The Legend of Futian
1738 Ancient Battlefield
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1738 Ancient Battlefield

The presence of Shen Luoxue attracted the attention of many cultivators, especially those from the Shen clan.

The person who headed the Shen clan was a middle-aged man. Just standing there, he exuded an air of authority, as if he had been accustomed to being in charge for a long time. He was wearing a purple robe, and there was a hint of majesty between his brows. Upon close scrutiny, he and Shen Luoxue bore some resemblance to one another.

Shen clan, Shen Luochuan.

Shen Luoxue's elder brother, and Shen Hao's grandfather.

Shen Hao was the same generation as Feixue.

Shen Luochuan's gaze focused on Shen Luoxue, and he asked, "How have you been at the Heavenly Mandate Academy?"

Shen Luoxue glanced at him casually, her expression indifferent. She did not respond.

No one was on her side for what happened back in the days. Everyone had followed the will of the Shen clan, acting based on the interests of the Shen clan, including her own brother, who had even participated in the battle.

Therefore, for Shen Luoxue, this familial relationship had long been terminated as far as she was concerned. At the moment when her own daughter died, that cruel and cold-blooded family was already erased from her heart.

Therefore, she paid absolutely no attention to Shen Luochuan. At her level of cultivation, she was extremely grounded in every way. Once she had determined her view on certain things, nothing could change her mind at all.

People from other principalities watched the two with great interest. These two characters from the Shen clan were once peerless, commanding figures of their times, and they both figured prominently in the Shen clan. If none of those things happened in the past, and the Shen clan had not interfered with Shen Luoxue and the Sky River Great Elder, perhaps the Shen clan would be extremely prosperous now.

However, there was no "if."

The aggression of the Shen clan determined what happened in the past as well as the situation today.

"Master Pudu." Shen Luoxue looked at the eminent monk from Tianxian Temple, who returned her look by clasping his hands together in greeting. "Benefactor Luoxue."

"The eminent monks of the Mountain Realm should be one of the forces that know Hell the best. What does the Master make of Hell's intention of bringing all of us here?" Shen Luoxue asked. Master Pudu smiled and understood what Shen Luoxue meant.

There must be a purpose for Hell to draw the forces of the Nine Realms to the Hidden Land Realm.

Now, finding the entrance to the Gate of Hell may just be what the other side wanted and could be used by the remnants of Hell.

"Before I came down the mountain, the Abbot told me that everything has its own time and what must happen cannot be stopped," Master Pudu said with a smile. Shen Luoxue looked slightly alarmed. The Abbot of Tianxian Temple was a great Buddha who had obtained the True Way. His power was boundless, and he could see many things that others could not.

However, if the Abbot of Tianxian Temple also held this opinion, then it looked like that some things were indeed impossible to stop.

Perhaps, the peaceful Nine Realms may experience a period of turmoil.

"I understand what you meant. But if you don't intervene, and I don't intervene, it doesn't mean that we can persuade the others in the world of cultivation to do the same." Master Pudu continued, "Instead, it is much better to face it head-on."

There were many top forces in the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms. Even if they did not participate, could they stop the others?

"The Master is right." Shen Luoxue didn't say much more. There was only one force that could prevent all this from happening, and that was the Empty Imperial Palace.

The Empty Imperial Palace was under the command of the Great Emperor. Although he did not make a habit of inquiring about the external affairs of day-to-day, he still had the responsibility of monitoring everything.

Now, even the Empty Imperial Palace hadn't made its appearance, did this mean that Empty Imperial Palace had quietly acquiesced everything that was happening?

"Let's go in."

Master Pudu said nothing more but simply clasped his hands together as he stepped forward. Suddenly, the radiant Light of Buddha flowed all over his body. At this moment, his frail body turned into an ancient Buddha, walking steadily toward the Gate of Yellow Spring.

Wherever the Light of Buddha touched the Gate of Yellow Spring, the great destructive power of the Spring was unable to corrode it. With its golden body dharma and a sublime and solemn appearance, Master Pudu stepped inside and gradually disappeared from sight.

Although, previously, there were those who had incited Master Pudu to enter first, thus caused the displeasure of the people from Tianxian Temple. But in the end, Master Pudu was the first one to enter the Yellow Spring anyhow.

Sonorous Sounds of Buddha rang out. They turned into an all-encompassing Light of Buddha. All the masters from Tianxian Temple moved forward, watching their own steps. Even Gui Zang

had no one to escort him, but must walk alone by himself, shuttled inside the Gate of Yellow Spring.

Soon, all the cultivators from Tianxian Temple disappeared from sight.

"Let's go." Since someone took the lead, everyone else suddenly became bolder. Everything behind the Gate of Yellow Spring was unknown, but with the eminent monk of Mountain Realm in the lead, they felt it was safe enough to follow behind.

Therefore, there were many people rushed forward this time.

Ye Futian was in no hurry when he saw the action taken by the others. All the cultivators from the Tianshen Academy waited quietly.

"Ah..." At this moment, there was a scream, and the blazing flame of a cultivator from the Solar Realm dimmed, and then turned into a black fire, consuming him little by little. Soon, his body was swallowed by the Yellow Spring.

"Careful." Everyone became much more alert when they saw this; they had been too careless.

Some had begun to release the might of the Way to protect those around them.

"Yaya, take care of Qingyao," Ye Futian said to Yaya, who was beside him, and she nodded.

Yaya of Renhuang cultivation had also cast a perfect Divine Wheel of swordsmanship. She would have no trouble passing through the Gate of Yellow Spring, but Qingyao needed to be protected at all times.

"Let's go."

Ye Futian spoke, and suddenly, the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy started to move.

Ye Futian did not release the might of the Way to shield himself but walked into the Yellow Spring directly. In an instant, the terrifying Yellow Spring swallowed up his body; its destructive power corroded it, even trying to enter his body to corrupt and destroy his vitality.

However, the cultivators of Renhuang Realm possessed the bodies of the Great Path, and every part of their bodies had been baptized by the Great Path. Ye Futian's body seemed to be filled with natural defense so that the Yellow Spring was unable to corrode his physical body. He moved steadily forward and walked inside.

Yaya wrapped both Qingyao and her with a halo of swordsmanship and entered inside the Yellow Spring.

"What a boss." Numerous people on both sides of the Yellow Spring and in the void had witnessed this incredible scene. The way that Ye Futian entered the Yellow Spring was truly unprecedented. No one else in the same realm of him had dared to do so before.

Only those with great power would dare to be so audacious.

"This was the person who had slain the Middle Renhuang of the Divine Wheel sixth-order," someone said. The battle at Jiuyou Sect had already spread all throughout Jiuyou City.

No matter how Ye Futian was able to achieve that, it was a good indication that he must have already reached the peak level of Middle Renhuang.

Indeed, he had the right to be arrogant.

However, his actual realm served to deceive those who took him at face value. Anyone who treated him as a Divine Wheel of the second-order would face a nasty surprise.

Chang Xi smiled when she saw what Ye Futian did. She stepped forward and walked straight ahead.

"Goddess." Those around her were a little worried when they saw her action.

Chang Xi ignored them. She, who possessed the perfect Divine Wheel, was also the goddess of Youyue Divine Palace. If Ye Futian could do it, why couldn't she?

Under everyone's gaze, Chang Xi also walked inside.

After that, many people followed Ye Futian's example and walked inside the Gate of Yellow Spring.

Soon, forces from all parts of the realms had entered inside.

But there were still many cultivators remaining from Jiuyou City, and they were now moving forward one after another. Every one of them was Renhuang-level existence.

Anyone less than Renhuang level was not qualified to enter because they would require protection. Therefore, it made no sense for them to come along.

Qingyao had to be inside because Ye Futian couldn't leave her alone outside because of the danger.

When they saw that all these people had stepped inside, the onlookers in the distance were surprised. When did Jiuyou City have so many cultivators?

Moreover, many of them exuded a very strong aura.

This time, it would certainly be extremely lively inside, and they wanted to go in and watch, too. However, most people didn't qualify, so they could only wait on the outside.

After Ye Futian and the others entered the Gate of Yellow Spring, they came upon another space, an independent space.

"What is this place?" Everyone was more cautious now. After all, it was an unknown area.

Within Yellow Spring, there was another hidden space.

This space was vast and boundless; the light inside was dim, as if flowing with endless gloom of the Underworld, with wisps of death permeating the air.

Underneath their feet, there was a black flame of destruction, and there were already some Renhuang who had been burned accidentally.

"Are we in the real hell?" next to Ye Futian, Dou Zhao mumbled. This space was way too creepy.

"There are mountains ahead." Ye Futian looked into the distance. Many also looked up there. There were indeed mountain ranges, but black fire of death was spewing forth from them.

Many people felt extremely ill at ease because this place was not suitable for most people to cultivate. But there were a few cultivators from the Hidden Land realm who felt extremely at home. To them, this place was simply the most ideal place for cultivation.

At this moment, a group of people had been moving toward the distance, and they were already somewhat further ahead than the people who came in later.

Everyone looked over there and saw the eminent monks of the Mountain Realm marched forward. Master Pudu, who was in the lead, looked solemn and grave.

"Go." The others hurried to catch up to them.

"Did the master detect what place this is?" a cultivator asked the master of Tianxian Temple.

"Battlefield," Master Pudu responded without hesitation, which startled the person who asked the question. All the surrounding cultivators wore a grim look on their faces and asked, "What battlefield?"

"The battlefield where the Hell was destroyed," Master Pudu continued. Finally, his footsteps stopped momentarily as his gaze aimed in one direction. Following his sight, everyone looked at one place and saw that there was a corpse. It had long lost its life, and no one knew how long ago it had fallen.

At this moment, the air became a little heavy. The space within Yellow Spring turned out to have been a battlefield once.

Many older folks from the previous generations remembered the battle of the years past, but they did not participate in the battle of the Hell's destruction. Rumor had it that some principalities within the Mountain Realm had gotten involved in that battle, so the Mountain Realm probably had the most understanding about Hell.

The Gate of Hell could very well appear here!


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    《The Legend of Futian》