ye Qingyao stared at Ye Futian silently, then slightly lowered her head as if she did something wrong.

"I bring bad luck," she said in a quiet voice.

Ye Futian heard her and walked forward. He put his hands on Ye Qingyao's shoulders and said, "Qingyao, don't belittle yourself. Why would they go through such trouble if you bring bad luck? They are the top forces in Jiuyou City."

Ye Qingyao raised her head and looked at Ye Futian. She didn't know why they were after her, either.

Nonetheless, this was the first time she felt protected by someone.

"Even though the world seems to be full of sadness and misfortunes, there are also many people and many things that are not as terrible as you imagined, right?" Ye Futian spoke softly, "Qingyao, you're not ordinary. So don't ever underestimate yourself."

"OK." Ye Qingyao nodded.

"You need to remember to take care of yourself if the day comes when I can't protect you anymore," Ye Futian said.

Ye Qingyao was dazed. She looked at Ye Futian, eyes filled with sorrow. Then she lowered her head and didn't have the courage to meet Ye Futian's eyes.

"Don't worry too much. I will do my best to protect you. I was only saying if. Do you understand?" Ye Futian knew she was an extremely sensitive girl the moment he saw her eyes. Although she didn't want to get other people into trouble, she cherished this warm feeling a great deal. Maybe it was because she never experienced it in the past.

Looking into Ye Futian's eyes, she nodded solemnly and tried to remember his words.

"Give me a smile." Ye Futian rubbed her head and laughed. Ye Qingyao gazed at him, blinked a few times, yet couldn't crack a smile.

"Aren't you silly," Ye Futian said with a grin. Ye Qingyao suddenly curled up her lips and beamed innocently.

Ye Futian looked at her smile and sighed silently. He had a vague feeling that Ye Qingyao might be involved in an incredibly big secret, and he might not be able to protect her!


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    《The Legend of Futian》