The Legend of Futian
1739 The Giant Buddha
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1739 The Giant Buddha

All the cultivators looked grim. Exactly what kind of battle broke out on this battlefield of the past?

And how many people fell among them?

Now, this dusty space had reappeared, and a piece of history was buried within it.

Ahead, the Buddhist cultivators from Tianxian Temple of the Mountain Realm stopped. Rays of Light of Buddha burst out from them, illuminating the space. This terrible Light of Buddha lit up the front, and an infinitely boundless figure of an evil demon was seen. Behind that great demon, countless other demons gnashed their teeth and flung their claws. It was as if those who had fallen into hell had now come back to life once again.

Beneath the Light of Buddha, those elusive shadows continued to be destroyed and shattered madly. Obviously, these were not real physical bodies, but the remnant will of the fallen that still remained behind in this world, which were now being purified into nothingness under the Light of Buddha.

Seeing this, many people seemed to realize something at the same time, and the cultivators from all sides began accelerating their movement forward and rushed toward the direction of the monks from Tianxian Temple, who were leading the way.

Witnessing this, Ye Futian became contemplative. Before, everyone was counting on the masters of Tianxian Temple to lead the way. Now, it seemed that they had other ideas.

"Let's go, too."

Ye Futian spoke up as he, too, was speeding forward. After a while, they were not far behind the cultivators from Tianxian Temple. All the major forces had caught up to them now and were spread out in different directions.

Under the Light of Buddha, the evil demon retreated. However, straight ahead, there was a skeleton sitting cross-legged. This skeleton had not decayed for hundreds of years, just sitting there quietly, but there was no longer any breath of life that could be detected from it, only the air of death. The will of death surrounded this withered skeleton, someone who had fallen long ago.

However, what was really terrifying was that those dried bones radiated an unusually bright light, the light of darkness.

This dark light was extremely horrific, like a dark ancient tome that had melted into his body. This ancient tome seemed to have many pages, and between the pages, one could faintly detect terrifying loneliness permeating from them.

"The Immortal Divine Wheel."

Some people marched toward it. This Divine Wheel of the Great Path, even with the destruction of its owner, still had not decayed. More terrifying than the flesh, it had now turned into a strange treasure.

A hint of greed flashed across the eyes of many, especially those latecomers who were from Jiuyou City. Every one of them walking forward, getting very close. Clearly, even if they had no ability to compete with the supreme powers, it did not mean that they would easily give it up.

"This thing is more suitable for the cultivators of our Hidden Land Realm. Those of you who came from afar, it is useless to you even if you get it. It is better to let the Hidden Land Realm have it." At this moment, someone spoke; it was a cultivator from the Clan of the God of Ghost.

Not only him, but all the supreme forces from the Hidden Land Realm were clearly extremely enticed. The fallen figure that was sitting here was definitely someone of great power.

Everyone was very quiet when they heard his words, and no one made a response.

In the face of treasure, who would easily hand over to the others?

What's more, there were so many principalities in attendance today, almost all the forces of the Nine Realms were present.

Even if one force would be willing to acquiesce, what about the others?

"Let's say we will let the Hidden Land Realm have it. Later, when we encounter other treasures, can the forces from the Hidden Land Realm guarantee not to fight us for them?" At this time, someone spoke up, and it was the cultivator from the Solar Divine Palace.

Just like that, these words silenced several major forces from the Hidden Land Realm.

Could they guarantee that?

No one would dare to make such a guarantee. They had just entered this hellish battlefield. Who knew what would happen next?

If they encountered a better, more powerful treasure, could they promise not to fight for it?

Obviously not.

"If none of you can make such a promise, then let's forget about bounds and realms. It belongs to whoever that can take it," the cultivator of the Solar Divine Palace said indifferently.

If the Hidden Land Realm wanted to claim this area, could they really allow everything that appeared here to be possessed by the Hidden Land Realm alone?

Buzz. A figure flickered rapidly and slaughtered directly toward the seated skeleton, like a black faded shadow, fast to the limit.

The person who made a move was a cultivator of the Clan of the God of Ghost. If it had to be taken by force, he would be the first one to make a move.


A terrifying suppression of the Great Path descended, and the speed of the cultivator from the Clan of the God of Ghost came to an abrupt halt. The cultivator of Prison Fort Clan stepped forward, whose every step was incredibly heavy, suppressing the void.

The forces from the Hidden Land Realm, as expected, took the lead in fighting for the treasure.

Master Pudu glanced at them, then folded his hands together, chanting the Sound of Buddha, and stepping forward. He continued walking from above the sky, ignoring the situation below.

One after another, cultivators took action. In an instant, with the desiccated skeleton as the center, many with great power began to compete, and all the supreme-level principalities in the Hidden Land Realm had entered the arena.

They had a very good idea who this fallen figure was.

A terrifying existence with great power had once come from the Hidden Land Realm. Their strength was so powerful that it struck fear in the hearts of many. His Divine Wheel was extremely dominant and was once famous throughout the Hidden Land Realm.

If so, how could they miss this chance?

Shen Luoxue glanced at Ye Futian, who was beside her.

"Grandma, let's continue on our journey." Ye Futian's demeanor was very calm as he took a look at the cultivators from Tianxian Temple, who kept marching forward. Shen Luoxue nodded, and everyone followed their lead and bypassed the battlefield.

Gradually, there were some forces that decided to get involved in this battle, but there were also others that decided to give up. Clearly, in their opinion, it was not worth fighting here.

Perhaps, there would be something else they wanted more as they continued onward.

Ye Futian and the others continued forward. A horrible breath came from behind them; it was a storm of the Great Path. But the group continued on as if nothing was happening behind them.

But there were still many ghostly evil shadows present in this space, all of which were annihilated under the Light of Buddha, which seemed to have been released by the Buddha.

The crowd stepped into a mountainous area, and in a gorge, a bloody demon sword appeared, it horrific bloody light filled the sky, staining the sky crimson as blood.

This sword was buried in the ground; it seemed to be broken. But there was still an astonishing aura that permeated from it. Within hundreds of meters around the magic sword, a terrifying area of ​​destruction had formed. Anyone who approached would be wiped out by its sword will.

There were more cultivators now plunging forward. This time, no one even bothered saying anything before lunging into the raid.

Ye Futian looked at them without much interest. In the God's relic, he had gotten himself an entire treasure trove of ritual implements. After that, ordinary ritual implements did not interest him at all. Even if he had them, they would not mean much to him.

That was unless it was a very special ritual implement or an implement above the Renhuang Realm. Technically, it then could no longer be considered a ritual implement, but a divine item, and its power would go far beyond something like "ritual implement."

Ye Futian's group continued onward. Except for some who chose to fight over the implements that appeared, people from most other forces chose to avoid the conflict and kept moving.

This ancient battlefield, it seemed, could bring them some surprises.

And not just the Gate of Hell.

This space, long since been sealed, was amazingly boundless, and even their divine spirits could only reach a limited distance and were extremely affected.

At this moment, the speed of the cultivators at the Mountain Realm suddenly increased.

This realization alarmed many, but they followed along on the journey. In the front, there was a very solemn breath, and even though they were still very far away, they could vaguely perceive the tyranny of this breath.

What is that? Ye Futian secretly remarked to himself. Not only did he feel it, but Shen Luoxue and the other cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy had also sensed it.

There were other principalities.

Shen Luochuan of the Shen clan showed a curious look in his eyes. It seemed as if he could see through the endless void. Unconsciously, their speed was still accelerating, almost turning them into light streamers that shuttled in this space.

The majestic and solemn aura became even stronger, and gigantic buildings could be made out vaguely in the front. That terrifying aura originated from there.

These majestic giant buildings obscured the sky. The closer they got, the more they realized just how gigantic these buildings really were, which was tens of thousand feet high.

As they were approaching, a horrible aura made it difficult for everyone to move forward. Finally, they were able to see clearly what those objects were.


Ye Futian looked shocked. His eyes were fixed on the sight in front of him. Those giant objects were not buildings but statues. They were statues that were once cultivators.

Two majestic statues stood opposite to one another; one was a Buddha, and the other a demon.

One statue shone with the endless Light of Buddha. Its entirety was composed of a golden body. The other statue was of an evil demon. Its whole body was pitch black.

These two boundless and majestic figures seemed to have died in a seated posture.

And around them, there were giant statues, all of which released an extremely tyrannical aura. But there was no aura of life, as they had fallen many years ago.

The cultivators of Tianxian Temple walked up to the Buddha statue. All of them sat cross-legged, reciting the Sound of Buddha in extreme piety.

As if they were paying respect to their ancestor.

Here, the fallen cultivator was indeed their ancestor, the ancient Buddha!


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    《The Legend of Futian》