The Legend of Futian
1741 Mysterious Person
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1741 Mysterious Person


Frightening rumbles could be heard across the entire Hell battlefield. The vast space trembled. The countless statues trembled even more intensely.

In the blazing Light of Buddha, a sphere of light appeared. The light sphere was extremely frightening. It appeared to be a lamp.

What was that? The cultivators revealed strange looks. They could sense that it contained frightening power. The light of the Buddhist lamp did not seem too bright as it shone out. In an instant, the endless evil and destructive power was immediately dissipated by the light of the lamp.

Everywhere the light of the lamp shone upon, the darkness was banished.

The expressions of the surrounding cultivators all changed. They felt an intense will. This will was one of the Great Paths of Buddha. Releasing souls from purgatory was one of the strongest powers of Vajra Buddha back in the day.

The Buddhist lamp was probably a Buddhist treasure. Vajra Buddha used his unparalleled power to refine a Buddhist lamp. He even merged the power of his own soul into it.

After many years, the Buddhist lamp was once again lit. It still had the unparalleled power to release souls from purgatory. It was especially effective at countering the dark and destructive powers of the Great Path.

A treasure.

Strange looks flashed past in the eyes of many people. This same idea emerged within their minds, especially for the cultivators of the Mountain Realm.

The strongest forces in the Mountain Realm were all Buddhist cultivators. Upon encountering a Buddhist treasure, how could they not want it?

For instance, the members of Shenxing clan, who were known as False Buddhas, had greedy looks flashing in their eyes right now.

It was actually a Buddhist treasure.

At that moment, someone looked at the Light of Buddha that grew brighter and brighter. It was activated by the power of Buddha. The slumbering power was also awakened. The crowd also saw a Buddhist pagoda. The pagoda was carved with many patterns. Each illustration was that of an ancient Buddha. When these patterns all lit up at the same time, the various Buddhas awakened. In the heavens above, countless illusions of Buddhas gradually appeared.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked into the sky. The activated power grew stronger. It was as though they were returning to the ancient battlefield, to that frightening war.

An even more frightening explosion occurred. The seals on the statues kept shattering. The ends of this region of space seemed to have been shattered.

Aside from the appearance of a Buddhist treasure, a ritual implement of the King of Hell also appeared and released frightening power.

A God of Ghost Banner appeared in the sky above. On it, there were silhouettes of endless ghosts and demons. It was as though Yaksa and Ashura had awakened to withstand the Buddhas in the sky.

This caused the mighty figures of Clan of the God of Ghost to tremble intensely inside. They recognized this God of Ghost Banner. Back in the day, it was feared by all.

After that, they saw another ritual implement. It was a huge trident that was similarly a frightening weapon many years ago.

"Something is going to happen," Hua Jiangshan said in a low voice when he saw this scene.

It was not just him. All the cultivators were staring straight ahead. Behind the shattered stone wall, the sealed-off space was gradually revealed. It was a towering dark palace. However, right now, it was in ruins.

Inside, it was Hell that had disappeared. An unparalleled frightening aura emanated from within.

If one looked further in, there was a space that resembled the depths of Hell. It was a deep chasm with no bottom, seemingly forming a frightening Hell swirl. It was like a door that led straight to Hell.

However, right in front of the door, there was a sword that stood stabbed into the ground. It was an emerald sword. Around it, there were Sarira beads circling it.

When Nan Luoshen saw this divine sword, a strange looked flashed past in her eyes. The expressions of the cultivators of Nantian Divine Kingdom also changed. There were even quite a number of mighty figures that turned around and looked towards the direction where the members of Nantian Divine Kingdom stood.

"What is it?" Nan Luoshen looked at the elder beside her. She had seen this divine sword in the records of the clan's ancient manuscripts.


The cultivators beside the elder said, "It is the sword of His Highness."

The appearance of this sword meant that Emperor Nan had participated in the battle to eradicate Hell back then.

The Gate of Hell. Everyone's gazes were staring straight ahead. That door should be the Gate of Hell.

What was beyond the Gate of Hell?

Rumor has it that the sealing and unsealing of the Gate of Hell would involve emperor-level forces.


At that moment, another silhouette appeared from within the ten-thousand-Zhang tall Light of Buddha. The eyes of this silhouette contained an evil aura. Although his body was permeated with the Light of Buddha, he walked directly towards the Buddhist lamp.

"Vermin," a cold voice cried out.

In the direction of Tianxian Temple, a monk walked towards him. The Light of Buddha burned even brighter. The monk actually became a towering Vajra Buddha.

Many people revealed bizarre looks when they witnessed this scene.

There was an inheritor of Vajra Buddha?

The eyes of this monk were like an angry Vajra. An ancient Buddha appeared behind him. He raised his hand and charged in the direction where the cultivators from the Shenxing clan of the Mountain Realm were. This Giant Palm of Vajra was indestructible. It shattered the space and descended downwards.

The silhouette that invaded the Light of Buddha was a cultivator of the Shenxing clan. They wanted to seize the opportunity to steal the Buddhist treasure.


A loud bang could be heard. A huge Giant Palm of Vajra immediately appeared on the ground. A handprint was clearly marked there. The members of the Shenxing clan retreated far away. Beneath their feet, a divine light shone. Their speed was unbelievably fast.

Among the members of the Shenxing clan, one cultivator was still resting with his eyes closed and communicating with an ancient Buddha. On top of a Buddha statue, a huge foot stomped down. It actually descended upon Master Pudu.

Right now, Master Pudu was still countering the awakened power of the King of Hell.

A huge Buddha immediately appeared beside Master Pudu. The cultivators of Tianxian Temple immediately attacked, their figures stepping onto the Buddha statues.

"Let's go," the cultivators of the Shenxing clan said. Cultivators of the Shenxing clan immediately stepped into mid-air. They instantly disappeared from their positions and charged towards the Buddha statues.

Elsewhere, the various forces of the Hidden Land Realm also attacked. Aside from activating the power of the King of Hell, they also began to pillage the treasures of the King of Hell.

They also had their eyes set on Hell Palace.

Hell was previously the most prosperous force in the Hidden Land Realm. How could they possibly let this chance slip past them?

"What are your thoughts, everyone?" Shen Luochuan from the Shen clan asked the various cultivators.

Right now, various cultivators were scattered across different regions. However, their gazes were all staring at the Buddha statues before them.

"Everyone has not forgotten the Age of Turmoil back then, right?" a cultivator of the Mountain Realm said.

This was clearly a reminder for everyone.

However, the expression in the eyes of the cultivators did not change at all.

The Age of Turmoil?

Many cultivators had fallen during the Age of Turmoil; however, it also gave birth to many heroes. A good number of top figures displayed their talents in battles during that era. Some of them had even left the confinement of this sky.

In comparison, the current age had fewer changes; it was as though everything had been set.

Donghuang the Great hoped for the world of cultivation to be strong and stable, but wasn't it in itself a form of imprisonment?

In the end, this place was still not the real world.

Besides, nobody knew what they would activate. Donghuang the Great did not order anyone to stop today's occurrence too. Did it mean that everything that was happening now was fated too?


With a flash, a group of top figures dashed across the space and pounced on the Buddha statues in front of them. They were none other than cultivators of the Solar Divine Palace. They emanated unparalleled divine light of the sun, and, step by step, they walked towards the Buddhist lamp.

Clearly, greed had gotten hold of them, and they also wanted to snatch this Buddhist treasure.

As Hua Jiangshan had expected, this was spiraling into something terribly grave, Ye Futian thought to himself when he saw the scene.

"Who should we help?" Ye Futian muttered.

Under such circumstances, who should the Heavenly Mandate Academy help? Which side should they be on?

Moreover, there were more than two standpoints now. Each force had its own point of view.

Just when Ye Futian was still considering who he should help, a group of cultivators closed in on his party. Many of the cultivators who were observing the battle in the distance besieged them. Among these cultivators, Ye Futian saw a few familiar faces. It was Hierophant Jiuyou and his party.

Obviously, they were here for Yaya, so they targeted Ye Futian's group.

However, the leader this time was not Hierophant Jiuyou; instead, it was a very young-looking man. His pupils emanated terrifying dark light; he seemed cold and demonic. He looked like he was at a similar age with Ye Futian, but his actual age could not be determined. Ye Futian could clearly sense that this youth was extremely dangerous.

"Be careful," Shen Luoxue warned Ye Futian through a secret sound transmission. She also felt threatened by this demonic and handsome youth.

This youth was strong, very strong.

However, no one from the crowd actually recognized this youth. It was as though he had never appeared before.

In fact, this was also his first time appearing in public. Up until now, he had always been in the shadows.

"Hand her over to me, and you can live," the youth demanded while sweeping a glance at Qingyao, who was standing beside Yaya. His voice was sinister; a domineering aura permeated through his indifferent tone.

His gaze was emotionless, but it contained absolute confidence.

By handing Qingyao over to him, they could live.

What if they didn't want to hand her over?

"Who are you?" Ye Futian asked. Why was this mysterious person so determined to seize Qingyao?

Which force did this demonic youth come from?

If he was from one of the forces in the Hidden Land Realm, his tone would at least be a little less presumptuous.

Currently, none of the forces in the Hidden Land Realm would dare to threaten the Heavenly Mandate Academy like this.

The demonic youth glanced at Ye Futian. His gaze was indifferent. He extended both his hands, and suddenly, myriads of dark light surged into his body from all corners of the Hell battlefield.

The youth raised his head, and streaks of dark lines appeared on his face. His body transformed into a terrifying swirl and was frenziedly engulfing all the energy around him.


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    《The Legend of Futian》