The Legend of Futian
1740 The Ancients
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1740 The Ancients

Ye Futian looked at the cultivators from the Mountain Realm, the Sound of Buddha lingering in the air. Seeing their pious demeanor, Ye Futian knew that this ancient Buddha must have had some connection with the Mountain Realm.

"Vajra Buddha," Shen Luoxue said in a low voice. She then clasped her hands and bowed to the Buddha statue.

Clearly, this ancient Buddha was an ancestor whom she respected.

"It's the senior brother of the current Abbot of Tianxian Temple, the grand uncle of Master Pudu." Next to him, Hua Jiangshan from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven made the presentation to Ye Futian. "I heard that it was he should have been the Abbot of Tianxian Temple, but the Vajra Buddha gave that position to his Junior brother, while he chose to cast out and to slay the demons.

"It was said that the Vajra Buddha was known as the premier ancient fighting Buddha of the Mountain Realm, whose fighting skill was incomparable amongst his peers."

Discussion arose among the people who had gathered around, especially those from the older generations, who knew much more about the people and things back then.

Once, the Vajra Buddha was a powerful figure. As he did not desire to be an abbot, he chose to wander through the land alone. It was said that he liked to go around bare feet and wore a tattered robe, subsisted on alms. He made peace in the world and cast out the demons and ghosts.

He was a maverick, and unlike many Buddhist cultivators, he hated evil.

There was a Buddhist saying that the Buddha was made at the moment when the sword was put down. But he was different. When he encountered a demon, there was only one thing that he did, and it was to release the demon to the afterworld.

Here must have been his final stand.

However, he stayed here forever as well.

Many people looked toward the statue opposite the Vajra Buddha. Although this one had fallen for many years, there was still a terrifying breath hanging about him, which prohibited others from approaching. Those eyes seemed to hold a terrible demonic light even now.

Once upon a time, the King of Hell in the Hidden Land Realm was hailed as the strongest existence in Hell. When he was alive, many from the older generations who were present now would tremble when they saw him. For several major forces in the Hidden Land Realm, this King of Hell was also a most legendary figure.

At the peak of his power, he was the king of the entire Hidden Land Realm, and other supreme forces dared not disobey his will outright. He had wanted to launch a war of conquest that would turn the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path into a world of hell.

And now, his body was also found sealed here.

Many prominent figures from the Hidden Land Realm had a burning looking in their eyes; this was the King of Hell.

These two statues that lay in front of them, connected with the other statues, were like a mountain range, turning into a continuous mountain cliffs. They shielded the sky and the sun, separating it from the rest of the world as if this were the end of this space.

What was revealed before them caused many cultivators to be concerned. The previous rumors were that the Gate of Hell had appeared, but now, they had seen two legends.

So, where was the Gate of Hell?

Unless it was sealed here by all these statues?

What was behind the statues?

Was here the end of this hellish battlefield?

Furthermore, endless Buddhist writings appeared on the statue of the Vajra Buddha. Under the chanting of the Sound of Buddha by the cultivators from Tianxian Temple, the Light of Buddha on his body became extremely fervent, illuminating this dark space. It seemed that a magical and overbearing strength was beginning to awaken.

Many looked surprised. Could they really have woken up the Vajra Buddha?

Underneath the Sound of Buddha, they could vaguely make out an elusive shadow of an ancient Buddha, appeared upon the statue of the Vajra Buddha. It was not real, but it was getting bigger. It was as if it had been separated out from the statue. A mighty breath enveloped the sky, and everyone seemed to be able to feel an unbearable pressure of might.

That ancient Buddha had anger in his eyes, and an incredibly brazen Light of Buddha fell from the statue. All the Buddhist cultivators from the Mountain Realm looked there. Afterward, many of them clasped their hands together and closed their eyes to comprehend.

When Ye Futian saw this, he had a look of curiosity. It wasn't just the Vajra Buddha, but all the statues of the ancient Buddha behind him were also blooming with a blazing Light of Buddha. It was as if it were being awakened.

In this instant, the Light of Buddha suppressed the darkness, and the endless brilliance spread toward the battlefield of Hell. The power of destruction seemed to be expelled and purified, and many remaining wills were supremely purified. The world on this side seemed to be brightened, and endless Buddha now appeared. It was All Buddha Returning to the Source.

Many people turned their heads to behold this the awesome, earth-shaking sight.

However, at this time, many turned their attention to the dark statue, the King of Hell.

Cultivators from the Hidden Land Realm had rushed from behind, including the people of the supreme forces and the cultivators of Jiuyou City. They looked at the gigantic and boundless dark shadow, that of the King of Hell, as if they felt a terrifying power from it.

As all this was playing out, the dark figure of the King of Hell, likewise, released a terrifying light of darkness and destruction.

Darkness enveloped the land, and shadows covered the Light of Buddha. For a moment, this dark light and the flaming Light of Buddha met and collided in the air, entangled.

"Don't aid the evildoers." The Sound of Buddha rang throughout the void, loud and clear. It was as if spoken by the ancient Buddha in the void. However, the speaker, in fact, was Master Pudu.

His figure appeared beneath the statue of the ancient Buddha, hands clasped, standing there quietly with his head bowed. His countenance was dignified and solemn. Bathing in the Light of Buddha, he seemed to be incarnated as a Buddha.

However, no one from the other party paid any attention to him. From the two statues, everyone was able to feel their power. These Buddhist cultivators from Tianxian Temple were able to perceive the Buddhist doctrine from their ancestor, the Vajra Buddha. The others cultivated differently. They could perceive great power from the statue of the King of Hell.

When darkness enveloped the earth, the destructive power of the entire hellish battlefield converged toward them. This power was horrific and gave them a taste of the power from the King of Hell.

If they were allowed to continue, they could get strength from it.

Under such circumstances, there was no way they could give up and allow these Buddhist cultivators to inherit the power of the ancient Buddha.

Seeing the altercation between the two sides, many had an uncertain look on their faces, but most of the principalities decided to maintain their neutral stance. They stood aside and looked on quietly.

"This is very possibly the key to the Gate of Hell," Ye Futian said in a low voice. The forces of Hell had lured the cultivators from the Nine Realms to here. Its purpose could very well be to reopen the Gate of Hell.

Judging from the sight before him, the Gate of Hell may very well be related to these two statues.

However, the question at hand was, should they let the Buddha suppress the evil, or just let them do whatever they wanted?

Ye Futian looked in the front. The battle between this ancient Vajra Buddha and the King of Hell, even many years after their fall, seemed to be continuing.

In such a case, perhaps most people would choose to stay out of it.

Just as he thought, all the principalities just watched on the side quietly, let the two sides confronting each other, curious to see what change would happen here.


The vast and endless space trembled. Many raised their heads to look up at the sky above. There seemed to be a gigantic Buddha standing in the middle of the Light of Buddha. This sight ignited much interest among the people.

It was Master Pudu.

Ye Futian also revealed a look of surprise. He lowered his head and looked down. Master Pudu's physical body was still sitting under the ancient Buddha, quietly chanting. His eyes were closed tightly, as the Light of Buddha dazzled around him as if he was a Buddha suspended in time. However, his spirit was still traveling beyond the sky, having inherited the will of the Vajra Buddha.

The power of the infinite Way of the Buddha gathered upon him. In the void, Master Pudu was getting stronger, as if he was incarnated as the Vajra Buddha of yore.

"Peace is only possible if Hell is suppressed here forever," a voice uttered from the ancient Buddha in the void. They had arrived to awaken the Vajra Buddha, to call upon him to suppress the evil spirits once again, sealing this battlefield or purify it with Buddhist doctrine.

But at this moment, the destructive power of the entire hellish battlefield roared toward this side. In the void, there were several figures that condensed and appeared. Several top figures had awakened the power of the King of Hell, but there were really three major cultivators.

Each one of them seemed to represent a kind of power.

"Hell has been sealed already, and only its power was left. The so-called legend is nothing more than an elusive idea. Even so, each may cultivate without interference with one other." A voice was heard, and the speaker was a cultivator from the Fate World. He seemed to have turned into a god of destruction, standing in the void, the power of endless destruction gathered upon his body, extremely terrifying.

Was this a competition of the Great Path?

Many people stared at the magnificent sight in front of them. The entire hellish battlefield was in turmoil. In this battlefield, the power of destruction and other powers of the Great Path was already stronger than they were elsewhere. When they were awakened, they actually suppressed the blazing Light of Buddha that had previously shrouded the sky above.

Master Pudu puts his hands together, and a dazzling Light of Buddha bloomed upon that giant and boundless ancient Buddha. The light of purification could purify all the powers of evil in the world. Wherever the Light of Buddha passed through, the Way of destruction was purified into nothingness, as the light rushed toward the three phantasmal figures that had appeared.

However, at this time, the space suddenly turned into absolute darkness. The light of purification descended, but the darkness was not dispersed. At the same time, the Light of Buddha seemed to be corroded bit by bit, decaying as it was being penetrated.

At this moment, the Light of Buddha on a figure that stood under the statue of the ancient Buddha became ever more radiant; it was Gui Zang. The countless Light of Buddha enveloped his body. He seemed to be wandering beyond the sky as if he had been called upon by the ancestors. When the power of the Buddhist clan resonated together, he appeared high above the sky, as if he had turned into a Buddha himself.

"These two are truly frightful. They have long been sealed here, but their power could still be felt by us today," someone whispered.

Many people were looking that way, and every cultivator had more or less perceived a strong resonance.

Ye Futian had a peculiar look in his eyes; he could perceive a majestic might of Way from both statues!


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    《The Legend of Futian》