The Legend of Futian
1749 One Sword
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1749 One Sword

The person who attacked was called Shen Xuan. He was a lower-level Renhuang who had a second-tier Divine Wheel. It was a flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

When he stepped out, the power of his Divine Wheel burst forth. In an instant, endless golden lightning appeared in the sky above Ye Futian's group. The lightning descended from the heavens above. It covered the sky and blocked out the sun. Each bolt of golden lightning contained the frightening power of the Great Path that sliced apart the space. It was as though anyone who was struck by the lightning would be blown apart into countless pieces.

Ye Futian frowned. His gaze swept over to Shen Gao, who was still sitting there quietly. The latter was still drinking wine in the inn. His aura was calm, as though he had no intention of attacking. However, he also did not stop Shen Xuan from attacking them.

The other cultivators from the Shen clan in the Outer Realms also lifted their heads and calmly observed.

They were not worried about the members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy with powerful cultivation attacking Shen Xuan; who would dare to do so?

They were also somewhat curious. This youth that had led other cultivators and fought the Shen clan was a possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel. He was renowned as a peerless figure of this generation in the Void Realm. How capable was he?

Could he stand against Shen Xuan?

However, before Ye Futian even moved, a silhouette had already stepped out. It was Dou Zhao.

His entire body was shining brightly, and he became a golden body Fighting God. His also flawless Divine Wheel battle form burst forth. In an instant, his intent for battle burned.

Boom. Dou Zhao's entire body was burning with golden divine light. He sent out a punch, and his burly, domineering figure traversed the space like a shooting star. He directly attacked Shen Xuan's body. It seemed as though space itself had been punched through.

Shen Xuan did not retreat at all. He also had no intention of evading. Was Dou Zhao trying to engage in close-quarter combat with his powerful melee force?

Shen Xuan would grant Dou Zhao his wish.

Shen Xuan clenched his fist, and it formed a divine fist. In an instant, an endless storm of golden lightning radiated from his fist. Blinding divine light burst forth from it.

The cultivators of the Shen clan from the Outer Realms had sinister smiles on their faces. Even if the battle intent of Dou Zhao, who had a first-tier Divine Wheel, filled the skies, for him to rely on this to surpass the difference in Planes and engage in close-quarter combat with Shen Xuan was foolish.

Dou Zhao did not know his own strength.

He must not know how powerful Shen Xuan's attack power was.

Following the burst of endless golden lightning, Shen Xuan's fist directly collided with the overbearing punch headed his way. Blinding golden light swept across the sky, causing the space to tremble. In the sky above Heavenly Mandate City, destructive beams of light swept outwards. The shockwaves razed many buildings below.


A dull explosion could be heard. The two figures were separated.

The clothes on Shen Xuan's body fluttered in the wind. His long hair flew up. Even though he was knocked back a few steps, he was not injured at the slightest. However, the power of the other party's punch was indeed very powerful. It was enough to surprise Shen Xuan.

Dou Zhao's figure was sent flying from the shockwave. His arm was trembling slightly. From the attack just now, he felt endless lightning that tore apart everything surge directly into his arm and his body. It tried to tear his body and spirit into countless pieces.

This attack was very overbearing. If Dou Zhao did not have an unparalleled body and was just a normal Renhuang, he would have immediately been torn apart by that attack and perished on the spot.

However, the battle intent in Dou Zhao's eyes still burned. He had no intention of backing down. He even wanted to continue activating the Will of the Fighting God.

After forging a flawless Divine Wheel, Dou Zhao did not have many worthy opponents of the same level in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Now that Shen Xuan had appeared, it instead ignited Dou Zhao's fighting spirit.

Ye Futian watched as the two of them collided. He understood that Dou Zhao would most likely be unable to defeat this opponent. As both of them were possessors of flawless Divine Wheels, the difference between their Planes would naturally be visible from their combat power.

"You are no match for me. Step aside."

Shen Xuan was not interested in Dou Zhao. His gaze was still staring at Ye Futian, who was behind Dou Zhao.

Shen Xuan wanted to see what the ability of the rumored top figure of the generation in the Void Realm was like.

The Void Realm was the Original Realm. Even though it was in a state of decline, there were still rumors about many hidden figures in the Void Realm. This place was the origin of the Great Path.

However, that was still all in the past. Now, the so-called Original Realm had long been in decline and was not worth mentioning. People preferred to refer to it as the Void Realm, a self-indulgent, sealed-off, illusory prison that was under the protection of Donghuang the Great.

In Shen Xuan's eyes, how could astonishing figures appear in the Void Realm that had been in decline for years?

This top figure might have some ability.

"Dou Zhao, step back," Ye Futian said.

Dou Zhao looked back at Ye Futian. Although he wanted to continue fighting, since Ye Futian had spoken, Dou Zhao retracted his aura and stood back in his original spot.

Ye Futian turned to look at the other party. He took a step forward and looked at Shen Xuan.

Shen Xuan extended his hand and gestured for Ye Futian to begin.

In the inn, the cultivators of the Shen clan were still quietly watching.

Shen Hao's expression was cold and indifferent. Although Ye Futian was their enemy, Shen Hao still hoped that Shen Xuan would lose this battle. He was certain that Shen Xuan would lose.

These members of the clan from the Outer Realms were overconfident in themselves. Although they were all descended from the same bloodline and the same blood coursed in their veins, Shen Hao could clearly sense that these members had an air of superiority to them.

It was not wise for Shen Hao to say anything, but Ye Futian might be able to teach these members a lesson that they would never forget.

Hence, it could be said that Shen Hao's emotions now were somewhat conflicted.

The other members watched calmly.

Ye Futian extended his hand. In that instant, the sound of guqin of the Great Path could be heard all around. With the Great Path as its strings, it was as though countless guqins of the Great Path appeared in the vast space, their melodies harmonizing with one another. Frightening Sword Will also appeared and resonated with the sounds of the guqin.

When Shen Xuan saw this scene, he similarly extended his hand. Instantly, a golden spatial storm rampaged around them. Bolts of golden lightning seemed to appear everywhere, penetrating the space.

Very soon, Sword Will and golden lightning ran rampant around them. The howling caused many people to tremble in fear.

The two of them did not move at all. From afar, Ye Futian gently pushed his palm forward. Countless divine swords immediately resonated in the heavens above, seemingly forming a rhythm. The strength of the Sword Will instantly exploded. Blades of light slashed across the space towards Shen Xuan's figure.

Shen Xuan's figure remained standing still. Bolts of golden lightning collided with the sharp swords that slashed towards him.

Bang. Bang. Bang… Sounds of collisions kept sounding in the space. The scene was astonishing.

The swords resonated in front of Ye Futian. The rhythmic Sword Will merged into one, becoming an extremely dazzling divine sword.

This divine sword emanated unparalleled divine light that directly pierced through the space. The released Sword Will alone was extremely threatening.

The crowd raised their heads and looked up into the sky. Above, with Ye Futian's figure as the center, countless divine swords and Sword Will surrounded him. The sound of guqins and the hum of swords resonated. It was as though a world of the sword was formed.

Shen Xuan frowned when he sensed this Sword Will. He felt an intense threat emanating from Ye Futian.

The Sword Will aura that was coalescing was extremely terrifying.

Ye Futian remained standing there. The divine sword that formed before him resonated and gathered the will of the Great Path from all around him, forming a single sword.

Ye Futian pointed his finger forward, and the sword instantly flew forwards.

The birth of this sword astonished the heavens and the earth. The cold light of the sword reached even the highest heavens.

Shen Xuan immediately lifted his hand and struck out. Endless golden lightning formed a golden divine spear that pierced forwards. His movements were extremely swift. All of this was done in an instant.

Swoosh. Swoosh...

Destructive golden divine light radiated outwards, causing it to be difficult for many people to keep their eyes open. The divine spear shattered and was followed by a loud sound. Shen Xuan's figure was sent flying from the shockwave.


A frightening voice could be heard. Shen Xuan's figure crashed into the inn that he was previously drinking wine in. It caused the inn to be blown apart and collapse. The figures of Shen Gao and the other members that were still sitting in the inn were left floating in mid-air. Shen Gao had to extend his palm to stop Shen Xuan from flying further.

Shen Xuan's arm was trembling. The palm in which he wielded the spear was already bloody and bruised now. It was nearly crippled.

Shen Xuan's expression was extremely ugly. He withstood the pain and looked towards Ye Futian. He saw Ye Futian sweeping an indifferent glance at him. It was as though Ye Futian had not even broken a sweat to activate the might of his sword.

Ye Futian did not say anything. He immediately turned and left. The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy left together with him.

"You do not know your own strength," Dou Zhao said to Shen Xuan. So what if Shen Xuan had come from the Outer Realms?

Shen Xuan was arrogant and wanted to challenge Ye Futian directly. He had thought too highly of himself.

If it wasn't for the difference between their Planes, Dou Zhao believed that he could also put up a fight against Shen Xuan.

Shen Xuan frowned. Behind him, Shen Hao calmly observed all of this. He was not surprised at all with the result of this battle.

These members from the Outer Realms were overconfident.

"Ye Futian is indeed a monstrous figure. Such a pity," Shen Gao lamented. Although Shen Xuan had been injured, Shen Gao did not seem to have an intense reaction to it.

On the contrary, if the person who led an army against the Shen clan was so simple, Shen Gao would instead be very disappointed with the Shen clan.

Reality had proven that Ye Futian was indeed an extraordinary genius.

It was unfortunate. Such a person originally could be used by the Shen clan. However, when Shen Gao was not around, it seems that the Shen clan had made some poor moves. It might have been due to the pride that they had held on to all these years.

However, since it was already like this, they could only continue to make their next move.

It was regrettable that such a genius had to die here.

Right at that moment, in another area, the other group of figures that came from afar watched as the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy left. The leading elder looked at the few youths in front of him and asked, "What do you think about that sword?"

"The power of the Divine Wheel resonated and formed a sword, merging with the Great Path," a person said. "This sword combined the power of many Great Paths. With the sword as a vessel, the might of the sword was unleashed at the end. Its destructive power is astonishing". Although the group was far away, they could clearly sense the might within the sword.

"That is right. This person's future lies beyond the Void Realm," the elder said with a smile!

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    《The Legend of Futian》