The Legend of Futian
1736 Divine Fetus of the Great Path
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1736 Divine Fetus of the Great Path

More cultivators came to Jiuyou City. Right now, a line of people was standing above the Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City and looking down at the roaring water.

Wearing monastic robes and radiating the Light of Buddha from their bodies, they were all Buddhist cultivators who looked quite stately and solemn.

They came from the Mountain Realm of the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms.

In addition, people from the Mountain Realm were usually strong cultivators. Master Gui Zang, one of the Renhuangs who built a perfect Divine Wheel in the God's relic, was also among them.

"Uncle-Master, it seems like you're not the only one who came. Several temples sent their masters here," Gui Zang said to a Master standing next to him. The Master was gaunt without a shred of strength in his limbs. His bony hands were holding a string of Buddhist prayer beads in front of his chest. He was intoning some Buddhist scripture that was too obscure for ordinary people to understand. Even Gui Zang didn't fully comprehend the meaning of the scripture.

"As the Hell resurrected, it's only normal for them to come here," the feeble monk said. Many Buddhist monks from the Mountain Realm seemed to have noticed the Master and walked toward him. They put their palms together in front of the chests and bowed to greet him, "Good to see you, Master Pudu."

Master Pudu of Tianxian Temple was an eminent and erudite monk. He had comprehensive knowledge about the unfathomable Buddhist doctrine and was a prominent figure respected by countless people in the Mountain Realm.

Comparing with top forces in other supreme realms, people in the Mountain Realm rarely get involved in outside matters. They had been immersed themselves in Buddhist cultivation for over three hundred years.

However, some people of the older generation knew that the monks in the Mountain Realm once came out of their temples in concert 300 years ago.

That was indeed a chaotic era.

"Nice to see you, Master Pudu." People greeted him one after the other. It was evident that Master Pudu enjoyed a particularly high status in the Mountain Realm. He still held the prayer beads and acknowledged everyone to show respect.

"Master Pudu, did you come down the mountain because you were worried?" a distinguished monk asked. The Mountain Realm surely assembled a strong lineup this time.

"What does Master Pudu think will happen after the Gate of the Hell opened?" someone else asked. They all wanted to know Master Pudu's thoughts on the situation.

Master Pudu slightly lowered his head. With a faint smile in his beady eyes, he put his palms together and said, "Whatever that is supposed to happen will happen. We only need to wait quietly."

His response was meaningless, yet people still nodded approvingly, as if they were completely convinced by him.

Many people on the banks of the Yellow Spring faraway cast their eyes toward Master Pudu and whispered to each other.

"People in the Mountain Realm hardly ever go outside. However, they sent a group of high-powered cultivators here this time. Even Master Pudu of Tianxian Temple came to Jiuyou City," someone said. Tianxian Temple was the greatest temple in the Mountain Realm while Master Pudu was the supreme monk in Tianxian Temple. Plenty of people were familiar with his monastic name, even in Jiuyou City.

"The man standing next to Master Pudu is Gui Zang. He has a perfect Divine Wheel and achieved his breakthrough in God's relic along with Shen Hao, Jian Qingzhu, Nan Luoshen, Di Wu, and others. Gui Zang is a low-key person, typical for a Buddist monk. I suspect that he might even be stronger than Shen Hao."

It seemed like people tended to use Shen Hao for comparison whenever they talked about top cultivators these days.

Shen Hao lost his luster due to the debacle of the Shen clan. Therefore, many people liked to use him as a yardstick when they gauged a cultivator's ability. Shen Hao's reputation declined markedly. It was the price he had to pay for losing the battle. Shen Hao used to be considered as one of the top three cultivators of his generation. Nevertheless, the public now suspected that anyone who stood in front of the Heavenly Palace in God's relic back at that time might be a better cultivator than him.

The cultivators from the Mountain Realm were not the only ones who came. Several other people also arrived at where Ye Futian was standing.

Ye Futian was surprised to see that the leader of these people was Shen Luoxue.

"Granny," Ye Futian called, "why do you come here yourself?"

Based on seniority, he was supposed to refer to her as Grandma-Master, which was too much of a mouthful. In addition, since Feixue called her "grandma," he wouldn't sound like a complete stranger by calling her "granny."

Shen Luoxue didn't come across as an old woman despite how Ye Futian and Feixue addressed her. But she did have silver hair, same as Ye Futian.

"Grandma was worried about you," Feixue, standing alongside, told Ye Futian with a smile. Ye Futian, of course, understood that Shen Luoxue truly cared about him even though she might appear standoffish and indifferent. She also treated Nianyu very well.

"Did someone attack you here in Jiuyou City?" Shen Luoxue asked.

"It's not a big deal. I already took care of it. Those people wouldn't dare to show their faces again," Ye Futian said, "Granny, you didn't need to come specifically for this."

"I didn't come just for this," Shen Luoxue said. "All the forces in the Nine Realms have sent reinforcement after hearing what happened here in the Hidden Land Realm. This thing with the Hell is not as simple as you expected."

Ye Futian looked at Shen Luoxue and asked, "What kind of group is the Hell?"

Shen Luoxue a cultivator of the older generation and was born many years ago. She lived through the turbulent times and surely knew more about the Hell.

"The Hell." Shen Luoxue gazed into the distance and cast her mind back to the past. The 3,000 Realms of the Great Path at that time were crowded with powerful cultivators who were much more aggressive and forceful than the current ones. Countless people perished in turmoil. And the chaos might never end if not for Donghuang the Great Emperor and Emperor Ye Qing.

Donghuang the Great Emperor and Emperor Ye Qing were indeed the most remarkable leaders.

"This is something that goes beyond the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path," Shen Luoxue muttered. Eyes narrowed, Ye Futian concentrated to listen.

"Anyway, the Hell had a horrific influence in the Hidden Land Realm back in the days. Even though they disappeared many years ago, I'm afraid that the remaining evildoers of the Hell have always been hiding in the Hidden Land Realm, and they are exposed now only because of the mayhem they caused. This thing is not that simple anymore."

Shen Luoxue spoke to Ye Futian, "Cultivators from other forces should arrive soon."

"Granny, I met a girl in Jiuyou City." Ye Futian turned around and shouted, "Qingyao, come here."

Ye Qingyao walked to them and stared at Shen Luoxue curiously, said, "Nice to meet you, granny."

Shen Luoxue looked at Ye Qingyao, and the divine eye in her brow chakra stared directly at her. Scared, Ye Qingyao felt a little sick and backed to hide behind Ye Futian.

"Granny, wait a second." Ye Futian crouched down. He gazed at Ye Qingyao and said in a soft voice, "Qingyao, granny wants to take a closer look at you in order to better help you. But I will ask granny to stop if you don't want it."

Ye Qingyao looked into Ye Futian's eyes. She certainly could feel the kindness Ye Futian had been showing her since the beginning. She nodded and said, "I will you whatever you say."

Ye Futian smiled and pinched her cheek gently, said, "Good girl."

He then turned to signal Shen Luoxue. Ye Qingyao didn't hide this time. She clenched her teeth and endured the uncomfortable process while clutching Ye Futian tightly with her hand. Ye Futian could feel the sweat in her palm.

For a girl who grew up in darkness, she displayed absolute trust by opening herself up.

Because of Qingyao's life experience, she naturally kept her guard up when confronting most people. She would be particularly hostile this time, if not for Ye Futian.

Shen Luoxue glanced through many things. Before long, the divine light disappeared, and she stared solemnly at Ye Qingyao.

She was apparently in shock.

"You, follow me," Shen Luoxue turned her eyes to Ye Futian and said.

She looked quite serious.

Although Ye Futian already knew Ye Qingyao was not an ordinary girl, he didn't expect Granny to be so astonished.

He looked at Qingyao and realized the girl was also looking at him with her chin up. She grasped his hand firmly.

"It's alright." Ye Futian smiled. Qingyao nodded and let his hand go.

Shen Luoxue and Ye Futian stepped aside. Ye Futian asked, "Granny, what's wrong?"

"Take a look for yourself." A beam of light shot from Shen Luoxue's brow chakra to Ye Futian's.

Ye Futian didn't resist. Soon, he saw an extremely appalling scene.

A group of cultivators with menacing energy surrounded a small house in Jiuyou City. The floor was littered with several dead bodies. A girl stood alone next to the corpses with blood on her clothes. Even her face was smeared with blood.

The cultivators walked straight to her and wanted to take her away. However, the girl's eyes suddenly became completely black. The sky grew dim, and the terrifying darkness engulfed the area and swallowed the cultivators who were coming for her. Their eyes, faces, and every inch of their bodies withered and died as the life being sucked out of them.

The girl's body hovered in the air. She only descended and lay on the ground in silence after the darkness devoured every person there.

The scene left Ye Futian aghast. He finally understood why Qingyao said she brought bad luck to people and why a team of cultivators in the Renhuang Plane would be so afraid to go to capture a little girl.

Despite knowing that Qingyao was a natural-born Divine Fetus of the Great Path, Ye Futian was still surprised that Qingyao could unleash such frightening energy involuntarily and effortlessly.

"She might have an astounding background," Shen Luoxue said to Ye Futian. "She could have something to do with the core of the Hell."

Ye Futian looked at her with a somber expression. He already had similar speculations prior to this.

"Does she know this herself?" Ye Futian asked.

Shen Luoxue shook her head and said, "She knows nothing about her situation."

Ye Futian sighed silently. He was saddened by Qingyao's fate.

She was only a little girl, and this was too heavy a burden for a young girl to shoulder.

"The thing that happened last time will keep happening if you plan on keeping her around. Perhaps, the entire Heavenly Mandate Academy will never experience peace from now on." Shen Luoxue's face was grave. Several master cultivators in Jiuyou City already fought over Qingyao. Based on what Shen Luoxue saw with her divine eye, Qingyao would definitely cause a violent storm in the future!


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    《The Legend of Futian》