The Legend of Futian
1750 Soon-to-be Chaos
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1750 Soon-to-be Chaos

In the Hidden Land Realm, following the opening of the Gate of Hell in Jiuyou City, powerful figures came to this side of the world through Jiuyou City, one after another.

Gradually, more powerful forces came over, until one day, a super force descended. They sent out a summons and made the various forces of the Hidden Land Realm pledge allegiance to them. The Hidden Land Realm was about to be unified.

In the Hidden Land Realm, this caused an uproar. Everyone knew that this world had opened up. There were cultivators from the outside. Just as people thought that the local forces of the Hidden Land Realm would resist, they discovered that the forces that stood at the peak of the Realm were unusually peaceful.

It was as though they had long known who the other party was and where they came from.

Many forces of the Hidden Land Realm continued to pledge their allegiance to this super force. Hell had reappeared in Jiuyou City and wanted to unify the Hidden Land Realm.

The top forces of the Hidden Land Realm in Jiuyou City headed over to pledge their allegiances to this power.

The influence of this incident had an unimaginable effect in the Hidden Land Realm. Only then did everyone realize what was happening.

The opening of the Gate of Hell seemed to have pulled back the curtain of a new era.

Many of the older generation now recalled that the rise of top forces of the Hidden Land Realm back in the day was due to the fall of Hell. Some people claimed that the top forces themselves were originally part of Hell.

Now, the previous ruler of the Hidden Land Realm had returned.

News of this incident spread very quickly to the other Realms. However, all the top forces were surprisingly silent on the matter. In reality, they were already aware of what had transpired. Ordinary people might not have known about powerful cultivators entering the Realms one by one during this time, but how could the top forces possibly not be aware of this?

They had all experienced the Age of Turmoil hundreds of years ago.

Now, the peace seemed to have been broken. The Age of Turmoil had once again descended.

After encountering the cultivators of the Shen clan, Ye Futian returned to the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He soon heard about the news from the Hidden Land Realm. He was somewhat concerned about it. He seemed to have an unsettling premonition about the matter, and he appeared exceptionally serious.

Ye Futian was not concerned about himself, but rather about Qing Yao.

Back in the Hidden Land Realm, Ye Futian had witnessed the incidents that Qing Yao had experienced. Now, a force from outside of the Realm wanted to unify the Hidden Land Realm. This force was very likely related to Hierophant Jiuyou as well as that demonic youth. If that was the case, that force had most certainly come for Qing Yao.

Matters were gradually getting out of hand. If that force truly had the ability to unify the Hidden Land Realm, then even their Heavenly Mandate Academy would be unable to stand against this opponent. After all, that force was neither the Shen clan nor Golden Divine Nation. Both the Shen clan and Golden Divine Nation still had reservations about going all out; the cost of fighting to the death was too great. However, that force was different. The other party was a force from the Outer Realms; they were not concerned about the deaths of the members of the Hidden Land Realm.

Just as Ye Futian was contemplating on these matters, some people came over to visit the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Ye Futian's will swept out, and he noticed that one of them was very powerful. It was very likely that this person was also from a force from the Outer Realms.

In the area where the Heavenly Mandate Academy held banquets to receive their guests, Ye Futian and many cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy had gathered to receive this guest of theirs.

When the group arrived, Ye Futian rose and smiled, saying, "Seniors, you have traveled far to arrive here. I, Ye Futian, have prepared a special banquet for all of you. Please, enjoy."

"Little Friend Ye doesn't need to be so polite. Please, join us," the leading elder replied with a smile. From the look of it, Ye Futian already knew that they were from the Outer Realms.

All of them took their seats. Ye Futian sat in the main seat, and Hua Jieyu sat beside him. The elder, who sat across from them, looked at Hua Jieyu. Ye Futian introduced her, saying, "This is my wife, Hua Jieyu."

Hua Jieyu sat there quietly. She seemed to accept Ye Futian's form of address for her calmly. She even nodded slightly at the elder sitting across from them.

"Such a peerless pair of spiritual partners. You invite the envy of others," the elder said with a smile. "I am sure Little Friend Ye knows about things that are happening in the Void Realm now."

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. "However, for me, this place is not the Void Realm. This is an actual world."

"Naturally. The Void Realm is but a title we give to this place. It is not that important," the elder replied with a smile. "In reality, after the Great Emperor conquered and united the Divine Prefecture, he also gained control of the Void Realm. Hence, the Void Realm can also be considered as a part of the Divine Prefecture. My group and I come from the Divine Prefecture."

Ye Futian felt slightly emotional. As expected, when Donghuang the Great united the Divine Prefecture 300 years ago, the war happened not only in the Void Realm, it involved the Outer Realms too. In the end, the Great Emperor seized control of the Void Realm.

"Where exactly are the Void Realm and the Divine Prefecture?" Ye Futian asked curiously. According to Granny, the two were overlapping spaces. These top figures from the Outer Realms would surely have a better understanding of this.

"In the Outer Realms, we named this space the Void Realm because it symbolizes that this is an illusory world. It is not a real world. In short, the Void Realm has never existed, yet its existence is everywhere." The elder continued with a smile, "For cultivators in the Void Realm, this is a huge secret that is known to few people. However, I don't mind telling Little Friend Ye about it now: the Void Realm and the Outer Realms are overlapped. The existence of the Void Realm can be ignored entirely. For example, our current location is a totally different place in the Outer Realms. The two locations share the same coordinates. However, you can't see it nor sense it."

"So it means that we are in two parallel universes. However, under specific circumstances, we can interact with each other, right?" Ye Futian asked while looking at the elder.

"You can consider it so." The elder nodded in agreement with a smile.

Ye Futian's gaze turned serious. No wonder this space was called the Void Realm. The cultivators in the Outer Realms could totally treat the Void Realm as a space that did not exist. It was as though here was a sealed-off space.

"Why would such a situation occur?" Ye Futian asked.

"Little Friend Ye, have you heard of the collapse of the Heavenly Path?" the elder replied with another question.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"The Void Realm has another name. It is also called the Original Realm. It is the birthplace of the Heavenly Path. The collapse of the Heavenly Path caused the Great Paths of the World to expand, crumble, and be destroyed. This unique phenomenon of overlapping spaces was born out of it. Eons ago, the Void Realm was the source world; hence, it is also called the Original Realm." The elder continued to explain, "Because of this, for the past centuries, even though the Void Realm has been drained of all its fate and luck, those forces at the top of the world are still fighting to seize control of the Void Realm."

"The top of the world?" Ye Futian mumbled. "What about Donghuang the Great?"

The elder nodded slightly. With a smile, he said, "I will not speak of these things. Little Friend Ye, you will know about these things in the future. With your talent, you will sooner or later venture out into the Outer Realms. Now is also a good opportunity to do so."

Ye Futian nodded his head slightly. He indeed wanted to venture out to the Outer Realms. However, he did not believe that now was the time.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy was still not powerful enough. He himself was also not powerful enough.

"Little Friend Ye, have you considered using this opportunity to venture out?" the elder asked Ye Futian with a smile.

When Ye Futian heard what the elder said, he understood that the other party intended to win him over. With a smile, he replied, "Junior indeed wants to venture out. However, now is not the time for me. I have too many things that I need to settle on this side."

"Hmm," the elder said as he nodded his head. "In the near future, the Void Realm might fall into chaos. Little friend, you should be prepared."

"Alright," Ye Futian replied. "Thank you, Senior, for the reminder."

"If you need any help, you can come find me. I will be in the Void Realm during this time, so it should be easy to locate me," the elder said again.

"Surely." Ye Futian nodded.

However, if that day really came, it would most likely be the time when Ye Futian needed to seek refuge from the elder. Naturally, Ye Futian would want to avoid that.

At their levels, Ye Futian was not so naive to believe that the elder would help him just because he asked for his aid. The so-called help would come with an equivalent price.

Clearly, this elder thought of Ye Futian as someone valuable.

"Since our conversation has come to an end, I will not disturb you any further." The elder rose to his feet with a smile. Ye Futian did not keep him around any longer, either. He personally guided the elder out of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

After the elder had left, Ye Futian stood at his spot and pondered for a moment.

Was this world going to fall into chaos soon?

After the elder and his group had gone far, a youth beside the elder asked, "Master, is that all that we are going to do?"

"He is intelligent. We don't have to say much," the elder responded with a profound smile. "Do you find it odd? We didn't even introduce ourselves, and he didn't ask either."

The youth fell silent for a moment, then he conjectured, "Master was waiting for him to ask, right?"

The elder smiled and answered, "This genius of the Void Realm appears docile and friendly. However, he is extremely arrogant. He didn't consider my suggestion at all, so he didn't even bother asking for my name. Since he has no intention of asking help from us, I don't have to intentionally tell him."

"Perhaps he has no idea what kind of forces we are," the youth said. Even though there were also giant figures in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, they paled into insignificance when compared to ancient clans from the Divine Prefecture. The teachings of the ancient clans from the Divine Prefecture were far more superior than that of the forces from the Void Realm.


One day, a few supreme level forces descended at Jiuyou City in the Hidden Land Realm. Some top figures had personally come to visit Jiuyou City.

In Jiuyou City, the atmosphere in the Hell Palace was solemn, and many domineering auras appeared without warning.

Many cultivators had gathered in this Hell Palace.

On the throne in the palace sat a majestic black-robed figure. The aura faintly emanated by him caused the entire palace to be suppressed by a might.

However, at this moment, a strong aura fluctuation was suddenly detected in the sky above Jiuyou City. Then, a silhouette appeared in the sky. The next moment, the spatial swirl disappeared.

Huh? In the Hell Palace, the black-robed figure raised his head and swept a glance in the direction where the visitor was. His gaze locked onto the visitor from miles apart.

The visitor wore a simple black robe, and his black hair covered his shoulder. He appeared callous, and his gaze was cold. He gave off the might of a ruler.

"Who has come? Quickly come here to receive your orders!" Beside the throne of the Hell Palace, a domineering silhouette cried out loudly across the endless space. The silhouette's voice reached the ears of the figure who had arrived.

However, the figure that appeared merely swept a calm glance at them. His gaze also seemed to penetrate the space. He merely glanced at them, and then he turned to leave.


Seeing that the other party ignored him, the person next to the throne unleashed his might. A majestic might gushed forth and surrounded the entire space. In the sky, a dark mudra of death appeared and directly slammed down on the visitor.

The visitor turned around, and a huge palm print crashed down on him. However, the palm print was shattered into dust. The visitor stood quietly there as he gazed at the other party. In that instant, the figure beside the throne, who was at the peak of the Renhuang Plane, felt as though a demon had appeared before him. It was like the demon was standing before him and looking down on him.

"Get lost..." the other party ordered.

The existence at the peak of the Renhuang Plane actually took several steps backward. He felt as though he had received a heavy blow. He had a look of surprise. The expressions of the surrounding cultivators also changed as they looked in astonishment at the silhouette in the distance.

The black-robed figure who sat on the throne was also staring at the other party. The two of them exchanged a glance.

"Do not meddle in this affair." The black-robed visitor cast an indifferent glance at the cultivator who sat on the throne. Then, he turned to leave.

The gaze of the cultivator who sat on the throne changed slightly. He revealed a strange expression as he exclaimed, "A representative from the Devil World is here too!"


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    《The Legend of Futian》