The Legend of Futian
1737 Yellow Spring Flows Backwards
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1737 Yellow Spring Flows Backwards

Ye Futian didn't know how to respond to Shen Luoxue's words. He noticed before that Qingyao was an unusual girl. What Granny just saw further confirmed his speculation.

No one knew where Ye Qingyao came from; she didn't even remember.

Even so, her background was, beyond a doubt, extraordinary.

Ye Futian had met countless exceptional cultivators in his years. But Ye Qingyao was the only person whose power was so tremendous that it blew Ye Futian's mind.

To be exact, it shouldn't be called power. It was more like her innate ability. Because of that, a girl who had never cultivated for a day in her life somehow killed cultivators in the Renhuang Plane.

What did it mean?

Ye Futian himself didn't even know what it meant. It contradicted common sense in the world of cultivators and was at odds with his own understanding of cultivation. He always had a high opinion of himself and once asserted that he was born to be a king. Even though it might only be a boastful claim, he was confident that his Divine Body of the Great Path and Life Spirit could complete the Great Path. Despite all that, he still couldn't do what Qingyao did.

Master cultivators such as Hierophant Jiuyou were willing to put their lives in jeopardy to snatch Ye Qingyao, who was under the protection of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They chose to do it in spite of the extremely high risk.

So, who on earth was behind them?

"The extent of influence and infiltration the Hell achieved in the Hidden Land Realm might be far beyond everyone's imagination," Shen Luoxue continued to say. The forces in the Nine Realms sent reinforcement to the Hidden Land Realm because they started to realize that. It was also the reason Shen Luoxue came to Jiuyou City in person.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. He looked at Shen Luoxue and said with a smile, "Let's take one step at a time. But I don't have the heart to abandon the girl like this."

"I knew you would choose this way. Let's go back," said Shen Luoxue. She then turned around and walked back.

It was why Shen Luoxue was fond of Ye Futian. As a newcomer to the Renhuang Plane, Ye Futian dared to risk his life and led an army to attack the Shen clan for the sake of his Master. He was a young man with tremendous courage and determination.

She would be disappointed if he was willing to give the young girl up easily.

Ye Qingyao was standing in place and waiting for Ye Futian and Shen Luoxue to come back. She raised her head slightly when she saw Ye Futian walking toward her. She stared at him intently and silently the whole time.

Her eyes made Ye Futian's heart ache. He was probably the only hope the girl had left. However, she was destined to have an unusual life and might have to face many challenges and dangers in the future.

Just as he expected, he might be able to protect her forever.

Ye Futian walked to Ye Qingyao. He rubbed her head and cracked a warm smile.

Ye Qingyao raised her chin and gazed at Ye Futian, then said in a soft voice, "Brother, you can let me go if I will bring misfortune to you."

"Who told you that?" Ye Futian said while smiling, "Qingyao, your last name is Ye now. Of course, I will protect you. Besides, you won't bring bad luck to anyone. The bad things in the past only happened because you are bound to have an extraordinary life. That's why you have to stay strong and optimistic, no matter what happens to you in the future. Do you understand?"

Ye Qingyao didn't fully grasp what Ye Futian said, but she still nodded earnestly and remembered his words.

"Don't think too much of it. Perhaps you're the Child of Destiny," Ye Futian grinned and said.

Yaya also came forward and held Qingyao's hand, said, "Don't worry about it."

"Okay." Qingyao nodded and beamed with joy and innocence.


Several days later. Near the Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City.

The banks were crowded with people at the moment. A succession of cultivators arrived and stared at the Yellow Spring below.

The Yellow Spring was gushing and roaring. The most shocking thing was that the water was flowing from the lower to the higher place.

The River of Yellow Spring surged and rolled up high. Several terraces on the wall of the cliff were flooded and obliterated by water.

The Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City was known as the River of Death and was extremely destructive. It could destroy all the lives it touched.

It was even more terrifying that the water in the Yellow Spring seemed to have formed a gate. No matter how hard the dark and thunderous current dashed against it, the gate of the Yellow Spring remained standing steady.

"Could the Gate of the Hell be in the Yellow Spring?" some people muttered. It was indeed plausible that the Yellow Spring was the entrance to the Hell.

Nevertheless, no one dared to act recklessly.

Yellow Spring, also known as the Jiuyou River, was the River of Death in Jiuyou City. Even a cultivator in the Renhuang Plane would be swallowed by Yellow Spring immediately if he fell into the water. One might well imagine how scary the river was.

Flowing through Jiuyou City, Yellow Spring nurtured countless cultivators and filled Jiuyou City with the Will of Death. Therefore, many cultivators in the city comprehended the Great Path of Death.

In addition, the banks of the Yellow Spring were usually the most lively and vibrant places in Jiuyou City because of its effect on cultivation.

A lot of talented cultivators sat on the banks of the Yellow Spring to comprehend the Great Path.

Cultivators from various supreme forces arrived one after the other. The Gate of Yellow Spring hanging in the air was hundreds of meters high, like a divine gate from the ancient times.

However, there was still no one brave enough to step in.

Anyone who went inside would be putting his life at risk.

"What does Master Pudu think?" Someone turned to an old monk and asked at the moment. The old monk was Master Pudu from the Mountain Realm. He was a remarkable cultivator who had a deep understanding of the Buddhist doctrine. Moreover, he led the Buddhist cultivators from the Mountain Realm and found the Gate of Yellow Spring in Jiuyou City. It was also him who activated the gate and made it appear.

Therefore, Master Pudu's opinion mattered a great deal.

Buddhist cultivators from the Mountain Realm emitted brilliant Light of Buddha from their bodies. Master Pudu held the prayer beads in his hand and said, "This is the entrance to the Gate of the Hell."

Many people narrowed their eyes upon hearing his words. They didn't expect him to be this straightforward.

On top of that, Master Pudu seemed to be very confident that it was the right place.

"Why are you so sure?" someone asked.

"My gut feeling," Master Pudu replied. People instantly felt a little discouraged and disappointed. Could they really rely on his instinct?

But some people had complete trust in Master Pudu. The Gate of the Hell might truly be in the Yellow Spring if he said so.

"Master Pudu is one of the best cultivators and an expert on Buddhist doctrine. It's probably the case if he thinks the entrance to the Gate of the Hell is in the Yellow Spring," said Gai Qixing, a Prince of the Golden Divine Nation.

"Can Master Pudu bring us in and show us what Hell looks like?" someone else in another direction asked.

It was Di Wu from the Solar Divine Palace who was asking the monks from the Tianxian Temple of the Mountain Realm to lead the way.

They were at the Yellow Spring, after all. Even cultivators from supreme forces didn't dare to underestimate the situation.

No one knew what was inside of the gate formed by the Yellow Spring.

"Can't you walk on your own?" a voice answered Di Wu's request. It sounded very calm without a shred of sarcasm as if the person was simply asking a plain question.

The man who spoke was Gui Zang from Tianxian Temple.

All the supreme forces in the Nine Realms had sent cultivators to Jiuyou City. The several geniuses who developed perfect Divine Wheels in God's relic were also here.

After all, they represented the future of the world of cultivators and should seize every opportunity to improve themselves.

Moreover, they were strong enough to shoulder responsibilities alone now.

They were definitely capable enough to take control of their own territories if they left the supreme forces.

"It was Master Pudu who found this gate. Besides, what's wrong with us following someone as extraordinary as Master Pudu?" Di Wu replied calmly. He didn't think there was anything wrong with his request.

"I guess you have a point," Gui Zang said expressionlessly. He didn't know how to counter such an argument.

Another group of people walked toward the Gate from far away. Many people turned to gaze at them. The Divine Beams of Flame gleamed in Di Wu's eyes after he recognized the people coming.

The silver-haired lady next to Ye Futian was probably that distinguished woman from the Shen clan.

What a pity.

Shen Luoxue was such a prominent figure back in the days. She might even be the successor to Shen Ji if she stayed in the Shen clan instead of getting mixed up with the Sky River Great Elder.

Yet now she was in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. What a steal for the Academy.

Ye Futian walked closer and stared at the Gate of Yellow Spring. He was astounded by how the water flowed backward and transformed into a gate hundreds of meters high. It seemed like something mysterious was going on inside of the Yellow Spring.

They heard that people from Tianxian Temple found the Gate.

"It's been a long time since I last saw you, Master Gui Zang," Ye Futian turned his head and said to Gui Zang with a smile.

"Nice to see you too, Benefactor Ye," Gui Zang put his palms together in front of the chest and said, "I had a deep admiration for you in the God's relic. It took me by surprise that even people in the Mountain Realm have long heard about your great name."

"It's undeserved fame," Ye Futian smiled and replied.

"You're such a humble person," Gui Zang laughed.

"Brother Ye enjoys a stellar reputation in the Nine Realms nowadays. You surely don't need to be too modest," someone in another direction said. Ye Futian saw the cultivators from the Tianshen Academy and recognized that the man who spoke was Jian Qingzhu.

"Nice to meet the seniors from Tianshen Academy," Ye Futian greeted the men standing beside Jian Qingzhu. He felt grateful to them even though it was merely a deal back then.

People from Tianshen Academy nodded slightly. The celebrities who shone in God's relic were having a reunion this day in Jiuyou City.

Nan Luoshen, Qingni, and YunShang were here as well.

On the other hand, Shen Hao was much more restrained now, contrary to his high profile in God's relic.

Ye Futian rose to fame by standing on Shen Hao's shoulders.

"How is the situation, Granny?" Ye Futian said to Shen Luoxue at his side.

"A lot of people," Shen Luoxue replied, "even some cultivators in the high-level Renhuang Plane, showed up."

Her divine consciousness spread out and covered a large area. They were not the only ones who were attracted by the Gate of Yellow Spring.


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    《The Legend of Futian》