The Legend of Futian
1742 Activation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1742 Activation

Around the youth, a terrifying swirl formed. The Great Path of Destruction seeped into his body.

When Shen Luoxue, as well as Hua Jiangshan, saw this scene, they both stepped out in front of Ye Futian and the others. Shen Luoxue's body released a frightening divine spatial halo.

"Be careful. He is most likely an ancient monster," Hua Jiangshan said in a low voice.

Although this demonic youth did not appear old, it was highly likely that he was an ancient monster that had cultivated for eons. From the other party's figure, they could all sense a very powerful threat.

Rumble. Countless destructive flows of darkness rampaged around them. Each flow of darkness contained frightening will. This will swept across the space like a destructive river.

The entire world seemed to have been covered by this power.

The demonic youth pointed a finger in the direction of Ye Futian's group. Endless destructive flows of darkness immediately bellowed and charged in their direction. The cultivators of the other forces around Ye Futian's group retreated from them and did not dare to get close. This destructive power was too terrifying. It was as though they would instantly die if they touched it.

At the same time, Shen Luoxue stepped forward, her white hair dancing in the wind. With her figure as the center, the peerless divine spatial halo radiated outwards. This divine spatial halo stretched up into the sky. It could eliminate all Great Paths. Simultaneously, again with her as the center, the spatial storm in this region seemed to close in and became a divine wall. It sealed off the space with the absolute Great Path of Space.

A cold gaze flashed past in the eyes of the demonic youth. His body floated high in the sky, as though he was an evil God here to end the world. He waved both of his hands, and the endless will of the Great Path became bolts of dark lightning that descended from the heavens.

His figure stepped forward, and his entire being was bathed in the dark lightning. This dark lightning seemed to come from the abyss of Hell. It was like an endless chain that directly linked heaven and earth.

Bang. Bang. Bang… In the distance, some Renhuangs from Jiuyou City were hit by the dark lightning. The lightning penetrated straight through their bodies, and they were immediately turned into puddles of black blood and water. Nothing was left behind; they had died extremely tragically.

This scene caused the people in the distance to continue frenziedly escaping. When they looked over at this battlefield, the entire space was dark. The power of the Great Path of Destruction in the entire Hell battlefield seemed to have been consumed and used by the youth. The power of the Great Path in the area seemed to be his auxiliary power source.

This scene was too frightening. It was as though it was a scene from the actual end of Hell.

Dark lightning covered the sky and blocked out the sun. When the lightning descended, it seemed as though it would destroy the world and everything in it.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy had extremely serious expressions.

Even Hua Jiangshan felt an intensely terrifying threat from the demonic youth.

So powerful. The Great Path of Destruction was truly terrifying.

"Protect the juniors. I will lead him away," Shen Luoxue said. There was a somewhat stern gaze in her eyes. It was obvious that the demonic youth that had appeared had caused her to feel threatened.

"Alright." The rest nodded in reply. They all had serious expressions. If this demonic youth was not led away, it would indeed be very dangerous.

Shen Luoxue flew up into the sky alone. The spatial storm enveloped the vast and endless space and covered the land. When the divine spatial halo was released, the storm enveloped the entire sky.


The will of the demonic youth shifted, and the destructive river of the Great Path swept down from the sky. The dark lightning seemed to have the power of judgment and wanted to destroy everything in the world.

In the instance that the power erupted, the divine spatial halo was completely unleashed. Beams of spatial light traversed the space. The divine spatial halo that burst forth from Shen Luoxue's figure held up this part of the sky. The dark lightning and the golden divine light collided in mid-air. The next moment, endless strands of spatial light were woven into a spatial road.

Under the destructive power, the silhouettes of the demonic youth and Shen Luoxue immediately disappeared from their spots.

Many people raised their heads and looked up into the air. In the instant that the two of them disappeared, the dark, destructive power and the golden strands of spatial light frenziedly collided in mid-air. Even though the two of them had disappeared, frightening bolts of dark lightning were still rampaging.

After both of them disappeared, Hierophant Jiuyou and the others once again charged towards Ye Futian's group.

Last time, the cultivators from various forces came and were prepared to stand against them. Hence, Hierophant Jiuyou and the others could only retreat.

However, in this Hell battlefield, no one would help Ye Futian's group.

As expected, even if the other forces knew that Hierophant Jiuyou and the others might be related to Hell, this time, the cultivators of various forces did not interfere. They merely observed from the sidelines or focused on pillaging treasures.

The Vajra Buddha statue, the King of Hell statue, the Hell Palace, and the Gate of Hell.

In such a chaotic situation, who would bother to help Ye Futian's group?

Ye Futian's figure turned, and his gaze shifted towards the two statues. His gaze became extremely scary.

These two statues were once two giant figures, peerless frightening existences. Even though they had fallen in battle here, their wills still lingered until now. Even being able to activate a portion of their power was already extremely terrifying.

An illusory silhouette suddenly appeared on the Buddha statue. The illusory silhouette that formed was Ye Futian's silhouette. This scene caused the people beside him to be stunned. Some of them looked at Ye Futian's illusory silhouette with strange looks.

Ye Futian was not a cultivator of Buddha. Could he also actually communicate with the will of the ancient Buddha?

Ye Futian's silhouette quietly stood there, sensing its surroundings. Right now, on Ye Futian's actual body, the glorious Light of Buddha actually also radiated. It was as though he was watching an ancient scene. It was the scene of the two pinnacle figures battling.

Suddenly, a Buddha statue seemed to light up. It appeared in the sky above, followed by a second Buddha statue.

Above the Vajra Buddha, illusions of Buddhas appeared and resonated with the Buddha statue on the pagoda.

On top of the pagoda, the Light of Buddha shone in all directions. The Buddha statues all lit up. It was as though the various Buddhas had awakened. Terrifying will of Buddha burst forth. It actually caused the people who wanted to pillage the pagoda to be sent flying backward from the shockwave.

What was happening?

Many people revealed strange looks. They could not help but look at Ye Futian's silhouette.

The person who was activating the will of Vajra Buddha was actually him?

"Master Gui Zang, please bless me," Ye Futian cried out. Master Gui Zang also activated the will of Buddha. The Buddhist lamp seemed to light up and grow brighter.

After hearing Ye Futian's request, Master Gui Zang placed his hands together. The Light of Buddha shone brightly on Ye Futian's illusory silhouette. With the support of Master Gui Zang, Ye Futian's will became powerful once again.

Rumble. An intense rumbling sound could be heard. More and more Buddha statues appeared in mid-air. It was All Buddhas Returning to the Source.

Astonished, Master Pudu glanced at Ye Futian.

The light of the pagoda shone at its brightest. In the sky, all Buddhas appeared.

Ye Futian shut his eyes tightly. This was not his own power; it was the will of Vajra Buddha. Even though Vajra Buddha had long passed away, his will did not dissipate. His will lingered in every corner of this space.

Not only was the will of Vajra Buddha lingering here, but the will of the King of Hell also remained in this space.

Hence, the cultivators could borrow the will of these two mighty figures to fight.

Everyone could sense the will of Vajra Buddha and the will of the King of Hell. They were two distinct powers. The more similar the cultivation of a cultivator with one of the wills, the easier it was for the cultivator to sense and activate the will.

Ye Futian could sense the wills left behind by both mighty figures; both wills were extremely terrifying. Through the will of Vajra Buddha, Ye Futian could see various deities and all Buddhas in the heavens.

They were in the battlefield of Hell, but the appearance of various Buddhas gradually suppressed the destructive power. All Buddhas had emerged; it was no doubt the technique All Buddhas Returning to the Source.


A vigorous rumbling sound reverberated. The enormous Buddha statue started moving, accompanied by thunderous sounds. The 10,000-Zhang-tall Buddha statue lifted up his arm slowly. The dust accumulated on his arm was shaken off. The arm turned golden in color; the entire body of the Buddha statue was shining brilliantly.

This arm was raised up to the sky. The Light of Buddha radiated, and its power merged into the arm. The power even circled around it. The pagoda also released endless divine light that complemented it.


All the cultivators, regardless of which force they were from, were shocked when they witnessed this scene.

This was All Buddhas Vajra Mudra, the greatest attack of Vajra Buddha. This attack shook the world in the past.

Once All Buddhas Vajra Mudra was activated, it would kill all the evils in the world.

Right now, this technique was actually re-enacted in this space.

Moreover, the cultivator that activated it was actually Ye Futian instead of the cultivators of Tianxian Temple.

At this moment, many cultivators recalled what Ye Futian said when they were at the God's relic: he received the teachings of Donghuang the Great and was blessed by all the deities.

"Hell initiated the chaos of the Nine Realms. Everyone, are you going to perpetuate this evil deed?" Ye Futian said loudly, "All of you, please back off."

As soon as he finished speaking, a powerful rumble sounded. All Buddhas Vajra Mudra slashed forward at the statue of the King of Hell. All the deities stood high in the sky, unleashing their finishing moves all at once. The heavens and earth resonated with their attacks.

Many of the evil illusory figures activated by cultivators were directly crushed by the Light of Buddha mudra. Some illusory figures turned into ashes and disappeared without a trace even before they were hit.

Countless cultivators frantically retreated. Under the attack of All Buddhas Vajra Mudra, the statue of the King of Hell shook violently. Then, the statue was pierced by streaks of golden lightning. One by one, a lot of the statues behind the King of Hell were blasted into pieces.


A loud thud sounded. The war seemed to have ended. The will remaining in the statue of the King of Hell scattered. Cracks appeared on the towering statue. The formidable ritual implement hung loosely at the side, as though it was about to drop to the ground at any minute.

Vajra Buddha and the King of Hell fought each other when they were still alive, and their fight continued even after their death. However, their last battle just now was completed by the younger generations.


The Buddha statue was also disintegrating. It shattered bit by bit, and its will was also dissipating.

However, Ye Futian did not stop there. The arm of Vajra Buddha rose up once again. It seemed to be an illusory arm.

"Make way," Ye Futian cried out. A terrifying resonating sound followed. All Buddhas Vajra Mudra crashed down towards another battlefield.

The members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy naturally understood Ye Futian's intentions. Their figures instantly retreated. Hua Jiangshan's speed was extremely fast. He immediately withdrew from the battle with Hierophant Jiuyou.

The next moment, All Buddhas Mudra descended. Hierophant Jiuyou turned around and became a beam of black light that wanted to escape.

The Light of Buddha enveloped the endless space. Under the Light of Buddha, nothing could escape.

The flowing light that Hierophant Jiuyou turned into instantly disappeared far into the distance. However, the Sound of Buddha still struck him from a distance. An astonishingly loud rumble followed. Hierophant Jiuyou was struck by All Buddhas Mudra!


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    《The Legend of Futian》